Legendary PKMN

Chapter twelve

Chapter twelve: Balance of Power (Act three- Unchain what is Chained)


-"And you have the map memorized?"


-"Listen to me Cresselia! You have to prevent Weavile from getting to floor -99 at ALL costs!!!!!!"-


-"Perhaps you are right."

"Maybe I am NOT Lucario…"-

"THIS IS GETTING NOWHERE!!" Dialga screamed. He cursed the yellow barrier with all his might. Why, why THE HELL did he and his twin have to make it so freaking indestructible!? Angrily, a Zap Cannon flew from Dialga's mouth in an attempt to damage the barrier. The Zap Cannon hit the yellow wall, but it did virtually nothing.

Dialga cursed.

Coming from a wormhole in time was Celebi. The pokémon gathered awaited her report.

"…Time travel is a no go." Celebi finally said. Everyone was shocked. Legend Signal had done its duty well, nearly all of the legendary pokémon were gathered beside the school, awaiting orders from Dialga, who was temporarily in charge.

"Okay, it's freaking TIME TRAVEL." Ho-oh spoke, "How could it not work!?"

"That's a good question." Celebi pondered, turning to Dialga for a hopeful answer. "I went to the exact moment before the barrier was activated, and it sent me here. So I went back a week before the events and when the barrier was activated, I was sent to the future all the same."

"That's what I was afraid of." Dialga sighed. He was still angry. He remembered putting that glitch in. "Basically, Celebi can't transport to that moment because of a temporal distortion I planted in it."

"A what?" asked Zapdos.


"HOLD IT!" Screamed Kyogre. "…can you show us using diagrams?"

Dialga grumbled.



Dialga: "Okay first of all, time is a dimension. It's a special dimension in that it only has one direction: Forwards. This is to prevent the universe from going crazy."

Time diagram: -------------------->

Dialga: "We are about here ^ on the timeline so far."

Dialga: "Okay, so basically, when me and Palkia created this barrier-

Articuno: "Palkia and I."

Dialga: "…"

Dialga: "When ME AND PALKIA created this barrier, I used my powers of time to create a temporal distortion before and after the barrier's activation. Imagine it like a temporal wall.”

Time Diagram: --------0-----0----->

Dialga: "The barrier is ^ here on the time diagram. What this does is that the distortion in time has a beginning and an end, as well as encompassing any time in between. Temporal Distortions cause time travel to distort, thus making it such that if you try and time travel during the distortion, you get sent forward in time after it instead.

Time Diagram: --------0-----0----->


Dialga: "This is why Celebi teleported back to the present time. She warped to the end of the distortion as soon as it began.”

"Any questions?" The guardian of time asked.

"What’s a distorp-shun Dialga?” Mew raised his hand eagerly.

Dialga ignored the comment and warped Mew back into the Hall.

The guardian of time told everyone to remain calm, and that he was going back to the Hall to discuss things with Palkia. The pokémon obeyed his command, and Dialga warped to the Hall of Origin. After some searching, he found his brother studying their early notes for the physics behind the barrier.

"Nothing." said the guardian of space, sensing Palkia's approach. Dialga cursed again. This was getting on his nerves.

"…Dialga." Palkia suddenly stood up from his formerly crouched position, "What if he breaks out?"

Dialga's eyes widened.

"It’s a strong possibility at this point. I suggest we forget about the barrier and focus of how we're going to defend from-

"He won’t break out!!" Dialga screamed. Palkia stared. His eyes were not only those of anger directed towards him, but of sheer fear.

"He hasn't gotten out in over a hundred and eighty years, and he won't get out now." the guardian of time stated, slightly calmer. But his statement was said, as Palkia noticed, only to assure himself that it wouldn't happen.

It wasn't that Palkia disagreed with him or anything. Palkia didn't want that Pokémon to break out either.

"Dialga…" Palkia thought of something, but was conflicted about whether to share it with his brother. Finally, Palkia breathed a sigh of defeat and stated

"I'm calling Trueman. He might be able to help."

"…let's get this over with..." Zangoose's claws flew open and he charged back at Mercifond, performing a Crush Claw to her which the white bat countered respectively with Ice Punch. Neither attack hit, because Zangoose whirled around at the last second to avoid impact.

Malispite swooped from behind and used a Thunderpunch to destroy Zangoose's head. But the attack didn't faze the mongoose at all, so Zangoose merely twisted his body and performed a downwards Crush Claw. The attack was devastating, and Malispite took the full brunt of the impact, sending him crashing to the ground.

Mercifond saw her chance as her brother was hit and launched a powerful Ice Beam from her mouth. Zangoose turned around and seeing the danger, bounced up the second he landed. Ice Beam still in effect, Mercifond could do not but watch as Zangoose's shadow fell over her.

"Slash…" Mercifond put up a Protect and the attack, while powerful, hit the barrier but did nothing. However Zangoose didn't stop there, because he used Quick Attack and zoomed to the barrier's weak point, hitting Mercifond and disrupting her positioning. Before she could counterattack, the white mongoose got her back and used Shadow Claw. Claws infused with ghostly energy, he struck her hard,
showing no mercy and she flew down in the same manner as her brother. Satisfied, Zangoose stopped, and crossed his arms.

"I had to fight… what a pain…" he moaned. He gazed and saw that the two weren't moving "…*sigh*, I guess that's it, isn't it…? Good… just stay there and let me rest…"

Malispite angrily stood up and charged at Zangoose.

"WE AREN’T DONE YET!!" Malispite raised his greenish blue claws and used Slash on Zangoose, but Zangoose Quick Attacked behind Malispite and connected with the blow. The brown bat surprisingly grinned. Malispite suddenly flooded his body with electricity, paralyzing everything close to him.

"Thunder Wave!" Malispite grinned, "Stole that technique from Gardevoir! NOW SIS!!"

Zangoose shifted his eyes and saw Mercifond flying towards him with an Ice Punch. The blow connected to Zangoose and the white mongoose was sent tumbling backwards, awkwardly with the brown barrel on his back. Mercifond performed Safegaurd and her brother was healed from his paralysis.

