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Trust me, I'm a Doctor

By ladieinlace

Drama / Thriller

Chapter 1

Kaoru slowly shifted his fingers across his ivory buttons, undoing them one by one. Hikaru stood across from him, doing the same. About twelve frenzied girls were squealing as they did so, their fists clenched and eyes wide.

"I love health examinations!" Screeched one girl. Another girl burst out laughing in agreement.

Nurses and Doctors were milling around the gargantuan hall, trying to keep order. Noise flowed throughout the room; girls chatting, boys laughing, teachers yelling. The host club had a section of examination departments to themselves, so it was a bit calmer there. The departments were sectioned off with large sheets, which gave the students privacy. Still, some fans of the club had still found their way back there. 

Kaoru glanced at his legs. He was hoping that he had grown at least half an inch since the last examination. He felt a little taller.

"Kaoru Hitachiin. The doctor is ready for you." A nurse called, appearing from one of the sectioned off compartments. Hikaru and Kaoru looked to one another in horror.

"Wait! Kaoru can't take his examination without me!" Hikaru said in a panic. Kaoru reached for Hikaru with big pleading eyes, his hand shaking. The dozen girls watching shared a collective gasp.

"Hikaru." Kaoru whined. Hikaru stepped forward, bare chested, and hugged Kaoru against his heart. Kaoru whimpered and the girls tensed, uttering silent screams.

"Don't worry Kaoru, they can't keep us apart." Hikaru uttered, his voice thick with emotion. He turned his face toward the nurse, furrowed his brows, and said with determination,

"My little brother and I stay together no matter what." The nurse suppressed a smile, which the half-conscious fan girls took no notice of.

The nurse faked a heavy sigh.

"Well, I suppose I could take you both to get examined." she said, with over exaggerated exasperation. The twins' faces lit up with joy.

"Oh Hikaru, I was so scared! I didn't want to be alone with that doctor." He then looked away from Hikaru with embarrassment. "Doctors scare me."

"Don't worry Kaoru," Hikaru whispered, taking Kaoru's face lightly in one hand, "I'll be there for you." Kaoru's eyes shone wet with tears as he stood staring into his older brothers eyes.

The fan girls were silently twitching.

"Come on, boys." The nurse said with a chuckle, flipping her wavy blonde hair as she walked back into the compartment. Hikaru jumped up with a laugh, pulling a reluctant-seeming Kaoru in after her to meet with the doctor.

As soon as the twins were behind the cover of the sheets, they straightened up, smiling mischievously at one another. The nurse began to laugh.

"I think that was the best one yet. You had them on their toes!" She chortled.

"Yeah, I think one of them passed out for a few seconds." Hikaru said. Kaoru snorted.

The nurse smiled.

"Well keep up the good work. Oh, I'm so sorry, let me introduce you to your new school doctor, Dr. Hirato." Hikaru and Kaoru glanced up at the man they hadn't noticed until then. He was sitting with his legs crossed in a dimly lit corner, twirling a pen in one hand. He was tall and lean, with a handsome face and short hair.

"Nice to meet you." The twins said in unison. Dr. Hirato smiled and leaned forward.

"Indeed it is." He shot a smile at the nurse, who nodded and drifted out of the room.

"So, what's first?" Hikaru asked, his smile fading. He really didn't want to get any shots. That hadn't been a lie. Dr. Hirato stood and walked over to the twins, who were a good foot shorter than the him.

"Height and weight."

The twins were measured and weighed, which revealed they were exactly the same as when they were last examined. Their results also mirrored each other's exactly. Kaoru sighed internally. He hadn't grown a single millimeter.

Then they did the other necessities, like blood pressure and scoliosis checks.

"Alright, next is a quick shot." the Dr. Hirato said with a smile. Hikaru winced and Kaoru took his hand. Nobody had said anything about a shot.

Kaoru hated shots just as much as Hikaru, he just didn't let it show. If he were to show his discomfort, it would only cause Hikaru's own fear to heighten.

The twins watched as Dr. Hirato pulled out a long syringe. Their stomachs were filled with fluttering butterflies. Identical butterflies. 

"Don't worry Hikaru, these never hurt." Kaoru said quietly. He tried to keep his palms from sweating.

"Oldest first." The doctor said with an odd smile. Hikaru narrowed his eyes. He thought the Doctor was enjoying this just a little too much.

Dr. Hirato walked toward Hikaru with a crooked grin. Kaoru closed his eyes, not wanting to see his brother in pain. A few seconds later he heard a yelp from Hikaru. Kaoru's eyes flew open to his brother rubbing his arm and the doctor pulling away.

"Geese man, that hurt like hell!" Hikaru complained. The doctor chuckled.

"Sorry, my brother tends to overreact." Kaoru said with an apologetic smile. Dr. Hirato looked amused.

"I wasn't overreacting! That was like being stabbed." Hikaru said with a frown.

