Trust me, I'm a Doctor

Chapter 5

"They've been gone for a pretty long time." Haruhi said with furrowed brows. Honey bounced over and placed a playing card in the crease. It stuck.

Mori sighed.

"Maybe we should look." He said, pulling Honey back onto the sofa.

"It's funny that Kao-chan and Hika-chan got shots. We didn't get shots, did we?" Honey said, climbing onto Mori's shoulders. Mori shook his head.

"Maybe it's because they're in a different grade." Honey said with a pout. Mori nodded in agreement.

"But I didn't get any shots and I'm in their grade." Haruhi said, standing up.

"I'm going to look for them."

"I wanna go." Honey said. Mori grunted.

"Then it's decided. Let's go see what happened." Haruhi said, strutting for the doors.



"Do you think we're going to die?"

Hikaru and Kaoru were sitting back to back in the middle of a moving van, their hands and feet zip tied. It was dark and damp. The interior of the van smelled like alcohol and bleach.

"No." Hikaru lied.

Kaoru turned his head and winced. His neck was still feeling the last traces of the drug.

"Do you think anybody's looking for us?" Kaoru asked, leaning the back of his head against Hikaru's. Hikaru leaned into Kaoru even more, breathing him in. He sighed, relaxing as Kaoru's scent washed through him.

"Yes. I'm positive someone is." Hikaru whispered back. He was lying again. They hadn't been driving for more than fifteen minutes. It wasn't unusual for the twins to disappear during school hours.

He doubted anyone would be looking.

Not yet.

Kaoru glanced to the front of the van, where the doctor was sitting. He was whistling along to a tune on the radio. It was a country song.

Kaoru hated country.

"We have to find a way out." Kaoru whispered to Hikaru, barely audible. He felt Hikaru nod.

"But how? We're in a moving van and there's no way we can break these ties." Hikaru whispered back, struggling to pull his hands apart.

Kaoru furrowed his brows and glared at his hands, bound with a zip tie, thinking hard.

He started to formulate a plan.

Maybe, just maybe, he could slip his hands through.

But he would need something slippery, something wet.


Kaoru pulled his legs tight to his chest and pressed his hands against them, pushing the edge of the plastic tie against his smooth wrists.

He started pushing his wrists across his knees, back and forth, forcing the edge into his skin.

The edge wasn't very sharp.

It would take a while.

"What are you doing?" Hikaru asked, scooting around on the dirty floor to meet Kaoru's eyes.

"Getting us out of here."

Haruhi led the way as she and Mori walked through one of the libraries of the first floor. Honey rode on Mori's shoulders.

Haruhi stopped and sighed. This was the only room they hadn't checked yet, and she doubted the twins would be in there.

A shrill voice cut into her thoughts from across the room.

"Har-u-hi!" Tamaki sang, twirling over to the three hosts. Kyoya followed, sporting a slightly sour look on his face.

"I have spent two hours trying to get Tamaki to study. He was only just able to start concentrating on his work. He doesn't need any distractions. Whatever it is, it'd better be good." he said with a slight growl.

"Hika-chan and Kao-chan are missing." Honey called down from his perch atop Mori's head.

Kyoya's face morphed into a serious expression. Tamaki stopped smiling.

"How long?"

"Maybe an hour and fifteen minutes." Haruhi replied. Mori grunted in agreement.

"That's not nearly enough to pronounce someone missing." Kyoya said.

"I know, but we checked everywhere, and it doesn't make sense. First it was Kaoru, then Hikaru went looking for him, and now he's gone. This just feels…weird." Haruhi said, moving her weight from foot to foot. Something just didn't sit right with her. Something was wrong.

"Did Hikaru or Kaoru say anything before they left? Anything strange?" Kyoya asked, pulling out his black notebook.

Haruhi thought for a moment.

"Yeah," she said tentatively, "Yeah, Hikaru said they both got shots today, but nobody else did."

"Hmm. My family's hospital is in charge of health exams, and if I am correct," he said, flipping through his notebook, "there were no injections of any kind that should have been received today. We'll have to see about this. I'm going to find out who their doctor was and question him. Thoroughly." He pulled a phone from his pocket and flipped it open.

Kaoru winced and bit back a yelp as the plastic scratched deeper into his wrist.

"Kao, stop it." Hikaru whispered. Kaoru shushed him and dug deeper.

The van began to slow down, the tires crunching on gravel as they pulled over. They slid to a stop as cars rushed by quickly, the wind flying off their windshields audible. It sounded like a highway.

Hikaru lifted his head up to peek above the seats.

"We're stopped next to a highway at the edge of some woods." Hikaru whispered to Kaoru, who was concentrating harder than ever on cutting his wrists.

Kaoru released an excited laugh as he felt something warm drip down his arm. He had never felt so happy to bleed.

"Time to check on my boys!" Dr. Hirato chuckled gleefully, turning in his seat to get a good look at the twins.

Kaoru didn't waste time hiding his progress from the doctor. He was so close.

He dug the plastic deep into his cut with all his power, a yell of pain escaping from his lips.

"What are you doing?" The doctor growled, the grin disappearing from his face. He jumped out of the van and slammed the door. He had taken the keys with him, Hikaru noticed.

Kaoru's wrists were bleeding down his arms, not profusely, but it was enough.

He grabbed the tie with one hand and pulled back with another. The blood was seeping beneath the tie, causing it to slicken. Kaoru pulled harder still as the sound of crunching gravel under heavy feet approached the back of the van.

A key was being jiggled in the van's back door lock.

"GOD DAMMIT!" Kaoru screamed, pulling his hands and trying to stand in one quick motion. He stumbled back onto the floor, his bound feet tripping him up, but with a jolt of happiness and relief he realized his hands were free.

The doors swung open, and light poured in, but his eyes quickly adjusted to the distasteful sight of Dr. Hirato.

Kaoru stood up once again, balancing by holding onto each of the interior walls of the van.

"Now don't try anything stupid." Dr. Hirato said with a dangerous smile. For the first time, Kaoru smiled back.

Then he screamed and lunged forward, crashing into the doctor and sending them both flying onto the gravel.

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