"…so, you used a delayed Thunder Wave on yourself…?" Zangoose deduced. He sighed "Damn… this is such a pain… I actually might have to get serious…"

Claws open in hand, he gathered an immense amount of energy to his fists. The brownish yellow energy gathered within his claws in a small orb.

"Focus Blast…"

The impact came so quickly, that the two bats had no time to dodge. It impacted both of them from being so close together, and the two were sent flying back painfully into a wall. Smoke poured out of it from the collision. Zangoose waited, to see if his opponents got back up.

Mush to his dismay, they did.

Coughing a bit from the smoke, Mercifond stared at him intently, and Malispite cracked his knuckles. They unleashed their ultimate Moves.



Surprised by these completely new moves, Zangoose stood back a bit, not sure what to expect.

The two bats' bodies began changing as a result of using the move. Starting from Mercifond's eyes, square and circle shaped tattoos appeared all over her body in a particular pattern. Her arms and legs became intricately decorated with the glowing symbols, and a soothing blue aura surrounded her.

Malispite likewise began to shift. Angry, swirling, erratic red tattoos covered his body, starting from his head and spreading down to his toes. The symbols gave off a feeling of chaos with their randomly placed and equally randomly shaped design. A faint red aura covered him.

The two bats stood, the move now completed, more powerful than ever.

"Ready, Zangoose?" Malispite asked, tension in his voice, ready to fight.

Zangoose was down on the floor, reading a book and sipping on a drink that he ordered off eBay.

"…WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?" the two bats angrily shouted.

"Hm…?" Zangoose peeked over behind him and saw the two angry flyers. "I'm drinking Fizzy Soda and reading the latest volume of Dragonball…"


"Because you two take too long with your transformations… it took up at least seven lines…" Zangoose complained, breaking the fourth wall.

"Well we're done now! So get up and fight us!" Mercifond announced. Sighing, Zangoose stood up, with effort, and threw the manga off to some random place. He raised his claw and another Focus Blast formed in it. He threw it at Mercifond, its speed incomparable to many attacks. Mercifond couldn't have dodged if she tried, so she stood there and let it collide with her in a loud bang.

But when the smoke cleared, Mercifond only had a few scratches on her. She didn't even move from where she was standing previously. Zangoose's lazy eyes widened a bit as the scratched on her face began to sizzle, and then they were no more.

"Maximum defense, and accelerated healing." stated the white bat. And, as Malispite brought down a Mega Punch onto Zangoose, destroying the white pokémon, he found out that Demon's offence increases a Pokémon's attack and speed.

Zangoose moved quickly after the attack. He bounced off his barrel and prepared a Crush Claw. But Malispite slammed into his side and sent him flying before the thief could use it. Mercifond charged up her move as Malispite smacked their opponent around with multiple Fury Swipes. Finally, when
Zangoose could take it no longer, he used a deadly Counter that hit Malispite in the face. The blow struck Malispite but his sister had charged her attack.

"Razor Wind!" four blades composed of air swiveled to Zangoose and one collided with him, delivering pain. Zangoose dodged the second one, but because they homed in on their target, the other two cut into his side and opposite side inflicting a great amount of damage. Zangoose fell over on his barrel, apparently unconscious.

Breathing quickly for more air, Mercifond gave a grin to her brother, who grinned back. They had defeated Zangoose.

"Such a pain…"

Or not.

Zangoose stood back up, his eyes dark like the situation "Such a pain… that I have to get serious…"

Zangoose took the band around himself and detached it. The barrel landed with a loud ‘THUD’ on the ground behind Zangoose. Malispite's eyes widened: he had been fighting them with such a heavy thing on his back.

"Such a pain… takes too much effort to get serious… but Weavile will kill me if I don't do it…" Zangoose complained. He took the black lid off the barrel.

At once, the barrel contents extended upwards, like a tower. Higher and higher it went, its needle like structure growing by the second until it was over twenty feet tall. Malispite and Mercifond were shocked at the thing began whirring to life, the lights on it shining with brilliancy. At the top, and black tip of it opened wide like a disk and began spinning slowly.

"I really hate Weavile…" Zangoose complained, pulling out a giant, gold glove and putting it on. It had three blades for each of his fingers extending outwards.

"What… the heck…"

"Is that…!?" Malispite finished, the tower now the center piece of the entire arena, placed in the middle and looming over everything else.

"…my weapon…"


With expert efficiency, agent Blaze grabbed the white hand of the dreaded thief and put it into an immediate lock. He charged forwards and put Weavile to a wall, pinning her down. He thought for sure that Weavile couldn't escape when his partner and leader screamed-


Blaze looked at her. The person he had captured was indeed the female psychic.

"…can you let go of me now?" Gardevoir asked. Blaze sweatdropped.

"Sorry… you uh, kinda looked like…" Raptor smacked him upside the head, and then focused it in their direction.

In front of them was a doorway, a bit too tall for them, and also a bit wide. It was blue, made of steel, and had the number 99 printed in bold white letters on it. This was it. Thief Weavile, and whatever she was after was behind this door. Agent Blaze nervously grabbed the door handle, and turned it.

It wouldn't turn.

So he tried again.

And it still wouldn't turn.


"A password lock system!" fluttered the Staraptor. Gardevoir put her hands on her hips. Another challenge.

"Is the password… 'Cataclyptic'?" Gardevoir asked, knowing full well that the author's ego could have very well influenced the locked door.


"Is the password…'password'!?" asked Blaze.


"Drat. We need to think harder…" Agent Raptor pondered. "Everyone think! Arceus probably designed this door, so we need to get into a mindset like hers!"

The three thought. They considered all the things that God might think of. Gardevoir suddenly had an idea, maybe it was 'Giratina'! After all, Arceus was practically obsessed with the guardian of deth. She spoke up.

"The password must be-

"TACOS!" Agent Raptor finished.


