Filling in the Blanks


The war is over and all is well until Hermione, Ginny and Angie get a request from Dumbeldore that will change all their lives forever. What is in as they travel back in time to fill in the blanks?

Romance / Action
Rachel Wehrli
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The Trip

Filling in the Blanks

Sneak Peak: The three looked confused and the Headmaster chuckled. "However, I need Miss Granger and the rest of you for something even more of an honor." He smiled as the three gaped at him.

Chapter One : The Trip

"Do we have everything?"

"Yes mother!" Angie and Ginny said in unison to Hermione's 'check' list. They finally arrived and settled in for another year at Hogwarts. Angie and Ginny were in their sixth year and Hermione, her seventh and last. Hermione was excited but for some reason she didn't get Head Girl. She didn't understand why she hadn't gotten it. She was the smartest witch of her generation, or that's how so many people had put it. So why hadn't she gotten the job? She didn't know. The one thing Hermione Granger had no clue about.

"Pondering again?" Ginny giggled and Hermione solemnly nodded. "Don't worry Herms; Dumbledore probably had a good reason. He usually does." Angie smiled at her friend who was so upset that she didn't get the Head Girl position. Angie didn't even get it and she was the smartest witch of her year. Hermione was beginning her seventh year while Ginny and Angie were in their sixth year. Angie was guaranteed the Head Girl position when it was time for her and she wanted Hermione to be the one to pass it on to her.

"That's it!!" Angie screamed. The other two girls looked at her in befuddlement. Angie had a look of determination, "We're going to march up to that old man's office and demand to know why you didn't get Head Girl! C'mon!" Angie grabbed their hands and started dragging them out the portrait hole. "Angie, no! I don't want to cause a fuss!" Hermione could complain, argue and protest all she wanted but when Angie set out to do something it got done.

They had gotten to the stone gargoyles and said the password. Angie was about to knock when she heard a soft "come in" from the other side of the door. The three girls entered – two of them, unwillingly – and Angie stood determined. Dumbledore looked up and smiled at the three girls before him with that familiar twinkle in his eye, "Hello, just the girls I wanted to see. Miss Morris, Miss Weasley, Miss Granger." He acknowledged them and they nodded when he said their surnames.

"Sir we want to know why Hermione didn't get Head Girl. She deserves it more than anyone in the entire school with all that she's been through. She-"

"I know." Dumbledore interrupted her rant because he had felt her wrath many times before. "I did not wish for anyone but Miss Granger to have the honor as our Head Girl." The three looked confused and the Headmaster chuckled. "However, I need Miss Granger and the rest of you for something even more of an honor." He smiled as the three gaped at him.

"And what would that be, Professor?" Hermione inquired, curious as to what could be so important for her to not get Head Girl now that the war was over. What would he need them to do? "I would like you three to travel back in time to when Harry's parents went to school along with Mr. Lupin and Mr. Black." This made the three gawk at the old man wondering if he had finally lost all his marbles. He chuckled once more before continuing, "I had known you three would travel back because well, I met you in the past. All I had to do was wait for you to reach the years of which you entered in. You have a critical part to play in the downfall of Voldemort in more ways then one by what you will do in the past. I cannot tell you what you do though."

"If we do this, won't it change the future?" Ginny asked. She tilted her head. During Dumbledore's little speech he had gestured the three to take seat. Ginny then Hermione then Angie. Angie was leaning her head on her right fist while the other two were sitting straight and listening attentively. Dumbledore shook his head, "On the Contrary, Miss Weasley. You are needed in the time line for things to turn out this way. You see you three were meant to travel back to play key roles in history even though they've gone unnoticed and unrevealed until this very moment. I cannot tell you what happens for even Mr. Lupin and Mr. Black and the Potters were sworn to secrecy. And you must be as vague as possible with Mr. Weasley and Mr. Potter for they must not know what you're about to do.

"You will need fake surnames of course to avoid problems. But as for everything else it will remain the same. You'll have the same schedule, houses, and Miss Granger would become Head Girl if not for Miss Evans." Hermione gasped at hearing Harry's mother's maiden name. She would forget about Head Girl if she had the chance to meet these wonderful people when they were at school so she nodded understanding to her Headmaster. "I've written instructions to myself to make the arrangements and now I'd like to know what names you would like to adopt."

