Legendary PKMN

Chapter fourteen


-"Listen to me Cresselia! You have to prevent Weavile from getting to floor -99 at ALL costs!"-

-"Greetings one and all! I am Absolix."-

-"I'm the guy who caused the fifth Great destruction."-

- "How many will you continue to pain?"


Chapter Fourteen: Balance of Power (Act five: Fallen Angel)

"…Uh…" Moltres said. He has just witnessed the school being blown apart by a single attack. Not an easy thing to do "Uh… Dialga… Palkia…?" he tried to contact them using Telepathy.

"Here." it was Palkia, who had opened a rip in reality. He and Dialga stepped out.

"There you guys are! You won't believe it! The school just collapsed on-”

"We know." Dialga said bitterly. His brother had some perks to being the guardian of space. Dialga stared at the scene- the barrier would be out in two minutes, but it was clear something had happened.

And they knew with who.

"You met him, didn't you Mewtwo?" muttered the giant blue dinosaur, "You had to fight him…"

He lay there, silent as a dead man. Of course, he wasn't actually dead. After all, he had too many things to do. Dying would be a hindrance.

On the other hand, he was only at half his strength, and a fight with Arceus, the god of all pokémon, was imminent. He didn't know how he was going to fight her- it would impossible for her to venture outside the Hall for more than a few minutes.

But she'd find a way.

So, buried underneath a large amount of rubble, he started wondering how to approach this situation. One hundred and eighty years had passed since he was sealed… what now? Other than of course, his goal.

Still, it wasn't as fun when you didn't have other people with you. He wished he had his old team back. Unfortunately, they, unlike he, were not immortal. They should be long dead by this point, nothing more than bones to be consumed by the earth along with-

"Absolix! Absolix!!"

Funny, he didn't think bones could talk.

"This wouldn't happen to be… Salamantra, would it?" Absolix responded telepathically.

"Absolix-sama! Good, we've arrived in the right…" Salamantra paused. Absolix couldn't believe it, Salamantra was alive?

"How did you survive all these years?" Absolix had to know. And then, "Are the others alive as well!?"

"I didn't survive… and the rest should be coming shortly… where are you Absolix-Sama!?" the voice on the receiving telepathic end asked.

"Destiny City."


"Hey don't blame me!" Absolix said, "It's very hard to move in a type B four-rune-pillar egg -style silver chained seal with a fifty-four pentagram insignia you know!" scolded Absolix, although he never lost his grin. His team being alive was practically the ultimate joy right now.

He would have to ask how they had done that later.

"Damn. I'm sorry Absolix-sama… but we're practically on the other side of the planet!" Salamantra cursed.

"ABSOLIX! HEY ABSOLIX!!" an excited voice screamed.

"Hello Schrocat." Absolix rolled his eyes.

"Where are you Absolix!? I can't see you anywhere!!"

"He's on the other side of the planet."
mumbled the first voice.

"Don't worry! I'll make a million of me to find you!" the second voice said to Absolix, determined. Absolix laughed.

"That won't be necessary Schrocat." with a flick of his wrist, the boulders above him disintegrated "Salamantra, are you still there?"


"Good. Please have Inori Teleport me right away."

"We can't. Inori hasn't arrived yet… it's complicated." Salamantra replied.

"Very well then…" Absolix saw the barrier begin to flicker. It was almost time. "When Inori 'arrives', kindly ask him to Teleport me out of here. I'm going to have a bit of fun…"

"Absolix-sama, don't you DARE challenge Arceus. You can't be in good condition after a hundred and eighty years of imprisonment!" the first voice warned.

"WHO, ME?" Absolix said, accused, "I don't know what you're talking about…"


"Oh please Salamantra. Like that old fart could even put a scratch on Absolix!" the second high pitched voice argued.

"Schrocat-chan, you're still too young to understand." Salamantra said back.

"I'm sorry, we're breaking up." Absolix smiled.


"Fzz. I'm going in a cave. Fzz."


