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Shadows by Twilight


Keonhee x Reader x Seoho Two twins, the last of their kind, end up in school where it's divided by good and evil. They have always been together and never separated. But what happens when a good and a bad vampire try to go after one of them? Will she fall in love with them and stay by their side?

Fantasy / Romance
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Today is a new beginning for me and my twin brother. Today we start school at Valkyrie High, School For The Gifted. Our parents decided to send us here because of our powers, they were growing and we couldn’t control the new ones that formed.

Not only is it our first time in this school, but also our first time in Korea. We felt so out of place. But we both knew if we don’t control our powers something terrible will happen.

When we reached the office, a small round woman came up to us, “Are you the Stellar twins?” My brother and I nodded at the same time. “Oh, great. Let me get your schedules, and then I’ll walk you to the first class.” We stayed where we were until she came back. “I’m Mrs. Jun, by the way, I work here in the office, you can come look for me if you need help with anything.”

We followed her down a long hall. Everyone was in class and nobody dared to walk around at this time.

“Right now you have CNC. This stands for Control and Concentration. It is a class that your parents asked you to take. You two are extraordinary beings, so you need to know how to control yourselves.”

Tell us something we don’t already know. My brother said in his mind and I giggled.

We stopped in front of a classroom, and Mrs. Jun opened the door and walked in first. We followed behind her.

“Mr. Beom-soo, here are your new students.” We walked up to him and bowed. Everyone had their eyes on us, I guess they had never seen twins before.

“Please introduce yourself.” Mr. Beom-soo asked us.

We turned to the class and bowed. “I’m Izora, I’m the youngest of the twin.”

“I’m Azrael, I’m the eldest. Please take care of us.”

“Don’t you want to tell us what you are?” the teacher asked us.

Azrael smirked, “They’ll be scared.” I smiled.

Everyone started laughing, the teacher calmed the class and let my brother speak. “We’re polymorphics.” With that, the whole class stayed quiet.

“Your kidding right? Polymorphics have gone extinct for years.” a kid said.

Mr. Beom-soo stepped in, “Actually, they are Polymorphics. Only of their kind. Their powers are becoming more advanced, and thus why they are attending this school.” Everyone started mumbling. “Okay, okay. You two can sit over there, behind Keonhee and Leedo.”

He pointed to two guys, one with blue-grayish colored hair and the other blonde. We walked over and sat down.

Before he could start his class, someone called him out, and he left us alone. The two in front of us turned around, “I’m Leedo.” The blonde one introduced himself first, “and this is my friend Keonhee.”

I covered my nose, “You two reek.”

My brother laughed, “I guess this is what Vampires smell like.” He said very interestingly.

“Yea, well it’s disgusting,” I said while looking at Keonhee who didn’t stop looking at me. He just smirked and turned around.

I suddenly felt someone staring at me intensely, and a small itch was creeping in my mind. I looked around and found the source of the stare. I gave out a mad smirk and looked into his eyes.

“You think you can creep into my mind? Think again stupid.” I imagine him getting set on fire and being stung by scorpions.

The student then fell off his seat and started screaming in pain. Poor fool. My brother noticed and laughed, Izora, I think that’s enough. You taught him well. He’ll want to think twice before messing with you again. Ugh! I stopped and turned to face the window. Stupid school. Stupid people. I hate it here.

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