"Don't you already know?" Angie smirked knowingly. He had said he met them before. He nodded and the three girls went into their thought. Ginny broke the momentary silence, "Ginny West! It's perfect!!" Dumbledore chuckled at her enthusiasm. "Hermione Grey." They all looked Angie who looked bored. She narrowed her eyes and the Headmaster's knowing stare, "Fine, Angie Moore, as if you didn't know that already."

"Good choices. This is what you need to pass on to myself," He handed Hermione a thick envelope; "it explains that I must enroll you three and your true identities and your purpose for being there."

"Will we have to come back?" Everyone was shocked at Angie's question. "What do you mean Miss Morris?" Dumbledore inquired.

"Will we have to come back to this time when me and Ginny graduate or whenever we've done what we're meant to? I don't want to go to the past and get attached to anyone that I'm eventually going to have to leave behind." All three were surprised at how serious Angie had become. Of course she had grown more responsible after fighting in one of the worse wars of history but it still took them back at times. She was fun-loving, trouble maker Angie.

"I am not entirely sure when fate sees fit that you've done your job. But I suppose that returning would be entirely up to you three in the end. I suppose you must just consider the events that may occur and let them unfold." Dumbledore gave her that mischievous smile that said 'I'm in on it and you aren't haha'. She nodded, "When do we leave?"

The three girls were packed and ready in The Room of Requirements. They could keep their basic back stories but had to avoid the obvious question that would give them away. "Ready?" Hermione asked them as she prepared the spell. Dumbledore told them that as soon as they arrived they had to go straight to Dumbledore and deliver his letter to himself. I know, weird. "Yeah yeah, I'm ready to save the world!" Angie exclaimed and rushed into the chalk circle that Hermione had drawn. It was a simple ritual. The three would stand in the circle and chant the spell after stating the date of which they wished to turn to. Dumbledore was very well prepared for this.

They all stood in the circle and Hermione stood in front of them with an old looking book in her hands. "Ok, now you have to repeat what I say exactly." The two nodded and Hermione started. She stated the exact date loud and clear. She recited each line and waited for them to repeat.

Take nos tergum in vicis

Muto quis postulo exsisto

Huic orbis nos sto

Per tractus quod vicis

Angie felt a tug on her body and felt the sensation of a portkey and the next thing she knew she was face down on the same floor she was just standing on though different. She looked around and saw no white chalk circle. She saw Ginny crouched beside her and Hermione standing in front of them, smirking. She glared up at the would-be-Head-Girl and stood up dusting herself off. She picked up her school bag and duffel bag filled with clothing, books and of course Weasley approved pranks. Ginny stood beside her with her trunk and school bag and the two followed Hermione out of the room being very careful as not to alert suspicion. They eventually made it to the Headmaster's office.

The younger but still old man was sitting with official looking papers and stood and smiled at the three girls, "And what can I do for you ladies?" Angie smiled at the fatherly man. What with her having no real father – or mother for that matter – she found the Professor to be her fatherly figure. He even called her Ange once. Hermione stepped forward and placed the envelope in front of him, "Sir we were sent here by you. This is all explained in the envelope." She spoke with a very business like tone.

Afterwards the man read every word on the instructions and made every arrangement he needed too and the girls were sent on their way. It was already a week into the school year so they would all be staying together in an extra room in the Gryffindor Tower. They would have the same schedules they had in their time and Angie and Hermione had brought all the books from their time so they didn't fall behind. Ginny was ready to meet new people, Hermione was ready to rest and Angie was ready to watch Ginny charm every guy in the school. Dinner had just started so the common room was empty. Dumbledore said to drop off their things and make their way to the Great Hall to be introduced. Once they opened the door they saw Dumbledore stand and speak.

