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Jungkook One Shot stories: Ramdon short stories with random plots Enjoy ? --- 180511: #252 in DANCE Note: Mature content

Romance / Erotica
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Annoyingly In Love with Him

And there he goes again, walking around the cafeteria like he owns the place.

Okay, well if you’d really thought of it, he practically owns the whole school since his father was the president, but still-- he doesn’t have to be so damn arrogant about it. Also, he doesn’t have to look at girls like he’s the hottest guy in the whole school, or walk in such a sexy way while he looked at you and winked as he curved his lips into a smirk...

“Ssssshhit!” You cursed under your breath, eyes immediately went back to your food as you realized he just freaking winked at you!

“Aizel, you alright?” Your friend asked.

“Huh?” You answered back, you could still hear your heart pumping inside you like it was just right beside your ears.

Your friend sighed dreamly looking at Jungkook as he finally sat at the table with his other six Godly friends.

“I know, he’s soooo...” Your friend paused thinking of the right word, “sexy-fierce. ---And hot, and handsome, and cool, and--.”

“Shut up dude, I’m trying to eat here,” you cut her off.

Jeon Jungkook.

The guy you had a crush on since the first day you transferred,-- but of course, who wouldn’t have a crush on the guy? He’s handsomely cute, hot, smart, and he could be a gentleman at times too.

Well, except for you.

Like how he would open the door for the other girls but when you were already next in line he would just suddenly leave and let the door slam right on your face, or when you were trying to reach for a book up on the shelves in the library and you know he could definitely see you struggling but all he did was walked past you as he mumbled -- Yoda, loud enough for you to hear.

Gosh, you hated him, but you still couldn’t deny the fact that your heart still flutters whenever he’s around, or when you thought you caught him looking at you at times, or even when he’s just being such a jerk around you.

Today was no different, you could still feel your heart racing as you saw him winked and smirked at you, but of course he does that to practically every girl on school so that doesn’t make it a big of a deal. You put all your thoughts of him on the side and just gripped tighter on the spoon and fork on your hands while you shove all your food on your mouth.

Damn, you just remembered that the student rankings will be posted on the bulletin right after lunch. You can’t afford to lose the first spot, you needed that in order to maintain your scholarship.

“Careful there honey, you might get choke,” you heard one of Jungkook’s friends said sarcastically making you look at their table only to find them all staring at you. That means including Jungkook, he has this annoying smile plastered on his face again and you couldn’t help but to knit your brows together at the sight.

“Maybe she likes getting all choked up,” Jungkook’s another friend concluded as he laughing. The rest of the boys chuckled including some of the other students who heard the conversation, but to your surprise the smile on Jungkook’s face vanished and he wasn’t laughing at all.

“Hyung...,” you saw Jungkook putting his hand on his friend’s shoulder suggesting him to stop.

You scoffed at them as you stood up and reached for the glass of water on your table, they might be the most popular boys in your school but that doesn’t give them the right to talk to you like that.

“Aizel...,” your friend hissed at you, she knows how stupid you could be sometimes that you would suddenly act impulsive then regret later, she was about to grab your wrist but you were faster, and before she even know it, you’re already on your way towards Jungkook and his friends’ table.

Your eyes focused on Jungkook’s friend who was still laughing with his eyes closed.

Just a few more steps...

You aimed for this annoying guy with the glass of water on your hand and just when you were about to pour it on him you felt a strong grip on your wrist, and the water spilled on your hand and some of it on Jungkook’s shirt due to the force you both exerted.

“You don’t want to do that Aizel,” Jungkook said with his low voice. You looked at his serious expression and you could feel your racing heartbeat again, but you put aside unecessary thoughts and faced him instead.

“Why? Because you’re the school president’s son? That you could say or do whatever you want along with your stupid friends?” You asked.

He threw his gaze on the side as he scoffed. “If that’s what you really want, then...” He held your arm up a bit and slow poured the water on him instead, you were left shocked, mouth just fell open until the last drop of liquid left the glass. Everyone’s attention were on the both of you now and you could sense that it wouldn’t be long before a faculty member to appear out of nowhere.

“Happy now?” Jungkook said leaning a bit closer to your face that you had to look away from his eyes.

And with the greater power around you, as you were trying to look away from his eyes, yours landed on his drench clothe and you had to hold your breath for a few seconds before actually realizing that you were looking at his toned body through that wet fabric.

