Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story

A New Pack

Cloud's pack all stared in shock as the young blonde walked away with the silver and black wolfs. Each an every one of them catching the smile the blonde made before he turned to walk away.

'Well, Cloud… looks like we have a war on our hands…' Cid said as everyone walked back into the cave.

'We'll have to do meager planning… Vanitas will not go down without a fight even if that means, we have to expand.' Axel said as he sat in the far corner of the cave. Today has been nothing but chasing after Roxas. No matter what they did or where the pack went they were always found, always chased. For one thing, Roxas.

'Axel is right… we have to expand the pack.' Leon agreed knowing where Axel was getting at.

'I agree, if we are going to get Roxy back we are going to have to make them join us Cloud.' Yuffie said as she sat next to Sora and Riku. Riku was doing his best to keep his boyfriend calm. It was hard for Sora, Roxas was like his twin brother. Sure they didn't look alike but he was so close to Roxas that they were more than just friends… they were Family.

'What can we do?' Namine's innocent voice filled the cave.

'It's a risk, but we are going to have to ask a favor… from our favorite trio.'

Dawn had arrived as Sora and Riku walked from the forest to a house. On the way though they had ran into Kairi.

"Sora! Riku!" Both Sora and Riku jumped as they heard Kairi's voice.

"Hey Kairi!" Sora said as cheery as possible. He was still a little depressed from what happen 2 hours ago.

"Did you guys know that Hayner, Olette and Pence said I could join the gang? Well guess what now you do!" Riku glanced over at Sora as he paled and his hand started to shake. Not only was Sora's ex going to see him as a werewolf, but he's going to have to deal with telling her that he is one.

"We were just heading over there… we have… some news for them…" Riku said. Kairi glanced at him placing her hands on her hips.

"Well looks like we are walking over there together." Kairi said. She smiled as she walked a head of the two. Both Sora and Riku felt there job get even harder.

Meanwhile Cloud and Axel had to do a little searching for 2 other wolfs. They have their own pack, but they don't really call it a pack it's more of a little gang of wolfs.

"Hey Reno!" Axel said as a man with similar red hair as Axel stood by a man. Reno had some goggles on that never left his head so it would be easy to tell the difference between Axel and Reno. The other man, Cloud knew because the other man called his name.

"Cloud?" The man said.

"Hello Vincent." Vincent had black hair and a red bandana around the forehead. "We need your help."

"Well we're here to help, that's what we do around these woods." Reno said.

"Look it's a long story, but you guys may have to deal with a trio that we know you won't get along with." Axel said.

"Trio? You mean the Hunters? What are they helping with?" Vincent asked.

"Well… my son, Roxas… he's been taken." Cloud said.

"Your Son? When did he have a Son?" Reno asked on to get punch by Axel.

"Wait… you mean the boy that's been getting hunted for about 2 year now?" Vincent asked.

"Yes, that's him. They only started to attack a few months ago."

"But it feels like every day. Before I joined the pack a month went by sense Vanitas' first attack, which changed when it was time for us to leave the house." Axel said as he remembered about his first kiss with Roxas.

"So this has something to do with the Organization and Xehanort's pack?" Reno asked.

"Yep, pretty much that in a nut shell, but we don't have to worry about the Organization for now." Axel explained.

"Xehanort's pack is who we're after."

"You're one of them?!" Pence cried as Sora finished his explanation.

"Yes, Riku is too. And that boy you guys met—"

"Roxas is one too?!" Kairi called as she rubbed her temples.

"Yeah, that's what the problem is." Riku said.

"Roxas was traded places for us…" Sora explained.

"He saved our lives, for his own."

"Roxas also tried to save us from turning into a werewolf but was too late."

"Xemnas… his so called father bought him to us because he…" Olette said as she glanced over at the picture on the wall. Sure Namine made the world for Roxas to stay in when he was still his self, was fake but after the other day, Roxas had shown up in the photo. The Hunters had remembered Roxas as one of their friends.

"Wanted us to kill him…" Hayner said. "Why don't we repay him?"

"We can do that another day, Hayner…" Riku said. "He's not the one we need help with, Vanitas and his pack is the one we are after. "

"Wait is Vanitas that black werewolf, the one with the golden eye?" Olette asked.

"Yeah… that's him…" Sora said.

"That strange… we got a call about an hour ago from someone wanting us to capture said wolf and a golden one with blue eyes."

"Did they give you a name?" Riku asked.

"No, she just told us to meet her at the forest gates as soon as we caught them." Hayner said.

"Well, looks like you are going to have to deny that offer."

"This isn't a capture mission it's a rescue mission."

It was around mid day when Cid had finally been able to find Xehanort's hide out. He was the one with the most powerful sense of smell.

"Well how did it go Cid?" Yuffie asked as she Tifa, Aerith and Namine had stayed back, just in case Roxas was able to break free.

"Great, their camp ain't far from here…" Cid replied.

"Roxas wasn't in sight though. Only Xehanort and a girl with blue hair were there." Leon said. He had went with Cid just in case for back up.

"Oh, but he's with Vanitas alright." Zack said as he ran up behind them. After Zack had relized that Roxas wasn't there with Xehanort he had went on his own to make sure Roxas was still alive.

"What were they doing?" Namine asked.

"Training. Vanitas knew that a war was going to happen soon, so he is going to sick Roxas on us so, we don't fight."

"Kid's smarter than we thought." Cid said.