Absolix cancelled it, smiling. They'd come for him. Opening his eyes, he smiled again. First things first…

Deal with the young Darkrai staring at him angrily.

"Are you still angry?" Absolix asked.

"…what have you done to Mewtwo?"

Absolix was mildly surprised.

"The appropriate question, is what HAVEN'T I done to Mewtwo?" Absolix chuckled. He saw Darkrai getting mad, so Absolix elaborated, "Ask him yourself what relation he has with me. It isn't my business nor duty to tell you." shrugged the fallen angel. Darkrai stared at him for a bit.

"…Aren't you going to like, kill me or something?" Darkrai was a bit confused. Absolix laughed.

"For what?" Absolix smiled, "You have done nothing to me, why should I to you?" he asked.

"...and YOU caused the Fifth Great Destruction!?" Darkrai exasperated, wondering how a mass murder could behave in such a manner. Absolix laughed again.

"Yes… I get that a lot…"

The yellow barrier around the school finally fizzled out.

Absolix's senses went on high.

"Ready for me to prove it to you?" Darkrai got into the best fighting stance he could, expecting an attack, "No, not you." Absolix still smiled.


In a split second Dialga and Palkia both performed Dragon Claw on Absolix's adjacent sides. The blow was astounding, it was by far more energy than Darkrai could put out in two moves. But they had missed their target, hovering above, and still smiling with glee.

"Darkrai." Palkia addressed the prince of darkness, "Go to the other legends."

"Why!? I can help take this gu-”

"Do it!" Dialga barked. He looked over at his brother, sweating equally as much as himself. This was to be expected, however.

They were going to take on the fallen angel.

As in- THE. FALLEN. FREAKIN. ANGEL. The guy who had caused the Fifth, the one responsible for nearly sending Arceus to her grave all of those years ago. The guy who had somehow survived being stabbed with a million swords without using a single move.

"Palkia and Dialga…" Absolix mused, "Going to fight me, are we?" they held their ground. At once, Absolix unleashed his true potential- the energy around him grew and filled the air with ten times more pressure than previously.

"Wait!" Darkrai shouted, "What about-

"Your friends are fine." Palkia answered, "The barrier got weak enough to where I could warp them back to safety before it collapsed.

"Mewtwo!?" Darkrai had to know. Palkia grimaced. Mewtwo was practically Darkrai's older brother. Not related by blood, but Darkrai still considered Mewtwo his older sibling in every sense of the word.

"…Go to the other legends." was all Palkia could say. Before Darkrai could respond, Palkia pulled a few strings, and he was out of the war zone regardless. He turned his attention back to Absolix. The white angel was still grinning.

Palkia winced.

"Must I remind you who won each and every time we had a sparring match?" Absolix asked. Swords appeared in a flash. One in each hand, and six hovering in the air. Palkia and Dialga knew not to respond. They clasped claws. Absolix's eyes widened.

"Oh fri-”

Before he could even spit the words out Palkia had slammed into his side with a powerful Dragon Claw. Absolix flew sideways, only to be hit again and again from every single direction at once by the guardian of space. With the few glimpses that he had, he made out Dialga and Palkia holding hands (claws?). Combined time travel and dimensional warping.

Absolix raised his sword but it was useless against the onslaught. It was elementary of course, to use an attack, you needed a specific amount of time to use it. Therefore, if Dialga got rid of that, you were screwed. So Absolix lay limp as he was hit again and again and again. Finally, Palkia charged up his most powerful move- Spacial Rend.

And attack that automatically homed in on the opponent. And it hit you by ripping the space around you. Quit painful, actually.

The attack, being in super speed, of course collided with Absolix, and a void tore his body into pieces. On the plus side, they stopped warping because they had expended too much energy and needed a breather.

His shoulder almost ripped in half, Absolix grinned at them.

"Your tactics haven't changed a bit." a white glow shrouded Absolix, rapidly healing his wounds. Within seconds, the shoulder that had almost been torn off had mended completely.

