Legendary PKMN

Chapter eleven

Chapter eleven- Balance of Power (Act two: Initiate The War)


-"And you have the map memorized?" asked the ball of light.


-"I've had the strangest feeling all day long…That something with a powerful presence is watching me…"-


-"Listen to me Cresselia! You have to prevent Weavile from getting to floor -99 at ALL costs!!"-

"You can't break it!?" Groudon said to Palkia and Dialga. They nodded bitterly.

"We made it so that the school couldn't be accessible for exactly one hour." Palkia explained, bitterly looking down.

"The barrier was designed by ourselves, so we should know." Dialga added.

"You guys are the guardians of time and space aren't you?" Groudon retorted angrily. The two brothers looked at each other.

"Yes, but the barrier was designed to keep anything out." Dialga said. He elaborated. "When we created the barrier, we used our powers of time and space to create the school in another dimension, where time and space don't flow within a small synapse between the barrier and the school." Seeing as how Groudon was confused, the guardian of time put it in lamens terms.

"…In other words, the school technically does not exist because it's surrounded by a wall that contains nonexistence." Dialga tried to explain as best he could.

"Which is a problem." said Arceus, just appearing. "I hit it with Judgement five times, and then a can of Fizzy Soda, but neither worked. We need a new plan to get inside. Fast."

"Why are we so desperate?" Groudon broke out, "Sure, the Thief Weavile part I understand… but they have Mewtwo on their side! He wouldn't lose to that woman." Groudon knew, because he had sparred with the psychic on occasion.

Arceus, Palkia and Dialga exchanged glances.

Groudon was still a relatively new legend. Which meant he didn't know yet.

"It's top priority." Arceus stated, "Let's just leave it at that…" she said nothing more. For a while, it was silent, until Palkia had a suggestion.

"If worst comes to worst…" he thought aloud, "…we may have to use Legend Signal."

Groudon practically gaped. Legend Signal was a signal used by Arceus to gather every single legendary in the world and Distortion world at the Hall. It had NEVER been used before, since the time after the Pokémon World War when it was set up. And yet, here Palkia was, actually SUGGESTING that they call every known legendary just to try and break into Tajiri High school?

"We don't have time for assumptions." Arceus stated flatly, "We'll have to do it now."

Groudon gaped again.

"I'll make the call." Palkia said. His wings expanded, and he zoomed up some stairs and out of view. Without hesitation, Arceus ordered Dialga to check up the old files of when the two brothers had built the barrier. When Groudon gaped and asked just what was happening, Arceus shunned the thought away, and told him simply to try and break the barrier with his earth powers.

"I sent the message."

It was Palkia, who had just returned. Arceus commented on how fast he was.

"Well, being the guardian of space, and with Dialga's help to speed up time…" Palkia let Arceus's imagination do the rest. "Anything else?"

The god like Pokémon stared downwards at the yellow barrier. Deep in thought, she finally spoke

"I'm calling in an Exploration team." She walked gracefully over to the phone, and psychically lifted it to her ear as Palkia's eyes widened.

"Team… Nova?" he asked. Arceus responded in a 'no'.

"I don't have their number." she said. "I’ll try contacting t eh secret agents and Neon-Chan…"

She walked away to get a phone. The ground type legendary was still agape, wondering just what was going on.

“Hay Dialga…?” questioned Groudon “Why… do we even have a barrier so powerful that it can’t be broken through? And why is it around a simple high school?”

The guardian of time paused. He looked at Groudon and gritted his teeth, trying to come up with an excuse. The ground type was gazing at his with a suspicious look. Finally, Dialga said this:

“If everything goes as planned, you won’t have to find out.”

"We have our priorities given." Agent Raptor spoke to all the members of their squad "Apparently, it is paramount that Thief Weavile keeps from the basement."

The Staraptor fluttered her wings "We'll need a plan of attack…"

"But first, we'll need to decide who will be the leader." Cresselia eyed the rest "I think it should be me."

"No way!" Agent Raptor said angrily, "I'M the undisputed leader! That's rule three!"

"No, I should be commander!" Malispite broke in.