"Maybe, but we are prepared." Axel's voice said as Reno, Vincent and Cloud followed behind them.

"Not only that but we have some more good news." Sora said as he held Riku's hand as The Hunters walked up beside them. Kairi gasped as she saw Namine by Yuffie.

"Nami!" Kairi called as she ran over to Namine.

"Hi Kairi…" Namine said as the violet haired girl hugged her.

"I thought you were a part of me, how did you—"Kairi stopped as she saw Namine's eyes slip over to Sora. "Oh… right. Sora told us all about you guys. I haven't actually killed one of you guys yet but I know Hayner, Olette and Pence did."

At the mention of their names each of them looked at each wolf and apologized.

"Now that everyone is here, we have a change of plan, As Zack said Vanitas new that there was going to be a war between us, and of course he is training Roxas. But we all know Roxas would hurt Axel, just like Axel won't hurt Roxas. So we are going to send Axel to fight, the rest of us are going to split up." Cloud said.

"There is going to be 3 groups. Sora, Riku, Namine, Kairi, Hayner, Pence, Olette and I will be one. We are going to be the retrievers for Roxas." Axel said.

"Reno, Cloud, Leon and I will be the fighter against Xehanort." Vincent said.

"Finally Zack, Aerith, Yuffie and Tifa will be the fighters against Vanitas." Cloud said. Everyone nodded their heads. "Now we wait for Dusk."

"Focus Roxas… concentrate on using nothing but your full strength." Xehanort said as I readied myself for the fight I had to do against Vanitas. I had been training all day for this fight. I wasn't surprised when as soon as we got here that Vanitas would let me go from his control. Except as soon as he did my memory was erased of the path to get here. So I don't know how to leave.

'Roxas, I've dealt with Xehanort before let me battle this—'Ven said as Vanitas attacked me.

'No! Ven, this is my fight I have to fight if I want to leave. The more I learn the faster I can get out of here!' I used my super speed to doge another swing from his keyblade.

"See, I told you, Master!" Vanitas cried as I kicked him back from me. "He can use his powers both in and out of Form!"

"…I see… but if you know any better Vanitas I would watch my prey…" Xehanort said just as I turned invisible, I was behind Vanitas getting ready to strike at his back, when suddenly I felt a pain in my head. I held my head for a minute before Vanitas turned around searching for me. I had back up to a tree to hide from him as I tried to get rid of the pain in my head.

"Come out here and Fight!" Vanitas called at the trees. The pain had stopped, so I turned invisible again attacked his back throwing him into a tree. Oathkeeper and Oblivion in my hands as I watched him stumble trying to get up. I must have gained a new power. Strength.

"Very good Roxas, you are well prepared for tonight." Xehanort said his eyes glanced over at Vanitas who growled. "And if Vanitas wasn't here to Train you we would have to defeat your prey for you."

I looked down at the ground, I wasn't ready for this, sure I could beat Vanitas' ass, but my own packs? I don't think so. "T-thank you Master." I mumbled.

"Hm, now, why don't you go rest, we'll see to it that you are well prepared for the battle tonight." Xehanort said I looked up from the ground to look at him. He smiled at me as I walked past him to the clearing in the woods behind his chair.

"Roxas? You won?" I nodded my head at Aqua.

"Aqua…" Ven said as he stepped out beside me. "I'm glad to see you again."

"Ven? Please tell me I'm not seeing things."

"No you're not, Ven is here he's just, a…"

"Spirit" Ven said as he smiled at her. She got up and tried to hug him, but her arms went straight threw him.

"Ven…" She gasped. "I missed you and Terra so much…"

"Terra? Terra's here?"

"He was… Just forget I brought it up…"

"Aqua I can't just—" I grabbed Ven's wrist and pulled him behind me as Vanitas walked around the back.

"What are you still doing up, Roxas?" Vanitas asked me as Aqua hid in the shadows.

"I thought I heard something…" Vanitas sighed and turned to me.

"If anything is around me and Master Xehanort will take care of it, now to bed." I sighed and turned to the clearing, when Vanitas wasn't looking I waved Aqua goodbye.


Sleeping wasn't working, I couldn't sleep. I tried everything. Ven Could tell.

'Roxas, I know you don't want to fight, but you know what he'll do if you don't.'

'I know, Ven. But what if it's Sora or Namine, even worse would be Axel, they send me after.'

'Roxas, I know it's hard but—'

'But what Ven! We both know that Vanitas is going to make sure he has control of me!'

'Roxas, please listen to me!'

'Ven, can you please just leave me alone…'

'Roxas…' Ven said just as the moon peaked over the tree tops. The moon's light shining on me. What did I do to deserve this? I never asked for any of this!

'Roxas. It's time.' I twisted my head to the side to see Xehanort standing under the tree I was on. I sighed as jumped off the branch, I didn't even get hurt on the way down.

'Roxas—' Vanitas started but I cut him off.

'I know… I know… 'I gave my will away to Vanitas because I knew he was planning on doing it anyway. 'Let's jus get it over with.'

'You actually want to give in?' Vanitas asked.

'…' I shrugged my shoulders and followed Xehanort out to the clearing.

'Vanitas, now would be the time, there are coming.' My eyes shifted to Vanitas' which started to glow blue. But when his taken over you they glow purple so what does blue mean?

'Roxas, go on ahead. When the task is done come back.' I nodded my head and ran ahead to the part of the forest where the battle was going to take place. Me against my old pack… this isn't going to be fun.

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