Legendary PKMN

Chapter thirteen

Chapter thirteen: Balance of Power (Act four- Absolix)


-"Listen to me Cresselia! You have to prevent Weavile from getting to floor -99 at ALL costs!"-


-"This is the most powerful seal I've ever seen in my life. It makes the seal around the school look like a pathetic wall made of paper."-

-"Greetings one and all!

I am Absolix."-

"I absolutely forbid it!" Arceus said to Palkia and Dialga.

"Mom," Dialga said seriously, "Trueman is practically our only hope of breaking that barrier! We NEED his power!"

"No." Arceus was being stubborn "Contact with him is forbidden! You know that!"

"Look, it's not like he has any enemies!" Palkia brought up a point to argue. Arceus stared coldly at him.

"That we KNOW of. You never know who might be listening in." spoke the god of all pokémon, "The answer is still no. I'm not telling you where he is."

"Mother, please listen to reason!" pleaded the guardian of space, "This is… this is THAT guy we're talking about! If he breaks out, then who knows what he might do!"

"I'm well aware of that fact." Arceus said carefully. She rested down on her knees, tired from venturing outside the Hall "I'm very well aware of what that man can do. But Trueman's safety is still priority number one. If people knew about him, then something even worse than Absolix could happen. That's why we've kept him and his power a secret all this time, even from the other legends. And it will REMAIN that way until-”

"EMERGENCY! Mom! Something's happening to the school!!!" the voice was Moltres'. He sounded worried.

"What is it?" Arceus answered using her telepathy.

"The school is shaking!" said the phoenix, "It's like an Earthquake hit it or something!!"

"…no…" Dialga said in fear. Palkia was speechless.

"Wait! Something else!" Moltres spoke up again, "There's a bright red light! It's really big and it… it just vanished but for a second there the entire school, was immersed in it! Mom, what's going on!?"

"He broke out."

The statement from Dialga was a simple statement indeed, however the gravity of those words were simply too much for them all to bear.

The barrier had ten minutes left. Which gave them about ten minutes to prepare until he decided to bust out of the school and cause mayhem.

"…Get me Giratina." Arceus sated, calm as ever “Palkia and Dialga, you two round up the Legendary Pokémon. You are both in charge until I can come out again."

"It's really happening…" Dialga said fearfully.

"Don't panic. He has been in that seal for over a hundred and eighty years, so he won't be nearly at full strength.” Arceus reminded him

“We'll just use that opportunity to seal him again."


"Greetings one and all!" spoke the creature, "I am Absolix."

Put it frankly, they didn't know what it was.

"Ab…solix…?" Gardevoir slowly said. She never heard of that pokémon before.

"Ah yes… Gardevoir." smiled the white being, "I must commend you for seeing my true self from earlier"

It clapped in commemoration.

It could have been mistaken for Mewtwo. In fact, that's who Gardevoir thought it was before he came out into the open light. It stood upright, at about six feet tall, give or take a few inches. Its body shape was similar to that of Mewtwo, but with the head more squared off, less wide hips, and legs that funneled out. But the biggest difference was that its body was white and had a purple orb in the center of it, with intricate glowing yellow symbols coverings its body from head to toe. Its tail had a single halo floating in midair.

Its face was the most interesting, a yellow ring like symbol was one the crown of its head, right in between horns maybe half the size of Mewtwo's. Its mouth was in a constant, all knowing smile, and its eyes were almost pitch black grey with a single large gold ring for each eye.

"M-Mewthree?" The Staraptor guessed.

It laughed.

"No… not quite. I am Absolix." it said once more, its unfaltering grin warmly directed at the Staraptor. Agent Raptor was surprised, his voice wasn't actually very deep.

"Let me guess." Absolix teased, putting one hand to his chin "You have no data on my species whatsoever, and up until this point presumed that I did not exist, correct?"

Staraptor sweatdropped. It was pretty much true.

