Trust me, I'm a Doctor

Chapter 8

"I found him." Kyoya said with a grim smile.

Tamaki and Haruhi rushed forward, excited by the new development. They were standing near the double doors of the club room. They had arrived back at the room about twenty minutes after asking around about the twins, which had been exhausting, physically and mentally.

Mori and Honey were still wandering the school looking for clues.

Kyoya held up a small printed picture of a middle aged man.

"His real name is Takeo Kobayashi. He isn't a doctor; he's a certified veterinarian and taxidermist."

"What?" Tamaki exclaimed. He began to pace.

"How can someone like that even get a position here?" Tamaki asked with exasperation.

Kyoya adjusted his glasses and grimaced.

"This man is extremely skilled with computers. He probably studied as a computer programmer at some point in his life to get this skilled. He easily created a fake I.D. and résumé. But that isn't really the important thing. There is something else about this man that you may want to know." He said darkly.

Tamaki stopped pacing and Haruhi clenched her hands into fists with anticipation.

"What is it?" Haruhi asked nervously.

Kyoya walked over to a nearby royal blue chair and collapsed into it, thoroughly exhausted.

"Takeo Kobayashi is wanted for questioning in the disappearance of three people and the murder of two."

Silence followed.

Tamaki was the first to speak.

"What are you saying?" He asked quietly.

Haruhi sat on the edge of an end table next to Kyoya.

"He's saying that if this man took the twins, they're in a lot more trouble than we realized." Haruhi said, wringing her sweaty hands. Tamaki turned away, biting his lip.

"I hate to say it, but it's likely that's what happened." Kyoya said with a frown. Tamaki turned quickly back to Kyoya.

"How can you be so negative?" He asked angrily.

"I'm not, I'm being realistic. The three people missing were all boys about the same age as the twins, and the two murdered were one sixteen year old boy and one fourteen year old boy. I have pictures of all of them, and there is an uncanny resemblance to our twins." Kyoya said, pulling a stack of folded papers from his blazer.

Haruhi and Tamaki looked over the pictures of the five involved boys.

They were all beautiful.

They all had flawless skin and perfect features.

Their hair and eye colors differed, but the age and build were all incredibly similar.

Haruhi shivered.

She had watched crime shows before, and she had learned a bit about murderers.

They almost always had a "type" they preferred to kill.

The twins fit this murderer's type to a tee.

These new developments in the case of the missing Hitachiin twins wasn't making her feel any better.

It was just making the fear in the pit of her stomach grow.

"We're back!" Honey yelled, strutting into the room with a bunny in one hand and Mori's hand in the other.

"Did you find anything useful?" Kyoya asked.

"I think so." Mori muttered.

"We found a few people who saw them. They all said they saw Kaoru with a doctor and Hikaru was looking for them. The last one to see either of them was a nurse who gave Hikaru directions." Honey explained, plopping down onto the floor.

"The nurse was…difficult to talk to." Mori groaned.

"She kept going on and on." Honey sighed, munching on a strawberry.

"Damn. So they were with him." Kyoya growled, bringing his phone from his pocket.

He flipped it open and dialed a number. The other hosts watched him nervously.

"Yes, I'd like to send all of our officers to the roads around Ouran. Look for the van I sent you the picture of. Yes. Yes. Thank you." Kyoya flipped the phone closed and stood.

"What's going on?" Honey asked. "What did you find?"

"What kind of car does he own?" Haruhi asked.

"A large white van." Kyoya said, strutting out of the room. Honey began to tug on Haruhi's sleeve, his expression serious.

"A white van? You have to be kidding me." Haruhi whispered to herself. Honey gave up and sat on a sofa, cake in hand.

The other hosts stood there silently, watching the spot where Kyoya had disappeared.

They were thoroughly dumbfounded.

Honey put down the cake he was about to eat and sighed.

"I'm not hungry."

A cold breeze rippled Kaoru's hair as the metal doors were pulled open.

"We've finally arrived." The doctor said with a grin. Kaoru stared back blankly.

He didn't feel scared of the doctor anymore.

He was scared, though. He didn't want anything to happen to Hikaru.

"Come on." Dr. Hirato said with a hint of impatience.

Kaoru was slowly realizing that Dr. Hirato was getting slightly more violent and impatient with each passing hour.

Hikaru slowly pushed himself up, balancing on his feet. He edged forward, trying not to fall. His eyes were still burning with anger.

He reached the end of the van where Dr. Hirato was standing.

He paused for a moment and suddenly lunged forward , trying to knock the doctor over.

But the doctor was waiting for it. He slid to the side, out of the way. Hikaru fell forward, landing hard on his face. He groaned and coughed before trying to move. The doctor jumped on top of him and slipped his scalpel against the older twin's throat.

