Legendary PKMN

Chapter ten

Chapter ten: Balance of Power (Act one: Siege)

"And you have the map memorized?" asked the ball of light.

"Yes." Thief Weavile responded. Her two subordinates- Toxicroak and Zangoose- were standing right beside her. Zangoose lay against a pillar, with the same brown barrel on his back, and the same bored expression on his face.

Dealing with Thief Weavile was such a pain…

"Excellent." the ball of light said, genuinely happy.

"Let's talk about the treasure," Weavile shifted the subject, "It better be worth it."

"Ah yes, the treasure…" the ball of light sensed the warning tone in her voice "… It will be worth it. What you will gain is currently far beyond your imagination..."

At this, Weavile's eyes widened with greed. The other two, who were barely paying attention, also shifted their eyes to their benefactor. Once the feeling of greed passed over, Weavile asked when they would strike.

"Soon." said the light, sensing the sunrise, "By this sunset, we will be able to make our move…"

"Why not now, oh ball of light~? Why must we wait until the plight~?" asked Toxicroak. Zangoose moaned- dealing with Toxicroak was such a pain…

"Not yet." answered the ball of light, "I am currently trying to add a fourth member to our ranks." At this, Weavile's eyes perked with interest.

"Fourth member?" she asked. It didn't matter to her how many members there were- she'd just take all the treasure for herself anyway. Nonetheless, she was curious.

"…Let’s just say it has been difficult to recruit him." the sphere spoke, "However… he will join us in the end…

The other reason is Arceus. I am preparing to get rid of that problem, but we must be patient…"

The ball of light sensed the sun's light. It was no longer safe- Arceus would be waking up soon with her all seeing eyes. And all seeing ears too.

"We retreat to the shadows… for now." said the ball of light in a calm voice. Unless it worded it the way it did, you wouldn't think it was even a suggestion.

And so, all four retreated.

For now.


Arceus, god of all pokémon, awoke with a sudden jolt. She thought that her all seeing ears had picked up sinister activity.

She quickly checked the area of Destiny City, and shrugged, no sinister activity. Arceus looked at her clock- 6:30 AM. Her alarm would beep in about five minutes, so Arceus decided to start the day early. She turned off her alarm.

By hitting it with a Judgment attack.

Then, she went downstairs to eat some breakfast. She used some psychic powers to open up the pantry and select some Munchy-O's. Levitating the objects through the air, she poured the delicious cereal into a bowl and then poured milk onto it, and got a spoon from another drawer. Just as she was about to command the spoon to feed her, it suddenly hit her.

Being a god, she was only hungry once per year.

Inwardly cursing, she flung the cereal with her psychic powers off the Hall of Origin to the ground below.


The cereal, bowl, and milk all hit Principal Torkoal's shiny red car. It lost some its shininess.

Seeing as how she wouldn't be hungry for another 300 or so days, she decided that it was time to wake everyone up. After all, some of the younger legendarys had school.

She sucked in her breath and prepared a Hyper Voice attack.

Darkrai's eyes were closed, his entire body sprawled on top of a bed and underneath a single sheet. He was tossing and turning eagerly…


"You… you really mean it!?" Darkrai questioned the brown hare in front of him. Lopunny gave him a kind smile and giggled.

"Yep… I'm in love with you." She said softly. Darkrai couldn't believe it! He must have finally gotten enough Manly points!

"Oh yeah, and I hate Pikachu too." She said bitterly. Darkrai smiled, could this get any better!? It could, because suddenly Lopunny leaned into him.

Grabbed his shoulders.

And leaned in with her mouth pursed.

"EVERYBODY WAKE UP RIGHT THIS INSTANT!!!" Arceus bellowed, shaking the entire Hall of Origin and breaking a few windows and eardrums in the process. Angrily, Darkrai covered his head with his pillow and shouted back





As Darkrai was about to say a word that we are not allowed to say on this website, he was hit by a pillar of yellow light that muffled out his cursing.

Fortunately, Darkrai was protected by his anti-Judgment shield! Designed by Mewtwo, it was able to completely negate any and all Judgment attacks. He put the shield in his red collar (somehow) and began smiling to himself. Today was the day that he would make his dream come true!