"I thought so." stretching a bit, it directed its attention back to the three "About Mewthree, is she here? I thought I sensed her presence above, but…"
No answer.

"Hm." Absolix said, getting that no one knew the answer "It really was cramped in there you know." he stretched his arm out and switching the subject. "Thank you for freeing me. I'm not quite sure how, but nonetheless you did, and so I must commend you for that."

"Okay wait! We have questions for you!" Blaze said, taking the initiative.

"Hold that thought." it smiled, holding up one finger "Someone's coming."

Sure enough, the door opened and Cresselia and Darkrai zoomed into the room "Gardevoir! Annoying agents! Are you guys okay!?" Cresselia asked.

"We're fine!" Gardevoir answered.


"We beat Weavile, but we accidently broke the seal in doing so and now…" Gardevoir let the smiling figure take care of the rest of the explanation.

Cresselia and Darkrai stared.

"Mewthree!?" Asked Darkrai.

"Not quite. I'm Absolix." it greeted them, "That was a good fight you two did. It's no small matter to defeat me, you know. Even if I AM in someone else's body."

Cresselia's eyes widened. This guy had the same mannerisms and voice as Lucario!

"You're the one who was controlling Lucario!" she realized.

"Indeed. I'm also the one behind this attack, more or less." he spoke, "I used an extension of myself, the ball of light that you saw, in order to communicate with the outside world. I found Weavile, and through some talk and mild hypnosis, made her think that the ultimate treasure was at the bottom. Obviously, I was just using her to free me."

"And you were in there for what exactly!?" asked the secret agents.

"I'm the one who caused the Fifth Great Destruction."

The weight of these words shocked them all, and instinctively, they distanced themselves from the white being. All stared at him, the pokémon who had caused the Fifth.

"It makes more sense why I was locked up now, hm?" he chuckled, taking it for a joke.

"Well wait!" Darkrai suddenly spoke up, "You caused the Fifth Great Destruction, and you were responsible for killing my science project, right!?"


"Well then… That makes you the bad guy, doesn't it!?" Darkrai put two and two together as the rest of the pokémon sweatdropped.

"I suppose so." answered the white being, tail flicking in the air.

"In that case… I'm gonna destroy you!" Darkrai grinned.

"You may try." shrugged the white being, arms crossed and waiting for the assault. Darkrai gathered his energy and used it to form a basketball sized Shadow Ball. He flung it at Absolix, who didn't even bother to dodge. There was a mild explosion as it hit.

When the smoke cleared, Absolix stood the same as before, still grinning, not even having flinched at the attack.

"…" Darkrai was shocked.

"Done?" asked Absolix patiently.

"No way! I'll hit you with my strongest attack now!"


Darkrai zoomed in at lightning speeds at Absolix. As Absolix looked down, expecting a frontal assault, he just then realized that Darkrai was behind him, having used super speed to shift angles in less than a second.

"Dark… Pulse!" a ring of darkness energy was released from the prince of darkness, hitting the white being at point blank range, and making a loud impact noise as it hit.

Absolix slowly turned around, and said to Darkrai "Your strongest?"

Everyone was amazed. That should have inflicted massive damage at point blank range! Instead, the guy didn't even have a scratch on him!

"…UH…" Darkrai began to sweat "Uh, THAT WAS MY WEAKEST ATTACK!!" Darkrai lied, trying to save face.



"I'll take my chances." he calmly smiled.

"I'll… I'll seriously beat you up!" Darkrai jabbed his finger in the air, trying to act tough.

"Too bad for me then." was the response.

"Hey wait a minute!" Gardevoir suddenly realized, "Darkrai, how did you get in here? Wasn't the door locked?"

"Yes. We entered the password to get in." the lunar swan responded to the female psychic.

"…You… knew that the password was 'Tacos'…?" Gardevoir sweatdropped.

"Duh." Cresselia stated.

"What else could it be?" Absolix piped up.

