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Shadows by Twilight


The bell rang for lunch, and my brother and I stayed behind. I was nodding off when my brother shook me.

“I’m going to see what they have and I’ll bring you something.” I just nodded and laid my head on the desk, falling quickly to sleep.

“Hey. Hey. Hey.’ Annoying! I woke up mad, who was fucking bothering me. When I look up, I see the student I almost killed in front of me.

I folded my arms and laid back in my seat, “You have some balls coming here to talk to me.”

The student just gave out a smile, “Sorry about it earlier. I was just curious about you, that’s all.”

“Curious about me?” I pointed to myself.

He quickly nodded and came closer to me, “I’m Seoho.”

His scent infiltrated my nose and I looked away, “A Vampire.”

“Yea!” he said excitedly.

“You guys reek.”

“That’s an easy fix.”

“Oh, yea? How so?”

He got up and sat in my brother’s seat, and got closer to me. I started backing up, but he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer. “What are you doing?!”

“A kiss from a Vampire and the smell will go away,” he said as his face got closer to mines.

“Get back or I’ll kill you!” He didn’t stop and just got closer. I closed my eyes, hoping someone would come in.

But nobody did and a loud laugh came out of Seoho. I opened my eyes and looked at him mad. I pushed him out of my brother’s seat.

“Ow. You don’t have to be rough.” He said as he got up, rubbing his behind. “Mm, it looked like you wouldn’t mind if I kissed you. If you were really expecting it, then I can comply.” He came closer to me and I quickly covered his face with my hand making him stop.

“No, thank you. I’m perfectly fine.” And pushed his face away. I felt my face heat up, so I turned my back on him.

“Izora.” my brother came in and looked at me from Seoho, and from Seoho to me. He smirked and sat down. He handed me a peach.

“You’re Azrael, right?” Seoho asked my brother. He nodded and Seoho got excited, “I’m Seoho, want to be friends?”

My brother smiled, “Sure.”

“Awesome! Me and the guys are going to play basketball, want to join?” My brother nodded and got up.

“Let’s go Izora.” I rolled my eyes and got up. Great. Now he’ll be following us everywhere.

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