To Gardevoir's astonishment, the lock clicked open. One door turn later from Agent Blaze, and the steel door opened.

"Tacos? Why would the password be 'Tacos'?" Gardevoir was confused.

"Well after all of that, what ELSE could it be?" the Staraptor rolled her eyes. Leaving Gardevoir and her confusion, the two agents stepped inside. The dancing psychic stepped inside as well, shoving the odd password aside.


"Secret attack eh?" Gliscor smiled, "What? A new technique? A move that isn't normally learnable by your species?"

"Incorrect, Gliscor and Gallade~!" Toxicroak smirked. "This move I have invented~! It is one I have made~!" Toxicroak faced them both. This one move would be the beginning of the end. Once unleashed, there would be no way for them to win.

"I give you, opponents,~…" Toxicroak said, forgetting to rhyme for a brief second. "My greatest move- TOXIC SINKHOLE~!"

It happened in an instant. Gliscor, who happened to be looking down, saw the small speck of it. Sensing the danger, and the amount of energy built up in that speck, he became fearful and by instinct, grabbed Gallade and leaped to the nearest wall.

If Gliscor hadn't done that, they would have been dead. The next second, the purple speck that Gliscor had noticed suddenly expanded a million fold into a giant pool of acid. The new pool of acids and toxins covered the entire floor now, and it was infinitely swirling downwards.

A literal sinkhole, dragging everything downwards, covering the entire bottom of the room.

And the worst part was, it would degrade you instantly with the amount of toxins in that deadly pool.

"Behold, my opponents, the new room~!" Toxicroak chuckled. "Fall down into the vortex, and it will spell your doom~!"

Which was pretty hard NOT to do. Gliscor's species could cling to walls, but Gallade's couldn't! Gliscor had one hand hanging on to the wall, and the other hand had a hold of the fighting psychic. Gallade who was handing down, glanced in fear of Toxicroak's move.

"Damnit…! Damnit…!" Gliscor cursed. He began to sweat, how the hell could they fight such a technique!? They were doomed! He hung from the ceiling getting tired of holding Gallade, and losing what little hope he had left about their situation. There seemed to be no way out.

"Do not fret Gliscor!" the voice came from a smiling Gallade. "We will be victorious! The power of my love for Gardevoir will gain us victory!"

"How!?" Gliscor asked, "You can't stick to walls, and thief Toxicroak can leap and do whatever he wants! We're sitting ducks, and it's only a matter of time before I get tired and let you go!"

"Hm. You make a good point. No matter! My love for Gardevoir has given me inspiration!" Gallade smirked.

Toxicroak watched eagerly on the ceiling as the two struggled to maintain themselves on the wall. They suddenly became anxious and moved around jerkily.

Eventually, as Toxicroak amusingly noticed, they had attached a chain to themselves, by the wrists. Gliscor's right hand and Gallade's left hand were now combined by a sturdy chain.

"…where the heck did you get the chain?!" Gliscor asked.

"Father." Gallade shrugged as he hung from Gliscor.


"Gallade, I have something to give to you!" Gallade's father said excited. He handed Gallade a shiny red box with a blue ribbon tied to it. Gallade accepted the gift and asked

"What is it father?"

"Open it up and you'll see!" Gallade obeyed and unwrapped the gift box. He was surprised to find a thick chain inside it.

"This is for Gardevoir!" Gallade's father explained, "When you see her next, use this chain to attach yourself to her so that she falls in love
with you!"

"Father, will that really make Gardevoir fall in love with me?" Gallade asked his parent.

"Of course! That's how me and your mom got together!"

"It's true!" his mother's voice echoed from somewhere.

"AH. Then I shall attach this chain to Gardevoir as soon as I see her again!"


Gliscor: "…"

Toxicroak: "…"

Gliscor: "…Gallade, uh…" the bat could not finish his sentence. So he instead asked "How does this help us anyway?"

Gallade whispered into Gliscor's ear. Gliscor cracked a grin.

"Ah! That might work!" he said. Before Toxicroak could guess what they were doing, Gliscor shouted their trump card:

"STRENGTH!" with a mighty heave using the move, Gliscor flung Gallade at Toxicroak. Gallade smiled and brought a Psycho Cut into the poison frog. Toxicroak dodged it using pure instinct by leaping to another wall. Toxicroak watched with interest, Gallade should fall into the pit now, shouldn't he?

But no, the psychic took the chain and Gliscor pulled him backwards where he landed on Gliscor's head perfectly, not falling into the swirling purple mass below.

"…how interesting, the combination of you~. Prepare yourselves~! Begin round two~!"

A Sludge Bomb was fired at them. The purple bat quickly hurled Gallade to the side, and Gallade extended his elbow blade to dig into the wall. Pulling Gliscor towards him, they just barely managed to dodge the explosion radius. The fighting psychic let go, and the purple bat clung to the wall.

"We need a new strategy! Dodging takes too much effort!" Gliscor warned. Unfortunately, they had no time for another strategy because Toxicroak leaped towards them with a Poison Jab. Gliscor threw Gallade, whose blades had been extended again and glowed with psychic energy.

The two blows collided, and the result was a draw. Toxicroak leapt back to another wall and launched a Mud Bomb at them. Gliscor threw Gallade to the side using Strength and took the blow for himself. As Gliscor got hit with the large glop of mud, Gallade Fire Punched Toxicroak in the face. The impact shook Toxicroak but he countered with another Poison Jab attack, which struck the fighting psychic hard.

Gallade fell, but Gliscor pulled him back up before he sunk into the Toxic Sinkhole.

"Twice the effort, you must exert even for me to get slightly hurt~!" Toxicroak cackled. Before they could reply, he launched FIVE Mud Bombs at them. Knowing nothing else to do, Gliscor who knew he had a much higher defense than Gallade, shielded his friend and took the attack directly. When the five Mud Bombs had done its work, Gliscor was wearied down.

