Legendary PKMN

Chapter three

Chapter three: Alien versus Predator without the Predator (AVPWP)

A giant rock soared through space at a rapid pace. Traveling at speeds that would rival any earthly contraption, it zoomed past everything in its path. Past Neptune, past Jupiter, past Mars, past planet X…

Until it was pulled by gravity on the blue planet…


“What?” Cresselia said in disbelief, shaking her head in annoyance.

“You heard me.” Gliscor said seriously, body hidden inside a trashcan “That’s what I saw.”

“Hey you guys.” it was Darkrai, who floated to them to engage in the conversation of the lunar queen and bat- man. “What are you talking about?” the ghost like legendary asked.

“I SAW THEM.” Gliscor said, shadows falling across his face.

“CHUCK NORRIS!?” Darkrai said in fear.

“What the-? No!” Gliscor said, annoyed.

“He said ‘them’…” Cresselia pointed out to her younger brother.

“They say Chuck Norris is so strong that he can be as many people as he wants to.” Darkrai said mysteriously. Cresselia slapped her head and was about to argue that that didn’t make any sense when Malispite and Mercifond came over.

“So… what’s new?” Mercifond asked as Darkrai and Malispite began engaging each other in an angry staring contest.


“CHUCK NORRIS!?” Malispite and Mercifond said in fear.

“No!” Gliscor said, annoyed. Darkrai and Malispite broke up just to hear what Gliscor had to say.

“I’m talking about… THE INVADER.”

“ZIM!?” Everyone yelled in unison.

“ALIENS!! NOT ZIM!!” Gliscor spoke from his trashcan “I saw it last night! There was a meteor that hit the Earth! Aliens are inside it for sure!”

“R-Really?” Darkrai said, scared.

“HAH! I WILL TROUNCE THOSE ALIENS!” Malispite said confidently.

“Aliens don’t even exist.” Cresselia rolled her eyes. “It’s highly illogical! And there’s no proof!” she said clearly for all to hear. Darkrai and Malispite looked at each other.

“Your sister is crazy.”

“I know, right?”

Cresselia fell down anime style.

“You want proof…” Gliscor said mysteriously. Everyone leaned in closer as Gliscor reached into his trashcan and brought out an iPod.

“Behold! When aliens enter the Earth’s atmosphere, all technology is rendered useless!” Gliscor gave the iPod to Darkrai, and Darkrai put the headphones in his ears. He gasped when no music came out.

“No… music…” Darkrai said fearfully. Cresselia noticed this, and her eyebrows arched.

“Wait… why are you so scared anyway?” Cresselia asked.

“S-Scared!?!?! I’m not scared of no aliens who… probably want to suck the blood from my head… and eat my inner organs…” Darkrai began sweating.

“You watched Alien Versus Predator didn’t you?” Cresselia stated.

Darkrai: “NO!”

Darkrai: “…”

Cresselia: “…”

Darkrai: “…Okay maybe a little…” the lunar queen rolled her eyes.

“Hey wait a minute!” Mercifond observed. “The iPod isn’t turned on!” The female white bat gripped the machine and turned it on. Music began flowing out of it like normal. Gliscor stared Mercifond.

“…Okay, well… this tape recorder doesn’t work either!!!” Gliscor said, refusing to believe that aliens weren’t real. He reached into his trashcan and pulled out a tape recorder. “It will not record anything, even when there’s a tape inside it!” Mercifond examined it. She carefully pulled off the battery case.

“No batteries.” she said. Everyone sweat dropped. Gliscor began to get mad.

“There ARE aliens!” he shouted at the white bat. “And I’ll prove it!” The bat like Pokémon dove into his trashcan, and began searching.

“S-S-So there aren’t any aliens?” Darkrai asked. Cresselia looked at him. “N-NOT that I’m uh, SCARED of them…” Darkrai added.

“No aliens.” Malispite shrugged. Darkrai wiped some sweat off his brow. Walking in the hallway was Mewtwo, who saw them talking and decided to engage them in conversation.

“Hello everyone. What’s up?” He asked when he arrived in their vicinity.

“Gliscor thinks that aliens landed on Earth.” Cresselia said to the legendary psychic. Mewtwo began thinking.

“Ah yes… the meteor…” he remembered. Mewtwo broke out into a crazy grin. “I wonder how well they can resist burning acids….”

Everyone took a step back in case Mewtwo tried to biologically alter them.

“Hm…” Mewtwo began thinking again. “I’ll pinpoint the exact location of when the meteor landed, and then we can go there ourselves to see whether or not there are aliens.” he said. Mewtwo got out a chalkboard and some chalk and began to write things down on it. As everyone gathered around, Mewtwo began to use extremely complicated formulas that no one knew about.

“What kind of math is he doing?!” Malispite said in awe.

“Shmalculus.” Cresselia replied.


“A math so advanced that only Mewtwo knows how it works…” the lunar legendary said mysteriously. Malispite stared. After about half a minute, Mewtwo stopped, and he circled three numbers- 506, 2714 and 0.

