Trust me, I'm a Doctor

Chapter 6

Kaoru clenched his hand into a fist and smashed it into Dr. Hirato's skull so hard he felt the skin over his knuckles split.

He then pushed the doctor onto the ground, kicking up dirt. Dr. Hirato struggled to gain balance as the boy wailed at him with all his might.

Hikaru scooted to the edge of the van and extended his legs, falling over and onto the ground beside the highway.

A few cars slowed but didn't stop as they caught a glimpse of the scene which was beginning to unfold.

The drivers on the highway most likely thought it was nothing but a brawl.

Dr. Hirato struggled from under Kaoru, pushing him off of himself. Kaoru rolled back onto the gravel, struggling to sit up with his legs zip tied.

Hikaru began to inch toward Kaoru and the doctor, scraping his hands on the grey stones.

The doctor jumped on Kaoru, pushing his forearm down on Kaoru's throat to force him down.

The doctor was stronger than he was.

Kaoru struggled to escape from his hold, grabbing at the doctor's arm with a hand slick with red blood. He only ended up choking himself further.

He couldn't breathe.

His struggling grew weaker as his thoughts became foggy.

"Get OFF!" Hikaru screamed from behind the doctor, plowing into his back with a forceful jump.

Both Hikaru and the doctor flew to the ground.

Hikaru fell over and grunted as he hit the rocks. The doctor fell next to Kaoru's head, who was gasping as new air entered his lungs.

"That's IT!" the doctor screamed, struggling onto his feet while the boys tried to regain an upright position.

"Good boys like you shouldn't be misbehaving." He hissed, spit flying out of his mouth.

He didn't look like Dr. Hirato anymore.

His hair was ruffled and there was dirt smeared on the knees of his pants. A few scratches marred the bridge of his nose.

He was breathing heavily and a small vein on his temple was pulsing.

The doctor shuffled forward, dust clouds forming at his now ruined shoes.

"If you don't start acting like the good boys I know you are," He said as he approached the breathless Kaoru and grabbed him by his orange hair, "I will treat you like bad boys. And you don't want to see what I do to bad boys."

He forced Hikaru up to his knees, pulling hard at his scalp.

Something shiny slipped from the doctor's sleeve and into his hand. He placed the shiny thing against Kaoru's throat. Hikaru realized the shiny thing was a long bladed scalpel, like what surgeons use to cut through skin and flesh.

The doctor was pressing it to Kaoru's throat. Dr. Hirato's eyes were wide. His pupils were dilated and his nostrils flared. He bared his teeth as he looked at Hikaru, daring him to make a move.

"Get in the van, or more of his blood will splatter these rocks." He hissed, pulling Kaoru's head back further, exposing even more of his neck. Kaoru grimaced as the cold metal scratched at his fair skin.

Hikaru's eyes widened as he stared at the scalpel pressed to Kaoru's neck.

Hikaru felt tears prick at his eyes a bit. He was terrified. Terrified that he would lose his baby brother.

He began to move toward the van, sliding slowly over the sharp rocks, which were stabbing into his legs.

As he pushed backwards with his legs he noticed a small blue car slowing down and pulling over about twenty feet down the road. The doctor didn't notice. His bulging eyes were fixed on Hikaru, the shadow of his usual smile flickering every so often across his face.

Hikaru continued backwards, glaring at Dr. Hirato.

All Hikaru could really focus on was the pained look on his little brother's face.

Hikaru was going to kill that doctor.

He felt the van behind his back and pushed up with his legs, using the bumper to balance himself. He hopped up and sat on the edge of the van, allowing his legs to dangle. The doctor walked toward Hikaru, pulling Kaoru by his hair. Kaoru grimaced and held onto the doctor's hands as he was dragged roughly across the gravel, trying to keep the doctor from ripping his hair out.

Hikaru sucked in a breath and then looked away. He watched as the owner of the blue car walked toward the van.

Kaoru coughed as dust entered his lungs.

"Hey!" The man called from behind the doctor. The man was big, muscular. Hikaru's hopes rose. Finally, somebody had stopped to help them, and this man seemed more than capable of winning a fight with the doctor.

The doctor released Kaoru, who fell sprawled on the ground, clutching his head and grimacing.

Dr. Hirato turned quicker than Hikaru would have ever expected and stalked menacingly toward the owner of the blue car.

"What are you doing?" The man asked sternly, walking quickly toward Dr. Hirato. The man looked like he was ready to kick ass.

But the doctor got there first.

"Nothing for you to see." The doctor responded, reaching the man. He flipped the scalpel in his hand and slashed the man's chest in an x shape with near inhuman speed. The man stumbled backwards, surprised, as his blue muscles shirt began to turn purple.

A psychotic grin split across Dr. Hirato's face.

The man tried to lunge forward and grab the scalpel, but Dr. Hirato pulled his hand out of reach and kneed the newcomer in the stomach. The man fell to his knees, gasping. The doctor then jabbed him in the face with his palm, causing blood to flow from the man's nose. Then Dr. Hirato stabbed the scalpel deep into the man's back with one fluid motion.

The man collapsed onto the ground, screaming in agony. Kaoru had never heard a grown man scream like that. It was horrifying.

"So," Dr. Hirato started, turning back to the twins, "Where were we?"

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