"It's nice to know some things haven't changed." before the guardians of time and space could do something, Absolix struck first. Making a few signs in the air using light, he created a giant seal beneath them on the ground, with a specific pattern mad of light. A dome formed around them instantly before Palkia and Dialga could break out.

"This is…!" Palkia recognized this, being the guardian of space.

"That's right. This… is MY dimension." Absolix grinned, "In MY dimension, we have a few rules here."

"Palkia!" Dialga screamed. The two clasped hands to combine their powers, but nothing happened.

"Rule number one." Absolix held up one of his four fingers, "Time flows normally here. For EVERYONE."

The dragon duo winced. Absolix's new dimension could be controlled by Absolix however he pleased. He could invent new laws of physics here; it was HIS space.

"Rule number two." Absolix calmly said, still floating in the air, "No warping out of here, Palkia." This was true, Palkia had been trying to find a loophole in the dimension's settings, but apparently Absolix had outsmarted him.

Grinning, Absolix instantaneously made six swords appear in each hand. He threw them all at the duo, the attack Light Vector. The swords gracefully homed in at their targets by the Fallen Angel's will, leaving a trail of light from Absolix's open palms as they went. Dialga used Protect to shield themselves, and the light swords clanged against the barriers. Dissatisfied, Absolix them summoned a giant shining bow, to which he put in a giant, shining arrow.

The arrow flew and hit Palkia's shield. It pierced the barrier with little effort, and stuck one of Palkia's two orbs, weakening the space guardian.

"You might as well give up." Absolix stated. "I'm still too strong for you two."

They laughed.

"You might be stronger than us, Absolix." Dialga smiled, "But you miscalculated one thing."


"Yeah." Dialga stated "We didn't come alone!"

Absolix's eyes widened, but it was all in vain because there was a shout of "MAGMA STORM!" and a giant flaming tornado surrounded Absolix. The sheer size of the attack was incredible- putting most skyscrapers in Destiny City to shame. Heatran made the pressure and heat of this one particularly strong. She was surrounding Absolix with lava from all sides with no escape.

But Absolix had formed a spherical barrier, and was perfectly fine with the tornado around himself. Absolix's barrier shifted, and a cannon was formed out of it without transferring mass from the shield. It fired four rounds of explosive spheres of light, they all hit the general area around Heatran, which injured her. Celebi then popped out from nowhere and tried to hit the fallen angel with a giant tree.

Absolix blocked the move and sent light energy through it, in effect blowing to it pieces.

The assault on Absolix continued with Rayquaza unleashed a true Hyper Beam from above. The black yet multicolored beam was powerful but Absolix was stronger still- he created a seal that absorbed the attack as it came above his head. Rayquaza didn't let up on the Hyper Beam however, forcing the Fallen Angel to stay still. This gave the pixie trio enough time to combine three Shadow Balls into a larger one, which they shot at Absolix.

With one hand holding the seal to absorb Rayquaza's move, Absolix formed a cannon around his hand with the other. He grinned as it destroyed the Shadow Ball in one hit, then struck down all three pixies in a single strike. Rayquaza still firing from his mouth, Absolix willed seven cannons from light to appear at Rayquaza's sides. They fired simultaneously, and the green dragon became severely injured.

"This…" Absolix breathed hard, "Is actually… quite tiring…" Absolix willed two swords of light to appear in his hands. Ho Oh had just appeared, and was launching a Flamethrower at him.

Absolix shielded himself, and charged forwards.

Mewthree couldn't believe it. The way she had it figured, Arceus was the most powerful being on the planet.

But this creature…! This being so similar to herself and Mewtwo was taking on all the legends and actually WINNING. Mewthree was of course, hidden on a building that had not yet been destroyed. She stared at him, wondering just who he was.

More like, WHAT he was.

As she watched him take down Ho Oh, her mouth came into somewhat of a gape. Still remaining emotionless, she tried to deduce a way to get out of the war zone. And then he looked at her.

