Trust me, I'm a Doctor

Chapter 9

Kaoru picked at a niche in a floor board as he laid his head on Hikaru's chest.

Hikaru was sleeping, but Kaoru couldn't. He didn't feel tired.

He supposed it was the adrenaline.

Kaoru was allowing his head to move up and down with Hikaru's breathing. The motion was comforting.

As he laid there, he stared out from under the crack of the door, watching Dr. Hirato's feet walking around.

The doctor would pace for a few minutes, sigh, and then stop for a few minutes.

The doctor had been doing this for the last two hours, and Kaoru was being silently driven crazy by the repetitiveness.

He sighed and stopped at the picking the floor. He realized he had scratched at the boards so much his fingers were wet with fresh blood.

He was surprised he hadn't felt the pain.

He stuck his fingers in his mouth to suck off the blood.

It tasted like metal.

Dr. Hirato began muttering to himself.

Kaoru carefully pushed himself up onto his hands and knees, careful not to wake Hikaru, and moved to the door to listen.

He tried to tune in to what the doctor was saying, but couldn't make anything out. Kaoru began to unconsciously scratch at his wrist, which was caked with dried blood.

"What're you doin'?" Hikaru slurred groggily from behind Kaoru.

Kaoru crawled back to Hikaru, who was lifting his head slightly from the pillow, squinting at Kaoru through the darkness.

Kaoru sat pretzel style next to Hikaru and softly forced his head back onto the pillow.

"Go to sleep." Kaoru whispered tenderly, leaning down to touch his forehead against Hikaru's. He watched as Hikaru's dazed eyes slowly drifted closed.

Hikaru began to lightly snore and Kaoru stifled a laugh. Only Hikaru could fall asleep so quickly, so easily, even in a situation like that.

A sudden loud creak from the living room caused Kaoru to jump, ripping him from his moment of peace.

He very carefully moved back to the door and peeked out of the crack once again. He saw that doctor Hirato was back to pacing.

Kaoru shifted his wrists uncomfortably. His hands felt as if they were being pricked with needles.

He wanted the zip ties off.

Kaoru hesitated, and then rapped at the door softly, trying to get the doctor's attention.

The doctor stopped pacing and walked slowly toward the door.

He pushed the little mail slot open and glared through the opening, his eyes wide.

"What are you doing?" the doctor asked, his gaze meeting Kaoru's.

"Can I have something to cut off our ties?" Kaoru whispered, trying not to wake Hikaru.

The doctor closed the slot quickly without a word.

"Hey!" Kaoru whispered a bit more loudly.

The slot opened suddenly and Kaoru jumped.

"Here." Dr. Hirato said.

A pair of small sheers was shoved through the mail slot, like the kind you might uses for trimming a small tree.

Kaoru fumbled to catch them without a sound, thinking of Hikaru.

The slot shut, leaving Kaoru sitting in the darkness. He watched the doctor walk back to the middle of the living room and regain his cycle of pacing.

Kaoru looked down at the shears in his hands and maneuvered them so he could push them open. He struggled to get the plastic tie restraining his legs in between the blades of the shears.

He pushed his palms together with all his strength and the shears clipped the plastic in half. Kaoru allowed himself a small smile as he parted his legs, which ached from being in the same position for so long.

He then flipped the shears with his fingers and dug the blades under the tight ties. He then pushed his hands against his knees and the shears cut the tie with a loud snap, slightly scratching the skin of his one uninjured wrist.

Kaoru felt much better unrestrained.

He didn't feel so helpless.

He swiveled on his butt and crawled up to his sleeping brother. He softly clipped Hikaru's ties from both his hands and legs. It was much easier to do with free hands.

Hikaru shifted, and Kaoru froze, afraid he had woken him. But he didn't open his eyes.

Kaoru smiled and pushed Hikaru's bangs from his eyes. Hikaru wrinkled his nose and sniffed.

Kaoru slid back to the door and pushed the shears through, hearing them hit the floor with a thump. The doctor didn't come to retrieve them, though.

He didn't see the doctor through the slot, but he could hear him.

He sounded like he was speaking to someone at the door of the cabin.

Kaoru perked up excitedly, believing there was someone the that would help him and his brother. He opened his mouth, but hesitated.

I could yell for help, but the doctor wouldn't be very happy with that.

Maybe if he pretended to be calling for the doctor and not for help, he wouldn't invoke Dr. Hirato's wrath.

