Family: In Sickness And In Health


A collection of Durin family stories, mainly revolving around Thorin, Fili, and Kili, that deal with illness, injury, and overall fluffy family feelings.

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Tummy Bugs

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Dis, daughter of Thrain, sister of Thorin, strode into the forge where her brother worked, hoisting Kili up onto her hip more. Fili, his hand in hers, looked around wide-eyed in pure excitement. Thorin worked hard in one of the back corners, opposite Dwalin who looked up and gave Dis a nod and a small smile which she returned. Lady Dis hung back, not wanting to interrupt her brother even though her sons were almost vibrating with contained excitement. Thorin plunged the blade he was working on into a barrel of water before looking up and noticing his sister and nephews. He approached and noticed the way Fili was rocking on his feet, eager to start "helping" his uncle, but didn't want to seem impatient. Kili's head went into his mother's shoulder the minute his uncle approached and was peering out from behind his brown hair with massive puppy dog eyes. Dis gave her brother a bright smile, "They're both eager to start helping. They went to bed early and slept late because I told them they needed to be well rested, so neither one of them should be cranky or tired. Fili is recovered from the tummy bug of a few days ago completely but I still want him eating bland food so no snacks. They ate lunch already as well. I'll be back to get them in a few hours."

She put Kili on the ground who immediately buried his face in her skirt before she pried him of and knelt, "You boys be good. Listen to Uncle Thorin. I want to here about good behavior later.....Kili......don't start with the shyness. It's your uncle."

Kissing her boys on the top of their heads she exited leaving Thorin alone with his nephews. Kili hid behind his brother, head peaking around to look at his uncle. Thorin went down on one knee, "Rules. Don't touch anything unless I tell you to. Take turns with helping. I don't want you two arguing. Be careful. And keep in mind we're working. We can't be interrupted. Understand?"

Both boys nodded, Kili still hiding behind his brother. Thorin looked at his youngest nephew and sighed internally......the shy phase.....easy enough to get him out of it, "Kili. You want to help first?"

Kili's face lit up and he scurried from behind his brother to his uncle with a delighted, "Yes!"

Slightly over an hour later the boys were "helping" (mainly carrying cups of water and clothes to both Dwalin and Thorin with Fili carrying the very occasionally tiny hammer) and things were going smoothly. Thorin had placed them on a wooden bench in his immediate line of site for their in between time. From the corner of his eye he saw Fili hand Dwalin a rag before a thought hit him, "Fili.....wasn't it your brother's turn?"

Fili spun around to face his uncle, "Uncle Thorin......Kili's asleep."

Thorin straightened at that and looked at the bench. Sure enough Kili was curled up in a ball, sound asleep. That immediately struck him as odd. The forge was loud, damn near impossible to fall asleep in. His nephew was also infamous for not sleeping. He fought naps and bedtime constantly, putting him down was never easy. Wiping his hands on a rag to get them somewhat clean Thorin walked over to the bench and knelt down, pushing some of the messy brown hair from Kili's eyes. The boy did seem a bit warm.....but it was also a forge. He could easily attribute the heat from his nephew's forehead to that. He recalled his sister's comments to him about both boys being well rested and instantly started to run his hand over the small tot's shoulder in an attempt to wake him. Kili blearily opened his eyes and sat up, "Fili?"

Fili was instantly at his brother's side, hopping up on the bench to sit next to him, "What's the matter Kili?"

Kili whimpered, "My tummy hurts."

Thorin had always thought the phrase 'turning green' an exaggeration but looking at his nephew he quickly amended that in his head as Kili's face paled and took on a greenish hue. Fili looked at up, "Uncle Thorin, I think Kili is going to throw up."

Dwalin had paused in his work the moment Thorin had and was listening to the conversation. He tossed an empty bucket to Thorin who caught it and got it under Kili's head in time for the small boy to lose the contents of his stomach. Kili instantly burst into tears and started whimpering out broken apologies, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

Thorin pushed Kili's hair out of his face as he threw up again and looked at Dwalin, mildly panicked, "Go get my sister."