Today…was the schools science fair! Darkrai had entered it, and was going to win for sure with his super project that he had compiled after months of planning.

His plan: Woo all the judges with his project, and then Lopunny would fall in love with him!

And also to make sure that Pikachu didn't win. Or Mewtwo.

You see, Mewtwo had always won because he was a super genius. And evil. The other times, Pikachu had always won because… he was popular.

Stupid high school logic.

But this time was different. Darkrai had carefully constructed the best science project in the universe! By planning with the local schemer Gliscor, the two of them had completed the project. It was completely foolproof, and guaranteed to win no matter what.

Darkrai walked over to it. It was inside a black box with white question marks on every side of it. He had carefully guarded its secret for quite some time- that way, it would be such a surprise that it would win for sure!

Darkrai could already smell Lopunny's fur…

No… wait… that wasn't Lopunny's fur…that was the smell of… sulfur?


There was an explosion in the left side of Darkrai's room. About one fourth of the Hall was blown up in the fiery inferno. Darkrai could do naught but stare, wondering just what on earth happened. He saw the answer in the form of a purple clone below.

"I'VE DONE IT!!" Mewtwo exclaimed excitably. Before Darkrai could ask, Mewtwo eagerly levitated up to him and said

"Look Darkrai- I've created the biggest explosion ever made in the smallest possible bomb!!!" Mewtwo held up what appeared to be a jelly bean. Upon closer inspection, Darkrai found that it was actually a bomb.

"Gee Mewtwo… that's… great?" Darkrai said nervously.

"WHO DID THAT!?" Arceus's massive voice bellowed.

And so, Mewtwo ran away to school. Knowing that Darkrai would inevitably be blamed for this somehow, the prince of darkness quickly followed.

The school day went by as per usual. The students took their exams, got their homework written down, Malispite and Darkrai punched each other whenever they saw the other, and Mewtwo almost killed them all twice.

Finally, at the end of the school day at three PM, instead of going home, the students proudly presented their science fair projects by setting up displays. Like previous science fairs, this one was to be held in the massive gymnasium.

"I'm totally going to win this year!" Darkrai exclaimed to Gallade and Gardevoir, both listening to Darkrai as he held up the black and white box.

"What is in that thing anyway?" Gallade asked, trying to figure it out. Darkrai held the box back.

"Not yet!" Darkrai said, "I can't show anyone yet! Lopunny and the judges have to see it- it's a onetime deal see?" Darkrai tried to make them understand "So what are you guys doing anyway?"

Gardevoir and Gallade had teamed up this year to try and win. They had decided to see if deodorant had any effect on hormones, specifically endorphomine, the hormone of happiness and love.

"The results were staggering!" said Gallade, "As it turns out, the hormones DECREASE when you wear the deodorant!"

"That means that deodorant actually makes you smell worse." Gardevoir sweatdropped.


Mewtwo was also preparing his… science project. He placed the little packets of explosion jelly beans into some chocolate bars. His goal- to find out how many died when his victi- that is, research subjects, ate them.

'THIS IS GOING TO BE A FUN DAAAYYYYYYYYY…' Mewtwo thought to himself.

He saw Deoxys enter the hall of the school, and she walked towards him. Like always, she wore her fake white moustache so that the secret agents wouldn't tell God to kill her. It’s complicated.

"So what's your experiment?" the alien asked Mewtwo with interest. Mewtwo proudly explained his dangerous explosions, and his goal. Deoxys sweatdropped as Mewtwo grinned from ear to ear at the thought of death. He was kind of weird, but hey, he had his soft side…

"By the way Deoxys," Mewtwo asked, "…how long have you been in this hall?"

"Only about a minute or so, talking with you." Deoxys was puzzled by the question, but Mewtwo asked another.

"I see… and… this is the first time you've seen me today, correct?"


"Hm…" Mewtwo was in deep thought about something. When Deoxys asked what, Mewtwo paused, then answered.