Not just looking, but looking AT her.

"Trying to find an opening?" Absolix said in her mind, assuming that she wanted to attack her too "Don't even try. I have no openings."

"I… my purpose has nothing to do with you." Mewthree replied. Palkia got back up, and was engaging Absolix in hand to hand combat.

"Ah yes. Mewtwo, right? You are his 'clone' aren't you?" Absolix laughed. He shot Palkia with the attack Light Vector, which struck down the dragon "You'd better get out of here. Arceus will be coming."

"I heard everything about Arceus from reading Dialga's mind." Mewthree retorted, "She can't move from the Hall. How do you expect her to get here?"

"Because she will find a way." Mewthree jumped back a few feet- he was right next to her in a split second. No wait- he was still over there, fighting Dialga and Moltres at the same time!

"Being me has its advantages." Absolix explained, "Heed my warning. She will come." Absolix suddenly looked to the sky. He sensed something.

The entire sky turned black.

Destiny City was now surrounded by an impenetrable black barrier with stars that glimmered in its Mewthree gazed up fear, trying to make sense of it all, Absolix's smile grew broader.

"She's here."

And with that, he was gone.

"Oohhh… this is bad…oohhhh…"

He was wearing nothing but a blue skirt like attire, with some baggy brownish shorts. Just like always. He felt his beard, giving him a bit of comfort as the aged old man saw the disaster unfold in Destiny City.

"Arceus... I see how this will turn out…" the old man said to himself, as if Arceus was there in person.

"It will not end well."

With that, the old man opened one eye; it glowed blue with a mysterious power. He held his cane high and began to chant.

"The Fallen Angel comes…

The battle will bring no victory…

He will lose the battle…

Yet the balance of power will be uncertain…

And he will rise again…


"There are two beings that you must never fight." explained Manaphy to the injured ones. Namely Darkrai, Gardevoir, Gallade, Cresselia, and all the others involve in the brawl in the school.

"The first you have just seen. His name is Absolix." the blue fairy said quietly. It was using Aqua Ring, a move to make soothing water heal pokémon. Darkrai wince a bit- the healing process was a bit painful.

"Absolix…" Cresselia repeated. And then- "Latios, where is he?"

"In a shelter." explained Manaphy with a curt reply, "Until mother arrives, we have no hope of winning."

Manaphy's strength lay not in fighting, but her ability to communicate with people and pokémon, as well as her great healing prowess. That was why Arceus chose Manaphy to be a Legendary Pokémon. Though she was not related by blood, Manaphy still liked to call Arceus 'mother'.

"Urg… He beat us all in an instant…!" Malispite was angry.

"And without even trying." Manaphy said calmly. She was always calm like this "You are lucky to even have survived. Absolix could have killed you all in an instant."

Which was confusing, Manaphy thought. If Absolix didn't want to kill the Legendary council, then what did he want? …though… they young ones still weren't qualified to be Legendary Pokémon yet…


"Mew…two…!" Darkrai demanded. He was one of the most beat up, next to Malispite. Manaphy paused.

"Where is he…!" the prince of darkness demanded.

Manaphy did not respond to Darkrai, instead she said this:

"The other being you should never fight is long dead, so we don't have to worry about him." Manaphy continued with her earlier point.

"Where is he!!" Darkrai yelled. He struggled to break free from the Aqua Ring move, but Manaphy forcibly held him down with Psychic. She might have been the weakest legendary in terms of fighting, but she was still beyond Darkrai's power.

"Rest…" she commanded. She suddenly heard a violent explosion and left top check the area around them. Darkrai, still held by the Psychic, struggled to break out.


The voice was Gardevoir's. She looked at him painfully, she too lying down to be treated.

"You have to have faith in Mewtwo." Gardevoir said kindly. Darkrai stopped struggling, and paused to listen. "Come on now." she smiled. "Mewtwo's the strongest of us all. He wouldn't die so easily, would he?" Darkrai took in the female psychics' words. He grinned.

