Trust me, I'm a Doctor

Chapter 3

Kaoru shuddered as the soft click of the door lock echoed through the room. He closed his eyes. Trying to see was giving him a headache.

"Now we wait for your other half." the doctor said. Kaoru was starting to understand.

This doctor wanted him and Hikaru.

But why?

Dr. Hirato sighed as he sat down in a chair.

"You know Kaoru, I promised myself I would stop, but I just can't help it." He said wearily. Kaoru's stomach dropped.

"Stop…what?" He whispered tentatively. The chair Dr. Hirato was sitting on squeaked.

"We should move this divider out of the way." The doctor said, ignoring Kaoru's question. He got up and started wheeling a divider out from in front of the door. Kaoru opened one eye, which was becoming less clouded, and realized this may have been a good thing. The door had a window in it. Now maybe a passerby would see him.

"This way Hikaru won't miss the room. We wouldn't want my hard work going to waste. I don't want just one, I want the matching set."

Kaoru's eyes shot open.

Matching set?

The doctor sighed again, rubbing his face.

"I've moved from place to place, trying to escape my addiction. But it just keeps coming back stronger." The doctor said, moving toward Kaoru. Kaoru was starting to feel a little less drowsy.

It's wearing off!

"Addiction to what?" Kaoru asked, trying to stall. The doctor leaned in closer, a smile ripping across his face.

"Well, killing of course."

Hikaru leaned against the wall for a moment, trying to catch his breath. For once, he despised the fact that Ouran High School was so luxurious, so huge.

He had been to three different hallways of the hospital wing, peering into every room. Kaoru hadn't been in a single one.

A plump little nurse teetered by, flipping through clip boarded paperwork.

"Ma'am, could you tell me if you've seen my twin anywhere?" He asked breathlessly, stumbling over to her. She looked up and frowned.

"Hmmmm," she said, turning toward him, "Maybe. I think so. Or maybe not? No, I think I might have." Hikaru frowned, becoming impatient.

"Well, where was he?" he growled.

She took two minutes to think about this.

"I believe in the southernmost hallway. I believe." She said with uncertainty.

"Or maybe it was-"

"Thanks." Hikaru said, cutting her off. He flew past her and toward the south hallway.

Kaoru hadn't known how dire his situation was until then.

He's a murderer.

Even to Kaoru that seemed a little far-fetched.

"I've never picked a prize so risky, but my dear boy, you and your brother are just my type."

Kaoru was on the verge of panic. He glanced at the door. The doctor noticed.

"This hallway is basically abandoned. I doubt anyone but Hikaru will come by. You rich folks have so much more than you need. I've never been to a school like this. It's so elegant." The doctor said, a wistful smile sweeping across his mouth.

"You twins are the most elegant prizes I've ever had as well." Dr. Hirato said. Kaoru gulped.

"H-had many prizes, have you?"

"Oh yes, over a dozen. They were dirty though, much too dirty. You twins are perfect."

Kaoru closed his eyes and began flexing his muscles one by one, making sure they were all working correctly.

If he was going to make a run for it, there wouldn't be a second chance.

He would have to make a move quickly.

Dr. Hirato was pulling out a syringe.

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