"This is my weapon…" Zangoose lazily sighed. Behind him was a large tower that erected from his barrel formerly on his back. It was dark grey/blue colored with many flashing lights. The tip of it was in a circle "The gravity matrix…"

Zangoose sighed.

Getting serious was such a pain. He felt a little bit inside his golden glove, and found the buttons that activated the tower.

"Let's get this over with…"

Suddenly, in a surprising burst of speed, he sped towards Malispite. Malispite, being as fast as he was, easily dodged and then flung a Thunderpunch at Zangoose. But then something happened- his attack missed just by a couple inches. Malispite then felt a mysterious force fling himself forwards, right into Zangoose, who Crush Clawed him to the ground.

Mercifond stepped in to help her brother with an Ice Beam attack. Zangoose dodged and then launched a Focus Blast at her. It was slow, so Mercifond was able to fly sideways to make it miss her. But then, the tower suddenly whirred to life and the brown ball reversed direction and hit her hard.

She wasn't even close to being damaged though. Healing the minor scratches on her body, Mercifond charged at Zangoose with an icy fist. Zangoose pressed another button inside his glove and he somehow moved backwards without moving at all, dodging her attack. The same thing happened in an instant, only this time Zangoose was propelled to Mercifond, hitting her with Shadow Claw hard.

"How does he do that!?" Mercifond asked herself as she slid back a couple feet.
Her attention was turned to the tower.

"Wait… 'Gravity' matrix!?" Mercifond realized "Does that mean-

"My weapon… the Gravity Matrix…" Zangoose sighed, "It can attract things to itself… or repulse things away from itself…"

Mercifond's eyes widened. Of course, it made perfect sense! Depending on Zangoose's position relative to the tower, he could attract himself to it, and repel himself away from it!

"But the weakness is…" Mercifond said "That is only affects yourself!" With this in mind, Mercifond soared at him with another Ice Punch. Zangoose simply stared and watched Mercifond come inches away from his face, before being flown back to the wall.

"Gravity Matrix…" sighed the mongoose "Affects everything… but I can choose to be immune to its effects…" he held up his glove and brought it down, creating three black and purple claw slashes zooming at Mercifond, Shadow Claw v2. Mercifond barely had time to dodge, but she escaped unscathed. Wings spread open, she launched an Ice Beam from her mouth. Zangoose flexed his golden glove, and then smacked it uselessly aside, hitting Malispite who had just gotten up.

"Uh… sorry brother…!" Mercifond said sheepishly.

"I CAN'T REGENERATE MY WOUNDS LIKE YOU CAN!!" Malispite said angrily. Nonetheless, he got up and shouted "I'm going to destroy that thing!!!"

Concentrating hard, he charged up all the electrical energy in his body into his single left fist, creating a deadly Thunderpunch. He flew at the two at high speeds to destroy the thing so that they could win.

Zangoose was quicker. He activated the mechanism that repulsed things away from the tower, and Malispite was uncontrollably blown backwards into Zangoose's waiting claws, which smacked him back down to the earth.

Not to be outdone again, the brown bat immediately stood up and launched a Zap Cannon at the white mongoose. He dodged, but Malispite’s super speed enabled the brown bat to get behind him and deliver a nicely placed downwards Shadow Claw to Zangoose. The blow connected, but Zangoose had already activated the repulsion mechanism of Gravity Matrix which softened the blow to just about nothing.

Zangoose, virtually unharmed, grabbed Malispite and flung him at the Gravity Matrix, then activated its repulsion mechanism to its max effect. Malispite was flown back to Zangoose, who had extended the blades of his golden glove.

"Gravity Crush Claw…" Malispite, in between the tower and Zangoose's claws, would have been absolutely crushed by the blow. So Mercifond performed a makeshift Substitute to take the blow for him. Between the Gravity Matrix repulsing her forwards, and Zangoose's large Crush Claw pushing her back. Mercifond was utterly annihilated; she fell to the ground.

