Fight for the Lost

Correspondence VI

From: Chorban

To: Commander Shepard

Subject: Concerns Re: Keepers

I hope this address still works. I promised to send you intel on the keepers if I found anything, and this is important. See, those scans you took? It turns out the keepers are bio-engineered… and based on my comparisons to some of that material from Saren's flagship Sovereign, they were engineered millions of years ago… by the same people who made Sovereign!

You may not understand how important this is, but it suggests that the Citadel wasn't really made by the Protheans! It may have been made by something far older, with the keepers as organic guardians. And what's more, based on my genetic readings, they're supposed to react to… something, some signal or something… about every 50 thousand years. You can measure genetic variances; it's a bit like comparing rings on a tree to see the drought years.

Whoever did this...well, around the last time this signal went off would be around the time the Protheans disappeared. And it's scheduled to go off sometime around now. If any of the old tech still works, they could have some nasty surprises waiting for us.

Just thought you'd want to know. Nobody here on the Citadel will listen to me.



From: Shepard

To: Chorban

Subject: Re: Concerns Re: Keepers

Trust me when I say this, Chorban.

I believe you.

That data you uncovered? I need you to forward everything to Councilor Anderson. He'll know what to do with it. I'm looking for evidence now regarding the entities that created the Citadel and the mass relays. And I could use your information to supplement it.

I'd explain everything to you, but truth be told, I'm not sure how much more you could take in.

Don't worry though, I got this.



From: Emily Wong

To: Shepard

Subject: You're not Dead!

You're alive? How come you broke whatever cover you've been under for two years but didn't offer an exclusive interview to your favorite reporter?

Whenever you come up for air and are ready to talk, let me know!

-Emily Wong


From: Shepard

To: Emily Wong

Subject: Re: You're not Dead!

Yes, I'm alive, but believe me, the story behind that is complicated. Really complicated.

As a quick exclusive to you: I'm going after the Collectors.

The human colonies that are disappearing? They did it.

The attack on Horizon? My team and I stopped it.

There's a lot going on and I don't have the time to go into it right now, but I promise, I'll definitely tell you everything soon. Otherwise, I might not have the chance.


P.S. You're not that far off when you say that you're my favorite reporter. Worlds better than al-Jilani, at least.


From: Consort Sha'ira

To: John Shepard

Subject: A Gift of Words

Spectre Agent John Shepard—

I thought that my gift of words had been incorrect – an embarrassing notion – but my contacts tell me you yet survive. I am pleased to hear that your journey continues, though I sense that you head toward an even deeper darkness. When you fought Saren, only your resolve was tested, but now I fear you cannot rely only on your own strength. Take whatever steps you must to ensure that those battling at your side will fight with clear minds and glad hearts.

Be well,

Consort Sha'ira


From: Shepard

To: Consort Sha'ira

Subject: Re: A Gift of Words

Okay, I admit it. I'm very impressed with your talents.

When you first talked to me, I had actually assumed that you were just aware of my background.

The fact that you know what I might be up to and what I need to do? I might actually be a believer now.

However, it seems that your talents might be limited after all. Your former acolyte, Nelyna? Her mother, Erinya, lives on Illium. I met her and she's hurting pretty bad about the loss of her daughters two years ago.

So, while I appreciate your 'gift of words', maybe Erinya could use it more. In memory of your acolyte.

Take care,


P.S. Please send my regards to General Septimus Oraka if you see him.


From: Urdnot Darg

To: Human

Subject: Back from Female Camp

Dear Human,

The clan leader told me how to get in touch with you. I don't remember much of what happened, but the chief scout said you pulled my quad out of the fire when I got caught and poisoned over at the Weyrloc camp. Thanks. Next time I have a chance to kill a human, I won't. Unless I go into a blood rage or something.

I got to go to the female camp after I recovered and it was pretty good. I was actually thinking of joining the Blood Pack before this happened. I think I'm going to stay here instead.

- Urdnot Darg, Scout –Second Class


From: Shepard

To: Urdnot Darg

Subject: Re: Back from Female Camp

It's a good idea staying with Wrex. If you joined the Blood Pack, I'd hate to have to kill you after taking the time to rescue you.

I suppose it's a good thing you don't remember what happened to you. Torture is a nasty business.

Stay tough,



From: Emily Wong

To: Shepard

Subject: Really? !

Oh wow! The Collectors really exist? And you're fighting them to save the colonists? ! If that's your idea of a quick exclusive, I can't wait to hear what you have to tell me next!

Good luck and please come back safe! Your last message has me a little worried…

-Emily Wong

P.S. Glad to see that you have an eye for talent. As if al-Jilani could be better than me. It's people like her that give reporters a bad name. I heard she got punched by a krogan and a volus, if you can believe it!


From: Mister Ganak Ej'hal, Esq.

To: Whomever it may Concern


Dear Sir or Madam,

Having consulted with my colleagues at the Citadel, I have the privilege to request for your assistance to transfer a large quantity of Prothean technology uncovered at Ilos. Believing these materials to be a hazardous danger, they were locked in quarantine. Even though the tests revealed that the fears were groundless, the quarantine remains in effect until one can pay for a permit to request a reclassification from the cultural ministry.

Knowing of your interest in Prothean technology, I would be happy to deliver most of it into your hands, keeping less than half for myself. As a batarian, I cannot engage in Council official activities, but if you transfer the 20,000 credits required to me, this exchange could be made in your name, enabling us both to profit from this happy accident.

Please reply urgently with your credit transfer account information.

Best regards,

Ganak Ej'hal


From: EDI

To: Captain Shepard

Subject: Credit Transfer


Per your request, I have successfully back-traced the message through several proxy servers to a volus named Tare Kan. He is currently living on the Citadel.

At your orders, I have continued email contact with Mr. Kan and have arranged for C-Sec to arrest him when he arrives at the designated meeting place for the 'business transaction'.

I have taken the liberty of seizing his accounts. The sum of assets taken totals to 100,000 credits, all transferred to your account, of course.


From: Captain Kirrahe

To: Captain Shepard

Subject: Thanks

We've retrieved [redacted] and charged him with treason. However, given extenuating circumstances, namely insanity, at Professor [redacted] request, [redacted] will be given a life sentence in prison, rather than execution.

Thanks for your help.

I had no doubt that you would succeed. Considering our efforts on [redacted] and your instrumental help against Saren and his krogan, your mission on Tuchanka must have been much easier.

Keep holding the line,


Salarian Special Tasks Group, Captain.

Addendum: Intelligence reports state that you and a krogan in your squad actually killed a thresher maw. On foot? How accurate is that?


From: Captain Shepard

To: Captain Kirrahe

Subject: Re: Thanks

Don't mention it. I'm happy to help out some old and new friends. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

And yes, Grunt and I killed a thresher on foot. It's a complicated story.

Hold the line yourself, Kirrahe.

Captain John Shepard

Commanding Officer of the Normandy SR-2


Credit to BiowareFan for the Kirrahe idea.

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