"Gliscor…" Gallade said grimly. They couldn't take much more of this, he and the bat were losing. "We need to finish this. He is very weak to psychic attacks; if I can just get a critical hit with Psycho Cut-”

"Yeah… I don't think I can make it Gallade." Gliscor winced in pain as Toxicroak hit him with a Sludge Bomb. The ground type’s grip on both the wall and his friend were loosening.

"No! We'll beat this fiend together! No one will die!" Gliscor looked thoughtfully at Gallade. He looked at Toxicroak, still grinning and sure of victory. He looked down at the Toxic Sinkhole, still swirling and purple as ever.

"I have a crazy idea." said the purple bat. "It just might work, it's probably our only chance to win."

"What!?" Gallade asked. The situation was getting desperate, the purple bat kept getting bombarded with attack after attack by the thieving frog. Gliscor pointed out an indent he made from grabbing the ceiling for so long.

"Hang on to this…" Gliscor said, clearly losing his strength fast. Gallade obeyed and clung to the ceiling. Gliscor raised his hand in a Slash, and cut their chain in half.

"Wait, what are you doing Gli-

And then Gliscor let go of the wall.

He plummeted downwards into the swirling purple abyss.

Insanity practically poured from his mind unto the arena that he and his somewhat clone were doing their battle. The battle was no longer his concern, however. It was his sanity that was the utmost priority. This girl, this… thing, claiming to be able to beat him?

Preposterous. He'd win. The real question was how he would do it. He didn't know. When she attacked, he struck back, in a random direction. His mind was fogged with random thoughts. Equations passing through his brain, memories flashing before him, thoughts and idea arranged in an insequential order screaming at him.

His mind was in a total state of chaos.

And yet, a burning question raised itself like a scream every few minutes or so that tried to bring order to this disrupted environment he once called his mind.


She ran as hard and fast as she could. It was extremely amazing, the way that he hid his presence. She was clearly worried, the red and blue pokémon feared that he was not really hiding his presence, but instead some evil thing had taken over his body and it was wreaking havoc upon his body mind and soul.

His presence shifted. That is, to say, it came from one direction, and then it came from another almost as quick. Though she knew he could accomplish such a feat, it seemed wrong of him to do so. She grew more dreadful by the moment that something horrible had happened to the love of her life.

She had to find Mewtwo.




Put it frankly, the two secret agents and Gardevoir were stunned. Gazing into the space in front of them, a look of sheer confusion spelled itself across their faces.

Put it frankly, they had no idea what it was.

"A giant… taco…?" Blaze commented, since the password WAS Tacos.

"No… it doesn't look edible…" Raptor stared, not once looking over at her partner.

"…I thought you two would know…" Gardevoir said. She assumed that the secret agents were extremely knowledgeable about everything.

"…" Was all Raptor could say.

In front of them, was a giant egg shaped cocoon, slightly bigger than an average human's size. It hung in the air by the use of four chains attached to its top, where the ends were attached to four large pillars many times the egg’s size on the tips. The pillars were covered in glowing blue symbols, archaic in nature, possibly older than the Unown alphabet itself. Strange characters surrounded the egg as it lay limp in the air. On the bottom of the egg lay a giant pentagram that covered the entire era span, pillars and egg, with several smaller pentagrams surrounding the edges of the circle.

They had no idea what this immense thing could even be.

"Weavile… wants to steal this!?" Raptor said in disbelief. The young psychic was speechless, she was just as clueless as the two agents.

"…I think…" Agent Blaze began. He looked unsure of himself. When the two women looked over at him, he gave in and said "…I think… it might be… a seal."

"A… seal…?" Agent Raptor repeated, as if the word made no sense. She looked over at the thing again. Analyzing the symbols on the pillars, she couldn't make them out to be anything. She looked over at the egg, hopped over to it a bit, and cocked her head.

"I think recognize this character." Agents Raptor said, "It's the character for 'sealing'."

"In what language?" Gardevoir asked.

"A very primitive one." replied agent Raptor.

"Do you know what this is?"

The voice made them jump. Coming out slowly like she own the world from one corner in the shadows came the master thief. Even her stare seemed to mock them, degrade them to their lowest form.

"Weavile!" the two secret agents blurted out.

"Agents." Weavile acknowledged, "So, take a guess as to what this is?" She waved her claw in the general direction of the thing. When Raptor, Blaze and Gardevoir didn't respond, she continued

"As the infernape said before, it's a seal."

"Wait a minute…" Gardevoir interrupted, "How did you get in this room?"

"Same way you guys came in." Thief Weavile rolled her eyes. "I walked through the giant steel door."

"So… you knew the password was Tacos…?"

"Duh. What ELSE could it have been!?" Weavile asked sarcastically. Gardevoir sweatdropped.

"But this isn't just any kind of seal." Weavile continued her conversation. "Do you know what this is!? This is a type B four-rune-pillar egg -style silver chained seal with a fifty-four pentagram insignia on the bottom!"

Excited, she launched a large Ice Shard at a high speed at them. Barely able to duck, they looked around only to realize they weren't her target. The seal was. The Ice Shard hit the seal but before it could get into the ring of the pentagram, a red barrier flared up at the last second and dissolved the shard like it was nothing.

"Look at it…" the master thief said in admiration. "This is the most powerful seal I've ever seen in my life. It makes the seal around the school look like a pathetic wall made of paper." she said.

"Can you imagine what's inside this thing…?" she was no longer paying attention to her guests, instead looking at the powerful barrier greedily.

"Wait… Type B?" Raptor analyzed the thief's words carefully.

"Bingo." replied the thief.

"That makes no sense!" Agent Raptor said, "Why would it be a type B seal?!"

"Who cares?" Responded Weavile, getting annoyed, "It's what my employer told me."

"No, you have to listen to me!" Raptor fluttered her wings. "There are two seal classes, type A and type B. Both differ in one crucial way- one is designed to keep things OUT, while the other is designed to keep things IN!"

"So does that mean…" Gardevoir pointed at the direction the yellow barrier was.