"Hey doctor!" He yelled through the slot, "I finished cutting the zip ties! Do you want your shears?" He hoped that this would be enough information to alarm the other person of the situation.

There was no answer.

Suddenly Dr. Hirato began talking again, and Kaoru could catch a few wisps of another unfamiliar voice.

The voices got louder and more strained.

It sounded as if Dr. Hirato was arguing with someone.

Maybe it's the police.

He heard the door slam.

Dr. Hirato stomped over to the closet and grabbed the shears, roughly slamming the mail slot closed and almost crushing Kaoru's fingers.

Hikaru stirred and rubbed his eyes, sitting up against the wall.

"What's goin' on?" He mumbled groggily.

Kaoru shushed him and re-opened the slot, peeking into the living room.

He gasped.

There was a second person in the room.

"What is it?" Hikaru asked, waking up completely at Kaoru's exited expression.

The doctor rushed back over to the door and slammed the slot closed again, catching Kaoru's fingers this time.

Kaoru yelped and Hikaru slid over to sit beside him.

"Keep that closed." The doctor hissed.

Kaoru waited for the visitor to ask who was in the closet, or who Dr. Hirato was talking to. But they didn't.

Hikaru looked at Kaoru with puzzled eyes.

"Someone's here." Kaoru whispered. Hikaru's eyes widened.

"Who is it? Do they know we're here?"

"I don't know." Kaoru whispered.

He jumped onto his stomach and peeked through the crack under the door. Dr. Hirato had sat down on the couch, but the visitor was still standing, so he couldn't see their body. He could only see their feet.

It seemed like they were talking, so Kaoru turned his head to listen.

"What are they saying?" Hikaru asked, placing his ear on the door.

Kaoru shushed him again and listened harder.

"-don't like it, then go to the police! I'll hunt you down. Don't think you're any different than they are, I'll kill you just the same." That voice was the doctor's. He was hissing venomously at the visitor.

Kaoru was very confused.

It seemed like the visitor knew about what Dr. Hirato was doing.

But then why wasn't he doing anything to help the twins?

An accomplice maybe?

Kaoru froze as he heard the other person begin to talk.

"You know I wouldn't do that." The voice replied softly, submissively.

Kaoru processed the voice.

It didn't sound like a grown man, it sounded like a boy, maybe a teenager.

Kaoru's heart was racing.

He was very confused.

Kaoru couldn't take it anymore; he pushed open the slot with a loud bang. Dr. Hirato jumped up, but Kaoru was able to glimpse the face of the startled boy.

The boy was younger than the twins, maybe thirteen or fourteen. His hair was long and jet black, falling in locks across his eyes and around his face.

Kaoru's amber eyes met the boy's blue ones.

The boy looked away.

The doctor rushed over to the door and bent down, blocking Kaoru's gaze with his head.

"Do that again, and I'll have to bruise that pretty face of yours." He purred.

Kaoru didn't answer but Hikaru growled and glared through the slot at the doctor.

The mail slot pinged closed and Kaoru flinched. Hikaru huffed angrily and moved back a little.

Kaoru went back to peeking under the door.

He heard the boy say something to Dr. Hirato, who responded by walking out of the cabin, slamming the door behind him.

A few moments passed.

The boy then rushed toward the closet, and Kaoru's heart rose.

He's going to let us go!

The mail slot was pushed open and pair of blue eyes looked in.

"Are you okay?" The boy asked.

Kaoru shook his head no.

"My name is Tama. I'm sorry he's doing this to you."

Hikaru crawled forward to join Kaoru at the slot. They both looked out with one eye so they could both see.

"My name is Kaoru." He whispered back.

"I'm Hikaru." Hikaru said, squinting to try and see the boy better.

They waited a moment for the boy to unlock the door, but he didn't.

"Why aren't you helping us escape?"

"I can't." Tama said, averting his eyes sheepishly.

"Why not?"

"I can't disobey him. He'll kill me."

"If you run and get the police, they'll protect you." Kaoru whispered, trying to reason with him.

"They'll put you in a safe house with armed guards and everything." Hikaru added. Kaoru nodded in agreement.

The boy moved back and sighed.

"Even if that's true, I can't go against his wishes." Tama said sheepishly.

"Why not?" Hikaru asked, annoyance creeping into his voice.

"Because, he's my father."

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