“What’s all this?” A woman’s voice echoed in the cafeteria and moments later you just found yourself inside the president’s office, eyes glued on your shoes while you listened to the middle aged man with round glasses.

“Congratulations on keeping the top spot Aizel, you did great again,” the President said smiling at you.

You tried to smile back as you slightly bow at the man.

“Can I go now Dad?” Jungkook whined making the President dart his eyes on his son.

“As for you young man,” he looked at Jungkook intently, “I’ve noticed that your grades are falling down, and I assume it’s because you hang out with those boys.”

“What?” Jungkook asked, voice a bit higher than before, “it has nothing to do with them Dad.”

“Why can’t you just hang out with people like Aizel over here?”

Jungkook stared at you, annoyance was so visible from his face you couldn’t helped but to giggled a bit.

He continued to look at you until his expression turned into something different, a smirk formed on his face, and you thought you saw evil on his eyes.

“Yeah--,” he suddenly agreed.

And you and the President fixed your eyes on him, shocked by his one word sentence.

“I mean,” Jungkook looked at you, smiling evilly before turning to his dad, “why don’t you have her tutor me Mr. President?”

The President’s face beamed and you just knew you were f*cked.


“Contraceptives is a method or device to prevent pregnancy,” you started your report.

Of all the possible topics that could be assigned to you, it has to be about contraceptives. And now you just wish that Zeus would create a lightning and struck it straight to Jungkook’s head he would shut the hell up.

“I suggest you girls use the pills so us guys could let it all out inside,” Jungkook whispered to you while you stand in front trying to focus on your report. He purposely sat at the first row so he could annoy you all he wants. “But as for me, I’d totally go with what you want.”

You let out a sharp breath while arranging your eye glasses which made him chuckled knowing how annoyed you were already getting, also you were so ragged today that you didn’t had time to put on your contact lenses leaving you with those glasses instead.

He could totally see the veins on your neck getting visible because you were trying maintain your temper, and he’s enjoying every moment of it.

“What do you want to use?” He kept his voice low, but making sure that you could hear him, but still you ignored him. But the guy was persistent though, so he kept on repeating his question and each time he does your temper was getting more and more short, you slowly balled your fists and swung it a bit just enough to hit Jungkook right on the head.

“What the--!”

“Oh God! Jungkook, sorry, I didn’t mean to,” you said acting all concerned but deep inside you were laughing so hard-- serves him right, “I didn’t saw your face on dispaly there.”

You smiled, and he stared at you piercingly.

Moments later the situation turned upside down and you were the one looking sharply at Jungkook while he opened the car door for you, smiling widely as he bow mockingly.

“After you,” he said letting you sit on the back seat of the car together with him. It was the first day of your tutoring with him that you’d totally forgot until president Jeon personally approached you awhile ago.

“The car is waiting by the school gates. Thank you for doing this Aizel,” the middle aged man said.

And he was right, the car was there together with annoying Jungkook leaning on the backseat waiting for you.

You both sat side by side and you couldn’t helped but notice the slippers he was carrying awhile ago, like seriously-- what’s with the slippers? Weirdo.

“Nice slippers weirdo,” you said.

“Nice face,” he answered.

“Nice nose.”

“Nice glasses, four eyed.”






“Okay, could you two please stop?” The butler suddenly let out making you both stare at him, “it’s just-- it’s just that I’m trying to focus on the road. I-I’m sorry Mr. Jeon.”

He obviously regetted what he just said which made you giggle a bit, you looked at your side and foun
d Jungkook laughing harder than you were.

“It’s okay Hyung-min, you know I always find it funny when you’re annoyed,” he said smiling as he turned his head towards you accidentally meeting your gaze.


That line above was propably your life line at that very second, when his eyes met yours as he smiled, eyes twinkled which resembled the stars on the sky. Damn, he’s handsome, especially when he smile happily,--- like, really smile--, with his bunny teeth showing, and the side of his eyes slightly wrinkled. You thought the world came into a halt and suddenly it was just the two of you, and you felt your heartbeat racing when he suddenly turned to the other side, looking straight out of the window and you were not sure but, you thought you saw his cheeks turned pinkish for a bit.