"I've had the strangest feeling all day long…" Mewtwo began, "That something with a powerful presence is watching me…" he spoke gravely, eyes darting from left to right as he stated. Mewtwo explained that the presence he felt was not unlike that of his own, so he presumed that the being was a psychic type Pokémon. He had already inquired Gallade and Gardevoir, but they were just as puzzled.

"Are you sure it isn't just your imagination?" Deoxys asked, a bit worried about Mewtwo's health. The psychotic psychic was about to respond when suddenly he felt the presence again, this time stronger than before. Quickly zeroing in on it, he flipped open the trashcan telekinetically and pulled out-

"Gliscor!?" Deoxys said, confused.

"Uh… heheh… hey?" Gliscor said nervously, being levitated in the air by the world's most powerful psychic Pokémon.

"What are you doing?" Mewtwo asked. Gliscor told Mewtwo that he had been observing his experiment, to make sure that Darkrai won.

"Needless to say, yours will lose!" Gliscor concluded proudly, "Our experiment is absolutely perfect… IT WILL MAKE ME SO MUCH MONEY!!"

At this thought, Gliscor drooled with sheer greed. Deoxys and Mewtwo sweatdropped, then left for the gymnasium, where the science fair would soon begin. As they walked, Deoxys spoke softly to Mewtwo

"See, it was just Gliscor, that's all." she smiled, though she had no mouth. Mewtwo reluctantly agreed with her.

Yet he thought he sensed something else…

"Mewtwo!" a voice yelled. Both of the psychics stopped and turned around to face their principal, Torkoal, "Have you killed Lucario?"

"Wh-why would you ask…?" Deoxys began. As Torkoal explained, they found that the blue jackal had been missing since chapter eight, with no sign of him whatsoever. Torkoal had suspected that Mewtwo stabbed him or something.

"Hm… well- no, that wasn't Lucario… Hm…" after thinking a bit, Mewtwo shrugged. Out of all of his victims/research subjects, none of them had been a lucario.

"Mr. Torkoal, if it would help…" Deoxys said, remembering how they fought the Jackal, "The last place we saw him was the basement lying unconscious. Because we had to do that to in order to escape the detention of DOOMNESS."

"YOU MEAN HE WAS LYING UNCONSCIOUS IN THE BASEMENT!?" Torkoal practically screamed in fear "THAT'S BAD!!! THAT'S VERY, VERY BAD!!!!"

"What!? Why is it so bad!?" the female alien asked.

"BECAUSE… UM… because… it's…" Principal Torkoal could not remember why it was so bad. Shrugging, he went away carefree. Deoxys and Mewtwo stared at each other.

"…are you thinking what I'm thinking?" she asked.

"I believe so." He replied.

Deoxys: "Lucario can't get out of the basement!"

Mewtwo: "We should go the basement and slice up his body!"

Deoxys: "…"


Darkrai found a table relatively quickly, and set the mystery box on it for all to see. Soon, Gliscor came up and smiled.

"Look at it Darkrai… it's a masterpiece!"

"It'll blow the judges minds away!" Darkrai added.



As the two expressed their glee, their dance of happiness was interrupted by Darkrai’s sister. She gloated that her project was the best.

"I beg to differ…" she said in her I'm-so-much-better-than-you-because-I'm-awesome-and-you're-not attitude. Darkrai glared, and asked what she did. Smirking in premature victory, Cresselia stated her project.

"Paper towels."

Darkrai and Gliscor fell down anime style.


"You be quiet!" Cresselia scolded, "I know that this will win because…"


Cresselia paced about the Hall of Origin. She had already ruled out most of her ideas for the project, but still couldn't decide on what to do. And what's worse is that she didn't have enough materials for what she wanted to do.

She grimaced. At this rate, Darkrai would win. And that was bad, because then he would gloat. Cresselia wanted to gloat!

"Oh… what am I going to do…?" she wondered aloud.

"What's up Cresselia?"

Cresselia jumped at least fifty feet in the air. She knew that voice. That strong, masculine voice that made her heart race faster when it was spoken. The voice of…


Er, that is, Latios.