Hermione hid behind Ginny and Angie led them to the front of the Hall confidently. "May I have your attention? Thank you. I would like to introduce three new students. They came here from Prudens School for Girls," Angie scoffed at the 'School for Girls' part. She would never go to an all girl school even if you gave her life or death, its not like she hasn't cheated death before. By this time Angie had led the two cowering behind her up to Dumbledore's little pedestal thingy – she didn't know what to call it – and she turned to face the many stares that tried to break through her tough exterior with little to no success, she smiled. "They have all been previously sorted into Gryffindor – some cheers from the Gryffindor table – I'd like to welcome Hermione Grey in her seventh year." Hermione stepped up and then looked shakily at Angie who glared at her shyness and pointed at the table and nudged her making Ginny giggle. "And Ginny West in her sixth year." Ginny hopped over to Hermione waving at every blank stare like she knew every single one of them. Angie flat out laughed at her friend's 'subtlety' and looked back at Hermione with an encouraging smile. "And last but not least, Angie Moore of her sixth year." Angie faced the crowd with a triumphant smile that dared someone to challenge her and see if it did them any good. She then walked over and sat of the other side of Hermione which consequently landed right by the last person she expected to meet first. James Potter.

"Hey, I'm James Potter." The boy – no, more like a man – offered Angie his hand. She smiled at him with more than gratitude. "No use telling you our names. It's nice to meet you, James." Harry's future dad smiled at Angie then leaned back revealing another guy behind. This one had longish wavy black hair and a toughness that reminded her of a guard dog. Sirius Angie thought. She looked back to see Hermione who by her expression was making the same assumption. James gestured to his friend, "This is Sirius Black." His hand swept across from them where a tall, broody and sullen and sick looking red headed boy sat beside a blonde mouse-like boy who looked out of place. "And that's Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew."

"Hiya!" Ginny exclaimed. Angie and Hermione chuckled along with the four boys as Ginny gave them a huge wave and Remus a curious grin. "Subtle Gin. Way to not scare the entire male population from us." Angie snickered and Ginny grimaced along with Hermione. The four boys chuckled, "I wouldn't worry about scaring the boys away." Sirius said over their laughing. Hermione looked over to him. She had met the Sirius in their time for only minutes at a time and even then their meetings seemed scarce. In the future he seemed more familiar with his surroundings and wise along with peaceful while as of now he came off as flirty and all-out gorgeous. Hermione smiled at her thoughts. This year was going to be very different then what she was used to.

Ginny kept looking around for another red headed girl that she was so anxious to meet. She wondered if James and Lily had gotten together or not. She knew the love story but all the couple had to say was that Lily was very stubborn against James's persistence and eventually gave in before graduation. Did that mean seventh year? That would be now or then or the then that their in now – oh forget it. If so, were they together now or was the giving in yet to come? Ugh.

"And why is that?" Angie said in a mock-flirty tone to try and embarrass the boy just a little bit. It worked. James blushed red as well as Remus and Peter. Hermione and Ginny were pulled out of their thoughts by the conversation unfolding. They both blushed at what James had said. Then Sirius peered around James at the three girls, "Cause you're all bloody gorgeous!!" He called making the students blush harder except for Angie who smirked at their discomfort and then leaned against the table to look at Sirius, "I'm well aware of that but thank you for noticing." She said defiantly making Sirius chuckle and grin flirtatiously.

The Gryffindors were oblivious of the 6th year Slytherin sneering at them but glaring curiously at the girl who seemed to think she was better then the rest of them. He wouldn't be fooled. There had to be some flaw, some chink in her amour. And he wanted to find it for some reason. Angie Moore had caught the attention of Regulus Black.

Ginny and Angie had coasted through Herbology, relaxed during free period, and dosed off in Divination and now resided in the Great Hall for lunch. They got there before anybody else from their new 'group' had and were chatting about their situation. "What do we think we actually do here that so important that Dumbledore had to send us back?" Ginny asked. Angie looked at her and grimaced. "You're asking me, the trouble-making wise ass genius, to figure out the strange ways of wise man Dumbledore?" Angie laughed as Ginny looked thoughtful, suddenly understanding the flaw in her logic. "I don't think I of all people can figure this one out, Gin." They both laughed and looked up as they saw Hermione, Remus, Sirius and James walk in and join them. Hermione, Remus and Peter sat across from the duo. Sirius sat by Angie with James on his right side and never took his eyes off of Hermione. Odd.