Dwalin instantly ran out of the forge leaving Thorin alone. He glanced up, unsure of what to do in a situation like this. Fili was on the bench and had edged away from his brother, caught between wanting to helping and wanting to stay as far away as he could. Kili on the other hand looked about as miserable as Thorin had ever seen, face pale and sweaty, tears streaming down as he dry heaved over and over. Placing one large hand on Kili's back Thorin started rubbing slow circles hoping to calm him some. It seemed to work, sobs turning to whimpers and shaky breaths. Fili hesitantly spoke up, "Uncle? Mama usually lets us rinse our mouths out. Can I get Kili some water?"

Thorin nodded and Fili hopped off the bench filling up one of the cups he had been carrying earlier that day. He handed it to his uncle who took it and held it to Kili's lips with a warning, "Don't swallow any."

Kili shakily took a sip and swished it around in his mouth before spitting it into the bucket. He looked up at his uncle and the tears flooded over again, "I'm sorry! I didn't mean toooooo! I'm sorry!"

Thorin pulled him to his chest, "Calm down. You're going to make yourself sick again."

Kili's head dropped onto his shoulder and he did calm some, but still whimpered every few seconds. Thorin looked at Fili who was still seated on the bench, legs kicking, "Do you feel sick?"

Fili shook his head, "I think Kili got what I was sick with. Mama kept telling him to stay out of our bedroom but he wouldn't listen. He kept coming and sleeping in the bed anyway."

Thorin clearly remembered how sick his elder nephew had been a few days prior. He could also remember Kili sleeping in the boys' room, despite his sister's protests and warning. His thoughts were interrupted by his sister running into the forge looking panicked, "Kili!"

Thorin instantly handed him over, "I think he has what Fili had."

Dis glared at Thorin, "Please explain to Dwalin what an emergency is."

"What did he say?"

"He came running telling me that there was an emergency and I had to come right away because there was something seriously wrong with Kili. I thought he had fallen into the fire!"

"Where is he now?"

"I sent him to get the healers."

Kili whimpered and buried his head against his mother's shoulder, "Mama?"

"Yes Baby?"

"I frew up."

"I know. I'm sorry your tummy doesn't feel well. Let's get you home okay?" Dis turned to Thorin, "I'm sorry about this. I never would have sent him if I knew he was sick."

Thorin stroked one hand over Kili's head and Dis nearly melted at the concern in her big brother's eyes, "Don't worry about it. Just get him home."

Dis held out her hand to Fili who darted forward to take it, "Bye Uncle Thorin."

Not long after his sister left Dwalin walked back in looking slightly breathless, "Did Dis take the kids home?"

Thorin nodded, "She wanted me to tell you that apparently that wasn't an emergency."

"Like hell it wasn't. He turned green. I've never seen a kid turn that color. He looked terrible."

"I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm just relaying my sister's message."

"I'll take over. You should get home. Make sure the kid's okay."

Thorin gave him a slightly grateful nod and exited the Forge.


Dis wiped off her youngest' face with a cool cloth as he whimpered, "It's all right. You're alright. Deep breaths Baby Boy."

Kili gagged and turned his little tear filled face to his mother, "Mama....Uncle Thorin hates me!!!!!!!"

Dis pulled him on her lap and slowly rocked in an attempt to calm him, "Why would your uncle hate you?"

Fili explained from his place in the bathroom doorway because Kili was too distraught, "Uncle said we couldn't interrupt his work and Kili being sick made him stop working."

Dis sighed, "Your uncle does not hate you. I promise. He won't even be mad at you."

Kili's tears seemed to increase, "He's gonna be maaad! I'm sorry!"

"I promise he won't be. When he comes home do you want me to ask him so I can show you?"

Dis felt the tiny nod against her shoulder and stood, walking to the boy's bedroom and laying Kili on the bed who instantly curled up and buried himself in the blankets. Fili crawled up next to his brother and pulled him close, "Mama I can sleep in here still, right? Because I was already sick? I can't get sick again?"

Dis looked at her loyal little Fili and didn't have the heart to say no, "No. You won't get sick again but you might not want to. Kili is very sick. You remember how icky you felt."

Fili shook his head, "Kili has nightmares Mama. He sleeps better when I'm here. Besides he came and slept with me when I was sick and now he's sick because of me. I want to sleep in here with him."

