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A Collage of Broken Hearts

By titieli

Romance / Drama

You've got Mail

Chapter 1:

I sighed in content as I wriggled out of bed, my long blonde hair a tangled mess. Today was a sunny warm Monday, the beginning of the last week of August. In a week I'd be going back to Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, to course my sixth year. I entered the bathroom and took a long nice shower, and then I brushed my teeth while I looked at the mirror. A young beautiful girl stared back at me; she had wavy blonde hair that reached her waist, and light brown eyes that looked honey when the light hit them, her nose was petite and her full lips were a dark natural pink, her skin was fair. She was tall, bordering on 5'10 and a half and skinny but that didn't mean she didn't have curves. I frowned at her; she frowned right back at me, reflecting my moves.

I hadn't always been like this. Two years ago I didn't even reached the 5'7 and my bra size was barely an A cup, but apparently my body had decided to change and now I was taller than all my girl friends and had gained two bra sizes, which meant I had a C cup now. It bothered me, though. My mother said that it had been the same for her, one year she was plain and the next she was strikingly gorgeous, she said it was a gift I should be thankful for, that beauty took you places plain people couldn't reach. I only wished I would stop growing, God forbid I grew taller than the boys. My physical appearance and my perfect notes gained me the title of Princess of Gryffindor; that, and the fact that I hang out with the most popular people of Hogwarts.

I shook my head and got dressed in a purple summer dress, trying to forget about my height for a second. My mother was tall and so was my father, my siblings had the same problem—except perhaps my little sister but she was only twelve, and even by twelve-year-old girls standards she was tall.—so I didn't have to worry about being a giant in my own house. The kitchen was on the first floor of the four story manor, those were the perks of coming from a wealthy family of purebloods. Our bloodline was so old it blurred in the past, no one was really able to know when it had started. And since Hogwarts had been created all members of my family had belong in Gryffindor.

"Good morning, everyone." I greeted as I entered the kitchen where my family was having breakfast. "Good morning, Glitter." I smiled at the elf, who hurried toward me.

The kitchen was vast, the floor was made of white marble and the counter and table were made out of finest mahogany. The window overlooked the front lawn. We had one house elf, Glitter, a cute little elf that had been in my family for about 25 years.

"Good morning, Miss. Will Miss want some scrambled eggs?" she asked me, already going to make some scrambled eggs.

"No, thank you, Glitter. I am fine." I answered as I sat next to my father.

"Hi, mum, dad." I smiled.

My father raised his eyes from his copy of The Prophet and gave me a warm smile; while my mother reached down to kiss my cheek. Ariadne and Christian, my twin siblings, raised an eyebrow at me at the same time. They were a year older than me, which meant they were about to start their seventh year at Hogwarts, and were as similar as a twin boy and girl could be. They were both dirty blonds and had striking hazel eyes; Christian was slightly taller than Ariadne. I met their gazes with a raised eyebrow of my own and they smirked, at the same time. Sometimes it was eerie, others plain annoying.

"What, no 'good morning' to us, little sister?" Christian asked me.

"Yeah, you can't possibly still be angry about yesterday night." Ariadne added, smiling sweetly at me.

Glitter handed me a cup of steamy coffee and I smiled at her to show my gratitude. My sister's comment brought the attention of my parents, I grunted inwardly. Trust my sister to try to get me into trouble before breakfast was over.

"What about yesterday night?" My mother inquired, her honey brown eyes meeting my own. "You did not try to go to that party, did you? You know I didn't want you to go."

"No, of course not. She was talking about her borrowing my shoes without asking me." I lied quickly, shooting my siblings a glare.

My parents nodded and I looked down at my cup of coffee, the rest of them going back to their breakfasts. I hated lying to them but there was no way mom and dad could know I did want to go yesterday, and that I had begged Ariadne to take me and neither her nor Christian gave in. I had spent the last weekend of August in my home while the entire teenage population of magical Europe went to this party. Even the girls from Beauxbatons and the boys from Durmstrang had attended.