"Hey ladies, how has your first day been so far?" Sirius wiggled his eyebrows at them as Ginny blushed and Angie smirked. No guy could make Angie Morris blush, giggle, stutter, trip or feel any embarrassment whatsoever. She had gone to Hogsmede on dates many times but never really clicked with a guy before. When she was younger she would have crushes on celebrities or the lot but when she reached her teens she never interacted much with the opposite sex unless it was strictly friends only. She didn't like the dating game and after third year she quit it all together.

"Not bad. Herbology was too easy." Ginny and Hermione then started to laugh and Angie looked at them like they just got out of the loony bin. "What are you guys laughing about?" Hermione was the one to calm down and answer, "You are maybe the smartest girl to ever live and yet you make it look like you don't even try." Then they both calmed down and the both were still looking confused. Angie began to defend herself, "I like school, so what? Except for Divination, it's such a load of rubbish and I got a nice nap in that class before Lunch." They all laughed as Angie grinned truthfully.

The Great Hall started filling up and Angie was poking at her food. She had potions next. Don't get her wrong, she loved Potions. Not as much as Defense Against the Dark Arts but still. But she had potions with the Slytherins and that was never good. She was just relieved that she wasn't alone. She seemed to get on well with the other houses and she had Ginny. She looked up at something Sirius was saying and her eyes glanced around the room and instantly met with cold gray ones. Her eyes traveled over his face, he was out right gorgeous but that thought was ruined when she saw the Slytherin crest on his robes. Her face fell and she looked back into his eyes. He was starring right at her and knew that she noticed but didn't look away. It was as if he was challenging her. Angie's face went blank offering him no sign of emotion, just nothingness. He looked back at her and a smirk grew slightly. She glared at him and went back to poking at her food determine not to look at that table for the rest of her life.

Ginny and Angie were heading to the dungeons when they heard a loud thud. The sound made Ginny jumped and made Angie grow alert. Ginny seemed nervous as they heard people start to chatter "fight, fight, fight" and Angie grew angry and round the corner to see that in front of their Potions class two third years, one blonde and one with dark hair, were throwing punches at each other and a group of boys both from Slytherin and Gryffindor were chanting. The only girls on the scene were sticking up their noses and making disgusted faces. Ginny looked at the determined expression on Angie face and became increasingly nervous. Ginny knew that Angie was a black belt with faster reflexes than lightning. It was why they made Angie a prefect. She could stop fights like this one.

"Angie, don't!" But it was too late. Angie had already started marching up to the boys. As she was walking her eyes caught those same cold gray one once more in the crowd. He looked at her like he was trying to size her up, see what she was going to do. She looked away with a smirk and walked behind the blonde boy. Just as he lifted his arm back to take another swing at the defeated boy in front of him, Angie caught his elbow and grabbed his other arm pining them both behind his back before he even knew what was going on. The other boy looked at Angie wondering why she was helping him and then saw the Gryffindor Crest on her robes that matched his and knew that she could be trusted.

"Now what do we have here? Two little third years caught in a cat fight." The boys laughed at the comment but Angie ignored her one second of appraisal from any Slytherins, "Now get your arse to class before I kick it." She shoved the blonde boy away from the other boy and gave him a look that said she was dead serious with her hands on her hips. He looked slightly scared but then he saw she was female, "Like you could take me." Angie suddenly looked very bored; rolling her eyes, and didn't even acknowledge her audience. Angie took off her cloak and set it down of the floor. The boy advanced on her. He was almost as tall as her but not as strong or smart. He made a swing with his right arm and Angie caught his fist with her right hand, turned around and flipped the boy on his back. She heard the thud his spine made and smirked to herself. The boy scrambled to his feet and ran down the hall. Angie looked to the other boy, "Do I have to beat you up too or are you gonna go to class?" The boy looked slightly scared and took of in a half-run the opposite direction.

