Fight for the Lost

Correspondence I

To: Commander Shepard

From: Chief Medical Officer Chakwas

Subject: Healing of your Facial Scars


I've done further investigation regarding your facial scaring, and the old adage of "mind over matter" holds true. Negative attitudes and aggressive acts create adverse reactions with your cybernetic implants, while peaceful thoughts and compassionate actions promote healing. If you maintain a positive outlook, I believe your facial scarring will heal on its own. Otherwise, there is surgical equipment we could use to insulate your cybernetic implants and accelerate your healing regardless of your mental outlook.

I have the right tech in mind for the new medical equipment if you wish to consider this option. There is some cost involved however, in order to install it on the Normandy safely.


To: Dr. Chakwas

From: Shepard

Subject: Re: Healing of your Facial Scars

In other words, control my temper and mind my thoughts, and the glowing scars will be less noticeable.

Exactly how bad can the scars be if the mission proves too stressful? And how much will the new equipment cost?

To: Commander Shepard

From: Chief Medical Officer Chakwas

Subject: Re: Re: Healing of your Facial Scars

Judging from the information sent to me by Executive Officer Lawson as well as my own scans, should you let your temper get the better of you or allow your patience to wane, I'm afraid your visage will be quite noticeable and impossible to miss. Aesthetically speaking, you would look quite terrifying if some of these implants were to show.

As for the cost of the medical bay upgrade, it stands around 50,000 credits. I'm sorry, I know it seems like a lot, but this is the best option with the fewest risks. The Citadel or any other planet with modern medical technology will carry the necessary equipment. We also must stay at dock for a few days while it is installed. It is very unlikely we'll find what we need in the Terminus Systems.



To: Commander Shepard

From: Samesh Bhatia

Subject: Thank You Again

Commander Shepard,

Mr. Udina offered to pass on a message for me. I wished to again express my thanks for your assistance in retrieving my wife's body. While nothing can ever banish the pain of losing Nirali, be able to see her body was treated properly helped me more than you could imagine.

I have opened the restaurant that my wife always wished to start, back on Earth. Nirali's picture hangs on the wall and Alliance soldiers eat for free. It is the least I could do to honor the courage with which you, Chief Williams, and my wife have served humanity.


Samesh Bhatia

To: Samesh Bhatia

From: Commander Shepard

Subject: You're Welcome

Once again, I offer my sincerest condolences for your loss Mr. Bhatia. I'm glad to have eased your burden however I was able.

I'm glad to hear that you honor your wife's memory in your own way. I'm sure that she loved you and that your actions reflect that.

Thank you for your help in assisting the Alliance. Whenever I return to Earth, perhaps I will stop by to enjoy your hospitality.

With respect,


Commanding Officer of the Normandy SR-2

Author's Notes:

That's one interlude done and one correspondence done.

Thanks to all who review, you make this worthwhile. To those that don't, it's okay. I like to think that I'm not the kind of author who begs for reviews.

My personal opinion is that I'm writing this for you and for me. Any author that asks for reviews in return for more chapters is wrong. Technically, you could argue that it's extortion.

I still kinda see why they do it though, even if they don't know better. Reviews are addicting…

I'm typing away the next mission as we speak and I really am taking consideration of any input you send. Thanks for reading.

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