"Latios…" Cresselia blushed. Quickly, she looked in a conveniently placed mirror for any zits. Remembering she was a Pokémon and thusly cannot have any, Cresselia turned around to face the blue jet Pokémon, hovering in the air.

"You look like you're troubled. What's up?" he asked kindly. Cresselia began blushing again. He was so nice...

"Well um… I can't… come up with a science project…" She finally muttered. Now, Latios was by no means a science genius. But hey, he was a nice guy, so he thought about it for about a minute and said

"You should do paper towels."

"Paper towels?"

"Sure." the jet like legendary spoke, "It's quick and easy. And it's a classic too." With that, Latios waved farewell, leaving a certain lunar swan red in the face from his words of wisdom.


"And that is how I know that I will win. For I have the power of love on my side!"

"No you don't!" Gallade shouted from somewhere, "MY LOVE FOR GARDEVOIR SHALL CONQUER ALL!!"

"…" everyone said. Darkrai looked around at other pokémon’s projects, out of boredom. To his direct left were none other than the secret agents.

“Oh great…” cringed the prince of darkness. He floated over to them.

"What are you guys doing here?" Darkrai asked the secret agents. Agent Blaze and Agent Raptor- a female Staraptor and a male Infernape, were two secret agents sent by their mysterious boss to find thief Weavile and/or the plot of this story.

"We are not secret agents." Agent Raptor fluttered her wings. She was wearing a black beard for disguise.

"That's right!" Agents Blaze said, wearing a heavy purple blush in his eyes, red lips, and other various girlish accessories including a bow in his hair. "We are NOT secret agents NOT in disguise definitely NOT sent by our boss to NOT spy on the school to make sure that we do NOT capture Thief Weavile who may or may NOT be in Destiny City right now!"

Agent Raptor beamed. For once in his life, her partner had not revealed any top secret information! And he did it so inconspicuously too!

"…yeah." Darkrai was not buying it. He stared at their 'disguises' and wondered how anyone could be fooled by them. "Oh by the way, men don't wear makeup, and women don't have beards." He pointed to Blaze and Raptor in that order.

"…I think we may have switched disguises." Agent Raptor whispered.

"Nah, that can't be." Blaze whispered back. "Orochimaru wears makeup, and he's the most manly anime figure of all time!" the two began to argue over this.

Bored, Darkrai looked over at other pokémon, when suddenly-

"YOU!" Darkrai jumped to his feet.

"YOU!" another voice shouted.

Malispite and Darkrai punched each other in the face as hard as they could.

"Stop doing that!!" Malispite's sister, Mercifond, pleaded. Yet they wouldn't have any of it, and decided to randomly kill each other for no apparent reason. The fight lasted about five seconds, because suddenly, SHE entered the room, and Darkrai stopped hating Malispite just to look at her beautiful figure.




The narrator inconspicuously leapt out the window to avoid capture.

"Damn… I'll get him next time…" Darkrai swore. He went back staring at Lopunny. Clearly, this was the woman he was destined to marry. Her sweet voice… her soft fur… the way she laughed…

Only one thing stood in his way.

And it wasn’t Chuck Norris.

It was Pikachu, the richest most popular kid in Tajiri high school and possibly the world. He was known by all, and was so popular that he could have anything he ever wanted. Right now, Lopunny was talking to him and giggling as they spoke.

Angry, Darkrai charged up a Shadow Ball and aimed it at the yellow rat. Gliscor's giant claw brought Darkrai's hand down.

"Calm yourself…" the purple bat spoke soothingly, "You will have your Lopunny soon enough…" Gliscor forced Darkrai's head to look at the box. At this, Darkrai became calm again. He could wait a few more minutes…


Mr. Alakazam psychically levitated a microphone to his mouth, amplifying his voice many times in the gymnasium. Darkrai eagerly awaited as the teacher announced that the schools science fair was about to begin!

Nothing could possibly ruin this moment!


Thief Weavile stood in the darkness. She stood on a building the loomed over the school. The sun had had just set, and her two subordinates had arrived behind her.

The ball of light appeared.

"It is almost time…" it spoke.

"Good." Thief Weavile pretended to be interested in her claws "The treasure had better be worth it."