“What does it mean?” Darkrai asked.

“It means…” Mewtwo said, examining the numbers. “That the meteor landed on coordinates 506 by 2714 by 0.” he finished. Everyone scratched their heads.

“And… where exactly is that?” Mercifond crossed her arms.

“Coordinates 506 by 2714 by 0 would be located…” Mewtwo said as he guided them all out the doors of the school. “…to the left of the sidewalk of our school.” everyone stared. Exactly to the left of the sidewalk was a meteor about the size of a car.

“…How did we not notice that when we walked in!?!?” Cresselia said, confused.

“Uhhhggh…” a tired voice murmured from inside the meteor.

“IT WANTS TO EAT MY INTERNAL ORGANS!!” Darkrai screamed like a little girl. He dove behind Cresselia and hesitantly gazed behind her back.

“Let’s check this out…” Malispite said. He led the group to walk to the meteor. Carefully, they gazed upon what was inside…

It was a strange creature that almost looked like a human. It had tentacles for arms, legs, hands, but no feet and no mouth. It was colored green and red, with closed black eyes. A pink orb rested in the center of its chest.

“Ughhgg…” it shifted. Gradually, its eyes fluttered open. It saw that it was being stared at. “…Wha…Who are all of you…?” the creature asked, still a bit drowsy. Its voice was slightly high pitched and soft sounding.

“We are Pokémon. You are an alien who has landed on our planet.” Cresselia explained. That shot the creatures eyes open wide.

“I’M AN ALIEN!?” it said in confusion, which normally shouldn’t have been possible without a mouth. It jolted up to full height, being about five and a half feet tall. There was an awkward silence as the alien and the Pokémon stared at each other.

“Uh… this is just a random question mind you…” Darkrai said from behind Cresselia. “But uh, you don’t like eating internal organs do you?” he asked fearfully.

“Internal organs!? Ew.” the alien said in disgust, “No way.” Darkrai wiped some sweat off his face and stopped hiding behind Cresselia.

“In that case, let me be the first to say, we come in peace!” Darkrai put out his hand. The creature stared at Darkrai’s hand. “…you shake it…” he said.

“Oh!” the red and green creature shook Darkrai’s hand. Everyone stared in awe as its tentacles transformed to become a hand that looked like a human’s.

“Can I slice off its arm to analyze its genetic composition?” Mewtwo asked in fascination, crazy grin on his face. He pulled out a saw.

“NO YOU CANNOT SLICE OFF ITS ARM!” Mercifond said, getting between Mewtwo and the alien.

“Excuse me! I’m a girl!” the alien said as -a –matter -of -factly.

“Oh sorry.” Mewtwo apologized, “Can I slice off HER arm to analyze its genetic composition?”

“NO!” everyone yelled.

“You’ll have to excuse Mewtwo. He’s an experimenting psycho.” Darkrai said.

“It’s true.” Mewtwo agreed. “Why, just last night I swapped Darkrai’s middle toes to the opposite feet.”

“YOU DID WHAT!?” Darkrai’s legs extended and he checked them, “…Hey wait a minute! I don’t have toes!” Darkrai remembered, pointing to his stub like legs.

“Oh really?” Mewtwo frowned “Hm… must have been someone else then… it was kind of hard to see in the dark…”

Everyone carefully checked their feet…

“…Anyway! My name’s Malispite!” Malispite said proudly. “This is Mercifond, my twin sister!” He pointed to Mercifond, who waved kindly. “And that would be Darkrai- the stupidest and weakest member on our team!”

“WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME!?”and just like that, Malispite and Darkrai were on each other.

“…Yeah… brother and Darkrai fight a lot…” Mercifond sweat dropped.

“It’s okay! My siblings fight all the time!” the alien said happily. “…I think…” The alien sensed that something was wrong. She tried to remember her family, but drew a blank.

“I…I can’t remember anything!!” the alien said, shocked. Darkrai and Malispite paused in mid fight.

“S-Seriously!?” Darkrai asked, worried.

“I-I can’t remember where I’m from, or what I’m doing here!” she said “The impact must have made me get amnesia!”

“Can you remember your name!?” Cresselia asked, genuinely concerned.

“…Y-yes!” the alien realized, “My name is Deoxys.” she said “…but… that’s all I can remember…”

“Deoxys huh… cool name.” Mewtwo complimented “Reminds me of Deoxyribonucleic acid.” He said.

“Oh yeah. I love all that Bio stuff.” Deoxys said.

“Interesting. Are you aware of the genetic code 41362?”

“Yes. That theory is one of my favorites. The other one is number 21.”

“Ah yes… that early one that set most of the others… very important.”

“Could you please stop talking about that kind of stuff?” Mercifond said. “None of us understand it!” Mewtwo and Deoxys gazed at each other.

“Fine.” Mewtwo shrugged. “So… we found an alien, what now?”

Everyone paused.

“…We could… play Halo?” Malispite suggested.