"Yeah… he probably on the other side of this tent, waiting to splice us or something." he laughed. The rest laughed with him. They were all worried about Mewtwo.

And somewhere, beneath a chamber filled with water, tubes sticking out from every direction and nutrients zipping back and forth, Mewtwo heard them.

Light came from the sky in a brilliant beam that was almost completely transparent. Palkia and Dialga saw this coming, their mother was breaking out.

"Dialga!" Palkia ordered. But he didn't need to, his brother had already begun the process. Within moments Dialga had summoned all his hidden power and unleashed it all.

"Roar… of… TIME!!"

The time bending move took effect instantly. A blue sphere surrounded Dialga and then zoomed outwards in every direction, encompassing everything in Destiny city with a blueish halo. Absolix intently watching, Palkia then performed his signature move- Spacial Rend. Dialga was gone in a flash as Palkia held his pose.

Calculations went through his mind as to what all this meant. Absolix suddenly had a thought, and fired a Laser Shot from his palms sideways at a now abandoned building. The building made collapsing sounds, but nothing happened to it when the beam hit.

"Ah!" Absolix had figured it out. It was an ingenious idea, really "It's a temporal stability zone. As long as Dialga keeps up his move, every object it encompasses exists in every single time frame at once. In other words, I can't destroy anything.

And, to back it up, Palkia has hidden his brother within a special dimension that is only accessible when Palkia dies or releases him. Good job." Absolix clapped.

Palkia winced. Truly, having Absolix as an enemy was fighting. He figured out their move in mere seconds.

"And the only beings unaffected by all of this…" Absolix continued. "Would be of course, myself, and you too, Palkia." Absolix concluded. A giant ten foot tall blue broadsword appeared in his hand.

"But if I get rid of you, then Dialga will be exposed." said the light type, stating their weakness.

"You won't be able to fight me." Palkia said, as he was suddenly surrounded by a yellow barrier.

A white foot appeared from the heavens, and Absolix understood. There would be no time for fight Palkia, not when she was here.

Descending from the heavens was ARCHUCKNORREUS!

"You still said Chuck Norris!" Arceus screamed, and killed the narrator by Judgementing him.

"Arceus…" the Fallen Angel muttered.

The divine being descended gracefully from the sky. Looking like a horse, she was white all over with some gray in her. A giant ring like dais was in the middle of her stomach. Her hooves gently touched the sky, holding her up with elegance. Her green eyes shone with intelligence gathered throughout all of the eight hundred years she had been alive.

Directed, of course, at Absolix.

She waited, standing in midair above the highest towers of Destiny City. Absolix smiled, and dismissed the broadsword. He flew up to where she was, a couple dozen feet or so, and met with her on equal ground.



All the Pokémon and humans watching this were itching with anticipation. Surely their protector, the god of all Pokémon would prevail and destroy this demon?

But then, Absolix had single handedly taken on all of the legends and nearly won. Was it possible he was stronger than Arceus…?

"It's been a while." Arceus made some pleasant chat.

"One hundred and eighty years two months five days ten hours and twenty two minutes." Absolix smiled, "But who's counting?"

"Apparently YOU are." Arceus sweat dropped. Absolix shrugged.

"It got very boring in there." he made an excuse.

And then twenty light swords appeared at his sides, hovering in the air with blue light energy.

"And now that I'm free, I'm going to kill you." Absolix smiled playfully. Arceus returned the gesture by summoning her power and glowing with divine energy.

"No. You're going back into that seal."

It began.

Absolix and Arceus furiously charged at each other- Absolix with his twenty swords and Arceus with a Zen Headbutt. Their attacks collided and energy spewed outwards as a result. Both combatants were knocked in opposite directions.

Absolix took the initiative by launching five blue swords at Arceus in a Light Vector attack. Arceus easily shielded herself and used Earth Power to launch magma at him from down below. Absolix saw this coming and warped behind Arceus, where he slashed the god with a sword that had just appeared.