"SIS!" Malispite yelled.

"I'm… okay…" Mercifond weakly smiled back. Because Mercifond had Angel's Defence still active, she was able to survive.

If it was Malispite, who had no extra defense and regeneration, he would have been killed.

"…your move is annoying…" Zangoose referred to Mercifond's Angel's Defence, "When does it cancel…?"

"Hah." Malispite laughed bitterly "Me and Mercifond-

"Mercifond and I…" sighed Zangoose.

"…ME AND MERCIFOND have been training for something like this! We trained only to keep our moves up as long as we could- and now we can stay like this for ten minutes!"

"…But we've been fighting for fifteen…" Zangoose pointed out.

Demon's Offence and Angel's Defence suddenly cancelled.

"…FRIC." Malispite said. Zangoose pummeled him with a Slash, then kept at it with multiple Slashes, leaving no room for Malispite to counter. Without his speed, Malispite was helpless against the onslaught.

"Brother!" Mercifond weakly picked herself up and launched a Flash Cannon from her mouth at Zangoose. Zangoose deflected it, and then slammed his claw violently into the white bat's side. Mercifond was helpless, and Malispite was beaten, so Zangoose grabbed Mercifond's arm and threw her at her brother, to which she hit. They were suddenly pulled in by the Gravity Matrix and stuck like magnets to its side.

"Gravity Focus Blast…" Zangoose commanded, launching another brown ball at the bat twins. The attraction of Gravity Matrix increased the speed of Focus Blast, and likely the impact would be doubled. Half Consciously, Malispite saw his chance and quickly activated Demon's Offence for a split second. Using his newfound power and speed, he seized his sister and jumped out of the way with great effort.

Zangoose's eyes widened as he realized what had happened. The Focus blast smacked into the tower hard, the explosion destroying most of it. Zangoose looked at his weapon- it was still standing, but now it was repulsing things at an alarming rate away from itself.

Immune to its effect, Zangoose sped to the opposite side of the tower, and then got rid of his immunity, jumping off the tower as it repulsed him making Zangoose go over 500 miles per hour at the bat twins. Mercifond, who had to think quickly, used Angel's Defence for a split second to give Malispite two extra second to use Demon's Offence. Malispite leaped away from his sister and confront Zangoose in midair.

He charged the best Thunderpunch he could muster, and collided with Zangoose's Gravity Crush Claw. The blows collided, but Malispite was on a losing edge, being that his blow was being repulsed by Gravity Matrix. So Malispite, in the half second that he had, converted all his power into that one last shot to take Zangoose down.

In a split second, Malispite actually punched Zangoose so hard that his body collided with the Gravity Matrix, destroying it for good. Zangoose felt the machine crack from the impact. His strength drained from him.


Getting beaten is such a pain…’

His work done, the red symbols faded from Malispite's body and he fell down.

"Brother…?" Mercifond asked, also too weak to get up.

"FOOODDDDDD…" Malispite moaned.


"FOOOODDDDD…." he cried again.

"Hey, we can help you with that."

Mercifond turned her head- another enemy? This was bad, at this low health there wasn't any way to defend themselves!

She was surprised to see Gliscor and Gallade, looking just about as beat up as they were, except they apparently had the strength to walk. Gliscor knelt down and quietly gave Malispite a Sitrus Berry. As the brown bat ate it greedily, Gallade handed Mercifond her own. Swallowing down the Sitrus Berries, the bat twins were able to at least walk on their own now.

"To the bottom?" Gallade asked.

"To the bottom." Answered Mercifond. The four traveled down to the bottom, unsure of what awaited them.


"So… you're the one who caused the Fifth Great Destruction…!?" Agent Raptor said nervously.

"Indeed." stated the white being.

"Then… then you're under arrest!!!" she stammered.

Absolix laughed.

"Right." Absolix teased, not believing her to be a threat, "I should warn you, I am at least as strong as the one who imprisoned me- the being that sits ten thousand feet above this school at this very instant!" declared Absolix.