"It should be Gardevoir!" announced Gallade. A miniature fight broke out as to who would be the leader. Words flew everywhere, pointed at no one in particular.

As Gardevoir tried to calm them down, it only got worse until there was a white cloud of dust obscuring the violence. Finally, Cresselia yelled for a halt.

"There's only one way to settle this." Cresselia announced. She held up some straws. Understanding, they all meant to draw a straw: whoever had the shortest was the leader. Cresselia levitated around until everyone had a straw, except for herself.

"Hey how come you don't have a straw?" Mercifond asked.

"Oh. No more." Cresselia said, "…I guess technically that means I have the shortest straw!"


"So, as first act of leader, I have a plan." she called everyone in. Bitterly, they all leaned closer to listen.

"Our top priority is to get to Weavile before she gets to level b99. However, as the Secret agents told us, she has two henchmen named Toxicroak and Zangoose under her command."

"Fellow thieves." Blaze nodded in agreement.

"…therefore, we can assume that Weavile is going to use them to buy time for herself. She will most likely send them at us one at a time. It's an obvious tactic." pausing, she turned to the other and spoke "We'll have to intercept them, two at a time. It's the only way to accomplish our objective. In this way, while two of us fight one of them, the rest can move forward, and so on and so forth until we can reach Weavile.

Any questions?"

Everyone stared. That was actually a pretty good idea.

Taking the lack of talk as a 'yes', Cresselia moved ahead, floating quietly "When the members are defeated, they obviously will move ahead and help with the ones further down." she opened the door to the basement, and stared. There were lit lights still, so you could see for a bit, but only darkness after that. She turned one final time and asked


With a unanimous 'yes', they all joined Cresselia and ran down the stairs.

"One last important thing…" the lunar swan said as she sped downwards. "From now on, you are to call me 'Glorious leader'." she smirked, "Because I AM glorious."

Everyone glared.


The voice was a quiet, unemotional statement.

It made Mewtwo anxious.

"Indeed I am." said the male psychic, cracking a grin.

He studied her.

It was almost like looking at his own reflection, she was exactly like him, but her body shape gave her a clearly feminine view. She was clearly smaller, probably weighed less than he, and her tail was about 1.5 times longer than his own. Her blue eyes reflected no emotion. Pink fur lined her body with dark pink hair at the crown of her head. Her antennae were longer than his own, and a red jewel sat in the armor of her neck bone.

"A female… of my species!?" Mewtwo thought aloud, "Impossible! I am the only one of my kind!!" Mewtwo was worked up. He didn't know why or how, but he was. "What are you!?" he demanded.

"…It is as you say." said the newcomer, "I am not one of your species, you are the only one." pausing for a brief instant, she explained herself.

"I am a combination of human genes and your own. Giovanni has given me the name 'Mewthree'."

That explained it. Mewthree. A new experiment created from his own genes and ones from a human donor, made by none other than Giovanni himself.


"So, what does he want THIS time?" Mewtwo asked sarcastically. It didn't take a genius to figure out what she was here for, but Mewtwo wanted to hear it from her.

"What he wanted years ago." said the experiment. "You. I have been created for the sole purpose of persuading you to come back to him." her hands glowed with psychic energy. "…whether you want to or not."

"So, I'm guessing if I don't want to, then you'll fight me?" asked Mewtwo. Mewthree didn't say a word. They both knew the answer already, there was no need for chatting.

"Shadow Ball!"

A dark purple sphere launched from Mewtwo's bare palms. Aimed to kill the creature, Mewthree nonchalantly stepped aside five feet away.

Mewtwo took note of this. As he had predicted, her smaller, lithe body was built for speed. The psycat grinned with excitement. Giovanni had learned a bit from his mistakes.

"Aura Sphere." a concentrated ball of aura the size of a bowling ball was fired from her pink hand at the psychotic psychic.

'Too bad for him though.'

Mewtwo easily stopped the Aura Sphere from hitting himself, concentrated, then grinned as he launched it back at her with twice the force. Take by surprise, Mewthree only barely managed to dodge in time, were it not for her superior speed it would have been deadly. Mewtwo grinned at her, and she returned it with an emotionless stare.

'He forgot that I'm STILL the ultimate psychic.'