"I'm sorry if I hurt you, I don't think this is the size needle you're used to." The doctor said. He grinned at Kaoru, moving toward him with the needle. Kaoru smiled nervously, leaning back. The syringe slowly approached his porcelain skin and Kaoru once again closed his eyes.

He gasped as the needle pierced his skin. Just as Hikaru said, it felt as if he was being stabbed. He opened his eyes as the doctor was pulling away. He grabbed his arm, which was throbbing. He gaped at the doctor, who still had that same smile on his face, an almost mechanical smile.

Kaoru had never had a doctor who seemed so badly qualified. This guy didn't even try to make the shot less painful. This guy was

"Creepy." Kaoru whispered. The doctor's eyes flashed.

"What was that?" he asked with a grin.

"N-nothing." Kaoru stammered. The doctor stood there, staring at him. His mouth started to twitch.

"Are we done?" Hikaru asked shortly, glaring at the doctor. The doctor blinked in response.

Kaoru grabbed Hikaru's arm and pulled him out of the little tent-like room.

The girls had dispersed, thankfully, because Kaoru didn't think he had the energy to put on another act. Hikaru huffed.

"What was up with that guy? That checkup seemed a bit short to me. Usually the doctors do a lot more."

"Yeah, he was really weird." Kaoru responded. They put their white button up shirts back on as they walked out of the large hall. Most of the other students hadn't gotten checked yet, so it was still very crowded in the enormous room. Kaoru glanced behind his shoulder as they walked through the crowd and caught a glimpse of Dr. Hirato watching them go.

Kaoru shivered as his eyes met Dr. Hirato's.

That stupid smile was still glued to his face.

"I feel like taking a nap." Hikaru sighed, collapsing onto a purple sofa in the club room, a few ornamental pillows falling onto the floor as he did so. Kaoru sighed and smiled fondly before he picked the pillows up, placing them on a lounge chair nearby.

Mori, Honey, and Haruhi were at the other end of the room, playing some strange commoner game, which they all seemed to be enjoying.

Honey's squeals resounded through the air, causing Kaoru to rub his temples.

"I know what you mean. I feel exhausted." Kaoru groaned, plopping onto the arm of the sofa. Hikaru curled into a ball. He blew his bangs out of his face, closing his eyes.



"Maybe we should ask Kyoya to research that doctor. I have a bad feeling."

"Mm-hm." Hikaru stretched out, his bangs falling across his eyes once again. He tried to blow them away with no avail. Kaoru reached forward and pushed his orange bangs behind his ear for him.

"Better?" Kaoru asked with a playful smile. Hikaru grunted.

Kaoru sat there for a few minutes, growing more and more drowsy. Soon he heard the light snoring of his brother and figured he would suffer the same fate if he didn't do something.

He forced himself onto his feet and shuffled to the tall double doors of the club room. He opened one door to gain the attention of the three playing the commoner games. They looked up.

"I'm going to get some coffee. If Hikaru wakes up tell him where I went, okay?" Mori and Haruhi nodded, but Honey slid off the sofa he resided on and onto the floor with a whine.

"Kao-chan, I want coffee too-ooo." He said, rolling onto his back.

"Honey, you don't like coffee." Kaoru said with an amused smile. Honey pouted.

"Mitsukuni." Mori said, picking the small blond boy up and placing him back onto the sofa.

Kaoru walked out of the room, closing the doors behind him. He groggily walked the expanse of the hallway, heading for the small café on the second floor. He was having a hard time focusing on walking, so he quickened his pace. He really needed that coffee.

When he finally made it to the café, he could barely keep his eyes open. He smiled at the girl at the counter. She blushed and moved forward to take his order.

"What will it be?" She asked, pushing a strand of dark hair behind her ear.

"Two coffee's please."

"What brand?"

"Anything. Whatever you like best." He asked, leaning on the counter. She made up the hot drinks and slid them onto the counter.

"You're one of the Hitachiin twins right? I need to know who to charge." Kaoru nodded. He grabbed the coffees and stood, trying to steady himself. As he stumbled down the hallway, trying to keep the coffee from spilling, he began to feel that he wasn't just tired. His mind was becoming groggy, but he didn't think that was simple fatigue. There was something else going on.

A virus maybe?

He approached the enormous staircase, making sure to walk straight and avoid stumbling toward it. That would be a very long fall.

Kaoru froze as a stabbing pain in his head forced him stop walking. Before he knew what was happening, he had dropped the coffee and was stumbling sideways.

He knew he wouldn't stop in time. He was going to fall.

Luckily, a strong hand grabbed his arm, pulling him away from what would have been a very bad stumble.

The hand released him, and Kaoru fell onto all fours, breathing hard.

"Thanks a lot." Kaoru whispered, glancing up at his savior. He could barely see, his vision beginning to blur. But although his eyesight was foggy, he glimpsed a flash of white.

A smile.

Kaoru froze.

"Kaoru, right? Are you okay? You seem a bit dizzy." The doctor said, amusement playing on the edge of his lips.

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