"Yes. The seal surrounding us currently is a type A seal. Type A seals keep things out of the target area. But type B seals are the opposite! They are designed to keep things INSIDE the barrier!"

"But…" Gardevoir processed the information. "Thief Weavile said this was the most powerful seal she had ever seen! And it's designed to keep something inside it!?"

"I have a bad feeling about this…" replied Agents Blaze, remembering Arceus's fear in them. "Leader! Let’s take her down!"

Faster than Gardevoir imagined them to be, the two agents zoomed to opposite sides of the thief and then charged forwards with a burst of power at Weavile.



But the attacks didn't collide. Because the next second, Weavile was gone. Moving so fast that she couldn't be seen by the eye, Weavile had jumped up and charged frigid energy in her closed fists.

"Blizzard!" The attack was instantaneous- a giant hailstorm fell upon the two agents with the force of a bulldozer going at 70mph. Weavile saw that the space around the secret agents was dome shaped as her Blizzard fell upon it. When the attack cancelled, she found that the two agents were surrounded by a Protect.

Her eyes swiveled angrily at the female psychic.

"Thank you… Gardevoir…" Agent Blaze said, knowing that the attack would have hurt them a lot. Gardevoir smiled at them, and heaved a bit. Using two Protects from a distance was tough on her.

And then Weavile slammed her face with a Shadow Claw.

The blow sent her on her knees within a second, to which the master thief immediately followed up with an Ice Punch, but Agent Blaze came from behind and used Fire Punch. Weavile quickly twisted in midair to avoid the attack and hit Blaze instead with an unbelievably fast fist of ice. Twisting again to avoid Agent Raptor's Peck, she hit the Staraptor downwards and unleashed a large sized Ice Shard on her.

The last battle had begun.

"Ah, she is fighting the two agents, I think." Lucario smiled, holding his hand against his chin. "After all, who else could she be fighting?"

"Stop mumbling to yourself and GET DOWN HERE!" Darkrai yelled from below him. Lucario's grin widened, a soft all-knowing look upon his face. After the initial Aura Sphere attack, Lucario had leapt up into the air and attached himself to the ceiling with aura powers. There, he began sensing what was in the room below him.

This body was useful, really. With it, he could sense Weavile's location even if he was 25 floors above her. Made things much easier for him.

"Oh? Can't you just hit me now?" Lucario taunted.

"THAT DOES IT! SHADOW BALL!!" raged Darkrai.

A giant blob of ghost energy was hurled at Lucario from Darkrai's open palms. Lucario waited until the last second, then dodge it by jumping to another part of the ceiling.

"You'll have to do better than that." Lucario warned.


"DARKRAI!" Cresselia whacked her brother upside the head. "We need a strategy! We can't just blindly rush at him, don't you remember what happened last time!?"

"Oh, that's right." Lucario jumped into the conversation, still upside down on the ceiling "He beat you pretty badly, didn't he?"

"…" Cresselia glared at Lucario "What do you mean 'he'? I thought you were Lucario…" Cresselia caught on to his word choice. The jackal laughed at her.

"That's what I meant, of course." Lucario said smugly.

"…who are you, really?" Cresselia's attention was now fully on Lucario.


"Who am I?" Lucario repeated.


"Maybe if you beat me, I'll tell you who I am." Lucario made a deal with the lunar swan.


"Why can't you tell us now?" Cresselia questioned.


"Because…what is that sound?" Lucario suddenly realized.


Lucario whipped around, the sound was coming from behind him. On top of the ceiling, he looked over and saw Darkrai on stilts

"WHAT THE CRAP!?" Cresselia gazed at her brother, walking upside down on the ceiling using stilts.

"THIS IS FOR KILLING MY SCIENCE PROJECT!!" Darkrai charged up a Dark Pulse and launched it at Lucario. The blue jackal dodged it, but then Darkrai leapt up in the air, and when he came crashing down, swept the ceiling using his stilts to knock Lucario back on the ground.

"DARKRAI, HOW ARE YOU DOING THAT!?" Cresselia questioned her brother’s ability to defy gravity

"I can't walk on the ceiling, so I'm using stilts to do it." Darkrai explained.

"BUTBUTBUT…how does that make ANY…?"

She was hit with an Aura Sphere, knocking her back a ways before regaining her posture and facing Lucario. Another Aura Sphere was launched, and Cresselia Protected herself this time. Lucario chuckled.

"We're still fighting, or did you forget?" He asked rhetorically. A stilt fell on top of the blue jackal, followed by the second stilt, and then Darkrai.

"And now you die because now Lopunny won't love me!" Darkrai slammed his fist down using Shadow Punch, but Lucario met his fist with Sky Uppercut. The two attacks collided and there was a power struggle for a brief second, but Lucario gained victory and smacked his fist against Darkrai's jaw. Cursing, Darkrai got back to his feet and launched another shadow Ball, which Lucario dodged by moving swiftly to the side. However, he had forgotten about Cresselia, who lanced a nicely placed Psycho Cut into Lucario's back side.

Grinning, Lucario levitated in the Air using Magnet Rise, and then launched a move Darkrai and Cresselia would not have thought possible.

"Aura Storm!" A blue beam of energy like a giant laser cannon was directed at Cresselia and Darkrai. The two dodged to opposite sides, and Lucario shifted the beam to Darkrai, knowing that fighting type moves would damage him greater.

Darkrai ran faster and then leapt up. He kicked off the ceiling using the momentum of his emerging feet and launched himself at Lucario like a missile.

Lucario saw through his strategy and cancelled his attack, instead bringing his foot up to hit Darkrai in a Blaze kick attack. Darkrai quickly used Double Team, which made the Blue Jackal miss as seven Darkrai attacked him. One of them, the real Darkrai, hit Lucario hard with Headbutt. But the blue jackal expected this, and using Darkrai's Headbutt as momentum, swung around and hit the prince of
darkness back with Counter. The heavy blow sent the prince of Darkness back on the ground, where Cresselia took over and launched a Psycho Cut at him.

