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Note: Mature content JEON JUNGKOOK x READER "I asked you a question", he said arching his brows. From that paused earlier, you got a good look at his features which got you all flustered for a second, he's definitely handsome, no doubt about that but you could already sense the dark side on him, the bad boy aura was radiating around him that you could almost suffocate. What if he hired you not only to be an employee but to be something more? The playboy who thought he could have any girl he wants whenever he wants. But you were different and he couldn't deny the fact that you had an effect on him. What if he'll be the one to heal your broken state, what if you'll be the one to change him for the better?

Romance / Drama
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1: Play Boy


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He stealthy get out of bed and reached for his pants and polo lying on the floor before putting them on in a slow manner, careful not to wake the naked girl beside him moments ago.

“Shiiit!” He hissed when his phone vibrated against the night stand sending a faint rippling sound across the room, he darted his gaze on the woman on the bed as she shifted dreamily while he grabbed his phone to answer the call.

“I can smell sex all over you even through the phone young master,” his assistant spat from the other line.

“Hyung, room 103, you know what to do,” he whispered as he snatched his case and tip toed towards the door.

“What is it this time?”

“A girl from a bar,” he paused, “she’s a little bit from the upper class so...”

“Hard to deal with.”

“Hyung-nim pleaseee,” the younger pleaded as he walked out of the elevator, “I’m on my way to the office now.”

“You seriously need to increase my salary kid. Dealing with all of these girls after you f*ck them is not easy you know.”

He chuckled, “Hyung, I believe in you,” the younger said over the phone before hanging up.

“I spoiled him too much,” Jung Hoseok mumbled to himself. He got his things ready and went to the usual hotel to deal with the problem at hand.


Balling both of your fists, you stared at yourself on the mirror as you flashed a determined face back.

You can do this,′ you thought to yourself.

Everyone you passed by along your neighbourhood greeted you with a smile, they said hello and you’d wave at them grinning as you made your way to the bus station.

Gripping on the documents on your hand, you get on the bus heading to one of the largest company on your area, The Jeon Enterprises.


“Good morning Mr. Jeon,” the woman welcomed, biting her lips while slightly touching her exposed thigh on the process.

“Morning,” he greeted back with a smirk looking at the girl’s skin.

The other women employee made their way towards him and a series of these went on until he reached the door to his office.

He let out a loud groan as he sat comfortably on the leather seat when his phone vibrated revealing a text message from his assistant.

‘Three applicants for today, their informations are there on the right hand side of your table.’

He reached for the paper and started scanning it. Three girls,-- and a smirk slowly formed on his face while he looked at their photos closely.


“He just left,” the girl stated as if she couldn’t believe what she just said.

“I’m pretty sure you’ve heard a lot about him yet you still went with him,” Hoseok said to the girl while she finally put on her blouse.

“But, I thought--.”

He stretched out his hand with an envelope on it. “One night stand, that’s all it is for him, so...”

She reached for the envelope and checked it, her eyes widened for a second but was later replaced by a sarcastic smile.

“He thought he could solve everything with money,” she said reaching for her bag.

She walked towards Hoseok and slammed the envelope on his chest causing him to cough a little. “Tell him I’m not that easy to get rid off.” And with that, she opened the door and shut it with a bang leaving Hoseok releasing an annoyed sigh.

“Jeon Jungkook, we’re fucked,” Hoseok said as he swang open the door to the young master’s office.

“Have you ever hear of knocking?”

“She didn’t accept the money.”

Jungkook exhaled sharply, “Just let her be Hyung, she probably still want more of these that’s why.”

“You’re too full of yourself kiddo, if your Dad found out about your little way of passing time he’ll--.”

“Well he won’t if you’ll be quiet about it.”

The elder sighed, Jungkook can be stubborn and when that happens all argument is invalid for the guy, “Don’t say I didn’t warned you,” Hoseok said. “I’ll let the first applicant in.”

Jungkook nodded sitting up straight.


You’ve heard a lot about the CEO’s son, how the guy was such a playboy and would have any girl kneeling for him any second, how every woman employee of the company already tasted him, and how he would leave all those girls alone laying on the cold bed after a one night stand. You pushed aside all those thoughts, you needed this job more than anything, plus who would go for a girl like you? Especially with your current situation, if it wasn’t for that incident far back when you were younger it would have been easier to nail a job, but you can’t back out, and you know you’re a strong willed person and giving up was not on your vocabulary.


Sure thing about the first two applicants, they were sexy, totally f*ckable,-- well, not that it was his basis for hiring but those things might get in handy sometimes.

“But they weren’t able to answer some of my questions properly,” Jungkook said to Hoseok. “Well, mostly of my questions,” he corrected himself.