Just as they were about to hit floor b20, Cresselia stopped and gagged a bit. Sensing something wrong, Mercifond asked what had happened.

"I sensed… a really… bad… plot device…" Cresselia shook her head, ridding herself of the thought. Whatever plot device the author had just put into the story, it was so lame that they needed a new word for it.


But that could wait. For now, they had to stop Weavile from getting to b99. Speaking of which, they just found the door leading to b21. Opening the door, Cresselia found that she was wrong.

Instead of finding some stairs, they found a giant room about twice the size of an average classroom. The ground was even, the ceiling was equally smooth. Grey walls that smelled of steel surrounded all four sides. Stairs lay on the opposite end of the room. And there was a Toxicroak in the middle of it.

"Greeting all, Toxicroak I be~!" He greeted, smiling. "To get to Thief Weavile, you must first get past me~!"

"As suspected." Cresselia noted the grinning frog "Everyone! Decide amongst yourselves who will fight Toxicroak!"

"Why aren't YOU a part of it!?" Gliscor asked, carefully analyzing the implications of Cresselia's statement.

"Because I am the leader. I don't NEED to fight. That's what you goons are for."
Everyone in the room fell down anime style.

Getting up, Toxicroak interjected.

"Ah, but that is the way it does not fall~! I will fight everyone, for my goal is to stall~." Heaving in air, Toxicroak shouted with a loud breath out "POISON GAS~!"

With that, a dark cloud of purple poisonous gas filled the air. Cresselia yelled 'Scatter!' from somewhere in the smog and the rest understood to take the temporary cover as a means of escaping the room. Pokémon were bumping into each other, trying to find the exit.

"You cannot escape this room~!" the grinning frog yelled out within the smoke. "I have sealed the exit, you all are doomed~!"

Gallade fought the gas, slashing at anything he thought would move. "I will find you Gardevoir!" He yelled, trying to not breathe in the gas. Using the power of love, he soon spotted a familiar shape within the thinning smoke.

"Gardevoir!" he grabbed her hand as the smoke vanished.

Gardevoir's hand was actually a purple claw.

"…what are you doing?" Gliscor asked Gallade. They were both dudes, so holding hands was not on the purple bat's agenda.

Gallade paused. He looked at Gliscor, then at the audience. He looked at Gliscor again, and back at the audience.


"BECAUSE I AM GLISCOR YOU MORON!!" seeing this, Toxicroak chuckled.

"Hoho! You guys cannot win~! For the exits are sealed, as they are made of-”Toxicroak stopped. The wall he put in front of the stairs had been smashed open, and he, Gliscor and Gallade were the only ones in the room.

"…" Toxicroak said.

"They...left… us…" Gliscor said bitterly. Making the best of it Gliscor swiped some mud while Toxicroak was looking the other way and threw it at Toxicroak in a Mud Slap attack. But just as it was about to hit the vulnerable frog, he leapt up superhumanly and stuck to the ceiling.

"Well, well, well, it’s just us three~." said the frog. On top of the ceiling, the frog stood up upside down. He brought his hands to his chest, ready to unleash his attacks.

"Who will win? It is now time to see~!"

"…should we really have done that?" Gardevoir asked, worried about Gallade and Gliscor.

"They'll be fine." Cresselia rolled her eyes. She had more important things to do, like find Thief Weavile, make someone beat her up, and take the credit for the operation all for herself. THAT would show Darkrai that she was better than him!
Speaking of which, where the heck WAS her little brother anyway?

She and the others still had no clue.

Brushing that thought aside, she zoomed forwards downwards in the spiral to the bottom.



The Legendary prince of darkness chased after the blue jackal with much rage in his eyes. He had broken Darkrai's chance at scoring with Lopunny, and now Lucario was going to pay for it! Strangely, Lucario didn't appear to hear Darkrai no matter how hard he taunted him. What's more, he seemed to be going in a clear direction, but Darkrai didn't know where. A sharp left turn later and Lucario sped down the basement. Without hesitation, Darkrai followed.

"Sludge Bomb~!" glop was hurled from Toxicroak’s open mouth downwards to Gliscor. Gliscor jumped up to dodge and stuck to a wall. Gallade leapt up as far as he could, which happened to be the distance Toxicroak stood upside down, and his blades glowed purple.