"Mom… was the one that sealed you…!?" Cresselia said in awe. Absolix cocked his head.

"She never told you the truth, did she?" he guessed. But it was more of a statement than a question, so Absolix continued "Haven't you ever found it strange that your mother has never once set foot outside of Destiny City?"

"Don't know what you're talking about!" Darkrai said defiantly, "Mom can go wherever she want (cuz she's God), like that one time…"

Darkrai struggled to remember a time when his mom wasn't in Destiny City. He failed.

Come to think of it, his mom had never once stepped out of the Hall of Origin unless her presence was absolutely necessary. She always sent her holograms. In fact, the only time Darkrai could think of when Arceus was outside the Hall was when Deoxys appeared. And that was just for a few seconds, if not a minute.

"Your confused looks tell me you understand." smiled the being that vaguely reminded them of Mewtwo.

"That's right- A type B four-rune-pillar egg -style silver chained seal with a fifty-four pentagram insignia is by far one of the most powerful seals ever created. In fact, this is the only one in existence." explained Absolix, "But in order to create a seal that can disable even the gods, Arceus had to sacrifice most of her life force in order to keep me inside.

Because she is immortal, it had no effect on her aging, but in order to set foot outside of the Hall, she must expend a tremendous amount of energy to do so. To set foot outside of the city would be suicide."

"Mom…" Cresselia said under her breath.

"Of course, I suppose she wouldn't just come out of the blue to tell you any of this. That would mean she would have to mention me, a being so ancient and powerful that I had to be forgotten to preserve the safety of the world…" Absolix thought aloud.

"So what do you plan on doing now?" Darkrai asked, a bit afraid.

"…Hm." Absolix said. He placed a single hand to his chin, thinking "Good question. I never really worked out what I would do once I was fre-”

Absolix held out one hand to deflect the Ice Shard that was aimed at him. He turned his head and saw a very enraged master Thief.

"Thief Weavile!" the two agents shouted, "We thought you were beaten!"

"Not quite." answered Absolix, not taking his eyes off the angry thief "She was pretending to be unconscious in order to gather information." Weavile's eyed were open.

"How did you know that!?"

Absolix grinned, so Weavile changed the subject "You… tricked me!!!!" she said angrily.

"More or less. But I AM grateful to you for freeing me. If you join me, I will reward-”


Absolix saved it.

"You promised me a treasure beyond my imagination!”

"Am I not a treasure beyond your imagination?" Thief Weavile growled at this, "Well then, I suppose our opinions differ." said the smiling white being.

"BLIZZARD!!" a large hailstorm was hurled at Absolix. Still having his unfaltering grin, Absolix simply closed his eyes and he was gone. Weavile, sensing his presence behind her, whipped around and slashed. Absolix dodged, but Weavile followed up with a continuous amount of slashes, each one missing the grinning being.

"Why… won't… you… fight… back!!" Weavile screamed madly as each one of her well placed Slashes missed. She smacked downwards with Shadow Claw but Absolix easily grabbed her hand. A shocked expression came upon her face.

"If you insist." with little effort, he flung her to the side like a rag doll, and then he made his move. Bright blue light gathered around his right hand until it had formed a blaster cannon type mechanism around his palms. As everyone looked on at the glowing weapon, Absolix fired a bowling ball sized cannon made from light, which hit Thief Weavile and created a giant explosion upon impact.

Its job done, the cannon vanished into thin air and Absolix stared at the group.

"As Kyogre has control over the seas, and Dialga has dominion over time, I too have a power." his hands glowed dangerously as he spoke "I have mastery over light. I can solidify it, shape it into whatever I wish, bend it to my will, whatever I prefer."

"This man is dangerous…" Cresselia spoke afraid "He defeated our arch enemy with one shot…"

"Two if you count the throw." Absolix added.

