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Shadows by Twilight


When we arrived at the gym, Seoho introduced us to his friends. “So, from oldest to youngest,” He pointed at them and said their names, “Kim Youngjo, but we call him Ravn. Kim Gunhak, known as Leedo, you already met him in class. Lee Keonhee, known as Keon or Keonhee. Yeo Hwanwoong, or Woongie.”

“Ya! Hyung! Don’t call me that!” He blurted out.

Seoho just laughed and kept going, “ Lastly, Son Dongju, known as Xion and his twin brother Dongmyeong.”

Other twins, this should be fun. My brother poked.

The guy named Leedo came to my side, “So, beautiful.” he said as he wrapped his arm around me. “Do you want to play with us?”

I look at his hands in disgust, I push it away and looked at him, “I’d rather die in all ways possible then hang around you Vampires.” I hissed and turned to leave. You can stay, I’m going to the library. I let my brother know.

{Azrael’s POV}

I watched as my sister left and looked at the guys. “I’m sorry about that. She doesn’t have a good view of Vampires.”

Keonhee signed, “I’m going. I’m too sleepy to play.” And walked out of the gym.

Seoho seemed bothered, “What happened to your sister, that she hates Vampires so much?”

I sigh, “A Dark Vampire killed her boyfriend and my best friend.”

“I’m sorry.” Seoho looked apologetic.

I chuckled, “It’s alright it isn’t your fault anyway. So are we playing or what?”

They all got excited and we started playing. I was a little worried about Izora, Hopefully, she’s fine.

{Izora’s POV}

I don’t have to be friends with those people. If Azrael wants to be friends with them, then, by all means, it’s whatever.

I found the library quite fast. I showed the librarian my school ID and she let me in. I started walking through the huge isles of books. I went to the section of poetry. I scanned around, trying to see what new treasures were to be read.

“You should read this one. It’s my favorite.” I felt someone’s body pushed against mines to reach the book. That smell.

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