Then there was a loud cheer as the rest of the students arrived in time to see Angie flip the poor blonde. Angie, looking bored, picked up her cloak and put it on dusting herself off. She looked around and saw that even the Slytherins were cheering. Everyone was except for the boy with the gray eyes. She looked at him and he seemed to look impressed with a smirk gracing his features. Angie smirked back before turning back to Ginny who just smiled and shook her head as if to say 'she's done it again'. "Wait 'till I tell 'Mione that you got in a fight on the first day of school. I win the bet." Angie glared, "What bet?" Ginny laughed and smiled, "I bet that you were gonna get in a fight within the first week. Hermione said you'd make it longer than that. Now she owes me anything I want from Honeydukes." She started laughing again as Angie glared, "Honestly, have you two no faith in me at all?" She grinned evilly and the joined arms and walked into class. They sat near the back and everyone filled in just as the professor walked in.

"Don't get too comfortable, you'll be moving soon. Now the person that I put you next to will be your partner for the remainder of the term. Adjustments will be made whenever I see fit. Now Miss Bulstrode and Mr. Higgins…" He called off names while pointing to seat and Angie noticed they were all boy/girl pairs. Great. "Miss West and Mr. Morris…" Both Ginny and Angie's eyes bulged out of their head. Ginny was paired up with Angie's dad. "Miss Moore and Mr. Black…" Angie's ears pricked up at the name Black. Sirius was in his seventh year. That could only mean…Oh no. The Professor continued as Angie picked up her stuff and made way to the seat by the window three rows from the front on the left side of the room. Ginny was two tables over and Angie gave her an apologetic smile. Then a rather tall person blocked her view as they took a seat beside her. She looked up to see the too familiar gray eyes that she was seen twice already. He smirked at her and held out his hand in a mock-polite gesture, "Regulus Black."

She ignored his hand completely and just nodded, "I know your brother, Sirius. I'm sorry." And she meant it. Regulus was now confused, "Sorry for what?" Angie made an exasperated look and turned to him fully, leaning against the wall behind her, "That you have the school pretty boy and class flirt for a brother. He's quite the heart breaker." Regulus didn't know what to make of her. She was the opposite of any girl he had ever met. First she doesn't shrink away from the starring, she doesn't treat Slytherins any differently – although she is new so she may not know that Gryffindors don't talk to Slytherins – she can really kick ass and now she doesn't swoon at the very mention of player Sirius but feels sorry that Regulus has to be related to him. She just gets more and more confusing.

"Usually girls swoon and the very sight of my dearest brother," This made Angie laugh. Regulus decided that he liked her laugh even if she was a Gryfindork. "And usually people apologize to him for having to related to me." This made Angie frown and Regulus liked her laugh a lot better, "Why?"

"Well me and Sirius don't get on very well. Actually we don't get on at all. We don't speak to each other anymore. And I'm a Slytherin so everyone pretty much has to hate me." He didn't know why he was telling her this. It wasn't her business and it isn't as if Sirius would be too happy to hear about this conversation later. He was getting uncomfortable as Angie grew thoughtful, "Well I don't hate you," She said it as if it was obvious and there was nothing strange about it at all, "but then again I've never been one to follow the rules." She grinned and turned to the front of the class as the Professor began talking. Now Regulus was thoroughly confused. She was a brave lion and he was a slimy snake. They were polar opposites and she said she didn't care. What was the world coming too?

Angie was very surprised when Regulus so openly told her that he and Sirius didn't get on. She thought that he'd just shut her out or insult her or something. It seemed as though they both surprised each other. The Professor told them to make their own potions for the day and they were making Hiccuping Solution. Angie had already made this potion and didn't need the book but looked at it to keep up appearances. She was finished with time to spare and looked around to see most students still working and some struggling. She looked to Ginny to see that she was arguing with her partner. Angie glared at the sight of her father. He didn't look any different. He still had that evil smug look about him. Angie had his dark brown nearly black hair but she had her mother's dark brown eyes while her father had empty cold blue eyes. Angie was disgusted with looking like her father so she had put dirty blonde streaks in her hair.