"Psycho Cut!" the slash from Gallade's elbow blade would have dealt massive damage against any poison/fighting type. But, as Toxicroak easily leapt downwards back to the ground, Gallade discovered that this was no ordinary toxicroak.

"Sludge Bomb~!" another blob of poison was hurled at Gallade in a spear like fashion. Gallade winced; he couldn't dodge in midair. But just as it was about to hit, mud deflected the poison at the last second and the poison didn't hit the fighting psychic.

Toxicroak was mildly amused. Gliscor had been waiting carefully on that grey wall…

"Gallade, we'll need to work as a team to beat this guy!" Gliscor shouted, not once taking his eyes off the grinning frog. Toxicroak leapt up with his jumping power and launched his next attack as he flew through the air.

"Mud Bomb~!" a giant sphere of mud was aimed at Gliscor. Knowing no other way to counter attack, the purple bat flung himself further up the wall and countered with another Mud Slap. Toxicroak easily slapped the weak attack aside, but by then Gallade had his back. Gallade struck sideways with a Leaf Blade. Toxicroak jumped up and then disappeared.


"Faint Attack~!"

The blow hit Gallade hard, he was rammed against the wall that Gliscor hung from above. Toxicroak, wasting no time, charged at the duo, his arms seeped in poison.

"Poison Jab~!" just as he was about to strike, Gallade got up and use Psycho Cut to block it. Yelling for Gliscor to do something, the purple bat let go of the wall and hurled himself downwards.

"X-Scissor!!" the bug type attack came close to the frog but Toxicroak leapt up and deflected it with his feet. A split second after that, he jumped off the attack before it could do any real damage, landing in the center of the arena. He immediately used his attack: Revenge.

Fighting type energy stored within his left fist, he swung down as fast as he could and landed a nasty blow on Gliscor. His victory was short lived- Gallade took this opportunity to speed behind him and unleash a Psycho Cut as Toxicroak hit Gliscor!

Gallade hit Toxicroak with as much force as he could, the downward blow stinging the frog greatly. Ignoring the pain, the blue frog quickly Sucker Punched Gallade and leapt back to the center room.

"Bulk Up~!" Toxicroak's muscles tensed, and grew just a bit bigger from the increased blood flow. Grinning wider, he filled his arms with poison and charged. Knowing that the next blow would hurt, Gallade grabbed Gliscor and they leapt to the top of the room. Anticipating this might happen, Toxicroak changed direction and leapt to the ceiling just as they came back into view.

"Poison Jab~!" One hand went to Gliscor, the other to Gallade. The massive blow sent them flying into one of the walls. Pain from both ends of their body went to their minds.

"Damn… this guy's good!" Gallade winced, clutching his chest in pain. Toxicroak grinned. The Bulk Up ended, and his muscles returned to normal size.

"But for Gardevoir's sake, I shall win!" the fighting psychic ignored the pain and charged forth at Toxicroak with Aerial Ace. Just as the blow connected with Toxicroak, the frog grinned and unleashed a powerful Revenge onto Gallade, sending him flying back again. Regardless, Gallade got back up and raised his hand.

"Psychic!" not expecting this, the frog's eyes widened as he was thrown back against the opposing wall. Taking advantage of this, Gliscor swooped down, aided by gravity, and struck the frog hard with his own Aerial Ace. Toxicroak didn't even have time to counter, because right after the first Aerial Ace Gallade hit him with a downwards Psycho Cut. The pain was from both attacks was immense, but Gallade and Gliscor knew he might counter, so they followed up with a twin Aerial Ace attack.

The blow resounded through the area of the room. Smoke filtered out, because both of them had crushed the wall trying to inflict damage onto the grinning frog. That's not to say they didn't hit him, Toxicroak lay down, apparently unconscious.

"I think… we did it…" Gliscor huffed. He was tired. That was perhaps the most intense fight he had ever had. Gallade was tired too, his hand rested on his knee.

