Trust me, I'm a Doctor

Chapter 7

Kaoru squinted as flashes of sunlight bounced off of passing cars and into his eyes.

He was lying flat on his stomach, his feet about four feet from the van.

He dug his fingers into the dry dirt as he watched a pair of dust covered dress shoes shuffle toward his face. Behind the feet was a man, a man in pain.

Kaoru's eyes met the man's.

The man blinked.

Kaoru blinked back.

The feet stopped in front of Kaoru's face, shifting in the light brown dust. The dirt was getting in Kaoru's eyes.

He shifted his neck so he could look to the face of the owner of the shoes.

Kaoru was beginning to loathe that face.

That hair, those eyes, that smile; it was repulsive.

Luckily the sun blinded him enough that he could barely see that horrible countenance. Unluckily, the owner of that face decided to bend down to Kaoru's level.

It was then much easier to see that stupid face.

"I'd much appreciate it if you were to get back in the van." The doctor said with a deathly calm voice.

Kaoru didn't move. Dr. Hirato sighed and got up, moving back toward the bleeding man who was still twitching on the ground. Dr. Hirato bent down and ripped the scalpel from his back with a sound of tearing flesh.

The man's scream was deafening and Kaoru winced, shutting his eyes and laying his forehead against the warm dust.

"See what you made me do? If this poor man dies from blood loss now, it's your fault." The doctor said smoothly. Anger and despair filled Kaoru's stomach.

His eyes grew hot.

Salty tears rolled out of his eyes and onto the ground, creating dark brown circles in the dirt. Kaoru closed his eyes again, his mouth in a pained grimace.

"Get in the van," The doctor said from above Kaoru's head, "or I will stick this scalpel into your back." Kaoru stifled a sob and slowly pushed himself off his stomach with his dirty hands so that he was on his hands and knees.

The doctor once again bent down so he was eye level with Kaoru. The doctor's evil eyes were shining as he looked into Kaoru's. As he stared, Kaoru's eyes gave way once again and tears flowed down his cheeks, cutting through dirt and creating tracks down his face.

"Oh, no, no, don't cry. It's alright." The doctor whispered softly, stroking his bloody fingers across Kaoru's chin.

Kaoru pulled his face away and sat up, pushing his hands against his shaky legs to stand upright.

The doctor stood and grabbed Kaoru's shoulder forcefully, half pulling half carrying him toward the van. He pushed him onto the dirty floor next to Hikaru, who was still dangling his legs over the side. The doctor pushed Hikaru farther into the van.

Hikaru's eyes were blazing.

Kaoru half expected him to try and tackle the doctor again.

He didn't.

The doctor placed the bloody scalpel between his white teeth and pulled a few zip ties from his back pocket. He climbed into the van and grabbed Kaoru's arms, pulling them together.

He pulled the tie tightly, much tighter than before so it wouldn't chafe and cut his skin.

Kaoru's wrists had stopped bleeding, but it still hurt to have his cuts pushed on by plastic.

The doctor stood for a moment with his head to the ceiling and his body bent, staring at the Hitachiin twins.

"Now, in about twenty more minutes we'll be there. If you boys behave, I'll make it easier on you."

"Make what easier?" Hikaru asked vehemently. His eyes were horrifyingly angry. He looked like he was ready to kill. Kaoru shivered, staring at his brother's cold eyes.

Earlier he had seemed scared, but now

He looks murderous.

Kaoru didn't exactly consider this a bad thing, as they were dealing with a murderer themselves.

Hikaru was lying on his side staring at Kaoru, who was gazing at trees flying by in the window.

Acrid fury was still burning inside him.

That doctor was really going to get it.

That bastard would never touch his brother again.

Hikaru hated it when his brother cried.

It always set him off.

And Hikaru always got back at the person who caused those tears.

"Dr. Takuma Hirato, forty two years old, six foot four and a half, married, and highly qualified." Kyoya said, pushing his glassing up the bridge of his nose with a finger.

"But, if you dig deeper into the inner network of the computer system, you will find that these facts on the doctor are falsely put. I dug into his supposed past, and it's all bogus. The system was hacked. This doctor isn't who he says he is." Kyoya finished, plopping down onto the host club's softest sofa. The rest of the club surrounded him, eating up his words.

They all began talking at once.

"So where are they, and did-"

"Maybe they just went out for cake and-"

"Mitsukuni, that's not it-"

"We should search for that guy, whoever he is-"

"My family's police force is already working on finding the doctor. At the moment, they are sweeping the entire school, searching for both that phony doctor and the twins. If they are here, we will find them." Kyoya said, pulling out his phone and sending a text to someone.

"If that doctor isn't Dr. Hira-whatever, then who is he really?" Tamaki asked, pushing his hair out of his violet eyes. Kyoya's glasses slipped down his nose and he once again pushed them up the bridge of his nose.

"At the moment, his face is being sent through our data base. We'll find him."

The host club shared a collective sigh.

"Hey, what if they're at their house." Haruhi said hopefully, sitting down next to Kyoya.

"I called and the maids said they weren't there. I also sent about twenty men to search the house, just in case. I hope the Hitachiins' parents don't mind me sweeping their home. I just now sent them texts telling them our situation, but I doubt either will answer. Both must be very busy." Kyoya stated.

It was sad, but true. Most of the host clubs' parents barely had any time away from work.

There was a reason they had so much money.

"So, what should we do?" Honey uttered, squeezing his bunny to his chest.

"I suppose we could ask around, see if anyone saw something. The twins aren't exactly inconspicuous, I'm sure somebody spotted them." Kyoya said, standing with a stretch.

The rest of the group got up, sharing concerned looks with each other. They began shuffling toward the door of the host club room.

"I just hope they aren't in any real trouble." Haruhi said. The others nodded in agreement.

"We're in a real shit load of trouble." Hikaru whispered as the van began to slow down for the last time, halting with a jolt.

Kaoru nodded once in agreement, his mouth open slightly in horror as he took in his surrounding through a dirty window. They were in the middle of the woods beside a minuscule cabin with peeling paint.

Yes, anyone would agree, they were in a whole lot of trouble.

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