The butler smiled through the rear view mirror as he stared at Jungkook-- the kid he has been taking care of since at the young age, he knew the kid, and he sensed a different aura radiating from Jungkook right now, and he couldn’t helped but to think that it might be because of this girl beside him, that it might be because of you.

You both went out of the car when suddenly the butler called for Jungkook through the driver’s seat, you saw him handed something to Jungkook which made the younger’s eyes widen and letting out a loud ‘Hyung!’ after. You heard the butler laughed and the car just left while Jungkook tried his best to hide the sachet on his pocket.


“I don’t get it.”

“I’ve already told you Jungkook, you just have to -- ugh,” you let out a loud sigh, you’ve been going on about question number ten for a while now but he still didn’t get it. Thing is, he has been able to solve the rest of the previous problems without breaking a sweat awhile ago but when you pointed out that you think he doesn’t need any more tutoring, he suddenly acted dumb.

“Okay,” you started, “I’ll solve this problem then give you another one based on this later.”

He nodded enthusiastically.

You shook your head a bit, but not enough to hide the slight smile that formed on your lips,-- he could be stupid but cute at the same time.

Jungkook was way too close to you, but you just let him knowing that he was looking closely at your solution on the paper so he would know the formulas to the problem. But in reality he was staring at you intently, admiring you, watching you how you tucked your hair on your ear giving him a better view of your rosy cheeks, and how you nudged your eye glasses a bit so you could see clearly. He couldn’t stop himself from smiling seeing how focused you were on what you were doing.

“There,” you said.

You abruptly turned your head to his direct catching him staring at you, his face was way too close, but he was fast as he immediately darted his head to the other direction avoiding your eyes.

“Jungkook...” Your voice was soft as you said his name.

“Mmh?” He answered turning back letting his eyes catch yours again.

You leaned in closer as you continued to look at him, and he honestly didn’t know what to do at this situation so just let his eyes close, heart ramming inside his chest as if it’ll about to breakout of his rib cage. He waited, puckering his lips slightly, anticipating your damp and soft lips on his. And then you smiled widely as you removed the loose eyelash on his cheekbone.

“Okay, all gone now,” you stated making him open his eyes to look at your grinning face, “you have this eyelash on your cheek, I just removed it.”

“I--,” he tried to say something but he was totally flustered and it showed on his now already red face.

“Were you expecting something?” You asked knitting your brows

“W--what? No! I-I’ll just get some water,” he answered as he stood up clumsily, twisting his feet slightly making him almost stumble towards the door.

“You okay?”

“Y-yeah,” he said as he exited the bedroom before mumbling, ‘why it suddenly got hot in here?,’ to himself.

After gulping down the whole glass of water, Jungkook’s phone vibrated receiving a text from his butler.

Better safe than sorry. ;)

And he couldn’t helped but to chuckle at the silly jokes of his Hyung-nim. He put his hand on his left side pocket, fishing out the pack of condom his butler gave him awhile ago. He shook his head from disbelief but a smile still formed on his lips as he found it funny how the old man could pull a prank on him and got him all panicked earlier, but he knew that he won’t be using that tonight, so he threw the condom on the bin and went back upstairs to his bedroom.

When he opened the door to his room, you were already sleeping peacefully, with your arms folded on the table as your pillow and your face pushed to the side letting him get a glimpse on your profile through the strands of hair that was slightly covering it.

After closing the door silently, he tip toed towards the bed and reached for the blanket, he unfolded it and covered your small frame protecting you from the cold.

As much as he wanted to sleep too, he still couldn’t helped but to look at you sleeping, so he sat back to his chair beside you and admired your beauty while you sleep. You looked so fragile as he gently put some loose strands of your hair to the side of your ear allowing him to get a better look at your pinkish cheeks and red lips.

He smiled to himself. He have always found you attractive and beautiful, the very reason why he annoys you all the time and now that you there closer to him than he could have ever imagined,-- he couldn’t helped but to wish that you knew that he liked you ever since he first saw you, he wish you knew how many times he tried to get close to you so he could ask you out, or how he would looked at you from afar just so he could admire you, or how many times he tried to offer you help when you needed it, and how many times he cursed at himself for screwing things up and acting like a complete jerk at you instead of being a gentleman. But he needed your attention, and irritating you was the only way he could think of so he could have it.