"Yes… we have destroyed the villain Toxicroak. Good job!" Gallade agreed. Standing back up on two feet, he motioned for Gliscor to follow him down the stairs. As the bat and the fighting psychic walked away, Toxicroak came right in front of them and swiped them both aside.

"Hohoho~! You're all good I see~!" Toxicroak grinned. Gallade and Toxicroak were awestruck. He had actually survived their double Aerial Ace and actually had the strength to fight on!?

"But it will take more than that, to defeat a man such as me~!" Toxicroak paused for a second, then cracked his neck. Flexing his fingers and loosening the joints of his body, he went on.

"Clearly, my power level now will not defeat you~… Therefore, I should say, I’ll get serious too~!"

Gallade and Gliscor gaped.


Toxicroak merely grinned, much to Gliscor and Gallade's fear.

"The real fight, it shall begin… and NOW we will see, indeed who shall win~!"


Arceus stared at the barrier. It made her cringe on the inside; she needed to get in as fast as possible. The gravity of the situation was apparent on her brow, which furrowed as deeply as it could. The only good news was that twenty minutes had passed, and nothing had happened so far.


Arceus thought back to the past. She thought that by putting it inside of a school, the least suspicious area conceivable, no one would ever try to find it. She had taken great pains to ensure that any knowledge regarding what lay at the bottom of the basement were destroyed.

But one way or another, Weavile was heading there right now. Her two sons Palkia and Dialga were trying to find anything that could help them succeed in cracking the barrier before the thief arrived at the bottom.

Arceus prayed to God that they would succeed.

And then she remembered that she WAS God.

Who should she pray to then!?

Chuck Norris!?

Arceus: "OH NO YOU DON'T!!"

God began to chase the narrator, who apparently was still alive.


<-- HERE!)

And so, Team Cresselia (I bet you can't guess which egotistical swan thought up THAT name), leaving Gliscor and Gallade to deal with Toxicroak, ran downwards the spiral stairs to the floors below. The increasing darkness would have blinded them if not for the conveniently lit torches every few steps on the walls beside them.

"Floor b49." said Cresselia. "We're close…"

Suddenly, she paused. She glared angrily at the fourth wall:

"I thought I told you to call me Glorious Leader!"

Cataclyptic: (-_-)

"Floor b49." said GLORIOUS LEADER, "We're close…"

"Much better." Glorious Leader smiled. Leading the group, she floated ahead down the stairs.

"Hey I've been wondering." Agent Blaze said to his partner "What's down there anyway that's so important?"

"Good question…" Agent Raptor said. She thought for a bit as they ran "…Well, since the current God of this world wants it not to be stolen, we can suppose that its very valuable… a giant priceless jewel maybe?"

"Nah, Mom isn't one for jewelry." the lunar swan said from up ahead, "I know exactly what's down there, naturally."

"You do? What?" asked Gardevoir, interested.

"I can't tell you."


"You don't know, do you?" someone commented.


And so, Glorious Leader flew away farther to hide her embarrassment, but it was cut short by another door, marked b50, leading to another room, and probably leading to-

"If you say Chuck Norris, I will kill you." Malispite threatened the narrator.

Narrator: "…"

Narrator: "…another opponent…"

"Thank you." rolled the eyes of the seven foot tall bat. That joke was getting to be way over used in this crappy story. They opened a door and found a dimly lit room. It was very tall, but about the same width and length as the previous room. Everything was dark grey colored.

In the center sat their second opponent, Zangoose.

"…You're here…" Zangoose moaned. He sighed.

Dealing with Legendary pokémon was such a pain…

"What? Are you going to impede us like Toxicroak?"

"…" Zangoose glared in a bored manner at the lunar swan, "Don't care…just send someone to fight me…"

"Well that was convenient." noted Glorious Leader, “Who would like to volunteer-”

"I WOULD." said a voice before the swan could finish their sentence. They all looked around to see who had said it, and unbelievably, it was from Malispite who was grinning with confidence. Even Mercifond was surprised.

"Brother, why…?"

"Because I've been wanting to wail on this guy since we started this mission…"

Malispite cracked a battle grin. Mercifond didn't understand, but regardless, she stuck with her brother.

"We'll take care of this one. You all go on ahead." the white bat announced.