“We have one last applicant, she’s a bit different--.”

“Just let her in to get this over with.”


The other two girls that also applied for the same position went out one by one, when the last one finally exited the office the first girl went up to her and they both hissed about how cute and hot and handsome the CEO’s son was.

“Ms. Y/N,” the man called and you went inside the office.

“You may leave now Mr. Jung.”

“I--,” Hoseok was about to say something but the younger guy looked at him.

Hoseok closed the door leaving you and the man seated on the leather chair alone.

“Please take a seat,” he said, not even bothering to look at you as he wrote something down. “So your name is Y/N.”

You nodded.

He waited for an answer but he didn’t hear any which got him a little bit pissed, so finally he lifted his head up to look at you.

For a second,--no--- longer than a second, far longer than he intended to, he put his gaze on you and he suddenly felt... Nervous? His heart was freaking ramming inside his chest and he honestly didn’t know why. You got him thinking, and soon he realized it. You were different, with your hair pushed back into a ponytail, your eye-glasses covering almost half of your face, your white long-sleeve shirt paired with your black colored slacks, all so demure and concealing, --so different from the usual women he always saw around him with their revealing tops and short, short skirts.

He pushed back all the thoughts and snapped himself back.

“I asked you a question,” he said arching his brows.

From that paused from earlier, you got a good look at his features which got you all flustered for a second, he’s definitely handsome, no doubt about that, but you could already sense the dark side on him, the bad boy aura was radiating around him that you could almost suffocate.

You grabbed your marker and little white board and wrote on it.

Yes, I am.

You saw the guy in front of you parted his lips slightly as he stared at you with awe.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” he let out. “You are not mute are you?”

You opened your mouth to argue but no words would come out of it, feeling the burning sensation inside your chest, you grip tighter on the board on your hand trying your best to pushed back the tears that were threatening to fall.

You fastly wrote something on the board once more.

Please just give me a chance.

He scoffed as he looked away from you, sure you are beautiful even with that nerdy look, but how the heck would he hire a mute on his father’s company?


Hoseok immediately let himself in and started, “I was about to tell you.”

“Is this a joke?”

“She got good records that’s why she got through the initial tests, also she’ll only be in front of the computer encoding and programming things so she wouldn’t have to talk m--.”

“Shut up.”

The young master returned his piercing gaze on you and he suddenly bombarded you with questions related to programming and computers and stuff like that, questions after questions, and it was a bit tiring to write your answers each time but you were able to answer all of the questions.

“You may leave now.”

“Jungkook,” Hoseok let out without him even knowing, you were perfect for the job, it was apparrent that you know the job very well and he just couldn’t figure out why Jungkook won’t hire you on the spot.

“We’ll contact you if you got the job,” Jungkook said. And with that you turned around, back slouched as you left the room.


“Because she’s--.”

“Mute?” Hoseok interrupted. “Can’t believe that you’re not only a f*ck boy but also a judgemental jerk.”

“You can’t talk to me like that.”

“What? You’re going to fire me?” Hoseok questioned, “she knows the job more than anyone Jungkook.”

“I know Hyung. I just--,” Jungkook let out a shaky breath.


“It’s okay, it’s alright,” you thought to yourself as you sat by the table looking closely at the available jobs on the newspaper. “It’s his loss.”

“Please just give us another week,” your father pleaded, kneeling in front of the two men while you and your mother hugged each other far behind, weeping your eyes out.

Broken glasses everywhere, stumbled chairs, table, and even lamps were scattered around the house as if *Aphopis was there herself.

“We’ll definetely pay you by then, please,” your father continued lifting his head up to look at the blood shot eyes of the two hitmen.

“We’ve already given you enough time,” the other guy said as he slowly pushed the tip of the gun on your father’s forehead.

“NO, NO, NO, NO, PLEASEEE!!” your mother screamed as she started to approach the scene but the other man was fast as he pulled you and your mother to the side making you watch as the man with the gun pulled the trigger.



“Ugh!” He grunted shifting on his bed as he tried to get you off his mind.

What the heck’s happening to him? Since this morning, he couldn’t get you out of his mind and Jung Hoseok was not helping as the guy continued to remind him how he acted such a complete jerk earlier.

“Oh f*ck it,” he cursed as he dialed his Hyung’s number.

“It’s already nine in the eve--.”

“She’s hired.”



Your eyes opened wide and you immediately gripped on your left chest as you felt the sharp pain emerging, you heaved as you felt the hot tears rolled down your cheeks when suddenly, your phone vibrated.

Congratulations Ms. Y/N, you got the job, please report at The Jeon Enterprises tomorrow morning.


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