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Satan’s Daughter


This story is about a mysterious girl who is about to face the real world. Who’s the real Satan? Satan himself or his daughter.

Mystery / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 Her eyes are open

“He’s here!”

The lights flicker endlessly as the ground starts to shake like its calling someone from above, black dust starts flying across the room as flickers of red start to form. Suddenly, out of no were the lights turn off! “Warn the mother that he’s here!” A voice screamed in the background.

The lights at the end of the dusty corridor flicker on as a black figure stands next to the door at the very bottom. He was wearing black robes that where old and ripped and his hood covered half of his face. He starts making his way closer and closer until you could see a glimpse of his evil smile.

“She’s ready to see you s-sir.” The voice stuttered in despair.

“Hurry and let me in then before I feed you to my pet!”

The mysterious man said as his voice was like thunder. As the door opened he slowly reveals his face.

“She’s beautiful isn’t she!”

The mother says in delight. Hoping that the answer was heading in the right direction.

“Yes she is!”

Said the mysterious man as now his hood was fully off. No one could believe it, the room was white with a comfortable cot in the corner. But somehow the room was as cold as ice as the man made it feel unwelcome and like the room was dead itself.

Now you could see him clearly...he’s no normal man. As horns grew out of his head his hair was as black as coal and his skin as white as snow. His eyes were like flames that could blind you in an instant. It can’t be...It’s...Satan.

The room suddenly goes warmer as Satan heats up his child.

“She’s so small, but so... dangerous.” He exclaimed looking shocked as he starts feeling cold and empty inside like she was draining his happiness out of him.

“ Hold this thing I don’t want to hold it any longer.” Satan whispers as he starts to lose all of his lasting warmth.

“She’s draining me!”

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