Without hesitation, Lucario used Aura Storm again. Cresselia, who could not dodge in the air, waited painfully for the blow. However, just before the blow hit, a small black hole appeared in front of her and sucked the laser's energy away. Cresselia looked down- Darkrai gazed at her. Lucario was shocked that a black hole had appeared, and Cresselia used this opportunity to launch another Psycho Cut, at Lucario as the Storm hit her. The Psycho Cut was too fast, and being controlled by the lunar swan, hit its target in the face, knocking the Blue Jackal back down to earth.

"That move…" Lucario said with great interest at Darkrai. "It's Dark Void, isn't it?" He said, apparently more interested in Darkrai's signature move than the painful bruises on his face.

"Bingo." Darkrai said, still mad at the blue jackal for killing his science project, and getting rid of an opportunity to make Lopunny love him.

"Interesting. It's been a while since I've seen that." Lucario stood up, and cracked his knuckles, never once losing the grin across his face.

"Um, DUH." Darkrai spat. "It's only been five chapters!!" he said, breaking the fourth wall.

"Darkrai…" Cresselia was about to explain that Lucario wasn't really Lucario, but she saw that Darkrai was far too blinded by his own rage to notice or care. Sighing, she silently floated over to Darkrai and spoke to him.

"Little brother, it's obvious that we need a plan to defeat Lucario." Cresselia said. "Fortunately, I, your glorious leader, have such a plan in mind."

"Alright, what is it?" Darkrai grumbled, "AND DON'T CALL ME LITTLE BROTHER!"



"Which makes me two weeks smarter, wiser and generally better than you will ever be." smirked the lunar swan.

"I'm still here, you know." Lucario piped up, "Or is it that you don't care about me smashing your science project, Darkrai? Is this girl, Lopunny, such an unimportant Pokémon to fight for?"

Before Cresselia could say 'WAIT-' which is short for 'WAIT- HE'S JUST TRYING TO MAKE YOU ANGRY TO PREVENT US COMING UP WITH A PLAN!', Darkrai charged at the blue jackal at full speed. Lucario anticipated this and launched an Aura Sphere at the prince of darkness, but Darkrai easily dodged it by swerving to the side.

Lucario prepared a Force Palm whilst Darkrai used Shadow Punch, and the two moves collided. A shock wave was sent out from the sheer energy created from the blow, the power struggle so intense that the air was blown back.

Darkrai broke through and hit Lucario just to the right of his chest blade, the blue jackal went flying and hit a wall with great force. Lucario fell to the ground, while Darkrai watched.

Cresselia stared.

"Wow… I had no idea you could do that, little brother." She said with a teeny bit of awe.

"No one says Lopunny is unimportant." replied Darkrai coolly. And then, in a much louder voice he added "STOP CALLING ME THAT!!"

Lucario got up. He too, was a bit surprised.

A bit. Of course he sense Darkrai's true strength, and came prepared but the real thing was greater than what he foresaw.

He stood up and prepared to fight. He looked at his hands and body- they were damaged. Of course he couldn't feel the pain, but his host was being wearied down. No matter, he still had lots of fight left within him. They key here was to get Darkrai mad, Lucario noticed. That way his movements would be predictable. He would just say something negative about 'Lopunny', and then he would use Counter and
inflict maximum-

"…what… is…?"

Lucario paused. Was that…?

"…Who… are… you…? Why… you…"

Change of plans. He would have to end this now. The host was waking up, apparently he had underestimated the mind control, and the great physical pain had woken up the host. Damn. And he had been so happy when he found this fellow lying on the floor after the first time he had been beaten by the teenagers… ah well, such is life.

"I'm going to have to leave." Lucario said suddenly. "This will be my final attack. I will put all of my power into this last shot, and we will see who wins."

"Bring it on! I'll kill you for what you did to my project!!!" the prince of darkness said angrily.

Lucario chuckled, and prepared his final move.

The room began immersed in aura. Pressure filled the air as the room turned a little bluer from the effects. The Aura gathered into Lucario's twin closed fists, shaking from absorbing all the aura in the room. Using a final Magnet Rise, the blue jackal levitated in midair, then set his gaze upon the two.

"No escape this time. Twin Aura Storm!!"

Two laser blasts of pure fighting energy were aimed at Darkrai and his sister. One for each, but these two were much bigger than the previous Aura Storms by around threefold. The amount of energy would no doubt destroy them if they hit.

"Kill him, Cresselia." was all Darkrai said. He calmly walked onto the blast and yelled his trump card-


Black holes equaling the length and width of the Aura Storms appeared in Darkrai's hands. The twin black, purple and pink vortexes took the attack head on and sucked the laser blast. While Lucario didn't let up on the Aura Storm's firing, Darkrai likewise didn't give in as his two black holes absorbed the energy.

"Cresselia! Do something now!" Darkrai yelled above the noise. But he didn't need to worry, because Cresselia had concentrated her own energy. Gazing upward and opening her mouth, four homing Psycho Cuts spread themselves across the room, and then sped towards Lucario. The blue Jackal, defenseless, let the Psycho Cuts hit him, inflicting great damage onto him.

"Not quite… Cresselia!" Lucario smirked, a small trickle of blood running down his mouth. He kept up the Aura Storms firing into Darkrai's Dark Void's. He gave a laugh, and then, he released his hands, slowly from the Aura Storms. It kept firing, but now the blue Jackal had his hands free.

"Who said that was my final move?" Lucario asked the wide eyed Cresselia "THIS. Is my final attack!" he smiled. His two hands went into the air, and instantly, a large Aura Sphere was formed in his hands, many times the size of Lucario's own body. Cresselia's eyes widened- he was still firing the Aura Storms, and yet he was going to unleash THIS onto him!? This was his plan! To keep Darkrai's Dark Void's at bay while he killed them with a large Aura Sphere!

"Goodbye, you two." Lucario said. He levitated the aura Sphere to the front, until it was above Cresselia and Darkrai's heads. They were trapped, and now they were going to get crushed.