"It will…" answered the ball of light "Now, listen closely. The fourth member had finally joined us. He will start the attack. Wait for his signal, then invade."

Weakened, the light vanished into thin air.

"The time of the siege, it draws near~. Soon the pokémon below will have something to fear~." Toxicroak laughed. Zangoose sighed, annoyed by Toxicroak's rhymes.

"Why do you always have to rhyme…?" he said in a lazy voice.

"Ah, because it is simply sublime~!"

"Weavile…can I kill this guy or what…?"

"No." Weavile spoke, ending their quarrel, "Both of you shut up and wait. It will begin soon…

Then you can have all the fun you want."

Mewtwo paused.

"Deoxys… I have to go to the bathroom." the psycat spoke to the alien beside him, "Please guard my stand until I get back."

"Okay." Deoxys said, happy to do anything for him. But then she saw his expression.

It wasn't a normal expression, not by a long shot. It was a mixture of fear and pure ecstasy, mingled with rage and sadness at the same time, almost giving Mewtwo a blank look.

"Mew…two…?" Deoxys asked. Seeing her face, Mewtwo quickly reverted back to his original expression.

"I'll be back soon." and then he left without another word. In his wake, Deoxys was genuinely concerned. Something was wrong. Or did she just imagine it…?

"Preparations are complete! We will now begin judging!" Principal Torkoal said over the microphone. "When a teacher comes up to you, please state the purpose of your project and the procedure behind it!"

The teachers dispersed, scattering to see all the students’ projects. As Deoxys waited, she saw that right next to her were the secret agents. The alien felt her white moustache and pressed it harder against her face.

"Ah! Ivysaur!" Agent Raptor noticed her. "Since we completely trust you, we're going to tell you something: if you see any suspicious activity that may involve aliens, please do not hesitate to tell us. That way, we can find and kill the horrible aliens!"

Deoxys paused.

"Uh… sure… yeah… I'll tell you…" she said nervously.

And then she felt something. It was a horrible aura, very foul that filled the entire school for an instant, then dissipated. The agents also noticed this.

"What was that?" Raptor asked aloud.

He couldn't escape it. The light was everywhere. No matter which way he turned, there was a blinding light that surrounded him. He felt his body move, but he didn't know what was happening. Was he running or…?

He couldn't think straight.

It was all so confusing… why did he feel like this…?

He was just so tired…

But the light prevented him from sleeping…

And then it spoke.

"Just obey. Do nothing."

Doing nothing sounded so good right now…

He was just so tired…

Mewtwo levitated in the hallways. He looked around suspiciously, twitching his fingers.

"Where are you?" he asked aloud, "You've made it blatantly obvious that you want to see me. I'M HERE!!"

Mewtwo screamed the last part as loud as he could. What was that? he asked himself. He felt his face. Cold sweat.

What was wrong with him? Why did he scream just now?

A thousand images went through his mind all at once. He collapsed down onto his knees and gasped.

Why was he acting like this!? What was WRONG WITH HI-

And there it was.

Weavile sense that something was happening. She didn't know what, she didn't know who, but something great was about to take place in that school. She was trembling with excitement. One look from her two cohorts told her they were just as jittery.

Her face broke into a wide grin.

"Let it begin…" she chanted to herself.

His body moved on its own, heading towards…?

He didn't know what.

He felt so horrible. And so very tired.

He just didn't care that his body shoved down the gymnasium doors…

It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it.

"Mewtwo… We meet at last."

It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it. It was it.

And yet it wasn't.

"What was that!?"

Arceus's sudden shout pierced the ears of Dialga and Palkia, her two sons who happened to be right beside her. The godlike pokémon looked up and down nervously, scanning the whole city.

"What?" Palkia asked.

And then he felt it.

"DIALGA!" he said accusingly, pinching his nose.


"Both of you be quiet!" the godlike pokémon stamped her hoof. "My all seeing ears have picked up on something!"


"I don't know! It's very hard to see with your ears!" Arceus retorted. She cocked her ears to try and see more…

She saw-

The doors burst open.

At first, this was ignored. Until one student looked to see who did it. "Hey look, it's Lucario!"

