Trust me, I'm a Doctor

Chapter 13

Kaoru watched the doctor as he moved his feet backwards across the musty wood boards. They were headed for what looked like the bathroom.

Kaoru was trying to remain calm as he was brought closer and closer to what the doctor had in store for him.

Dr. Hirato was going to "rough him up".

He could imagine a million things that could mean.

Dr. Hirato seemed to pick up on his apprehension.

"Don't worry Kaoru, I won't kill you." The doctor said to the frightened boy, glancing down at his victim with a dreadfully happy smile.

Yet. He won't kill me yet.

"What…are?" Kaoru choked, trying to force aside the effects of the drug.

"What am I going to do? Is that what you mean? Well my dear Kaoru, that's a secret. We don't want to ruin the surprise, now do we?" The doctor said with glee, pulling Kaoru across the final stretch of floor and onto the cold tile of the bathroom.

It was outdated, with black and white tiles and a dirty blue sink, toilet, and bath. Next to the sink was an old, beaten down chair. It looked burnt, the legs charred.

The doctor set Kaoru down on the chilled tile floor and stood up, stretching his back with a groan. He then pulled out a needle and vile. He filled up the syringe and forced it into Kaoru's arm. Kaoru would have yelped if he had the strength.

"The drug wears off pretty quickly, so I'm giving you more, just in case." The doctor said with a sickly sweet tone. He walked over to the bathtub.

Kaoru shivered as the coolness of the floor penetrated his shirt and seeped into his body.

His chest felt tight from trepidation, trepidation for what was to come.

What is he going to do?

The doctor turned the water on and shoved a dirty rag into the drain so it would fill the entire tub.

Is he going to drown me?

Kaoru began to panic. He had always thought that drowning was the worst way to die.

The doctor turned and walked back to where Kaoru was lying on the floor. Kaoru tried to move away, but he couldn't. He could only manage to wiggle his fingers.

"Up you go." The doctor said, pulling Kaoru up with a huff. Kaoru closed his eyes, waiting for the cold wetness of water to rush into his clothes and over his head, suffocating him.

But it didn't come.

Instead he found himself sitting on a chair, the aroma of smoke stinging his eyes and throat.

He was confused.

The water filled the tub half way and the doctor turned the nozzle to cut the flow. He then walked over to the chair where Kaoru was sitting. He bent down to his eye level.

The doctor was so close that Kaoru could feel Dr. Hirato's hot breath on his face.

"Stay here." He whispered, his sour breath flowing across Kaoru's cheeks.

The doctor walked from the room, leaving Kaoru alone on the burnt and rickety chair while he gazed at the clear water sliding around the bath tub in waves.

His ears suddenly picked up the sound of banging from the living room.


Hikaru's drug had already worn off. The doctor was right; it didn't last very long at all. Maybe Hikaru would break out and save him from Dr. Hirato. Then they could escape, and maybe take Tama along.

But that was just a fantasy; a fantasy Kaoru wished would take place in reality.

The doctor interrupted his thoughts by strutting into the room carrying a bucket and some strange metal rod. The rod was about twelve inches long, silver in color, and had a chord and plug attached to it.

A curling iron maybe?

Maybe he's going to beat me with it, or burn me.

Kaoru shivered uncontrollably at the thought.

"Time to begin. Just relax." The doctor said, his usual smile growing even larger. The doctor's eyes were shining with longing, as if Kaoru was a piece of cake he was about to sink his teeth into.

The doctor walked next to the tub, where an outlet was. He plugged the rod into the wall and placed it carefully on the floor. He then pulled the bucket through the tub, filling it to the brim with water.

What in the world is that lunatic trying to do?

Dr. Hirato lugged the heavy bucket over to Kaoru, spilling some on the floor.

He stopped when he reached the chair.

Then he lifted the bucket above his head and tipped it over on Kaoru.

Kaoru gasped as the cold water rushed through his hair and across his body, soaking him to the core. He began to shiver immediately, so violently that he accidently bit his tongue, causing the taste of metal to flow through his mouth.

The water dripped onto the floor at Dr. Hirato's feet, who stepped back to avoid it.

"That was a close one. I certainly don't want to get my feet wet. That would end badly." The doctor said with a grimace. Kaoru glared at him through his dripping bangs, enticing him to explain. He didn't.

"I found this was the best way to increase conduction." Dr. Hirato said, his usual happy smile curling into something more sinister.


The doctor walked over to where the rod was lying on the floor and picked it up carefully by the rubber handle. He walked back to Kaoru. The cord was just long enough that the rod would touch Kaoru if the doctor tried.

"I fabricated this myself from a special kind of metal that is just right for its function. The metal is a fantastic conductor; I'm amazed I was able to make it." Dr. Hirato said with pride.

Conduction, rubber, and water.

Kaoru realized with a feeling of horror how they were all connected.

They all have to do with electricity.

Kaoru's eyes widened and he tried to speak, but whether it was the drug or the terror he was feeling, he couldn't form a single word.

He isn't going to burn me with it. He's going to-

"I guess you could say electrocution is my thing." Dr. Hirato said, a hint of laughter playing at his words.

Hikaru collapsed onto the floor, his hands throbbing from pounding at the door.

His throat was tight and his heart was racing.

What is he doing to Kaoru?

Hikaru shook the thought from his head.

He remained on the floor, catching his breath.

But he froze when he heard that horrible sound, the sound that he never wanted to hear.

His eyes widened, his fists clenched, and he flew off the floor and onto the door, smashing his fists, feet, and head against it with all the strength in his body.

He screeched and yelled at the top of his lungs until his throat was raw as the horrible sound continued, driving a nail into his heart.

Hot, helpless tears sprung from his eyes and fell from his face as he listened to the sound of his little brother's agonized scream.

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