"Your mail, Miss." Glitter handed me a bunch of envelopes.

I sorted through them. There was a copy of The Prophet, a letter from James Potter, my cousin, a letter from Marlene McKinnon, one from Lily Evans and a copy of Hogwarts: a gossip. I placed the letters apart and opened the magazine. It was something very lame, actually, but no one stopped reading it. It had started a few years before I went to Hogwarts. No one really knew who started it or wrote it but everyone read it anyway. It talked about Hogwarts' highest elite and/or the biggest gossip happening at the moment. From the cover of the small paper, no other than Ariadne Potter laughed and blew kisses my way. I rolled my eyes; of course the front page would be about the party from last night. I opened it and started to read, having to move it a little bit until the letters came into focus. I needed glasses only to read but I had left them on my room.

For those of you who don't know, and if that's the case please return this copy to its rightful owner, Ariadne Potter, perfect as usual, is featuring on the front page in what was probably the best party of the year. We had the opportunity to see many well-known faces, like Lily Evans, Sirius Black, the eternal Casanova who at least snogged five lucky ladies and got to take two different ones home; James Potter, who persecuted Lily in vain, as always; Marlene McKinnon, Evelyn Rosier, Christian Potter, who was loyal to his girlfriend and didn't do anything he'd regret; Jeremiah Wood, who didn't even last two hours sober; Dorcas Meadowes, who surprised us all by going solo; and we were even blessed with the presence of Remus Lupin, the adorable young boy who hadn't showed his face all summer. We had missed you, Remus, glad to know you're back.

We were even granted with the company of the drop-dead-hot Prewett brothers, who made that party go crazy. And that's only the London part of the party. Young wizards and witches of all Europe attended, not wanting to miss an event that had been full of promises.

There was music, three different dance floors, many buffet tables that had any kind of food you wanted, thanks to the house-elves, any kind of entertainment you desired, and, of course, the one thing we all really care about: lots and lots of alcohol. From fire whisky to muggle drinks to a mix of both magical and muggle beverages.

It occurs to me that this might not have been such a good idea, the consequences were horrendous and many of them will wake up today without knowing where they are, but where would this lovely paper be without their indiscretions? It appears that this young crowd decided to end the summer with a flourish, and who am I to judge? The entire adolescent population went to this event, well, maybe not all of it.

Where was the lovely Princess of Gryffindor? None of us had the pleasure of encountering the gorgeous Meredith Potter, even though various members of her family were present. Has the Princess finally been dethroned by Marlene McKinnon? Or did she think it would be ideal to allow the night to be Sirius Black's, Prince of Gryffindor? Whatever the reason for your not being there, we want you to know, My Highness, that you were greatly missed. A party is not a party without the one who makes all the calls, after all.

"Hey, look I'm on the front page!" Ariadne laughed as she read the paper.

I closed the article, not wanting to read more, and smiled at my sister's amusement. I did not think it wise to tell her that apart from being mentioned once, the article did not talk about her. I was sure there were at least another two pages about who did who and who fell on the punch bowl, that always happened somehow. There'd have been an entire page about me and what I had done, had I assisted. They'd talk about my clothes and who I fought with or who I snogged or who I talked to all night. I was pretty sure there was an article about Black and another about Marlene somewhere inside the paper but I didn't want to know. I knew them; there was no fun in reading things you already knew about. I took one of the letters and opened it, not bothering to know whose it was.

Oh, My Dear Highness,

I, Lord Potter, inquire as to why you have not assisted the greatest of parties ever known to mankind. It pains me, because, had you been there, I might have gotten Evans to like me. She's always nicest to me when you're around, thank Merlin you're her friend. Going back to the matter of the party, it was so wild I'm still drunk. I don't even know what I'm writing and I hope I at least wrote the right address because other wise this would be very awkward, Professor McGonagall if this reaches you please do not take points from Gryffindor, the school year hasn't started yet, be cool…

I stopped reading, trying to contain my giggles but to no avail. Seeing as though I was a 'princess' James thought he ought to be royal as well, it was an inside joke he and I shared but he had never taken it this far. That itself showed how truly drunk my crazy cousin was, but the fact that he admitted it expressed how really gone he was. I was sure he wouldn't even remember writing the letter, let alone sending it.