The blue Jackal gazed about the room. Yet, he didn't gaze at the room. He was looking at everything, but not seeing anything either. His expression could not be determined. His eyes were a golden color.

"And this is my project!" Darkrai said to the judges.

"A box?" asked Mrs. Kangaskhan in confusion. Darkrai smirked.

"No… what I am about to reveal to you is the greatest science project of all time!" Darkrai placed his hands on the box. Both Kangaskhan and Gliscor leaned forwards in anticipation. "I give you… THE-

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHH!!" Lucario screamed at the top of his lungs. Before anyone knew it, He concentrated a massive amount of aura into his fist, and punched the ground in a Force Palm, creating an immense shockwave that knocked the weaker students down.

"What the-!?" the secret agents and Deoxys said in fear. As quickly as they could, they shielded themselves from the impact, but were still thrown back against the wall. When the shockwave was over, Torkoal peeked out of his shell and demanded

"Lucario! What's gotten into you? And where have you been!?"

Lucario instead launched an Aura Sphere at him. Torkoal performed a Protect and was unharmed, but now the Jackal was attacking the rest of the student body. Gliscor shoved a desk out of his way and tried to help the situation. His arm charged with darkness energy and he struck the blue jackal.

"Night Slash!" Gliscor performed a downward attack, but the blue jackal easily countered and threw Gliscor to the side, and ended it with a quick Aura Sphere.

"Fiend!" Gallade declared, "Stop attacking Gardevoir!"

"HE'S ATTACKING ME!!" Gliscor shouted on the ground.

"I shall protect you." Gallade said to Gardevoir. He extended his elbow blades and performed a sideways Leaf Blade. Lucario jumped over and use Force Palm on Gallade's head in retaliation and Gallade blocked it respectively. With their arms locked, Lucario's legs suddenly burst forth into flames, and landed a powerfully placed Blaze Kick on Gallade's stomach. The resulting blow blew Gallade to the side, crashing him into a wall.

Lucario gave another mad yell, and to everyone’s horror, he put his hands together and launched his most fearsome move- The Aura Storm.


In a rip off of SSBB, Lucario blasted away a third of the gym with a single blow. Chairs were obliterated, desks and their contents blown to pieces- nothing survived his blast at all. Whatever remained was in ash.

Including Darkrai's science project.

"You…" Darkrai struggled to deny it "Destroyed… my…"

And then he got really mad.









The aura blast pierced the heavens, its blue energy creating an enormous light in the area.

In other words, thought Thief Weavile, that must be the signal.

She got up and casually stretched her arms behind her back, then gazed at her two cohorts. Toxicroak grinned back at the weasel, and Zangoose just stood there, bored as ever.

Time to move out.







Everyone was amazed at Darkrai's intricate vocabulary. He even knew the V word! No one must speak the V word, as it was the worst cuss word ever other than the U word of course. But Lucario didn't seem to hear him nor the V word. He instead ran away at blinding speeds.

"OH NO YOU DON'T!" screamed the prince of darkness.

Gardevoir grabbed Darkrai's arms and tried her hardest not to let Darkrai chase angrily after the blue jackal. But his rage and nightmare powers were just too strong- he broke free of her grip and ran after Lucario.

When the two ran away, Principal Torkoal immediately shouted "CODE 99! REPEAT! CODE 99!!"

The schools defense system was now online. All windows became barred, and all doors became locked. The student body was swiftly directed to lunchroom, the only safe haven.

"We need to find out what's wrong with Lucario!!" Torkoal shouted to the teachers, who were also in a state of panic.

"I suggest we…" Mr. Alakazam stopped in mid-sentence.

"What? What should we do?" asked Mrs. Pidgeot.

Alakazam would not speak. He was shaking, gazed at a distant object, pointing at it. The rest of the teachers fearfully looked behind themselves.

It was HER.

"No…" Torkoal muttered. Weavile caught the turtles gaze and returned it with a look of unrelenting smugness and malice. In a split second, she was in front of him.

"Here's the deal." Weavile put her hand on Torkoals shoulder. She casually looked around and instantly felt the fear of all the students who had not yet moved to the lunchroom. She loved it.

