Fight for the Lost

Correspondence V

To: Shepard

From: Leslie

Subject: Thank You

I am Leslie. I was on Aeia. The food made me sick. The doctors are helping me now.

One doctor knows Jacob. He says he can you tell this. He could write this for me, but I want to do it. I need to use my words.

My words are coming back. I can talk well. Reading is hard but I am getting better. I have to get better. Taylor wanted me like this. He wanted my words gone. I have to show him that he lost. I am not weak. He did things to me, and he can't now. He can't take away my words. He can't make me not me anymore. Because you and Jacob stopped him.

Thank you,



To: Leslie

From: Shepard

Subject: Re: Thank You

Hello, Leslie,

I'm glad to hear that you're getting better, and in more ways than one. What the toxins have done to you was tragic, but what Ronald Taylor did to you was atrocious.

It gives me hope to know that you're stronger than all of that. While there is no doubt that the time on Aeia has left its mark, you have the will to move past it.

I have the utmost admiration and respect for that strength.

My sincerest well-wishes for your continuing recovery,

Captain John Shepard,

Commanding Officer of the Normandy SR-2


To: Jacob Taylor

From: Shepard

Subject: Fwd: Thank You

Don't know if you got a message from Leslie, but she wanted to thank us for saving her life on Aeia.

And yes, she mentioned both of us, by name. She's doing better now, so there's hope for the others as well.

I know you said that your father's actions wouldn't affect your duties, but I thought it'd be nice to hear what you've done and not him.



To: Shepard

From: Shaman Urdnot

Subject: To Grunt's Battlemaster

Damn it, I hate these things. But you need to hear this.

You're part of Grunt's krannt, and you're his leader. So keep him alive. Here, I have to stay polite, play the role. But our people are dying. Krogan have always valued survival over tradition. If we're going to survive as a people, we need your vat-grown Grunt. Okeer was a madman, but he was a madman with a plan, and that's more than most have on this ball of rock.

So bring him back from your damn mission. My people need him. And if you all get killed, I'll piss on your graves.

Shaman Urdnot


To: Shaman Urdnot

From: Shepard

Subject: Re: To Grunt's Battlemaster

I'll do what I can to keep him alive, but he can take care of himself, because he's that damn strong. Also, Wrex told me to turn him into a warrior, not a vorcha. He'll earn his keep because he wants to prove himself now, even more than what his Rite had proven.

I'll bring him back from my mission, and he'll be one of your best. I guarantee it.



To: Captain Shepard

From: Jacob Taylor

Subject: Re: Fwd: Thank You

Thanks for the heads up, Shepard. I actually got another message from her.

I'd like to thank you again for helping me out with this. What Ronald Taylor did was nothing less than criminal. It was our duty to stop it. I'm just glad we had that chance.

I knew this ride would be wild, but damn. You know how to get things done, even for us, and I gotta respect that. I've never served with a CO as committed as you and for that, I'm glad to be a part of this team.



To: Shepard

From: Toombs

Subject: What the hell?

What the hell kind of game are you playing, Shepard? You did the buddy act when I had the gun on that Cerberus scientist, telling me you understood. Now I find out that you're working for Cerberus?

Tests were done on me that you can't even imagine. For years. Cerberus did them. They tortured me. They used me as a damn lab rat. And now you're teaming up with them like they're any other merc band?

I've got my own merc team now, Shepard. And I kill any Cerberus team I can find. If I run into you, don't expect any different.


To: Toombs

From: Shepard

Subject: Re: What the hell?

No games, Corporal.

I'm in the middle of a war and I need resources to fight this war. Cerberus is giving me those resources. That's it.

Even as I type this, I'm traveling with another woman that was once a part of Cerberus' experiments as well. She despises them even more than you, but she's working with me, not with Cerberus.

If you want to fight Cerberus, I'm not stopping you. After what they've done to you, I supposed you're justified. I was hoping that you'd move on and try to find something more peaceful with your life, but if this is what you want to do, there's nothing I can say.

If you want to fight me though, remember that I tore through your last merc band to 'rescue' you and Wayne. I gave you a chance to rebuild your life. I don't want you to throw it away, but my mission is too important to let you stop me.

I suppose whatever happens, will happen. I just really hope that you'll reconsider what you're doing.



Author's Notes:

Hmmm… not entirly confident about this chapter. If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve this, I'll take it into consideration and credit them.

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