Dis smiled at her eldest and kissed him on the top of the head, "Alright. Mind if I sit with you two for a bit? We'll let Kili sleep and I can tell you some stories."

Fili nodded eagerly and was soon lost in his mother's tales of her childhood in Erebor. A few stories later Fili was happily playing with his stone figures as Kili slept on next to him. Hearing heavy footsteps in the sitting area of her home Dis rose and exited quietly so as not to disturb either of her boys. Entering the living quarters she saw her brother sitting at the table removing his boots, "You're home early."

Thorin looked up at the sound of his sister's voice, "Dwalin took over so I could leave. How's Kili?"

"Sick. Poor little boy is very miserable. He threw up again a few times and now I finally got him to sleep. Fili is insisting on sleeping with him still. He's in there right now playing on the bed."

"Won't he get sick again."

"No. He already had this."

"Will Kili be alright?"

"He'll be fine. It's just a tummy bug. Nothing to worry about."

Thorin looked at her skeptically before leaning down to remove his other boot, "He turned green, Dis. Green. He just looked so terrible."

Dis smiled at her brother's concern, for all of his gruff exterior he always melted whenever her sons were involved, "Children sometimes do that. I'm not worried.........however Kili is positive that you're very angry with him."

Thorin looked up in shock, "What?"

Dis explained, "He and Fili think that you're mad because Kili got sick and you had to stop working. Kili was very distraught over it."

"How could I be mad at him? He didn't do anything. He got sick. That can't be helped. I'm concerned not angry."

"I know that, you know that, but they might need that explained to the way I am sorry that I sent him. I would have just sent Fili had I known. I didn't mean to interrupt your sure to tell Dwalin the same."

"It's fine. Put it out of your mind. Nothing happened.......I believe Kili scared a few years off of Dwalin however, "Thorin said with a smirk.

Dis chuckled, "He did seem very.....flustered when he came and got me. Now, you go bathe. You're filthy and you smell. I'll make dinner."

Thorin repressed rolling his eyes but nevertheless rose and headed to the bathroom.


An hour later Thorin was seated at the table, clean, while Dis finished with dinner. She placed a bowl filled with stew in front of her brother before walking to her sons' bedroom, "Fili? Dinner is ready."

Fili crept out of his room as quietly as he was able to. When he caught sight of his uncle he froze. Thorin looked at his nephew with a raised brow, "Fili?"

The blonde instantly looked at his feet and crept forward as slowly as he possibly could. Thorin rose and swung his nephew into his arms before seating himself back down at the table and arranging Fili on his lap, "How is your brother?"

Fili's answer was quiet, "Sleeping.......Uncle?"


"Are you mad at us?"

Thorin turned Fili in his lap so that he was facing him, "Fili, hear me. I could never nor will I ever get mad at you or your brother for getting sick. Understand?"

Fili smiled at him brightly, "Yes."

"Good," Thorin lowered him back to the floor and Fili climbed up onto his own chair next to his uncle.

Dis pushed he son closer to the table and place a bowl of stew and a small spoon in front of him before seating herself down. They ate, Fili chattering on about one thing or another. As Dis was cleaning up the bowls a small whimper came from the boys' room, "Mama?"

Dis put the dishes back down and picked her youngest up, "How are you feeling Baby Boy?"

Kili dropped his head onto his mother's shoulder, "Tummy hurts."

Dis gently rubbed his back, "I know. You'll feel better soon."

Kili shut his eyes, "Where Fili?"

Dis placed Kili next to his brother on the same chair. Fili put one arm around Kili's shoulders, "Are you hungry at all Kili?"

Kili made his best yick face and rested his head on the table before he noticed who he was sitting near. When he noticed his uncle Kili shrunk in on himself and hid as best he could behind his brother, peering out with huge eyes.

Fili instantly went about reassuring his brother, "It's okay Kili. Uncle isn't mad. Promise."

Kili slowly moved out from behind his brother and looked his uncle over. Thorin didn't seem angry. Cautiously Kili held out his arms to be picked up. Thorin instantly obeyed, lifting him into his arms. Kili grasped onto his uncle's shirt and dropped his head onto his shoulder with a small sniffle. Thorin could feel the heat radiating off of his nephew, "He's hot to the touch still."