"I am now in COMPLETE control of this school." Weavile said, as if she were Torkoal’s old friends. "Am I understood?"

Torkoal did not want to risk his students getting hurt. He looked at them, trying to give them a reassuring smile, and spoke.

"Yes." there was no choice- they stood no chance against this woman.

"Good." Thief Weavile, without hesitation, moved on to the next order of business. "Activate code one hundred and three."

This of course, shocked most of the staff, and especially Principal Torkoal. Code one hundred and three meant absolute lockdown- via a giant energy shield surrounding the school. It was built in war time when the Pokémon World War happened.

Torkoal gasped bitterly. Weavile had done her homework. While she was all powerful here, lurking exactly 10,000 feet above the school sat Arceus with her all seeing eyes. But the barrier would prevent that. The purpose of the barrier was to be so strong that not even a god could break it for the hour it was activated.

"Just don't hurt my students…" Torkoal pleaded with the master thief.

"Well that WILL depend on how fast you obey my orders. Won't it?" she asked rhetorically. Torkoal began to sweat, and spoke as quickly as he could.

"Code one hundred and three… activate."

The instant the computer completed the voice confirmation, the schools defense system went haywire. It sapped up all the power in the complex, leaving hallways dim in its hungry energy absorption. As the pokémon gazed in awe, the surrounding area was suddenly lit by a light blue circle. Energy waves came up from the circle and formed a dome around the whole campus.

The school was in total lockdown. Now nothing could get out, and nothing could get in.

"Good boy." Weavile said with her malevolent chirpy voice. She walked around the area, slowly, then spied a microphone, connected to the loudspeakers. She picked it up, as well as an apple on a desk, and handed the microphone to Torkoal.

"You will tell everyone that this building is under my control. Any resistance will be silenced." Weavile crushed the apple with her claws. As the students stood in fear, Torkoal made the announcement.

"Thief Weavile has total control of this school until further notice."

The statement was so shocking, that for a while, no one said anything. The cafeteria was silent, until Gliscor blurted out


"She has kindly asked not to resist. Please… don't…" the loudspeaker clicked off.

"This is insane!!" Mercifond said. Her brother agreed with her.

"This just can't be happening…" Cresselia was worried. Deoxys was fidgeting nervously.
When asked why, she replied that Mewtwo still hadn't come back from his trip to the bathroom.

"Deoxys…" Cresselia said in immediate fear. "We're pokémon. We don't go to the bathroom."

"Oh no…"

"Thank you for your time." Thief Weavile smiled. Her two subordinates were getting impatient.

"…the basement…?" Zangoose asked in his typical bored voice. Weavile replied that yes, it was time to go to the basement. Because at the bottom of the basement… lay the ultimate treasure.

"The basement!?!" Torkoal blurted out, "You can't go to the bottom of the basement!!"

"Why not?" Weavile asked, uninterested.

"Because…!! Um… because…"

He couldn't remember why it was bad. It was very bad, he knew, but why he forgot. His mind drew a blank- he couldn't even remember what was at the bottom. He hadn't been down there since… since the war…

"We must hurry, hurry, to the underground~. We have but an hour before the seal is unbound~!" warned the rhyming Toxicroak.


From the body of students who lay in the gymnasium leapt forth two figures who ditched their disguises.

"Agent Raptor!" the first one said.

"And Agent Blaze!" the second one added.

"WE'RE HERE TO TAKE YOU DOWN!!" they shouted a war cry. Blaze and Raptor ran and flew respectively to the grinning master thief. Agent Blaze prepared a Fire Punch, and Agent Raptor an Aerial Ace.

"Those better not touch me." Thief Weavile was irked.

Before their attacks even had a chance to hit, Toxicroak and Zangoose went into action. Zangoose blocked Raptor with relative easy, and Toxicroak spun Blaze away without even trying.

"Poison Jab~!"

"…Crush Claw."

