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How could I get into this mess? I was tied to a bed, not remembering how I actually got here and tried to loose the knots on my wrists, wincing from the pain that shoot right through my arms. "Shit ", I cursed and tears brimmed in my eyes because it hurt to much. The door to the room opened I was in and revealed a certain raven I didn't want to see. "Jeongguk", I spat with hatred. "What fucking joke is this?", I demanded to know but he just took a deep breath of his cigarette while walking closer to me. "Don't be afraid, Darling", he said and stopped next to my head, caressing my hair. I moved my head away, hissing at him. "Bastard!" But he only laughed while grabbing my hair, yanking my head up in the process. "I wouldn't talk to me like that if I was you, Darling", he purred and smiled at me. But it wasn't a kind smile. "You asshole, you kidnapped me! How could you do this?!", I screamed at him in anger. "Actually, we kidnapped you", another voice from the door stated and I looked over Jeongguk's shoulder to see Jungkook standing in the door frame, smirking at me. "Hello, Doll. I'm happy that you're finally here." The Jeon Twins. I fucking hated them. In which the Jeon twins Jeongguk and Jungkook fall in love with the dancer Kim Taehyung

Drama / Romance
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Author’s point of view

Seoul. The capital of South Korea, Asia. The city appears tidy, clean and the people are friendly and kind towards each other. Everything seems just perfect, Seoul is the perfect city to live in and no violence is reported to the police.

But this beauty is just a facade. Seoul is controlled by the Mafia, criminals and all the ruthless people who want to survive in this cruel world. And on top of all, Seoul is the hometown of the most violent, cruel and heartless Mafia leaders of Asia, the capital of their power.

And their names are Jeon Jeongguk and Jeon Jungkook, the powerful twin emperors of Seoul.

They are feared by any person in the underworld and that isn't without a reason. The twins have connections all over the world, their system unbreakable and an escape from them impossible.

But who are they? No one really knows who they are, but their names are known everywhere and everyone fears the hearing of their names, they’re feared, unreachable.

And in this cruel, unforgiving world, lived Kim Taehyung. He knows the underworld pretty well and works as a stripper in a popular strip club in Seoul. Along with his best friend Park Jimin, he gained some popularity for his stunning looks and tempting body.

Yet Taehyung hates his job, hates the way people stare at him with lust in their eyes, because they only see his body, but not himself. His dream of becoming a dancer was gone when his father was killed by the twins’ men.

He learned to trust no one in the underworld.

Until today, he was right about trusting no one than himself. And maybe Jimin.

Taehyung’s point of view

“V! You’re up next!“, the annoying voice of my boss hollered through the backstage area of the strip club and I groaned annoyed when I hear my stage name. “Did you hear what I said, boy?“, my boss screamed angrily and I turned around in my seat to face my boss.

Wu Yifan aka Kris could be handsome if he wasn’t such a dick towards his employees. Just because we were strippers didn’t mean that we were lower subjects than him, we had feelings too. It just wasn’t us allowed to show them.

“Heard you loud and clearly”, I said irritated and finished my eyeliner, giving my way too revealing outfit the final touch. “Hey! Only because you’re my most asked stripper V, you can’t be a bitch towards me. I’m still your boss, you whore so don’t think you’re worth shit. You’re only a pretty face, nothing more, nothing less”, he spat towards me.

Wow, I feel so loved and welcomed here. And with that, Kris stormed back into the direction of his office, glaring at some dancers who came back from the stage, panting and sweating. “Out of my way!“, he yelled.

I sighed and put the brush down to the rest of my make-up. “Why’s our little sunshine so down?“, a high-pitched voice asked me and my best friend Jimin slumped down into the seat next to me.

He currently had cotton candy colored hair, it suited him. Jimin had a baby face but his body physique was no joke, he was really muscular and knew how to use his body to seduce men and women.

I was more the petit type, with a small waist, long legs and slender shoulders. I hated my weak appearance, I didn’t look manly no matter how much I tried, I was more the feminine type. But men liked my looks so I was able to make more money through my looks so I was fine.

As long as I could help my mother with it, I would do the disgusting job of a stripper. She had cancer and I did everything to help her because she was the only family I had left.

“Isn’t he lovely”, Jimin joked but I only groaned in response, getting up from my seat. “How’s the crowd, Jiminie?“, I asked him while fixing the chains hugging my waist and chest. “Loud and horny”, Jimin answered me, already cleaning his face to get rid of the heavy make-up he was wearing.

“The usual, huh”, I commented and he stiffled a small laugh. “How about we go into a bar after you’re done with your shift?“, he suggested me after I finished putting my shoes on, wriggling my toes shortly.

“Sounds good to me”, I replied, blowing him a kiss before leaving the backstage room and entering the stage. Horny men began shouting my stage name and I sighed before beginning to move my body to the rhythm of the music, walking up to the pole in the middle of the stage.

I was doing this for my mother. ‘Ignore these disgusting piece of shits, just listen to the music’, I told myself before allowing myself to fall into the so familiar choreography of my dance.

‘Ignore it like always.’

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