He fired the Aura Sphere.

The impact would have killed them. There was no way they could have survived. The energy was just too much- even they fired something at it, Darkrai was too busy fending off the Aura Storms, and Cresselia couldn't match the enormous Aura sphere's energy. They were simply dead, that was that, Cresselia thought. A scream interrupted her pessimistic thoughts.


A third black hole came above their heads just as the Sphere hit. Darkrai was using three Dark Void's at once. Lucario's eyes widened. He was blocking all three aura attacks. Cresselia gaped, amazed at such a feat.

"CRESSELIA…! DO SOMETHING…!!" Darkrai yelled in pain as the Aura Sphere slowly went into the third black vortex. Cresselia, although momentarily stunned, quickly summoned the last of her energy and fired five Psycho Cut's at the blue jackal.

Each one collided with the target and sliced the blue jackal from all side, and the blue jackal finally fell. The Aura Storms and Aura Sphere ceased, leaving Darkrai to cancel his moves. He fell to his knees, never before having used such energy. He gazed at Lucario, still grinning, but unable to move.

"We won." Cresselia stated, wondering what Lucario would do now. ‘Lucario’ let out a laugh. The host was coming back into consciousness. The real Lucario would be unconscious from all the pain, but he was losing control of this body. So before he did, he spoke to Arceus's children.

"Cresselia… Darkrai…" the mysterious light in Lucario's eyes faded from view.

"I await you at the bottom."

With that, a yellow ball of light came out of Lucario's mouth. It floated for a bit, then disappeared, destroyed.

Without hesitation, they headed to the bottom.











Gallade screamed, but his frantic yell did not prevent Gliscor from falling into the Toxic Sinkhole. Gliscor gave a wink, then disappeared into its depths. Gallade was speechless. 'Why…?'

Toxicroak laughed. Gallade glared.

"You… bastard!!" he screamed. In all of his rage, he raised his right hand and swung down, creating the largest Psycho Cut he had ever made in his life.

Toxicroak didn't find that as amusing.

He barely dodged it, but got hit with a smaller Psycho Cut in midair.

"I DON'T CARE IF I CAN'T GET INTO CLOSE COMBAT WITH YOU!! YOU'LL BE SORRY YOU EVER DID THIS TO HIM!!" Gallade leapt in close and fired off more Psycho Cuts and Leaf Blades. Toxicroak got hit with a lot of them, but the frog was quick. He carefully planned his course all the way around the room and nailed Gallade when he was close enough with Poison Jab.

But Gallade was persistent and clung into Toxicroak's legs, swung up and launched a plain kick as his face. Angry, the frog grinned Gallade's neck and held him above the Sinkhole.

"This will teach you, to mess with I~." Toxicroak said dangerously, "I will destroy you now. Farewell, and goodbye~."

Gallade clung onto Toxicroaks wrists in a vain attempt to stay alive. But his grip was loosening due to the frog attacking him, and as a result, the psychic type fell.

As the blue frog grinned, Gallade looked down at his demise, an infinitely purple swirling abyss that would poison him and crush him at the same time. He smiled apologetically to a Gardevoir that wasn't there, and accepted his fate to die along with his former friend.


Gallade's ears perked up. But before he could react the ground began to shake tremendously, a crack appearing in the middle of it.

"Such a useless move, it will do-

Toxicroak stopped smiling. His eyes widened. He saw what was happening. The crack cause by the Earthquake attack was serving a drain! It was draining the ooze of his Toxic Sinkhole into the ground!

"NO!" Toxicroak was so stunned he forgot to rhyme. Gliscor, who was emerging from the pit, smiled, his plan had worked. He was poisoned and injured and could barely move, but he had defeating Toxicroak’s greatest attack.

"Finish him Gallade!!"

The male psychic obeyed and the second he touched the clean, un-toxified ground, leapt directly back up and hit the frog with the most powerful physical Psycho Cut he could muster. The powerful blade of psychic energy, bigger than Gallade was tall, made painful contact with Toxicroaks body and slice him up. The frog faded in and out of consciousness as he fell to the ground, and when he hit the ground, zoned out completely.

Finally, they had won.

The male psychic breathed heavily, then gazed at the guy who had saved him. Gliscor grinned back.

"Pretty good Gallade, Gardevoir will be impressed." he commented.

"ZOMA! GLISCOR'S A GHOST!!!" Gallade said in fear.




They were losing. That much was certain. Even with number on their side, Thief Weavile was STILL the greatest thief in the world. They had landed maybe one blow on her throughout the five minutes they had been fighting. Weavile was clearly the best of all three thieves.

They needed an idea, anything to make them win against her. As Agent Raptor swooped down in a U-Turn, Weavile blocked the attack and countered with Night Slash. Blaze came from behind her and delivered a powerful Thunderpunch to her, but the attack didn't even faze the master thief so she Slashed him to the other wall.

Gardevoir was trying her best to help the agents, but due to being at a type disadvantage, and just plain not having the power to stand up to a pokémon of her caliber, she was getting beaten up just as much as the agents.

"Blizzard!!" Another Blizzard was summoned from thin air to assail the three Pokémon with its wide range. Gardevoir, although tired, quickly issued a Protect against the Blizzard, creating a force field to lessen the damage.


The blow came swiftly, and broke through all three Protects. The move that was specifically designed to break through the move had done its job, and the three were sent flying back from such a blow. The Blizzard came at them, but it also hit the mysterious seal behind them. The ice shards from the Blizzard impacted the seal over and over again. While it was clear that it wasn't doing very much damage, the seal was weakening a bit all the same.

"I have a bad feeling about that seal…" Agent Raptor slowly got up, cursing under her breath from all the wounds she had taken "We need… a way to beat her!"

"What about THAT technique?" Agent Blaze suggested.

Raptor agreed.

Before Weavile could ask, the two agents zoomed faster than they were before and got to Weavile's opposing sides. With invisible speed, they performed a straight 90 degree turn and launched their move.