"We need to beat him! Everyone, attack at once!" the secret agents went into action, and teamed up with Cresselia as they headed to the light bending pokémon. Absolix merely smirked and dodged all of their attacks easily. Darkrai was about to join the fight when Gardevoir stopped him.

"Wait Darkrai!" she said. If it were any other pokémon, the prince of darkness would have ignore them. But he would listen to Gardevoir "Normal attacks can't be used against him… I need to use Hyper Beam."

"Can you DO that?" Darkrai asked in awe.

"Well… I think so, it worked before!"

"SICK. Okay, I'll guard you until you're read-”

But Gardevoir and Darkrai were surprised. While they both though it would take at least another ten minutes to charge up the greatest attack ever known, the green ball of light just popped into Gardevoir's hands. Somehow, she had achieved the attack without using any energy whatsoever.


"Stay back! I'm going to use Hyper Beam!" the Secret agents immediately realized what was happening, and pulled Cresselia back. Absolix was now the only one in the arena.

"Hyper Beam? I remember when Arceus first used it… it was a powerful attack." Absolix smiled. Light swarmed around both his hands, forming a shield "But then, you aren't Arceus, are you?"

Ignoring Absolix's taunts, Gardevoir felt the energy well up inside her once more, and a brilliant green beam rushed out from her body, funneling backwards the further it got out.

'Wait a minute…' thought Absolix just as the beam hit him. Another large explosion later and the field was once again decimated by Gardevoir's new killer move. She was shocked. The blast should have left her unconscious with its energy usage, instead she was fine. Smoke filled the area, causing her to cough/

"Don't you know, girl?"

Gardevoir whipped around only to have her hand caught by Absolix "…That light type attacks are EXCLUSIVE to light type pokémon, and that no other type other than Arceus can USE them?" Absolix smiled dangerously at her. Gardevoir struggled to break free but his grip was too strong. Smoke was everywhere from the Hyper Beam (?) attack, and Gardevoir couldn't call for help.

"So how did you do it?" wondered Absolix, "How were you able to use Laser shot without being light type? Hm? Did you perhaps find a light scroll that wasn’t somehow destroyed by me? Did you perhaps have help from another light type pokémon, which no longer exist?"

She struggled to speak that she didn't know. She thought it was Hyper Beam, and now Absolix was telling her she was using an attack impossible to learn?

"Ah." Absolix said. The energy draining stopped "You don't know either. Disappointing." his face came closer to hers, determined to solve this mystery.

"You know…" Absolix had a thought, "It's possible that-”

His face became slightly distorted as he was smacked away by a very angry Gallade. The Leaf Blade had connected perfectly, and Absolix slid back, putting some distance between them.

"You don't touch her!" Gallade screamed in fury. Turning back to his fair maiden, he grabbed her and leaned the psychic up against his side.

"Are you hurt…?" Gardevoir weakly smiled back. Gallade smiled in return, then faced the grinning white being.

"I'll deal with you in a second." Gallade said dangerously.

"Don't worry, I have all the time in the world." Absolix said, "I will wait until you are ready."

But then suddenly, a brown arm infused with shadows came close to smacking Absolix. He turned and saw-

"No…!" a white bat suddenly appeared, a female. Absolix couldn't believe his eyes. He had to confirm this. Swords made of solid light appeared in his hands, six of them. From his palms he threw them, so deadly and fast that they knocked down their target immediately. Pinned down by the barrier of light Absolix had created, he stared at them.

"No… way!!" Absolix suddenly smiled, "You- you're Malispite aren't you!?!?" He demanded to know, ecstatic.

"What… of it!?" Malispite replied back, a little weak from the pressure of the barrier.

"And Mercifond!" cried the white being. "I don't believe it! You two survived after all!"

"…survived…!?" Mercifond asked, the more level headed of the two.

"And I thought it wouldn't work! Too many variables! Not enough information!"

"What the hell are you talking about!?" Malispite screamed, partly in rage, partly in confusion.