Ahem. Angie shook out her thoughts and looked to Regulus who was looking at her confused and amused, "Who are you glaring at?" Angie's face went blank as she nodded to her father still arguing with her best friend. Regulus smirked when he caught sight of his 'friend' Timothy Morris. He turned back to Angie with a full smirk on his face, "Do you know him?" Angie froze at his question. Yes, she knew him. She hated him. She wished for any evil to fall upon him. She would wish for him to be erased from the world but then she would have never been born. Instead she shook her head, "Is he your friend?" She hoped he would say no way in hell and share her hate but they were fellow Slytherins so her chances fell short.

"I wouldn't say friends. We get on well enough though." Angie felt a bit relieved that he didn't technically say they were friends because from the stories she heard Sirius and Regulus make up and are close in the future. But she was still upset that he didn't say no, "Oh." She looked down like the book in front of her held new information then it did a minute ago. Regulus caught the slight displeasure in her voice to her disdain, "You sound disappointed." He pointed out and Angie looked up as if startled that he had noticed. She was trying to think fast. She was new, it was too early to hate anybody, "Um, well, he just seems unfriendly. He's been arguing with Ginny for the whole class period."

"Ginny? Oh, yes, your friend. Morris can be a bit offensive but its just talk." Not for long. Angie knew first hand how cruel Timothy Morris would become. He had gone out of his way to 'teach' Angie pure blood values. He would beat her without relent because she was a Gryffindor. Her life was like Sirius's in that sense. They both disagreed with their families' beliefs and were considered traitors to the blood line and both broke away from their families and lived with their best friends. The only difference is that Angie had the courage to break away from her family at a much younger age. A tear almost escaped her as she recalled all the scars she had because of her father.

"But talk turns into walk sooner or later." She said and looked away once more. Regulus seemed to see how upset she had gotten and didn't know what to say, "Are you alright?" Angie looked up surprised. Had Regulus Black, Slytherin brother to Sirius just ask Angie Morris – or Angie Moore – if she was alright? She just shook her head deciding to be honest. She wasn't alright at all. "Are you done with your potion?" She asked, trying to change the subject. It was obvious to her that he knew what she was doing but was very relieved when he allowed it, "Just finishing. Looks like you did well." Angie nodded, "I've made this potion before. I used it on a friend when they tried to prank me."

Angie smiled at the memory of her run in with Fred Weasley. He had tried to slip her a potion that would turn her hair blonde. He knew that she hated that hair color and he wanted to torture her. She had smelt something wrong with her drink and gave it to George. After that episode she slipped the Hiccuping Solution into Fred's drink and he didn't suspect a thing.

"What happened?" Angie looked at him with a mischievous look and grinned, "Well he tried to turn me blonde because he knows I hate it and you cannot surprise Angie Moore. I simply pranked him back." Regulus looked amused but then class was dismissed. They both took samples of their potions and set them on the professor's desk before walking out. As soon as Angie made it out of the room with Regulus just behind her Ginny hooked her arm and started walking in the direction of their Charms class.

"You will not believe how awful my partner is." Ginny drawled. Angie gave her a look, "I think I know better than anyone how awful he can be, Ginny." Ginny caught on. But little did they know that a certain Regulus Black was listening. "Oh I'm sorry I reminded you of your dad." Ginny exclaimed. Regulus's ear perked up. So she doesn't like her father. Angie shook her head, "It's alright. I haven't seen the bastard in years and he can't get to me here can he?" Angie said on a positive note.

"Still, your partner is way better than mine." Ginny pointed out and both Angie and Regulus gave this topic their full attention. "How so? Their both Slytherins, their both boys, I don't see the difference." Regulus frowned at this until Ginny responded a little too loudly, "Yeah but your partner is bloody gorgeous!" Angie had to shush her and a smug smirk appeared on Regulus's face as he kept his distance. "A little louder, Gin, I don't think the fourth floor heard you."

