Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story

Not So Friendly

"Xemnas? Where is the boy?!" I cruel icy voice yelled at the silver wolf that had just returned dropping off this 'Boy' at the Hunters house.

"He ain't goanna tell ya Master." A man said as he stood next to the owner of the voice.

"…" Xemnas kept quiet as he saw dusk start to settle. He had been watching all day as the Blonde boy hung out with the Hunter each of them looking like friends sense preschool.

"So you disobeyed me?" Xemnas just sat there looking at the owner of the voice.

"No, I took matters into my own hands."

"Matters? You freak in looney?!"

"The boy is collecting his powers, not to mention, Xehanort's old pupil is now visible." Xemnas growled.

"So that doesn't mean you—" The man was cut off as a staff showed up in front of him.

"So it seems… but you're lucky that I'm not going to skin you today, Xehanort's new pupil was ordered to save the boy." Xemnas growled low under his breath. This was one mistake that he was close to getting rid of and now is going to be saved.

The rest of the day was actually wired. Hayner, Pence and Olette took me to the skate park today for me to show them the crazy stunts I do. I'm not afraid to do them because I know I'll heal later on. The cut of my chest kind of heal bit by bit today, and let's just say when we got home from the park I refused to let Olette check my bandages.

"Oh come on, Roxas!" Olette said as I again told her no.

"No, I much rather do them myself, and after all those tricks you guys made me do I'm going to go to home." I said as the 3 of them had confused expressions on.

"But, I thought you dad told you that you have to stay with us for a week or two?" Pence said. Both him and Hayner had gain trust in me. In fact after I told them that I was the crazy skater they asked if I could show them some moves.

"Well I'm going any way." I said as I stood to head towards the door only I got pushed down by Hayner back onto the couch.

"I don't think so! Your father said that we had to watch you every night and day to make sure you don't get hammered by the wolf again." Exactly what I was afraid of; Xemnas made a lie and made sure that they believed every bit of it.

"But—"I was cut off as the doorbell rang. I was actually glad it did because I could feel Ven a few feet from the door. Someone came for me.

"Stay put!" Hayner called as he walked over to the door Olette and Pence following him. I stood up just as the last bit of light disappeared. I dashed for the back door and opened it as all light from the sky was gone. Blonde fur coming all over me.

'Roxas!' I turned my head at the sound of Sora's voice I saw him poking his out from the bushes. 'This way hurry! Vanitas can't keep the illusion up for long!' I nodded my head and dashed over to the bushes.

Riku did a howl as soon as I was behind the bushes I wondered why until I heard Hayner. "Son of a bitch! Don't worry guys, he left."

'Great job Riku, it was great for your first howl.' Axel said as he and Vanitas come from around front. Ven trotted next to and smiled. I did too. But then I relized Vanitas just help us.

'…Uh… did he just…?'

'hmn…' Ven said as he bumped into me. The next thing we all knew was Ven was back inside my body once again joining with my heart.

'Why did he do that?' Sora asked. Everyone looked at him then back to me. I stood frozen as I felt fear and pain sweep over me. 'Roxas?'

My eyes shifted over to Vanitas, he smiled, because he knew what was happening. I glared at him. 'We should get him home.' Riku said, looking at Axel. We all jumped at the sound of the gun shot.

"Come on you two, there's a wolf out here!" Hayner's voice came from the back. But I just ignored him as Vanitas smiled at me and turned . The next thing I knew we were both running at the same speed going back to the cave entrance. My pack was in trouble, Ven could feel it. It was too much for him so he had to fade back into me.

'You should have stayed back there to help them!' I said as I turned towards Vanitas.

'What? So I could let you out of sight again? I don't think so!' I shook my head and raced faster towards the entrance.

It wasn't long before Axel, Sora and Riku had caught up to us, so we were running with super speed, but we had to check and make sure they weren't hurt.

'Hey! It's not like we have super powers too, you know." Sora huffed as Riku overlapped his head with his own.