"Oops." Absolix chuckled, "Perhaps I said something I shouldn't have. Anyway, would YOU two like to join me?" the Fallen Angel asked, "Since my old team is long dead, I'll need some fresh recruits. Hm?"

"NO WAY!!" they both screamed at his weirdness.

"Pity." he threw them at Gallade, who was charging at Absolix. Gallade was knocked down by their combined weight. Absolix saw a Psycho Cut from Cresselia to his left. He ducked, and then followed up by blasting the swan with his cannon that appeared from light. Light cannon still there, he launched a couple more blasts at the party, creating massive explosions, and making the school shake with each devastating impact. It was no contest- Absolix was winning by far.

They needed hope.

"IT'S ABSOLIX!! ITS' ABSOLIX!!" Mewtwo screamed so hard that his throat hurt. Deoxys was never more worried for Mewtwo's well-being. Cackling to himself, watching the girls from the corners of his eyes, Mewtwo went on ranting. And then, all of a sudden, he became deathly quiet.

"I have to kill him." he suddenly said calmly, as if it was the most obvious statement in the world.

"Mewtwo!" Deoxys cried out.

"I HAVE TO KILL HIM!!!" he smacked his hand, and Deoxys was thrown to the side, hitting some bricks. Mewtwo's eyes flew open as he stared at what he had done to the girl. She was struggling to stand up, still crying his name, trying to reach him.

"I have… to kill him…"

She couldn't do it.

"No." Stated Mewthree. "Your quarrel is with me. I have my orders to-

Mewtwo simply stared at her, and his immense psychic abilities, combined with massive insanity, brought her to her knees in no more than a half second. After which, Mewtwo Teleported elsewhere.

"Mewtwo!!" Deoxys cried. She reached to him, but grabbed only air. Deoxys turned her attention to Mewthree.

"You!" she didn't know who she was, what she was doing here, but nonetheless she was a psychic. "Teleport me to him!"

"Why… should I?" Mewthree said, getting up. The feline psychic stood back up, looking as stoic as ever. "I have my orders to kill or imprison him. You would obviously be a hindrance to my commands."

Deoxys understood.

Mewtwo was acting like this because of HER.

"Say your prayers." a second later, a deadly Zap Cannon was fired from Deoxys' hands. Surprised at the sudden onslaught, Mewtwo barely had time to dodge, but because of her high speed, she was able to do so. Following up, Mewthree, seeing the newcomer (an Ivysaur?) as a threat, launched an Aura Sphere from her palms.

The two Aura Spheres collided with an already weakened Deoxys, knocking her down. Mewthree, satisfied, used her psychic powers to locate Mewtwo.

"Where did you go…?" she muttered to herself. The ground quaked. Something below was happening while the two fought. She wasn't sure what, but she didn't care for it either way. Mewtwo was her only target.

Nothing would stand in her way.

But apparently, as Mewthree noticed, the Ivysaur tried. Deoxys stared at her cold, emotionless eyes. Mewthree prepared another Aura Sphere.

And that's when she remembered.


"Remember, Deoxys. You share the same trait as me."

"What is that?"

"An ability only able to be used by us.

The most powerful of all the abilities of our species."


Deoxys remembered.

So she held open her hands.

Thinking the Ivysaur to be a fool for not attempting to block, Mewthree threw the large sized Aura Sphere mercilessly. It would hit her, kill her, and then she could get back to her target.

So her eyes opened wide when Deoxys's hand expanded and caught the Aura Sphere. And then she threw it back.

Mewthree dodged, and checked her hand again. It had to be three times larger than before! No wait- it was convulsing, going into spasm, shifting…

Suddenly, her hand looked like Mewtwo's.

"Aura Sphere."

It shouldn't have been possible. Ivysaur's couldn't learn that move. It should have been impossible, but as Mewthree fell down from the great attack, she realized something. The moustache that the Ivysaur once had had fallen off. She no longer looked like an Ivysaur.