Hikaru huffed and tried to struggle, cutting his neck slightly against the blade.

"Remember good boy, if you keep doing this, I'm going to kill your brother and then you. Do you understand?"

Hikaru froze. Then he turned his head back to Kaoru, who was staring at the scalpel with a horrified expression.

All Kaoru could think about was Hikaru being stabbed like that poor man had been. The thought petrified him.

Hikaru nodded his head quickly.

The doctor grabbed his arm and began to drag him toward the tiny cabin.

The sun was beginning to set, and in the fading light, the woods were growing more and more ominous.

When they reached the door, the doctor struggled to pull a pair of keys from his back pocket. He jammed the key into the rusty door knob and twisted it.

Hikaru heard it click.

The doctor pushed it open.

The hinges creaked loudly as the door slowly moved forward to reveal a very dusty and dirty living room. It was incredibly small, only large enough to fit a faded lumpy sofa and a small television.

Dr. Hirato pulled Hikaru through a very narrow door into an even smaller room. It looked as if it had once been a walk-in closet, but the racks and shelves had been ripped out.

The only things in the minuscule room were a slightly ripped blanket and a stained pillow.

It was a sad room.

Hikaru was shoved in.

He tripped over his feet and tried to catch his fall with his hands, but they were bound, so he landed on his elbows. He grimaced, his arms throbbing. He sat up against the wall.

The room was so small that when he sat against one wall, his feet were about an inch from the opposite wall.

The doctor slammed the door shut and Hikaru was bathed in darkness. His eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness. He could see with a little light from under the door.

Hikaru hated the dark.

Kaoru shivered as a very cold breeze rushed through the van. He watched the doctor approach the van.

"Come on, you're turn now." the doctor said, using a tone you would use on a child.

Kaoru didn't move, he just stared at him.

"The nights in these woods are very cold, below freezing. You can stay in the car and freeze to death, or you can come inside where there's heat. Now come on." Dr. Hirato said, flashing Kaoru a bright smile.

Kaoru didn't want to move.

But he didn't want to freeze either.

He slid to the edge of the van and extended his legs, allowing the doctor to pick him up.

Dr. Hirato carried Kaoru in his arms, smiling the entire time.

"It's going to snow this week." The doctor said excitedly. Kaoru stared at his white teeth. He didn't care that it would snow. He usually liked the snow, but at the moment, he didn't really give a damn about the weather forecast.

Dr. Hirato kicked the door open and walked inside. He had told the truth, it was much warmer in the cabin.

Kaoru relaxed a little, feeling a bit more comfortable with the heat.

They moved toward a skinny tan door with a metal mail slot in it. Kaoru wondered why a mail slot would be on what looked like a closet door.

Dr. Hirato stopped and carefully set Kaoru down on his feet, holding him by one arm. He pulled a pair of keys from his pocket and jiggled them in the lock of the closet door. He then swung it open.

Kaoru realized the room wasn't quite a closet. It had no clothes or possessions in it, all except a blanket and pillow.

Hikaru was sitting on the floor, leaning against one of the walls. He looked up at Kaoru and Dr. Hirato.

Kaoru began to bend down so he could crawl next to his brother, but the doctor caught is arm and pulled him back up.

"You know Kaoru, I like you better than Hikaru." He whispered in Kaoru's ear.

Kaoru shivered.

It wasn't normal for people to be able to tell the twins apart, but that wasn't what really spooked Kaoru.

If Kaoru was his favorite, he doubted he would kill him first.

Which means Hikaru will be the first to be…

Kaoru shook that thought from his mind and crouched down, crawling over so he could sit against his brother's warm body.

He settled against the wall and took one last look at the doctor in the doorway.

The doctor was still grinning from ear to ear.

Kaoru loathed that idiotic smile.

"I hate you." He whispered, glaring furiously at the doctor. The doctor's smile widened and he slowly shut the door, locking it with a loud click that reverberated through the cramped room.

"I can't see." Kaoru whispered to Hikaru, clutching onto his arm.

"Your eyes will adjust."

"I hate the dark."

"So do I." Hikaru whispered.

They both sighed.

"Here." Hikaru said, pulling the blanket over their bodies. They moved even closer.

"There's only one pillow, so we have to share."


Hikaru and Kaoru curled up and lay they heads on their half of the pillow, trying to get comfortable.

"Hey Kaoru?" Hikaru whispered.

"Yeah?" Kaoru whispered back.

"Do you think anybody's looking for us?"

"Yeah. I'm sure the host club knows something is wrong. They'll find us soon."

Hikaru blew out a sigh through his nose and moved to find a more comfortable position.

We'll be fine.

Kaoru wanted to believe it, but in the crushing darkness of the crowded closet, it was hard to do.



"Love you."

"Love you too."

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