"Your glorious leader wishes you luck." Glorious Leader said out of respect. Kind of. The rest zoomed past Zangoose, who didn't bother to try and chase them. They ran down the stairs to floor b51.

"…let's just get this over with…" Zangoose sighed. Barrel over his shoulder shaking slightly, he got into a fighting position. Malispite and Mercifond responded by taking up fighting positions of their own.

"I've been waiting for this moment… to prove myself!!" Malispite said to Zangoose. And then, in a louder voice, he yelled.


"…" Mercifond paused.

"…" Zangoose paused.

"…" Malispite grinned, waiting for ‘Thief Weavile’ to start quivering in fear.

"…I'm not Weavile…" Zangoose said lazily, "I'm Zangoose…"



"Brother… Thief Weavile is a WEAVILE." Mercifond pointed out. Malispite paused, putting two and two together.

"…Oh…" the brown bat started to regret his decision "Uh… can I go with them instead?" Malispite asked.

"No…" Zangoose moaned. "Weavile said I have to fight… it's such a pain…" he looked up lazily, then charged forward with surprising speed.

"Crush Claw…" Zangoose's claw flew forwards at Mercifond. Mercifond countered by using an Ice Punch on Zangoose’s fist to neutralize the blow, sending Zangoose flying a bit forwards with her power. Malispite gave his sister a thumbs up.

"Don't go easy on me because I'm a girl." Mercifond said smartly. "I'm just as good as Malispite!"

"We're the twins of DESTRUCTION!!!" Malispite said, placing emphasis on the last word. Mercifond sweatdropped and asked why they were of 'DESTRUCTION'.

"Cause destruction is COOL."


Just as they were about to fight again, Mercifond stopped them "Wait… what's that noise?!" Mercifond asked.

"…What…?" Zangoose moaned.

"Don't you hear it…? It's coming closer… it sounds like… blasting…?"

And then they heard several 'BOOM's, each one louder than the last.

Mewtwo picked up the pace and launched not one, but FIVE Aura Spheres at his female counterpart. Mewthree, sensing the hostility in them, crouched down and then ran around to dodge them in a surprising burst of speed and levitation. She ran up close to Mewtwo and brought down her hand in a Psycho Cut. Mewtwo didn't even try to dodge the cut, it hit him at point black. However, Mewthree was surprised to see that it didn't even hurt him.

"Psychic!!" a burst of telekinetic energy hit Mewthree and she tumbled backwards, but regained her posture well enough to dodge the incoming Shadow Balls. Mewthree launched a Shock Wave, but the psychic used his own telekinetic powers to deflect it back at her. Not wasting any time, Mewtwo also launched a Shadow Ball the second afterwards.

Mewthree used her own psychic powers to send the Shadow Ball somewhere else, and then leapt up as another Shadow Ball reached her muzzle. However, Mewtwo cracked an insane grin and the large Shadow Ball suddenly did a 180 and headed back to Mewthree!

"Shadow Ball!" Mewthree shouted, launching her own sphere of ghostly energy to counter Mewtwo's. The two spheres collided and neutralized themselves. The female psychic whipped around and launched an Ice Beam from her mouth. Mewtwo, still grinning insanely, performed another Aura Sphere, more powerful than the previous ones, and it shot straight through the ice and made direct contact with Mewthree. Seeing his victory, Mewtwo decided to chat a bit.

"I'll admit that you're good. However!" Mewtwo spoke. "I'm STILL the ultimate psychic! You lack the training that I have, so I am at the advantage.”
Mewthree stood back up, her eyes still showing nothing. No anger, no sadness, not even joy. Wiping some dust off her cheek, she responded.


The pink psycat’s cells sped up their division process via a glowing greenish energy around her body. The bruises on her began to heal, and within seconds they were completely gone.

"I have my orders from Giovanni." she stated, determined "I will not fail."

Mewtwo broke out into an even wider grin. The smile on his face so malicious and full of evil intent that it would have made ordinary pokémon fall to their knees. It gave gravity a new meaning, and pulled you down as low as you could go with enormous pressure surrounding your entire body.