"What are you…?" Mewthree asked aloud, too tired to stand up.

"A Shifter." Deoxys said. That was the term that…

…who told her she was a Shifter?

Didn't matter now. Deoxys knew what she had to do, and she had to do it fast. The alien grabbed Mewthree's own hands, and Deoxy's hand convulsed and shifted again. But this time, tiny vein like structures went inside Mewthree's hand from Deoxys' own. Mewthree tried to break away, but she was too injured to do anything. Suddenly, she felt herself using her psychic abilities without her doing it. She was locating Mewtwo.

"The basement!" Deoxys suddenly said.

Mewthree realized the thing was using her powers.

Deoxys immediately ran for the basement, leaving Mewthree behind.

Mewtwo warped into the area, and immediately spied Absolix. He launched not one, but five Aura Spheres at the white being, who turned and dodged them all effortlessly.

"ABSOLIX!!" he screamed, startling most of the combatants in the area.

"Mewtwo." Absolix returned the gesture "I am quite surprised. I thought Arceus would have locked you up."


Absolix saved the useless chat, and two light swords appeared in his hands- one for each. Mewtwo saw this and charged up his power. Bricks cracked behind him, the walls shook, and a miniature earthquake rumbled behind Mewtwo.

"I WILL KILL YOU!!!" he launched the Psychic, with more force than five of Gardevoir's "Hyper Beams" combined. Invisible Telekinetic energy blasted from the psychics closed fist, cracks of blood visible because of how hard he was gripping it.

A wall of light appeared before Absolix, but it was shattered in an instant. Absolix remained calm and summoned five more light barriers, effectively shielding him from the attack. It was over, and Absolix was unharmed.

"You? Kill me?" the fallen angel laughed, "If I had known that, I would have contacted you to free me faster."

Mewtwo was angrier than he had ever been. Fury seethed from his pores, and cold sweat covered his body in a feeble attempt to cool his head. It was all HIS fault. Everything. He stared coldly at this creature, this omnipotent being capable of ripping them all to shreds anytime he wanted to. He hated Absolix. His relentless hatred for the being was second only compared to a much worse creature than Absolix could ever be.


"MEWTWO!!" Darkrai screamed. This time, Mewtwo heard it. From the way Darkrai was straining his voice, you could tell he had been trying to reach Mewtwo for quite some time.

The expression on Darkrai's face made him want to cry. His face was twisted in guilt and anguish, desperately pleaded for Mewtwo to stop.

"We've got this!!" his brother pleaded, "Go rest! You need to -

"I HAVE TO KILL HIM!!" Mewtwo screamed back at Darkrai, "AND I'LL DESTROY ANYONE WHO GETS IN MY WAY!!"

Darkrai was astounded. He knelt on the ground, simply unable to stand. Something was wrong with Mewtwo. Something bad, some evil thing had taken control, and now was wearing Mewtwo's flesh.

And Absolix knew it.

"You still can't control your insanity." stated the white being "How many have you hurt?"

The question stung.

"How many will you continue to pain?"


Putting both hands behind his back, Mewtwo summoned every ounce of his strength, every bit of his power and threw it behind him. The building shook, the ground cracked, bricks flew everywhere as the psychokinetic energy reached levels of impossible friction. Mewtwo screamed as he drew on every last reserve of his strength. He no longer cared about his life. He never did; all that mattered was that the grinning white look alike of himself died.

Giving one last scream, Mewtwo took the energy that he had built up, a hurricane of telekinetic power, and threw it all at Absolix.

Anticipating the onslaught, Absolix formed a solid barrier around himself made of light energy. The great force collided with Absolix's shield, as well as everything else even remotely in the area. Absolix was actually getting serious using the shield.

Within moments, the building fell apart. The entire school, with all of its levels and floors collapsed on itself, Mewtwo screaming in rage as the bricks fell upon them all.

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