"You have got to see this." I laughed as I passed the letter to Ariadne and Chris.

It hadn't been two minutes when both of them were in hysterics. They had bothered to read the entire letter and I was sure it was full of incoherencies. I knew they wouldn't let poor James live this down but it was too good an opportunity and besides, James always made pranks on me. It was time someone pranked him in return, or at least tried. I took Marlene's letter and read it. She talked to me about her last week, not mentioning the party at all but at the end was a rushed postscript that said:

P.S. I did something very stupid last night. I tried to throw myself at Remus, well, that but minus the 'tried'. What am I supposed to do now? Please, please, don't tell anyone. I'm so embarrassed.

I shook my head; this was why I had to go. Sometimes my friends decided to do crazy things, things so crazy not even the marauders would like to do, and I had to stop them. My mother, however, didn't understand this and, seeing as though she had caught me sneaking out twice, had grounded me. No parties or friends until Hogwarts started. With a sigh I opened Lily's letter but my head was elsewhere, and I only caught pieces of it. James is driving me crazy, Mere, can you please ask him to stop?, or I don't even know why I went and Tunney is getting married next summer, she hates me more than ever. Mom and Dad don't know what to do about it. That last sentence caught my attention. Petunia was getting married to that Dursley dude? Well, that was very bad. I rose from my chair and started to walk out of the room, Lily's letter in one hand and Marlene's in the other.

"Mere, where are you going?" Chris asked me.

"I'll be in my room." I answered absentmindedly as I started to read the whole letter.

Once I reached the relatively large room, I went to my desk and got a piece of paper and my favourite quill. I'm grounded. I'll try to convince my parents of allowing me to visit James and then I'll floo to your house from there. Don't worry, we'll figure something out.

I folded the piece of paper and went to the birdcage in the left corner of the room, the one that was closest to the window. In it was my Tawny Owl, her name was Urania and my parents got her for me in my eleventh birthday.

"Hi, girl, you want to go out?" I asked her as I opened the little door.

She stirred and walked toward the opened door, jumping out of it and flying to my desk. I went over to her and tied the folded note to her little leg, letting her affectionately pick slightly at my other hand.

"Take this to Marlene and then find me." I explained to her and she took flight.

I sat down again and started to write a letter for Lily, telling her that if her sister kept giving her trouble, she could always stay at my house for Christmas break and explaining to her that James had good intentions, he just had bad methods and promising that I'd talk to him about it. I put it in an envelope and wrote in the front Lily Evans, Number 10, Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey.

"Delilah, Meredith, Hogwarts letters are here." Mum called out to us.

I got up and took the letter with me, grabbing my wand from the bedside table as I made for the door. I heard a muffled 'it's too early.' whine from across the wall and laughed. Of course my sister would think 10 A.M. was early. I walked down the stairs and straight into the kitchen, snatching my Hogwarts letter from Dad's hand and going straight to the front door.

"Where do you think you're going? You're grounded." Mother called and I cursed under my breath.

"I know, mum, but it's just James. Please, I haven't seen him in ages and we always receive our Hogwarts letter together," I told her, not moving away from the door.

I waited a few seconds for her to give in. She knew how close James and I were and it wasn't like we could go out. He was surely still passed out on the couch. She finally told me it was fine but I had to be here by dinner, and I left. James and I both lived in Godric's Hollow. The oldest part of it, to be exact, and he lived three houses down from mine. My father and his father were very close, as close as siblings could be, and that meant James and I had practically shared a crib.