'Don't blame them, Sora. It's instincts.' Axel said. 'We each know when our pack is hurt if we've been with them for a while.'

My attention went back to the cave where I saw Cloud, Leon, Zack, Cid, Tifa and Yuffie fighting as Aerith healed everyone, while she protected Namine. I saw that the fighters were up against a silver wolf one that I have never met before. 'That can't be Xemnas…' I muffled.

'… He's after Roxas…' Riku said as he looked at the fight. '…He's saying something about… two wolfs that belong to him.' I looked at Riku as he looked back.

'I think Riku got a power…' Sora said as Riku continued watching the fight.

'Super hearing… that a rare power, I guess it was one of the ties he gets for walking the road to dawn.' Axel said. Riku glanced at him.

'How did you know that?'

'I could read you like a book back then, now it's just guessing.' Axel shrugged. I hated this we were just sitting here watching the fight not doing anything to help. Axel clearly saw this. 'Now enough chit-chat we got to help the pack.'

'We as in you…' Vanitas said. We all turned towards him. 'I was only told to help get him back to the cave, now that I have I have to return… him with me.'

'Roxas run!' Was Sora's words as Vanitas got close enough to me to possible be breathing on me, I remembered what Axel said, if he even breaths on you be prepared to pass out. Lucky for me I was gone as soon as the words 'him with me' came out.

'… ahh and here he is now…' My eyes widen as I relized the voice was from the man, from when Vanitas took me into dreamland. But that wasn't the only thing I ran from Vanitas, he was a threat, but I ran into hotter water.

'Touch him and you die!' Leon growled as him, Cloud, Zack, Cid, Tifa, and Yuffie surrounded me making a circle, me as the one in the middle.

'Oh, but I don't have to, that's Vanitas' job.' My head turned back to the woods as I saw all three of my friends following Vanitas out from the trees, all three of them had golden eyes like Vanitas. That's when I relized that they were under his control.

'…no…' I muttered as I looked at them, they did nothing wrong! This is my entire fault! I should have never left them in there with Vanitas!

'We have made a trade, but not for you all to decide, it's for little Roxas.' Vanitas said. Cloud and Leon who were in front of me, looked back at me. They could see the guilt written all over my face.

'Roxas, look at me whatever you do, don't—' Cloud started to say but I cut him off.

'What do you want Vanitas!?' I growled as I stepped out of the circle to face him and his master.

'We let them live…' Vanitas said as he glanced at Sora, Axel and Riku. These three have actually been my friends and Family, I can't bare to see them die. Axel at the most would be the one that really crushes me. 'If you join us…'

'Roxas don't—' Leon's voice said but I cut him off by muttering under my breath.

'I'll do it…' Vanitas smiled and relished my friends, they looked at one another confused of what happen, but once they saw that they were beside Vanitas, they all knew that Vanitas had control of them.

'Roxas, what did you do?!' Axel asked as Riku and Sora ran back to Cloud for protecting, though he was still in shock that I had made up my mind.

'Axel… I'm sorry… I love you.' I said as i glared at the ground.

'What are you saying that for?' My eyes lifted from the ground to his.

'I had to make a deal, your life's for mine..' His eyes widen as he realized what I did. Axel, if you can hear this just know that I love you, I'd do anything for you. Please forgive me.

The silver haired wolf smiled as the moon light was gliding over me, I felt one tear roll down my cheek as I looked at Vanitas and was once again entranced by him, but he let me have control over my body, not my voice though. 'Come, young one.'

'Roxas…' was all Axel could say as I took one last glance at my pack that was shocked and depressed. My heart was breaking as I saw Axel's eye peer into mine. 'I-I miss you blue eyes…' he smiled as I smiled back.

'Roxas, now.' Vanitas' voice was stern as I looked over him his eyes changing back to gold from the purple ones he had. I turned one more time to look at my pack and gave them a smile. Telling them that I would be back soon, I'm sure of it…

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