Arceus spun around in a Dark Pulse, knocking Absolix back just as he was about to land the blow. Absolix on the ground, Arceus fired several Zap Cannons at him. The fallen angel dodged left and right, all while launching Light Vector’s at Arceus. Absolix zoomed around the city, finally jumping onto a building and leaping off of it. Arceus fired Shadow Ball from her mouth but Absolix spun and swiped the blow away with a shield made from light.

That done, he fired twenty Light Vectors as fast as he could at Arceus. They zoomed on their target and hit it- creating a massive almost city wide cross from impact. Absolix smirked and creating a cannon on his hand, encompassing his entire forearm.

Arceus wouldn't be defeated by THAT petty move.

Indeed she wasn't. Perfectly fine in a yellow barrier with her very minor injuries being healed, she made her next move. Absolix only had enough time to look up before he was blasted with a Judgment attack then sent him flying downwards. Arceus looked down at the crater, dismissing her light shield.

Absolix stood up, still smiling as if he had already won. His wounds began to heal again with white light.

"Is this it, Arceus?" Absolix taunted. "You can't beat me like this you know- I'm only JUST getting serious about this fight."

Arceus narrowed her brow. He was still as strong as ever. But she would win, just like last time.

"Oh, I've finally figured out how you've done it." Absolix also added. "The reason you are venturing outside the Hall is because of Giratina, isn't it?" Arceus's eyes were wide. Truly, fighting the great Absolix 'the Fallen Angel' was a hard task to do.

Yes, Giratina, who had control over dimensions, had set up a system where he could temporarily trick the dimensions, and make it so that Destiny City WAS the Hall of Origin. So technically, Arceus could move about wherever she wanted to because she was still IN the Hall of Origin. At least, that's how the dimensions were set up.

She loved that man…

"Very well then." Arceus said. An ominous power began fill Destiny City. Arceus was unleashing her true power. A ball of light formed in her gaping mouth. It flew out a few feet, and then Arceus began absorbing more. Shots of light flew from her body outwards in every direction. However, the little spheres of white and yellow and orange light began coming together in the original sphere Arceus had created. Melting like liquid bubbles, they came together to form a giant fifty foot tall sized sphere of energy.

Absolix smiled with anticipation. He felt his swords carefully. By her power, the ball of light began to shrink. Finally, in a burst, the ball of light shrunk to the size of a baseball causing a giant shockwave throughout Destiny City.

"Pay attention, Darkrai, Cresselia." Manaphy said to them, watching it all happen, "This is why your mother is known as a God."

The ball of light, immensely small but powerful flew up into the air several stories above their heads. Once there, it stopped. Absolix tensed up. He saw what was coming, and it was by no means good for him at all.

The ball of light began to spin rapidly, unleashing miniature spheres of itself flying outwards.

"SUPREME JUDGEMENT!!" Arceus screamed from the use of her power.

The light spheres turned into Judgement's as they fell to the ground. Pillars of light were bombarding the city in random directions. Absolix knew it was hopeless to dodge but he tried anyway. Dodging as fast as he could, leaping left to right, dimension hopping in every direction- it was simply not enough to dodge the millions of light spheres that were unleashed upon him.

Absolix launched several attack at Arceus but she shielded herself from them all. Absolix was now officially serious as he fought. He spied a Judgment aiming straight for him, and called upon a seal of light to shield himself by absorbing the attack. But Arceus was cleaver- she used seals of her own to re direct the Judgment attacks so that they came at Absolix from every angle and direction possible.

He was struck by two separate Judgments, but Absolix was by no means defeated. In desperation, he shielded himself with one of the most powerful seals he knew, a total body seal designed to suck in the attacks and re direct them somewhere else. It had worked, and now the Judgment's firing at him were going into space where they could harm no one. Being a Seals master had its advantages from time to time.

"Light…" Absolix breathed hard, keeping up the seal at the same time "Vector!"