I went pass the magical barriers that protected the house—the home of those who are part of The Order of the Phoenix had many magical barriers, the most important being the blood barrier that only allowed those connected by blood to enter It.—without any problem and opened the door, not even bothering to knock. To me, the blood barrier was a little over the top. But everyone seemed to be taking this 'Dark Lord' dude way too seriously. It wasn't like he had killed anyone, really, he just went around with a bunch of people who followed him and protested for a bunch of stuff like muggle-borns and purifying blood or something like that. But the Order of the Phoenix actually believed he was for real, that he truly wanted to eradicate all the muggle-born witches and wizards, all the blood traitors as well. But that was impossible, there were thousands of muggle-borns in the world, thousands of half-bloods, he surely wouldn't kill all of them.

My aunt wasn't at the kitchen and neither was my uncle. I had expected them to be having breakfast but apparently they had started the day early. I started to walk to the living room, where I'd probably find James on the couch, when something caught my eye. The door to the drawing room was wide open and someone was inside. I peered at the door and rolled my eyes.

Sitting on the couch and in a tangled mess of limps was Sirius Black and another girl I had never seen in my life. He was snogging the living lights out of her and none of them had noticed me entering the room. I cleared my throat as I crossed my arms, wand in my right hand and the letter for Lily in my left one. The unknown girl jumped and broke from the kiss, looking at me with an annoyed look on her face, although it did take some time for her to get her breath back. Black, however, didn't even flinch like being interrupted was perfectly normal.

"Black, a word, please?" I asked him, ignoring the girl.

He rolled his eyes but stood and walked over to me anyway. Once he reached me, he crossed his arms over his chest and looked down at me expectantly. Black was taller than me by more than a few inches, while I stood at 5'10 he stood at 6' feet. To say we didn't get along was an understatement. It hadn't always been that way, though. We used to be very close, even dated back in third year, but then we reached fifteen and he turned into a man-whore and I… well, I wasn't exactly a saint, either. He moved in with James' family when his family's abuse became too much for any of us to bear, sometime last year.

"What do you want? I'm busy." He snapped at me, brushing his black hair out of his eyes.

"Where are my aunt and uncle?" I demanded, acting like I hadn't even heard him.

"William is at the ministry and Andrea went to visit Andromeda, she's having trouble with Nymphadora." He explained.

"What's wrong with her?" I asked, slightly worried.

Andromeda Tonks was Black's cousin. She had been a Black but her family kicked her out when she fell in love with a muggle-born. They got married and had a lovely little girl, Nymphadora Tonks; she was eight years old and a metarmorphmagus, which sometimes brought them trouble.

"Nothing, Andy can't get her to change her hair colour back to brown. She's spent the last two weeks with her hair fluorescent orange and has denied eating anything other than orange food," He told me, his silver eyes shining with amusement.

"Right," I said, fighting a smile. It was funny. "And James?"

"What's this, Potter? Are you telling me you didn't come all the way down here to see me?" he teased and I did smirk this time.

Sometimes, I got a glimpse of the old friendship we had had. And more times than not, I found myself waiting for those moments. But they usually disappeared as fast as they appeared so I didn't let him see I actually missed him so, instead, I acted like I didn't care. I didn't smile a genuine smile at him, I didn't laugh at his jokes or pranks because doing those things meant caring. But smirking was a different story, smirks meant sarcasm, they meant I'm above you. It sounded very Slytherin of me to think that but they did say that Slytherin and Gryffindor were the houses that were most alike and, sometimes, I couldn't help but take a little leaf from their book.

"Sorry to break your heart." I shrugged, my eyes going to the girl on the couch.

She was now looking at us expectantly, a frowned etched into her features. Black followed my gaze and sighed, looking to the hallway when the girl met his eyes.

"Who is she, anyway? I've never seen her, at least, I don't think." I commented, my voice hushed so she wouldn't hear us.

"That's… Regina… something, we met yesterday," He said, lowering his voice level as well.

It would have been very bad if the girl found out he couldn't even remember her full name. I examined the girl. She had blonde wavy hair, blue eyes and a straight nose, her skin tone was weird, like she had tanned it too much. Not exactly pretty. That's not what shocked me, what did was that she couldn't be older than fourteen. I turned my killing glare on Black, who at least had the decency to take a step back.

