Fight for the Lost

Correspondence VII

To: Commander Shepard

From: Diana

Subject: Thank You from my Daughter

Commander Shepard,

Helena told me where to send this. I'm Nef's mother, Diana. We talked when you came to investigate her death. Helena's contacts informed me that a dead asari woman was found in one of the wealth apartments – that she was the one who'd killed my daughter.

Thank you. I don't know who brought you into my life, but thank you for avenging my daughter. My Nef deserved better than this. I couldn't give it to her, but at least you killed the bitch who took what little she had away.




To: Diana

From: Shepard

Subject: My Deepest Condolences

I doubt there are any words in any language I can say or write that would ease your pain. The one responsible for Nef's death is gone, but nothing will ever be the same. That much, I know.

I wish there was a way to make the pain stop. I wish there was a way to convince you that everything will get better. But I can't.

What I can say with absolute certainty is that it was clear that you loved Nef very, very much.

I can't claim to know her at all, but if she loved you as much as you did her, then I hope that you will find something that will honor your daughter and how she lived her life. Something special was taken from the galaxy, cruel and unfair, but we move on, finding strength in their memories.

I hope that your sorrow fades and I pray that time will bring you peace.

Captain John Shepard,

Commanding Officer of the Normandy SR-2

"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal."


To: Commander Shepard

From: Helena Blake

Subject: News from Omega

I managed to acquire this address from a very nice young man, A Jonn Whitson, who claims that you saved his life not too long ago.

I thought I should let you know that I'm helping Diana leave Omega. All out of my own pocket, too.

I don't want the memories of what happened to affect her anymore. I'm trying to get her to Eden Prime or Feros, someplace where she might be able to find some measure of peace.

Whatever mission you're on, Commander, I want to thank you for taking the time to help this family. Knowing that the one responsible is gone gives me relief that I am able to continue my work, however hopeless it may seem.

Good fortunes in your endeavors,

Helena Blake


To: Captain Shepard

From: EDI

Subject: Requested Account Information

Here is the financial account information you requested on one Helena Blake.

[File Attached]


To: Captain Shepard

From: Admiral Hackett

Subject: Normandy Crash Site Data Received

Captain Shepard:

The Alliance was grateful to receive the information you found the Normandy's crash site, and we've sent it out to the affected families. A frigate will be there within a week to collect the remains you marked and the dog tags you found. You provided peace of mind for a lot of people, Shepard. I thank you on their behalf.


To: Commander Shepard

From: Levan Tio

Subject: Credit Transfer

As per your request, I've transferred 10,000 credits from your account to the account you sent me, belonging to a human, Helena Blake. I hope that meets with your approval.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call.

Levan Tio,

Citadel Banking Capital

"Your credits are in good hands!"


Author's Notes:

Argh… I really have a hard time with angst. Those few lines took me a better part of a week just the try an write, just because I can't get nearly close enough to a depressed mindset to punch it up.

Quote was taken from a headstone in Ireland. Author unknown.

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