Thousands of swords came at Arceus from every conceivable angle, and Arceus Teleported out of there. The swords followed her, but she destroyed every one of them with her Supreme Judgement attack.

The Supreme Judgement was finally over, and Absolix dismissed the seal before it caused him to lose any more energy. He was tired. He was beaten. At full strength he had a chance of defeating the one they called God, but being sealed for one hundred and eighty years two months five days ten hours and twenty two minutes had wearied him down. And he still smiled.

Because he saw the dimensional rip in the sky no other being in the city had noticed.

"You're through Absolix!" Arceus said. She summoned her final attack- A giant golden seal akin to her dais appearing in the sky, greater than the circumference of Destiny City. In the center of it all was a glowing white orb. Absolix stared up. The attack that had blown him to bits the last time he fought Arceus.

But this time, he was prepared.


A pillar of light so vast and powerful that it put every other Move to shame blasted at Absolix from the white orb. If he was hit by that, the fallen Angel would be nothing more than dust, as Mewthree observed, frightened by the seemingly omnipotent Arceus.

But Absolix remembered this attack from last time, and he was prepared.

He used every ounce of his energy to do a Forced Move Override seal on the Imprison. The pressure was too great for any other being to even think about moving, but Absolix was still the Fallen Angel. He sped at light speed out of the way. Grinning, he launched five shots of light, each twenty feet in diameter, from a cannon on his arm.

But he had underestimated Arceus.

As she shielded herself from his attack, the Final Judgement that was about to hit earth swerved to the side.

"Game over." she said dangerously. She performed another Imprison on Absolix, rendering him unable to use seals this time as the great white Final Judgement zoomed all around the city like a giant snake. It aimed itself at the Imprisoned Absolix.

This time, he was done for. He had challenged the god of all pokémon, and he had lost. And now he was going to be Judgmented to pieces. But his smile never faded. And in his last moments, Absolix spoke his final words.

"Kindly get me out of here, Inori."

The gray beam hit Absolix before Final Judgement made contact. As split second later, the Final Judgement fazed through his body and the gray light, uselessly hitting the earth and making a large crater that mended itself from Dialga's move.

"What!?" Arceus demanded. Absolix began laughing. He may have lost the battle, but the war was far from over.

"Listen well, all beings!" Absolix shouted. Arceus was shocked. He was using telepathy to contact the minds of everyone on the planet!

"I, the great Absolix have made a comeback!!" he smirked, "I have fought Arceus, and not even she was able to destroy me!"

Arceus saw his plan. She realized what Absolix was doing.

Giratina, watching from the Hall, laid his two red eyes on the rip in reality. Only a single being could have made such a hole in one of HIS dimensions without him knowing it.

And he saw that same being, surrounded by five others of various shaped and sizes, Teleporting Absolix to safety with his gray beam.

"That is all I wanted to say. I am back!" he concluded. As he rose further up he laid his eyes on Darkrai, looking up at him. He grinned back.

"Oh, and you seven." Absolix said to the seven that had almost stopped his resurrection.

"It was interesting to meet you."

With that, he had vanished. The rip in reality was no more, the six beings standing in it were gone.

Absolix had escaped.

Arceus floated down to Palkia and Dialga, both injured but still walking to set an example for the others.

"How many injured?" she stated.

"More than you want to know. The Council will be unoperational for a bit. Manaphy is doing the best she can."

"How many dead?" she asked. Palkia was actually surprised, but,

"Zero. Absolix didn't kill anyone- you know how he is." Arceus sighed with relief. "Good." she eyed the city. All the buildings were intact, thanks to Dialga. No one was killed, and people were moving back into their homes.

Victory enough.

"How many Chuck Norris references have we made in the course of this saga?" she asked.

"A billion and two."

Damn. Never mind, they didn't have victory after all.

Arceus was tired. Giratina's dimension had cancelled awhile back, and now she was exerting much effort to stay in Destiny City.

