Hunted - A Kingdom Hearts Story

The Grave of Xion Skye

Axel swallowed as he and his group got closer to the battle ground. Axel was going to be the only one who was on the battle ground while the others were going to hide in the woods and wait for the signal that Axel gives to tackle Roxas.

'Axel you shouldn't worry so much,' Sora said as he walked beside Axel.

'Yeah, after all we aren't tackling the real him.' Riku said walking on the other side of Sora.

'You'll be fine Axel…' Namine said as they came to the battle field. Each person going another way to get position.

"Come one everyone." Hayner said to Kairi, Olette and Pence. Everyone left leaving Axel with Roxas, who was standing in the middle of the battle field. His eyes showing that he was under Vanitas control.

I took a deep breath as I looked Axel straight in the eye. His eyes showing that he was not happy about being the one to go up against me.

'Roxas…' he breathed I just stared at him waiting for Vanitas' voice to ring through my head telling me to attack him. He was trotting up to me when suddenly Vanitas and Xehanort jump out with Sora and Riku falling from 2 trees. I saw that Hayner, Olette, Pence, Kairi and Namine were all falling from trees. What's going on here?

'Thank you Roxas, you gave Vanitas the ability to see what you see,' Xehanort said. So that's what blue stood for.

'I knew that there were more than just one coming to this little show down, turns out I knew what was going happen.' I looked at Axel and my friends as I Vanitas looked at me his eyes turning blue then back to gold.

I growl as Xehanort laughs at my friends who are all lying on the grass obviously hurt from the fall, well everyone except Riku, Sora and Namine. This was it I just had one chance at this… get out of here with my friends while creating a diversion…

'Axel… don't let anyone hear this…' I see Axel's head nod letting me know that it was okay. 'I'm going to create a diversion, I need you to make sure that Cloud and Leon come here and get The Hunters…'

'I'm not leaving you alone again, can't I have Riku or Sora do it?'

'Axel you're not going to leave me alone, you can talk to Cloud remember?'

'Oh, right… Sorry.' I smile at my friend who if he wasn't a werewolf right now would be rubbing the back of his neck. The next thing I know Hayner, Pence, Kairi and Olette are standing behind, Sora, Riku, Axel and Namine. Axel then nods at me letting me know to go ahead and go on with the plan. I find myself behind Xehanort and Vanitas as the arch their backs ready for attack until I come in.

Xehanort howls as I bit his hind leg and dashed towards my friends who were already running. Between the blood in my mouth and my thoughts going all over the place, I forgot I could run at super speed.

'Now Roxy…' I felt a rush of cold wind go pass me as Vanitas appeared in front of me, frustrated at my stupidity I growled as he circled me. 'You know that Master Xehanort will not be very happy with you?'

'So? How can he be when I won't see him ever again?' Vanitas smiled, but that faded as a large black werewolf tackled him. I smiled as whizzed by them catching up to my pack.

'Roxas!' Axel said as I passed by him. I passed everyone, I made sure they could see me but I stayed at the front following my instincts to the safest place to me, they could follow me or they could wait till I came back. They followed me.

We had arrived to the woods that we barred Xion in, everyone knew this except for Hayner and the gang, but I was very quiet as we got closer to the grave, it was getting hard to even walk. Back then I hated these woods, the Twilight woods. In these woods is where I was born, where I met Namine in, but know, they are the woods with a grave I swore I would never see again.

'Roxas…'Cloud said my name his voice low as we got closer to the grave, The Hunters had followed us all the way to the grave… why they did I don't know… maybe they wanted to pay their respects to Her.

'Look, either come with me or don't , I don't care.' I snapped as I turned to look at Cloud. I was happy to see him again, but I was angry that he kept trying to keep me away from the grave. I didn't hear him or the rest of the pack behind me after I snapped, they must have wanted to wait for me to finish.

"I wish I could understand what they say…" Kairi said as she and the Hunter followed me still.

"Well whatever they are saying, I'm sure that Roxas just snapped at the other blonde…" Hayner said. I rolled my eyes and barked at them, letting them know I can still hear them.

As we got closer to the grave, the more I heard Olette or Kairi sniffle. I wouldn't blame them, Xion was my friend, but Sora's first kill, Olette was actually angry with me and Xion and now she feels sorry for us. I sigh as I finally see the grave stone. I walked over to it and read what it says on the stone.

Xion Skye
She was a great friend, Werewolf and Daughter/Sister


I exhaled as I sat looking at the stone as Pence read out what it said. I was actually kind of happy to see my friend again, I miss her truly. If she was here I'm sure would tell me I wasn't a monster, I belong in this pack. But she's not, she can't tell me I'm a monster, I don't belong in this pack. I'll be surprised if Cloud even still likes me after what I did.

"We should head back," Kairi said as she whipped her eyes. I shook my head and barked letting them know to go on without me. Being alone would help me think for a while at the least.

"Roxas, you should come to, we don't need you being taken away again." Olette said. I growled as she looked at me.

"Hey! No need to get all worked up!" Hayner said. I just glared at him as he took Olette by the shoulders and pushed her back to the pack Pence and Kairi following.

I looked at the grave and I relized something. I can't hate this forest anymore… because… this forest… is my home.

I returned to the pack, who all looked at me as the Hunters said their goodbyes to everyone and left, they said to call them for the next full fledge battle. I kept my head down and stared at the ground just wanting to run in the other direction, but if I do that I'll just get kidnapped again. What is that they want from me? Just because I have super powers doesn't make me all special they have Vanitas! For all I know they want to wage a war with our pack with two special wolves on their side.

'Roxas, we need to talk… Now!' I jumped as Cloud yelled now. I followed him, knowing that he was going to kick me to the curb, I just know it. 'Roxas… you need to know something it's—'

'About my powers, about how I have become a total douche bag, yeah I know.' I growled as I cut Cloud off.

'No, my son. It doesn't matter that you are different than all of us, but it is about how we want you to stay near us.'

'…' I'm silent as I try to process this all. I don't get why do they want to protect me?

'Roxas… you are someone we love like family. Family comes first before anything else it doesn't matter if you are different from us or if you are angry at us. We love you, just like you like Xion. She is your safety. She is your guardian Angel, she'll protect you even through the tough times, Roxas.'

My heart suddenly fixed itself as Cloud spoke to me, but 1 question was still wondering in my head, no one would tell me what I am, why I am who I am. 'Cloud?'


'What am I?'

'Roxas, my son you are what we call a Holder.'


'Yes, You, Sora and Vanitas all hold someone dear to 2 people, A keyblade Master who is asleep somewhere far away.'

'You mean Ven?'

Cloud nodded his head. 'Yes.'

'Then how come Sora doesn't have powers like me and Vanitas?'

'Because Vanitas has a bigger part of the heart, like you. After Xion's death she became your Guardian Angel giving you her part of his heart. And because all 3 of you are werewolves you gain powers.' Cloud explained. A smiled rested on my face as I watched the moon slowly glide down.

Maybe I do belong in this Pack, Maybe I'm not a monster. I'm a Holder.

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