Trust me, I'm a Doctor

Chapter 15

"I doubt we'll find anything out here." Kyoya sighed, pushing his slipping glasses up the bridge of his nose. He was in the van with the rest of the club, excluding the twins of course.

The van was slowly inching down a stretch of back road off of one of the exits they were searching. This road in particular was surrounded by tall white birch trees covered in snow. The lack of contrast of the white on white made the scenery a little eerie.

"You never know, right?" Tamaki breathed, staring at the forest with tired eyes.

Mori was asleep, leaning against Haruhi, who had a very exhausted Honey on her lap. His eyes were half closed and he was beginning to drool on his bunny.

Tamaki was against the window, letting nothing get past his sight.

"You're right. They could be anywhere." Kyoya agreed.

Haruhi remained silent, staring out through the windshield. She perked up when she noticed a small gravel road, maybe a driveway.

"What's that?" She asked, gaining the attention of Tamaki and Kyoya. She pointed to the road.

"A trail maybe?" Kyoya suggested.

"Or a driveway." Haruhi said.

"Maybe. It's getting late, we should head back." Kyoya said. The other two nodded in agreement.

"Let's get going." Kyoya instructed the driver. He nodded and sped up, driving past that odd little road, the road that led to the inner center of the woods, which contained a tiny cabin.

What Haruhi, Kyoya, and Tamaki didn't know was that the Hitachiin twins were in that cabin at the end of that gravel road, and they had driven right past the people they were searching for.

Kaoru's eyes were blurry.

His mouth tasted terrible, like acid.

His nose burned and his fingers wouldn't stop twitching.

Lying on the floor, hurting like hell, he just wanted to stay there.

Bu Hikaru needed him.

Kaoru could move, even if it hurt to. His muscles were tired, as if he had gone to the gym or run a marathon, maybe like both combined. Even so, he had to sit up.

If he couldn't sit up, he couldn't make it to the door.

If he couldn't make it to the door, he couldn't make it to Hikaru.

Hikaru was being dragged to the bathroom.

He as being dragged just like Kaoru had been.

Kaoru wasn't going to let what had happened to him happen to his brother.

There was no way he would let that doctor torture him.

Kaoru tried to sit up, and with much effort of his arms and legs in collaboration, he was able. He started sliding forward, toward the open door, toward his brother.

His arms were shaky, and he knew he would never be able to fight the doctor for his brother. He needed help.

Someone I can win over.

"Tama!" Kaoru choked, his voice raspy. Nobody answered, and the doctor ignored his feeble shouts.

"TAMA HELP!" Kaoru screamed, killing his throat. The doctor growled but continued, confident that Tama would ignore the shouts as well.

Kaoru waited, but Tama didn't come.


The doctor almost had Hikaru at the bathroom door. Please.

Kaoru clawed forward, reaching the closet door at last.

He would have to try it himself, even if he died in the attempt.

He braced himself, ready to use all of his strength to launch himself into an upright position.

He froze when the dim lights of the cabin went off, plunging them into darkness.

The power is out.

A smile appeared on Kaoru's face as he realized what had happened.

"Tama." He whispered.

No power, no electrocution.

Tama had cut the power.

Good boy, Tama.

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