Their attacks hit the agents and blew them into opposite corners of the room. Slightly pleased, Weavile left with her two cohorts behind her. As Agent Blaze moaned in pain, Agent Raptor spoke up. "They're strong…!" the Staraptor moaned, rubbing her left wing. She took out a walkie-talkie and turned to her partner.

"Blaze, we need reinforcements."


"We have to do SOMETHING!" Malispite argued.

"We might make the situation even worse…" Gardevoir said back. She paused. Gardevoir was worried about Darkrai, who knew what could be happening to him now?

There was no reply since he took after Lucario…

"So we just sit here and do nothing!?" the brown bat growled. "I'll take down Weavile myself!" Malispite began walking away, slowed down by his sister tugging his wings and having him drag her in the process. As the rest of the group protested, Gliscor's cell phone picked a perfect time to ring.

"Odd… do they have cell phone connections in indestructible barriers?" he wondered aloud. Nonetheless, he answered it.


"Agent Purple! It is I, your leader, Agent Raptor."



"We stalked you for a bit."
Agent Blaze’s voice said over the line. After loud’ WHAM’, Raptor was back on the phone.

"We need help. As you already know, Thief Weavile is has taken over the school. She appears to be heading for the deepest part of the school's basement. We don't have ANY contact with our supreme boss therefore, and so he cannot send us reinforcements. You're our only shot at taking her down. Join up with us, and-

Suddenly, the ceiling vent gave way and the two secret agents tumbled down. They stood up and brushed themselves off.

"Anyway, we need you to help us." Raptor concluded.

"Why should I be the one that needs to help you? I can't fight THAT well! And what were you doing in the vents anyways!?"

"Stalking you." Blaze replied.


"You must understand…" Raptor spoke again, this time addressing al of Gliscor's friends, "You guys are the only pokémon we know here. You may not be qualified, but-

"Hah! I'll take that son-of-a-Feebas whether I'm qualified or not!" Malispite gloated.

"I shall protect my fair maiden from her vile scheme!" Gallade said, determined. Gardevoir beamed at him; Gallade was a good friend.

"I guess I'll go too." Gardevoir smiled next to Gallade. Soon, they were all ready. Gliscor was still reluctant, as well as Mercifond, but the majority were on their side.

"…thank you." Raptor thanked them from the bottom of their heart. If they played this right, they might have a chance to take Weavile down once and for all.

Just then Arceus's hologram appeared "What is going on down there!?" were the first words from her mouth.

"Thief Weavile attacked this place." answered the lunar swan, "she attacked the school and activated code 103."

"Geeze…" Arceus muttered, "I can't break the barrier. I knew I should have made an off switch for this thing…! What does she want anyway!?"

"We… don't know." Cresselia answered again, "The secret agents said that she was heading to the bottom of the school's basement though."

Arceus stopped completely.

"The basement…?" She gasped in complete horror, "No…She can't be trying to get…!” the god of all pokémon shook "CRESSELIA!!"

The sheer fear and desperation in her voice was shocking to Cresselia, who had grown up to believe her mom to fear nothing "Listen to me Cresselia! You have to prevent Weavile from getting to floor -99 at ALL costs!!" she shouted.

"What-? But wh-”

"Just do it!" Arceus practically screamed, "I'll try to break the barrier… but you must chase after her NOW! Every second is precious! GO!!"

With the last go, her hologram flickered out, and the pokémon stood at each other. Without a word, they all left, even Gliscor, was before was too afraid to come. Now he was even more scared of what would happen if Weavile DID get to the bottom of the basement.

As all three ran, Gardevoir pulled Deoxys close and whispered

"I know you're worried about Mewtwo." She spoke kindly. Deoxys nodded in a yes. "Then go." Gardevoir coaxed gently. "We can take care of Weavile. You go find Mewtwo."

Deoxys thanked Gardevoir and secretly went on her separate path.

Almost immediately after her departure, Deoxys fell a convulsing wave of emotions that nearly overcame her. It was a sickening psychically powered shockwave that drove the mind to throw their lunch up just to ease the pain.

"What… was… that…?" the alien spoke. She quickly got back to her feet and floated at top speed to where the wave originally resonated. She flew at the fastest speed she could.

Because the wave came from Mewtwo.

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