Dis didn't even turn from where she was washing up the dishes, "That happens when little dwarves get sick. His fever will go down. I'm not concerned."

"M sleepy," Kili muttered, not lifting his head.

Dis went to take him from her brother who brushed her off, "I can handle putting him in his bed."

Dis smiled as her bother headed into her sons' room. Kili looked good on him. She was torn between selfish gratefulness and regret that her brother had no children of his own. He would have been an amazing father and was an amazing father figure for her own boys. Putting the cup she was washing down she turned to her eldest, "Bath time Fili."

Fili made a face but obediently followed his mother to the bathing chamber.


A few hours later both Dis and the boys were asleep and Thorin sat in his room sharpening a few of his knives. Just as he was putting the whetstone back where little Dwarf hands could not reach he heard a soft but urgent, 'Mama?' coming from the room next door. Thorin stilled and listened, waiting to hear if his sister had woken. At Fili's second call for his mother Thorin rose and headed for his nephews' room. Fili was standing in the doorway looking concerned, "Mama?"

Thorin answered his call, "Your mother is sleeping. What's wrong?"

Fili looked at his uncle hesitantly, "Kili is really sick. I was hoping Mama could help him."

Thorin looked at his sister's door, reluctant to wake her. Weighing his options he decided he could handle this and allowed her to continue to sleep, "Let your mother sleep. I can help Kili."

Fili looked his uncle over. Uncle Thorin was not Mama but he had never let them down before. With a decisive nod he took his uncle's hand and all but dragged him into the bedroom. Once inside Thorin could immediately see what was wrong. Kili was kneeling on the floor next to the bucket Dis had put down in case Kili was sick again. The little dwarf was shivering and crying, gagging every few seconds. Thorin was instantly kneeling at his nephew's side, "Little One. You have to calm down."

Kili looked at his uncle and Thorin could see that his eyes were glazed with fever. Thorin placed one large hand on his forehead and nearly winced at the heat coming off of him. Kili whimpered, "I'm cold."

Thorin turned to his elder nephew, "Fili, go get the small fur blanket off my bed."

Fili dashed out of the room, returning moments later, dragging the blanket behind him. Thorin wrapped Kili in it and lifted him into his arms, gently swaying the way he had seen his sister do to calm the boys when they had been sick in the past. It seemed to work and Kili's whimpers softened. Thorin headed into the dark living quarters, Fili trotting out after him. Thorin turned, "Fili go back to sleep."

Fili shook his head, "I want to stay with Kili."

Thorin sighed but relented, "Fine. You can stay out here but I expect you to sleep."

He nodded his head in the direction of the sofa and Fili obediently laid down. Thorin walked back into the bedroom and grabbed another blanket, dropping it over Fili who curled up and cocooned himself in it, quickly dropping off into sleep. Thorin continued to rock Kili gently until his whimpers stopped and turned into steady breathing. Thorin continued to pace the room, hoping the movement would lull Kili. Just as he was sure Kili was finally asleep Dis came out of her room and started at the sight of her brother, "Thorin. I was just about to check on Kili."

"His fever went up. I finally got just him to sleep."

"You could have woken me."

Thorin gave his baby sister a stern look, "I moved in with you to help with the boys. Go back to sleep."

Dis could feel tears of gratefulness and affection for her older brother pricking her eyes, "Thank you."

Thorin gave his sister a rare smile and she went back into her room before he returned his attention to the sleeping Fili and Kili. He walked into his room and place Kili on his rather large bed, making sure he was still wrapped in the warm fur before exiting. He lifted Fili, who didn't even stir, off the sofa and put him on the bed too. The boys shifted to be closer to each other and Thorin felt himself ever so slightly smiling fondly at them. Sighing in resolve Thorin climbed into the bed as well and soon dropped into the oblivion of sleep.


Three days later Gloin walked into the forge, intent on picking up his new ax and saw only Balin, hard at work inside, "Where are Thorin and Dwalin?"

Balin smiled, "At home. Sick. I believe they caught the tummy bug from young Kili. You should have seen the two of them stumbling in here earlier. Both of them looked green."

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