Trust me, I'm a Doctor

Chapter 12

Tama heard screams and banging issuing from the living room as he lay on his bed, sulking.

He nervously shifted up and off his bed, peeking out of the doorway. He saw his father, and he saw one of the twins, Hikaru or Kaoru, he couldn't tell, being dragged out of the closet while the other twin screamed in retaliation.

He could tell the twin in the closet was very angry.

He was saying things toward his father Tama would never dare repeat.

Tama's father stopped dragging the limp boy for a moment to catch his breath and glanced over at Tama, who shriveled against the doorframe, trying to hide himself from view.

"Get back in your room and close the door." He instructed threateningly, glaring at Tama with fire in his eyes. Tama's breath caught in his throat and he turned around quickly, pulling his door closed with a loud slam.

His heart racing and he felt jumpy.

He slid back onto his bed, hugging his blue pillow.

It was about to start.

This was the worst part.

He hated having to listen.

With a sudden realization, Tama jumped from his bed and to his small cube shaped dresser, pulling open the top drawer so roughly he knocked over his lamp.

He took his IPod from inside a bland gray sock and sat back down on his bed. He had almost forgotten that he had it, having bought it with the extra money his father sent home.

He stuck his neon green ear buds in and lay down, trying to relax. He scrolled through his music and found his new favorite song, I'll Drown by Sóley.

He pulled his black hood over his mop of black hair.

He turned the IPod up all the way, blocking out any possible sound from the outside world.

The IPod was perfect.

It blocked out the spine tingling screams, the screams that were about to take place.

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