Trust me, I'm a Doctor

Chapter 2

Hikaru opened one reluctant eye, searching for the familiar sight of Kaoru. What he did find was an empty chair.

"Kaoru?" Hikaru asked groggily. He rubbed his eyes and sat up, straining his neck to look at all corners of the room. He noticed Haruhi, Mori, and Honey in one corner, playing cards. No Kaoru.

"Where'd Kaoru go?" Hikaru called. Haruhi turned.

"He said he was going to get coffee for you both, but he's been gone for like fifteen minutes."

Hikaru pushed himself onto his feet, becoming a little worried.

"That's weird. Maybe he went to the café on the first floor."

"Yeah, maybe." Haruhi answered, furrowing her eyebrows, "He seemed kind of dazed when he talked to us. Is he okay?"

"I think the stress of being stabbed with a needle may have gotten to us," he said with a small smile, "I think I slept it off though." Haruhi looked at him with confusion.

"You got a shot?"

Hikaru nodded, moving toward the three hosts.

"You didn't?" He asked. She shook her head.

"Mori? Honey? Did you get one?" Hikaru asked, rubbing his still sore arm.

They shook their heads no, confusion written across their faces.

"What the hell." Hikaru whispered to himself. He turned on his heel and rushed through the doors, walking quickly toward the second floor café. He jogged the last few feet, and placed his hands on the counter. A pretty little girl was working behind the counter. She noticed him and walked over.

"Back so soon?" She asked with a grin. Hikaru shook his head.

"That was my twin. When did he leave?" He asked quickly. She thought for a moment.

"Maybe ten minutes ago. He was kind of wobbly, stumbling and all."

Hikaru walked away quickly, throwing a quick thank you over his shoulder. As he was walking, he hit something with his foot. He stopped and looked down. Two coffee mugs were on the ornamental rug, spilled.

"Kaoru, what's going on?" he whispered to himself. He looked to his left and realized he was next to the grand staircase that led to the first floor of Ouran. A scary image of Kaoru falling down the stairs in a stupor flashed through his mind. Hikaru clenched his fists and flew down the staircase, almost tripping on the carpet. He slid to a stop on the marble floor, panting. He had a very bad feeling.

He glanced around, searching for those amber eyes, that familiar orange hair.

He met the stare of a student, a girl, with long brown hair. Hikaru moved toward her.

"Hey, have you seen Kaoru?" Hikaru asked breathlessly.

"So you're Hikaru then, right? Yeah I saw him maybe five minutes ago."

Hikaru furrowed his eyebrows, confused.

"Why was he down here?"

"I think he may have been headed for the hospital wing. He seemed out of it. He was so bad a doctor had to help him walk." She said, blinking slowly. Then she grinned.

"It was that new doctor. The one with a really nice smile." She said with a giggle. Hikaru's eyes widened. Smile.

"Holy shit." Hikaru ran from the girl and through the entrance hall of Ouran High School. He rounded a corner, heading for the hospital wing. He knew something really bad was going on. That doctor didn't sit right with him. He had injected him and his brother with some unknown vaccine and now he had his brother? Who the hell did this guy think he was?

Or maybe he was just overreacting. He did that sometimes, especially with Kaoru. Making something huge out of nothing. It was a specialty of his.

Wait a second. Kaoru's sick for some reason... He's weak from something, and I don't feel so hot myself. We both started feeling really tired after health examinations, where we got a shot we shouldn't have gotten.

Hikaru stopped dead in his tracks as a moment of realization struck him.

"The injection," he said to himself, looking down at his sore arm, "That's why I fell asleep. That's what's wrong with Kaoru."

That quick burst of excitement dropped like a stone in water. This meant that Dr. Hirato was lying to them. Any doubt of the doctor's shady behavior dissipated. He had injected them both with something, which Kaoru seemed to be affected by the most.

To make matters worse, this doctor had Kaoru within his clutches.

Kaoru froze, still on all fours, trying to figure out how he would get out of this one.

He made a check list in his mind, trying to find the extent of his situation.

One, he was drowsy, almost falling out of consciousness. Two, an insane seeming doctor was the only one around. Three, his only escape was a very, very large staircase, which wouldn't work out in the end, him being dizzy.

"Kaoru? You are Kaoru right, not Hikaru?" Dr. Hirato asked with a chuckle. Kaoru managed a quick nod. Dr. Hirato bent down to his eye level and his smile increased to an even larger size.

"I think you might be having a reaction to the injection you received. We should take you to the hospital wing." he said, the grin never moving.

"Stop…smiling." Kaoru managed to gasp. The smile twitched but stood its ground. The doctor laughed and pulled Kaoru to his feet with one strong hand. His grip was like steel.

"Don't you worry Kaoru; I'll patch you up in a jiffy."

The doctor half carried half supported Kaoru down the long expanse of staircase. Kaoru's vision was fading as he felt them reach the first level. They rounded a corner and entered a room, which Kaoru believed to be one of the hospital wing rooms. He was set down on a soft piece of furniture, probably a hospital bed.

"There now, this is much better. No prying eyes." The doctor said. Kaoru could tell that he was still smiling.

Still smiling.

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