"Mewtwo." she stated. Palkia and Dialga looked at each other. Of all the injured, Mewtwo was by far the worst. Not only did he nearly kill himself trying to take down Absolix, but he had also been in contact with said Fallen Angel.

"We don't know." Palkia finally said, knowing that Darkrai and the others were listening in from the tent next to them "He might wake up and be fine. He might wake up and not remember who any of us are. He might not wake up at all."

He heard a gasp from behind the tent, the Ivysaur's most likely.

"Well, that was actually kind of fun." Absolix sat in his throne- a simple bowl chair that hung from the ceiling by a chain.

"YOU NEARLY KILLED YORSELF." a giant lizard looking shadow said angrily. His old team was back- Absolix smiled.

"Yes. But I do that EVERY day, Salamantra. It's one of my habits."

The lizard mumbled curse words that are not allowed to be spoken in this story.

"So, I see we've all made it, yes?" Absolix eyed everyone, still hidden in the shadows.

"Well, almost." a shadowed being replied. "You see, we had a new member join us recently… but she can't be here yet because she's trying to find a way to free GIGA…"

"Oh who cares about her!" another being replied, right next to the one who just spoke, "We don't need them! We can kick Arceus' ass without them!"

"Yami, that's mean!" the first voice argued.

"Shut it. I can say what I want!" the figure known as 'Yami' replied.

"Nonetheless, GIGA is a viable asset to our ranks. I'd hate to lose him." Absolix mused, "Who is 'She' anyway?"

"…We'd prefer not to mention her name." a third figure replied "If you knew what we now know about her, you'd do the same. Forgive us, Absolix."

"Oh that's all right. I'll get to meet her one day won't I?" Absolix smiled warmly.

"Hey I have a question!" a high pitched voice piped up. "Why are we all in shadows anyway!?!"

"That's an easy one, Schrocat." the previous voice said. "It's because the author doesn't want to reveal us too soon because we're important characters in the future storyline."

"Also, the Electric bill needs to be paid, Inori-san." the giant lizard added.

"Right. That too…" Inori sweat dropped, "Looks like we're going to be in the dark until Absolix pays the electric bill…"

"Excellent. Now that all matters have been discussed, I think I'll rest to regain my lost strength…" Absolix smiled.

"Wait Absolix –sama! There is another matter that needs to be discussed!"


"Yes. Um…" Salamantra said nervously, "Um Absolix-sama…why did you bring HER here!?" He pointed to Mewthree, who was standing there not knowing just what was going on.

"Yeah. I'd like to know that too!" Mewthree demanded. One second, she was on the roof of a building watching Absolix fight, then Absolix performed a synchronization seal on her, and she was Teleported along with him!

"Oh yeah, that." Absolix remembered, "Well, I'd like to think that I SAVED you, my dear. You fought Mewtwo and the others, so you would have been an enemy to be eliminated by Arceus."

Mewthree was uncomfortable. He was right, but being surrounded by all these strange pokémon… Especially the quiet one that had not yet spoken. He was the creepiest out of all of them.

"So, how about joining me hm?" Absolix offered to Mewthree.

"Absolix-sama! Stop extending offers to join our group to unknown pokémon!"

"No." was all Mewthree said. "Get me out of here."

"I could help you defeat Mewtwo." Absolix said with his all-knowing eyes piercing through her thoughts.

"I can beat him by myself." retorted Mewthree stoically.

"No, you would have died if he got serious." Absolix extended an arm, "All you need to do is swear your loyalty to me."

"No. Get me out of here…" the feline looking Pokémon repeated.

"Very well, I'll give you time to think about it. Inori?" In a gray flash of light, Mewthree was gone.

"She's useless to us, Absolix." Inori said from the shadows.

"Perhaps." Absolix's tail flicked the air, "I'm going to rest now. Please do not disturb me. And by the way…"

He turned to all of them. "…when I wake up, please tell me how you all survived, hm?" Absolix walked back into his old room, and laid on the bed floating in the air. He grinned.

Neo- Genesis was back in operation.

-Arc one "Legend" end-

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