Trust me, I'm a Doctor

Chapter 11

Kyoya's hands tightened around his cell phone as he pondered the information he had just received.

After sending his family's police force to the roads and highways, they had found a man who had seen the twins. He was half dead at the time and only slightly conscious, but his officers had managed to pull some good leads from him while he as in the ambulance.

The injuries the man had sustained made Kyoya worry.

There had been a short stab wound along his back, so deep the spine was visible.

Kyoya had remained calm until then, but now he was beginning to realize how dire the twins' situation really was.

They were in the hands of a killer, a serial killer, who found it amusing to murder teenage boys.

This man had enough strength to drive a sharp object deep into a man's back.

He could only imagine what he might've been doing to the twins at that very moment.

No, don't even try to imagine that.

He sighed and rubbed his face, trying to clear his mind.

He couldn't help feeling responsible. Maybe if he had somehow updated the computer systems of the school like he had planned to do, the killer wouldn't have been able to hack in.

Kyoya grimaced and squeezed his phone even harder, causing the buttons to beep.

He watched the rest of the host club as they talked quietly next to the doors entering the school.

Kyoya envied them slightly.

They were oblivious to the reality of the situation.

Kyoya felt they weren't really grasping the imminence of what was going to happen to the twins.

They didn't understand how serious it was.

They just didn't


Kyoya jumped, startled, and realized Tamaki was standing in front of him.

"Hm? What is it?"

"Um, I know this might sound weird, but can we go out driving? We feel like we should be looking…" Tamaki said seriously, his violet eyes downcast.

Kyoya realized the rest of the host club was watching them.

Maybe they do understand.

"I suppose we could arrange that."

Tamaki's face lit up with a bright smile. Kyoya was relieved to see it.

"So we're going then?"

The rest of the club had gathered behind Tamaki and were staring at Kyoya.

Kyoya pushed his slipping glassed up the bridge of his nose.

"I'll prepare a van." he said. The club members smiled.

They get more than I thought they did, but…they still don't know the extent of Hikaru and Kaoru's situation.

They didn't know what that murderer did to his victims…

Kyoya did. He had the pictures in his back pocket, showing the crimes scenes, the gruesome murders, the bodies…

Kyoya would never let the rest of the club see those photos.

It would take away what hope they had left.

Hikaru and Kaoru were awoken by a bright light.

It might have been morning, they couldn't tell.

They were laying layered on each other, Kaoru squashed sideways against a wall and Hikaru's feet across his chest.

They both opened their eyes groggily and realized the closet light, which they hadn't known existed, was on.

"It hurts." Hikaru groaned, rubbing his eyes.

Kaoru rolled over, relieving himself of Hikaru's heavy feet.

He looked for the switch, but there wasn't one. Kaoru realized the switch must've been outside the door, which meant someone was at the closet.

"Wakey, wakey, morning time." A loathsome voice said through the mail slot. Hikaru sat up, completely awoken by the sound of the doctor's upbeat tone. Hikaru and Kaoru both slid to the back of the closet, getting as far from the door as possible.

They heard the ping of the mail slot and glanced at it, horrified to spot Dr. Hirato's cold eyes watching them.

"Breakfast." The doctor said with a sickly sweet voice. He pushed a thin plate loaded with pancakes and strawberries into the slot, waiting for the twins to grab it.

So it is the next day.

Hikaru made a move for the plate, but Kaoru slapped his arm down.

"Don't you remember who this creep is? It's probably drugged." He hissed. Hikaru rubbed his arm and gazed at the plate with desire, his eyes wide.

"I'm hungry too, but we can't." Kaoru sighed, his own stomach grumbling in response to the sweet scent of fresh fruit.

"If we don't eat, we'll die anyway." Hikaru reasoned. Kaoru looked at the plate and his mouth watered.

"But…Okay." Kaoru said, defeated.

Hikaru grabbed the plate and set it on the ground, grabbing a golden brown pancake and shoving it into his mouth with much enthusiasm.

Kaoru picked one up and cautiously took a bite. He suddenly realized how hungry he really was and stuffed the rest in his mouth, chewing vigorously and swallowing quickly.

Hikaru reached for his fourth pancake when he realized the doctor was still there, watching and smiling maliciously.

"Go away." Hikaru mumbled through a mouth full of pancake and strawberry.

"No, I think I'll stay just a bit longer."

Kaoru glared at the doctor and suddenly stopped chewing.

The doctor's grin expanded.

Kaoru froze.

He spit his food out, coughing.

Hikaru complained and backed away.

"Spit it out!" Kaoru screamed, pouncing on Hikaru and forcing him to release his mouth full of pancake.

"Too late. It's in your system." The doctor said with a sly smile. He closed the slot.

"I told you…not…not eat." Kaoru forced out at Hikaru, his head beginning to pound.

Hikaru leaned his back against the wall and winced. He fell slowly to the side until he was collapsed on his stomach. He wasn't asleep, he just couldn't move.

The paralyzer again.

Kaoru stiffened and slowly fell onto the dirty floor.

The door lock clicked and the doctor entered, that grin still attached to his cheeks.

He crouched down so the twins would be able to see him clearly.

"I'm gonna borrow Kaoru for a bit, okay Hikaru?" he said, grabbing Kaoru by the arms and pulling him toward the door.

"Get off of him! If you try and hurt him, I'll kill you" Hikaru screamed with much effort.

The doctor laughed.

"You will be paralyzed for the next twenty minutes; there is no way you will do any killing. Anyway, I'm not going to hurt him, I'm just going to rough him up a little bit, that's all."

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