"That's right… heal yourself! HEAL YOURSELF!!" Mewtwo screamed with an unknown ecstasy, "Make the fight last longer!! Bring more pain!!" he chanted insanely. Subconsciously, he gripped his wrist as hard as he could. So hard, that he actually began to get white, as if his hand was trying to tell him that something was wrong.

Mewtwo saw his hand, and felt the pain that somehow wasn't there before.

His hand was right, something WAS wrong with him. Was it her!? Was she the one responsible for this?!

No. It wasn't her.

Maybe it was.

But he didn't care.

He would just kill her.

Then maybe this insanity would stop.

Toxicroak grinned once more, and took up a strange fighting position.

"I will now show you my secret attack~!" Toxicroak explained. "Once it has been done, there is no turning back~…" Gliscor and Gallade stood back. Secret attack? What did he mean by that?

They would soon find out. Toxicroak gathered enormous amounts of energy to his body, storing them up. Just when it seemed like he would burst from the energy stored, he began to initiate his move.



There was a sudden explosion from the wall Gallade and Gliscor were closest to. Out from the newly made hole came… Lucario!


Closely following Lucario was Darkrai. They two zoomed around the room, much to the confusion of the original three fighters. Then, Lucario launched another Aura Sphere and blew a hole in the wall where Toxicroak was closest to, as well as the stairs. Darkrai chased Lucario at blinding speeds as the blue jackal ran downwards and downwards to the bottom of the basement. In almost no time, they reached b50.


Another hole in the wall by Lucario. Lucario ran straight past Malispite, Mercifond and Zangoose, blew another hole in the wall, and then ran through it. Darkrai, screaming profanity, zoomed after him.

Malispite: "…What…"

Mercifond: "…The…"

Zangoose: "…Hell…?"

Meanwhile, GLORIOUS LEADER's group had reached b75- another empty room, this one too lined with gray walls and four torches for each wall. Strangely, no one was there.

"Odd…" said GLORIOUS LEADER, "Oh well, let's just go straight to the next-


Another hole in the wall and Lucario entered the room, followed by a still enraged prince of darkness.

"YOU STOP RIGHT NOW OR ELSE!!" Darkrai screamed.

Lucario stopped in the middle of the room.

"…" Darkrai wondered, "Wow. I didn't think that would work."

As the group watched, Lucario turned around. And grinned.

"Greetings one and all." Lucario introduced, "I am Lucario, the guardian of b75. Pleased to meet all of you."

"Darkrai…" Gardevoir whispered, "Are you okay…?"

"Course." Darkrai scoffed. "I'm invincible! No one can take me down!" he assured her. The psychic smiled a bit. He was fine after all.

"And also…" the prince of darkness said with anger, directed at Lucario "YOU DESTROYED MY SCIENCE PROJECT! NOW I CAN'T IMPRESS LOPUNNY! PREPARE TO DIE!"

"Oh yes, THAT…" Lucario rolled his eyes, "Do you want your revenge? Actually, this works out perfectly because I've been meaning to fight you…" Lucario grinned. This situation was strange- Lucario's mannerism was very different than the last time they fought.

"If I may…" Lucario interjected their thoughts. He pointed at the Lunar Swan. "I would like to fight Cresselia also. What do you all say?"

Glorious Leader paused, then answered "No. I'm here to defeat Weavile! I have no time for scum like you."

"In other words, she's scared of you." Darkrai explained.






Lunar swan and prince of darkness glared at the other with everlasting sibling rivalry. Lucario chuckled at this.

"Good, things worked out as I expected. Incidentally…" Lucario pointed to the two secret agents, "Weavile wants to see you two."

"She… does…?" Agent Blaze asked.

"Oh yes. She's been wanting to destroy you secret agents for interfering with her. She may not look it, but she's very angry." Lucario smiled "…let's not keep her waiting then. Off you go, I have no quarrel with you." The blue jackal waved his hand in dismissal.

The two agents and Gardevoir walked past the blue jackal, and sure enough, Lucario didn't even make a move. The two agents looked at each other, and then Lucario, wondering. Then they ran down the stairs. Gardevoir looked down the stairs thoughtfully, then said

"You aren't Lucario."

All three combatants were shocked. Lucario cracked a grin of amusement.