"CLOSE COMBAT!!" They both shouted, knowing that fighting type moves would damage Weavile greatly. The two Close Combats were too fast for Weavile to avoid- they slammed into her sides, inflicting the greatest amount of damage possible onto her. Weavile wouldn't have survived.


But of course, she did.

Knocking the two back with her move, the two secret agents were shocked to discover not even a
single scratch on the master thief. She pointed to her gold earring.

"Ruin Armlet." she smiled mischievously. "It's an Item. It absorbs all fighting type moves, rendering them useless against the user!"

"You…!!" Raptor tried to say, but was too weak to speak.

"Stole it from Ariados herself." Thief Weavile proudly proclaimed. She launched a nice sized Ice Shard at the seal. Still not showing much damage, it was still weakening. Whatever object was inside would be out soon enough.

"Damn… it…" Blaze cursed. "We can't win, can we…!?"

"…" Gardevoir pondered something, and decided that they had no other chance, she spoke

"I'm going to try and use Hyper Beam…"

If you weren't a Legendary Pokémon, Hyper Beam was pretty much the greatest attack a mortal could achieve. It was created by Arceus some 200 years ago in an attempt to combine every single one of the elements into a single beam based attack. She succeeded.

"Can you… even do that…?" agent Raptor's eyes were wide with awe.

"Well… I've been reading about it…" Gardevoir said nervously. Raptor sighed. It would have to do; in fact it was the only shot they had. Nothing else would hurt Weavile.

"Charge it up. Blaze, we stall."

The instant she said the words, the two and Weavile were at it again. Fire Punches, Aerial Aces, Ice Punches flew all over the place. But Weavile was still the greatest thief, she simply dodged all of their attacks while defeating them with her own. Gardevoir tried and tried, but simply couldn't summon enough energy to meet the requirements for Hyper Beam. The elements kept going haywire, they were not stable at all.

"Come on…! Come on…!" she prayed to Darkrai's mom. Suddenly, she felt a mysterious power well up in her. It was a bright light that shone throughout the room, filling the female psychic with a great amount of energy and warmth.

This was it! She did it!

"Dodge it!" Gardevoir yelled to her friends. The Secret Agents understood and zoomed to the edges of the wall. Weavile, sensing her attack, laughed out loud.

"Bring it on! I'll kill you!!" she charged at Gardevoir, claws filled with ice and a raging Blizzard behind her. When the energy had grown so great that she couldn't contain it any longer, Gardevoir let loose her attack.

A bright beam of green light shot forth from her body at seemingly impossible speeds. As the beam traveled it grew wider and wider still, eventually encompassing the entire room at its peak. Before Weavile was hit with the attack, her eyes widened with the astonishment that she was about to be beaten.

Frantically yelling, she could do naught as the great attack blew away her Blizzard like it was nothing and demolished her body.

It was over. Weavile's body lay limp, and the two secret agents were completely shocked.


"…agent… Raptor…?" Agents Blaze said nervously, "Was that… Hyper Beam…?"

The Staraptor was unsure. From what she had been reading, Hyper Beam was a sinister looking black beam with different colored charges swarming around it. Yet, Gardevoir had fired a green beam of energy.

And the power requirement… something was off.

She looked over at the young girl, and she was on her knees, panting hard. Using such an attack had cost her a great amount of energy. Maybe it WAS Hyper Beam…

They walked over to her and congratulated Gardevoir for the defeat of Weavile. She smiled back, albeit weakly.

"Rest up Gardevoir. We'll take care of things from here."

And then they heard it. A chain broke.

They frantically turned around and saw the seal breaking. Because not only did Gardevoir hit Weavile, she hit the seal as well.

And it was such a great attack that it broke.

He sensed it.

His face twisted into an insane grin when he sensed that being.

"It's him." Mewtwo muttered. Confused, Mewthree cocked her head, and angrily, Mewtwo screamed at her "IT'S HIM!!"

That scream was all Deoxys needed to find Mewtwo. She shipped around a corner and found his apparently fighting a female version of himself, clutching his head as if it was about to burst.

"What are you talking about?" asked the female version of Mewtwo. As Deoxys reached forewords to grab him, he whipped around and ordered her to stay back.

"It's him… It's him…!!" Mewtwo repeated. "DON'T YOU SEE!? IT'S HIM!! THAT'S WHY!!" Mewtwo accused them all of some crime that they did not commit.

The chains were the first to go, all four broke instantly. The egg, still hovering, began to unwrap itself as cracks appeared on the pillars.

"It's him! It's him!" Mewtwo repeated over and over again.

"Mewtwo! What's happening!?!?" Deoxys shouted, very worried about his condition. Mewtwo did not seem to hear her. Mewthree watched in confusion, unsure of what to do.

"The master of the heavens…!!!"

The four pillars gave one last sigh, and then cracked open, destroying them and shattering into pieces. The ground was shaking as the egg unwound itself further. The 54 pentagram seal was the only thing left standing, furiously pouring out red energy to contain what was in that egg.

"The chosen prodigy! The holy Judgment! Purity Incarnate!"

Mewthree sensed a strange power below them. It was unlike anything she had ever seen, and its power level was immense and growing by the second.

Giving one last pathetic effort to keep the egg in its sealed position, it gave an enormous flash of red light that blinded the two agents and Gardevoir. When it was safe to open their eyes, they saw something standing amidst the smoke.

It grinned at them.

"That-damn-guy-who-you-can-stab-with a-sword-as-many-damn-times-as-you-like-and-it-won't-do-a-damn-thing!!"

Mewtwo was worked up. Cold sweat covered his body, his hands were shaking. Mewthree didn't know whether to attack him of just let Mewtwo do what he was doing. Finally, in a low, dark whisper, he uttered the last name. The most famous title.

"Fallen Angel."

"Greetings one and all!" it spoke. "I'm sure you don't know who I am, so I believe introductions are in order, yes?"

The three stared, horrified at its immense energy


"I am Absolix."


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