"Oh c'mon. Are you telling me that you don't find Regulus Black the least bit attractive?" Ginny smiled and for some reason Regulus was paying very close attention to what her answer would be. "First of all, no I'm not. Second of all, I have some control unlike somebody." Angie smirked while twirling a finger in Ginny's direction. Ginny snorted and shoved Angie playfully with Regulus didn't know whether to smirk or frown. Yes she found him attractive. But she still didn't seem interested. But that would be wise because he wasn't interested in a Gryffindork. He couldn't be. Could he?

Now at dinner, Angie starred at her food contemplating what Ginny said about Regulus being attractive. Sure he was good looking – ok who are we kidding? He's bloody gorgeous – but he's Sirius's younger brother. Surely she'd be overstepping some kind of boundaries there. And the fact that he was a Slytherin didn't help any. She didn't personally care but he no doubt did and so did everyone else. Angie just had to get through this without suspicion and do whatever it is she's supposed to and maybe she can live a normal non painful life.

"What are you thinking about, Angie?" Hermione asked. Angie looked up and saw the girl she thought of as an older sister looking at her in concern. Angie smiled unconvincingly and shook her head, "Nothing." Angie was sitting in between Ginny and James across from Hermione, Sirius and Peter.

"Well we had an interesting Potions class today." Ginny piped up. Angie glared at her before looking ahead curiously at the Slytherin table only to see her potions partner looking at her. She starred him down before returning to the conversation. Ginny had just finished telling them how Angie flipped a third year and had Sirius and James howling in laughter. James side-hugged her while Sirius praised her. Hermione scolded Angie, "Now I lost the bet. Thank you very much!" Angie laughed at her and went back to halfheartedly eating her chicken.

"But my partner is a slimy Slytherin git!" Ginny ranted. Everyone but Angie looked up curiously. "I've got Timothy Morris." Hermione's eyes flashed with recognition as she looked at Angie. Sirius and James shared Ginny's outrageous distaste for her partner and Peter just seemed weary of the entire thing. "But Angie's got a way better partner. He's bloody gorgeous for a Slytherin."

"If he's Slytherin then he's just as bad as Morris!" Sirius barked. Angie glared at him after glaring at Ginny for her outburst about Regulus. Its not that she didn't agree that he was gorgeous, but that seemed to be all that Ginny noticed. Angie looked at the two in turn. "Not every Slytherin has to be bad and he has more than just good looks," she rolled her eyes and continued, "He's smart, pays attention and is very kind and considerate towards me which is more than I can say for most of the male population." Everyone gaped at her mostly because she just defended a Slytherin but Ginny was even more shocked because she knew who she was talking about.

"Well who is it then? Some nerdy bloke who is just nice to you for a one nighter I bet." James piped in. Angie glared at him, "He is nothing of the sort James. He's genuine." James shrugged dismissively as Sirius looked at Angie again, "Well who is it then?" Angie looked at him and stood up from the table.

"Regulus Black." She told him defiantly and walked out of the Great Hall. Everyone at the table grew silent as the shock took over the group, even Hermione. Sirius seemed to be taking it the hardest. To him not only did she defend a no good Slytherin but his younger brother who disowned him.

As Angie walked out her eyes swept the room and she caught the glimpse of gray from the Slytherin she had defended.

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Kanchikanchi: Needs polishing,Storyline is integral to this book's success but the backstory is a little muddy,The inconsistency in the updates is frustrating.Eagerly waiting for another chapter and hoping the author's alright :)

Carol Schiele: Great story that will keep you hooked! First chapter started out slow but then rocketed into twists and turns! Great read .

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annisawitasari: I'm not a fan of series story. But with this badass MC,i don't mind reading 1 or 2 more stories. The author is playing with matebond and fate. I love how the author twisted them without breaking the characters and my heart 😋..

Isis Nesbitt: This story is so far....I was surprised because The story has been transferred to Galatea, where all of the good, juicy werewolf stories are....I’m sad that Galatea is taking over everything..........I would love the app if it didn’t take the reading breaks 13-30 hourrssss.... if I ...

divinitykiss: Beautiful and intriguing chapters love this ❤️

SKP: Loved it. Bawled like a baby! Desperately need to know what happens to him!

Venus Madamba Bilango: I like the storyline, but the development of the story is a little beat slow. Nevertheless i can recommend this story for a reading.

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