"You talk differently than before. And your aura…" Gardevoir looked at him, her eyes piercing through his disguise "…It's different somehow."

Smiling, the blue jackal decided to reward Gardevoir with some talk.

"Perhaps you are right…" Lucario admitted, "Maybe I am NOT Lucario…"

And then, just for a second, his eyes changed. It went from blue pupils to a gold ring, and then back in an instant. They all noticed.

"…Perhaps you will find your answers at the bottom, young Gardevoir." shrugged Lucario, turning to face Darkrai and Cresselia. Gardevoir gave one last look, then ran off to catch the secret agents.

"Darkrai… did you see that…!?" the lunar swan motioned to her brother, wondering what was up with his eye.

"Oh I saw it all right…" Darkrai became angry. "HE WAS GLOATING BECAUSE HE KILLED MY SCIENCE PROJECT!!"

Glorious Leader and Lucario fell down so hard that they probably broke all the bones in their skulls.

"Is he always this dense?" Lucario asked.

"Pretty much." said the lunar swan.

"Ah well. He wants revenge, and I desire to fight you both. So… let's begin." smiled the blue jackal.

"No…WAIT!" yelled Darkrai, remembering something. Lucario and Glorious Leader gave him confused looks. Darkrai held up a single finger "Wait here. I'll be back..."

He zoomed up the stairs as quickly as he could. Soon, he reached floor b50, where he yelled.

"YOU!" to which the brown bat responded


Darkrai and Malispite punched each other in the face.

"YOU MEAN YOU CAME ALL THE WAY UP HERE JUST FOR THAT!?!?!" Mercifond yelled angrily. The two nodded their heads.

"We hate each other." was Malispite’s answer. Darkrai ran back down and joined up with Cresselia.

"Okay, NOW we can fight."

Lucario charged up an Aura Sphere, and threw it at them.

Arceus stared at the yellow barrier. Palkia and Dialga had done well, if it weren't for the situation, she would commend them for their efforts to create such a barrier. She noticed Dialga walking towards her, and nodded her head for him to come.

Arceus cringed in pain. Her time limit was almost up, she would have to return to the Hall soon…

"What's the news?" she asked the guardian of time.

"Well, the barrier is still impenetrable." Dialga shifted his eyes, "The only good news is that we have another thirty minutes before is dissipates. The legendarys who have arrived are still searching for a way to get in, no such luck as of yet. Palkia is up there researching the blueprints to the barrier, I'll join him once all the Legendary’s show up."

"One more of them is here."

The two whipped around and saw Celebi. She hovered in the air testingly "What's the situation?"

The two explained the situation, and that it paramount to get inside the school at all costs. Celebi was one of the older legends. Which meant she knew what was at the bottom.

"You mean… the seal!?" Celebi said, "No. Even if it IS Weavile, she wouldn't stupid enough to unleash…"

She didn't finish her sentence. That was top secret information of course; no one but the oldest legends knew what was in the seal. And, if they valued the entire world, they would keep that information a secret.

"According to the report from the inside, Weavile believes that it's 'the ultimate treasure'." Arceus said grimly. She winced in pain again, but didn't show it.

"…You're kidding me." was all Celebi could say, "Who the hell could have told her that!? I thought you got rid of all information concerning it!"

"Unknown. We have no idea how she found out about the seal, or who told her it contained the ultimate treasure." Dialga answered, as best as he could.

"So you're telling me…" Celebi processed the information, "That Weavile just might bring about the end of the world because she thinks it's the ultimate treasure?"

"Pretty much." Arceus said. She felt another surge of pain- her time limit was up. She wasn't able to hide it this time, and Dialga and Celebi noticed.

"…you really ought to-”

"I know." the godlike pokémon interjected Dialga. "…take care of things down here, I have to go back."

Without wasting any more time, before another painful shock could hit her, Arceus vanished back into the Hall. Arceus being outside the Hall for the first time in over 50 years brought back memories for her.

There was a reason Arceus never set foot outside of Destiny City.

And there was a reason she never left the Hall unless it was an absolute emergency.

Dialga and Celebi looked at each other. They were two of the oldest legends.

They knew.

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