His eyes landed on your lips, they looked so soft and plum, and he have always wondered how it’ll feel like tasting your lips with his, and before he even knew it, he was already leaning towards you, eyes focused on your red lips while slowly removing your eye glasses away from your face. Your eyes opened all of a sudden meeting his widen orbs and you sat up straight arraging your eye glasses on the process then stared at him soon after.

“Were you trying to kiss me Jeon Jungkook?” You asked half awake.

“Wha--, I...”

He’s going to deny it, you couldn’t believe that he would take advantage, you scoffed, “If you’re too horny, I’m sorry but I’m not the girl Jungkook,” you said annoyed.


After being such a complete jerk around you, he would now want to play with your feelings as well? You were already hurt seeing him flirt with other girls but this move of his got you over the edge.

“Look. --- I’ve always like you, but you always hurt me just by your little actions, and I--,” you confessed, and you felt pain all over your body, hearing all these words finally coming out from your own mouth got you relieved somehow, but you’re still hurting knowing these were all true, “you can’t play with my feelings like this Jungkook. You could kiss any girl you want and play with, but not me, and for all I know you’ve kissed hundreds already so why bother with me, huh?”

You could sense your fist tightening, as you looked at Jungkook’s shocked face, you waited for him to say anything for a few seconds but instead he tried to reach for your hand while saying your name softly. He hated himself even more now.

“You know what?” you said standing up while throwing the blanket on the bed, “I’m out of here.”

“What? Aizel don’t,” Jungkook said standing up as well, you were about to reach for your bag when you felt his strong grip on your wrist pulling you slightly so you could face him.

“I like you too,” his voice was lower than usual and you stared at him, trying to see through him-- to know that he was just joking around, but you couldn’t seemed to find any hint of silliness on him this time. His face was serious as he loosen his hold on your wrist and guided your hand on his chest allowing you to feel his heart ramming inside him. “I’m serious Aizel.”

“J-jung...” You were flustered and shocked and dazed all at the same that you couldn’t find any more words to reply, your current state only gave him more courage to gently tuck your hair to your ear and removed your eye glasses placing it on the table beside you, he brushed your cheeks with his fingers trailing it downwards to your chin as he slightly lifted your face up so you were just a few inches apart.

“And I haven’t kissed anyone yet,” he stated, eyes looking intently on you making you grip on the fabric of his shirt, “you’re just going to be the first.”

With that he gently leaned in, killing the distance between your lips as he simultaneously pushed his thumb on your chin alllowing your lips to partly open for him, your eyes felt heavy and you just let it close as you felt Jungkook’s lips touched yours, caressing your lips with his while you placed your other hand on his chest so you could keep your balance. His kisses were slow but full, passionate yet fiery making you feel goosebumps all over your body. It was not a forceful kiss though, and you couldn’t deny that you felt his care through the kiss and it only made you respond to him even more.

Your mind went rumbling as he deepened the kiss lacing his tongue with yours then nibbling on your lower lip feebly, you felt your knees wobbled and he sensed it, so he glided his hands from your waist to the small of your back and he pushed you against his body completely keeping you in place.

Pushing slightly on him, you slowly withdrew which got him chasing your lips slightly before finally letting it go, you needed air, and you both catched your breaths while he leaned his forehead against yours.

“I’ve always liked you Aizel, please. believe me,” you feel his hot breath on your lips making you look at him in the eyes, “and I’m sorry for being such a jerk, I just thought it’s the only way that I could have your attention so...,” he sighed.

He wasn’t lying, and you sensed it, you saw his back slouched and his eyes saddened. And no matter what, he still got this soft apot on you, so you cupped his face with your small hands making him look at you in the eyes, “hey, I believe you,” and you smiled.

His frowning expression transited from sad to a smiling one and he hugged your frame tight, burying his face on the crook of your neck.

“On second thought,” he mumbled, “I don’t just like you. ---I actually love you,” he said against your skin, and you hugged him back smiling.

“Me too,” you answered back, “But Jungkook,” there’s still this one thing that curious you.

“Yeah?” He said breaking the hug so he could look at you.

“What was that thing that your butler gave you awhile ago?”

“Aaah-hahaha,” he laughed half heartedly while he ruffled his hair a bit, “he’s crazy sometimes... It’s actually a c---.”

“JUNGKOOK! WHY IS THERE A FREAKING CONDOM ON THE TRASH BIN?” you both heard the voice of Jungkook’s father downstairs.

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