"How old is she? Does she even go to Hogwarts?" I hissed, taking a step toward him.

Before he could answer the girl cleared her throat and we both turned to look at her. She stood up and fixed her dress, which was the same she had been wearing last night, of course, and walked toward us. A confident look was on her face but I could tell she wasn't feeling so confident.

"I'm Regina Niké, and you are?" She asked me, offering me her hand.

"I'm Meredith Potter. It's a pleasure to meet you, Regina," I said as I shook her hand, my manners winning over my disdain.

I was slightly surprised over the fact that she had asked for my name. If she went to Hogwarts she'd know who I was. Sure, I wasn't wearing any make-up or fancy clothes at the moment but it was still me.

"I do go to Hogwarts; I'll start my fifth year in September." She added.

I almost flushed out of embarrassment. She had heard what I said, how more embarrassing could this be? And she was polite enough to introduce herself and act like she didn't know me. She tugged at the hem of her dress and I felt bad for her. I remembered what it was like to be fourteen, last night was probably her first real party and she had gone home with no other than Sirius Black. That was practically going from peasant to duchess in a matter of seconds. Then a thought occurred to me. What if she had been a virgin before tonight? I really hoped not. Your first time should always be with someone special, someone you knew would treat you right, someone you trusted. Not with a boy who wouldn't even owl you to wish you a happy new year.

"Well, that's great." I muttered. "Um, you know what? I just wanted to use your floo network. I'm going over to Marlene's." I turned to Black, who was trying to contain his laughter at me, there's no doubt.

"Ugh, shut up." I shoved him and he lifted up his hands, still not talking.

Regina stood between us, glancing from Black to me and again and I got the feeling she was feeling a little left out so I turned around and started walking down the hallway to the living room.

"Don't tell anyone I was here, only James." I called over my shoulder.

Once I stepped into the chimney and grabbed enough floo powder, I yelled the address as clear as I could and disappeared in green flames.

"What if he hates me? He sure does. This is awful, Mere, he's one of my closest friends. Why do I have to be such a whore?" Marlene whined as she buried her face on her pillow.

I was sitting next to her, Urania sitting in my stretched arm. I hadn't sent Lily's letter yet but I'd do that before I left. Since I came here, Marlene had done nothing but whine. No matter what I said she wouldn't believe me when I repeated over and over again that Remus had probably already forgiven her.

"Mar, he doesn't hate you. And I assure you, you are not a whore." I consoled her.

She peered at me from under the pillow and pouted. I smiled at her reassuringly. She wasn't a whore, people were just idiots. She slowly sat up, her blonde hair was all over the place with freeze and her make-up was smudge so she looked like someone had given her a black eye. I shook my head and grabbed my wand, moving my arm so Urania would fly away. She squeaked and shot me a look but flied to the window sill. With a twist of my wand Marlene's face was clean of any make-up and with another her hair was perfectly combed.

"There, all pretty," I told her and she smiled at me.

"Ugh, you are the best." She gushed as she hugged me and I laugh, hugging her back.

"All better?" I asked and she nodded. "Good, wanna go see if James's still asleep? We could wake him up... by pouring cold water into him."

She giggled and nodded, walking to her bathroom so she could get dressed. I walked over to the window sill and gave Urania the letter for Lily. She flew without me having to tell her where to go and I watched until she disappeared into the horizon.

A/N: I don't think there'll be any real sex scenes but there will be some triggering topics and violence and i just wanted to be sure??

this is written around the marauders sixth year at hogwarts and will continue throughout the entire first war and maybe the second I'm not sure yet. it might or might not be canon, still not sure, but most likely will. this is how i picture the characters, maybe they werent like this at all, i dont know. we dont know. but, anyways, i've discovered i'm in love with all of them and this story came up. as to meredith and her family, it is known that the potters were supossedly a big family, so there is a possibility of james having a cousin. anyway, let me know what you think. i'd love that. xoxo, me.

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