“I don’t know what that is, but okay!” Deoxys said happily.

“Wait a minute!” Cresselia stopped everyone from going. “We’re forgetting one important detail! Arceus!” she exclaimed.

“Arceus?” Deoxys asked.

“God of all Pokémon. And my mom.” Darkrai explained.

“First we need to explain that Deoxys DOESN’T want to rule the earth so that Arceus doesn’t overreact and her into oblivion!”

“Do all aliens want to take over the world?” Deoxys asked, confused.

“It’s the axiom of alien movies.” Darkrai shrugged “But that’s okay! As long as we explain that you’re a good guy, I’m sure she’ll understand perfectly!” suddenly Arceus’ hologram warped into view. Mewtwo quickly threw a nearby trashcan over Deoxys’ head so that she wouldn’t be seen.

“There you are!” Arceus said “I’ve been looking all over for you!”

“What’s up?” Mewtwo asked casually. Arceus’ face looked grim.

“Aliens have landed on Earth, and they’re hostile!” Arceus explained.

Everyone looked at each other. Cresselia spoke up first.

“…Actually, the alien is not-

“The evil alien switched Palkia’s middle toes!” Arceus exclaimed. Everyone stared at Mewtwo, who shrugged. “We can assume that this alien is hostile! If you see it, then blast it into oblivion! I’m sending Rayquaza to look from the sky to help you guys find it.” she said. Before anyone could say anything, the hologram flickered out.

“…this is bad.” Darkrai smacked his face “We have to hide Deoxys so that she doesn’t get blasted into oblivion.” everyone nodded their heads. Mewtwo pulled the trashcan off Deoxys.

“Bad news. Arceus wants you dead.” Mewtwo explained.

“…uh oh…” Deoxys said in fear.

“Don’t worry. We’ll help you!” Cresselia said, determined, “What we need to do is hide you in a place that can’ be seen from the sky…”

“I have an idea.” Mewtwo said. He pulled out a giant egg “I have genetically altered this egg, whoever consumes it instantly gets knocked out for twenty four hours. We just need to feed it to Rayquaza…”

“Good idea.” Cresselia said “Mercifond, you can fly can’t you? Take the egg up to Rayquaza.” Mercifond nodded.

“…Either that, or it will create a giant explosion that will blow up whoever’s eaten it.” Mewtwo added.

“…” everyone said.

Mewtwo: “…What? I didn’t have enough time to perfect it…”

Darkrai: “By the way, where’d you get that thing anyways?”


A male Lickilicky and a female Blissey stood side by side on a wall. The Lickilicky looked to the Blissey.

“Hey Blissey.” he said, “I have a question for you.”

“What’s that?” the Blissey asked, turning her head to face him.

“Where’d your egg go?” Blissey looked down herself, and sure enough, her egg was missing.

“MY EGG! WHERE’S MY EGG!?” She screamed frantically, looking up and down for it. It was nowhere to be found.

“I know what happened to it…” a mysterious voice said. The Blissey and Lickilicky turned and saw Gliscor’s head popping up from a nearby trashcan.

“What!? Where’s my egg!?” the Blissey asked.

“The aliens took it…” Gliscor said “It is the only logical explanation.”

“You’re right. That has to be what happened.” the Lickilicky agreed.

“I’m looking for the aliens right now. Along with this guy.” Gliscor pointed beside him. Next to him was a giant green snake that had to be at least 50 feet long.

“…How did we not notice him?” Lickilicky sweat dropped

“I have orders from Arceus to exterminate the aliens.” Rayquaza explained, “Soon, we will capture the alien, and hopefully we can get Palkia’s middle toes in their proper positions!”

“And I can get my egg back!” Blissey said, determined.

“LET’S KILL THAT ALIEN!!” they all yelled.


Darkrai’s group had finally come up with a plan. They were going to hide Deoxys at the Burger King restaurant that Malispite worked at. They figured it would be safe for Deoxys once they got past all the people and into Malispite’s locker.

“So you’re going to stuff me inside a locker until when?” Deoxys asked as they ran and floated and flew to the restaurant.

“Who knows? Could be an hour. Could be a week.” Darkrai said. Darkrai reached into his gigantic red collar and pulled out a white object and placed it on Deoxys’ face. It was a white moustache. “…For disguise.” Darkrai grinned.

“That won’t work little brother…” Cresselia slapped herself.

“WILL TOO!” to prove his point, Darkrai picked up Deoxys and chucked her straight into the restaurant. Many -a -people stared at the new strange life form, and Deoxys was too scared to move. Darkrai zoomed in shortly after and shouted

“Hey everybody! Does this look like an alien to you!?” Cresselia and Malispite braced themselves for the uproar of Deoxys being discovered thanks to Darkrai’s idiocy.

“Nope. Looks like a Bulbasaur.” a male trainer said.

“Or an Ivysaur.” a female next to him replied.

“Definitely Ivysaur!” someone yelled in the distance.

“YOU MEAN IT ACTUALLY WORKED!?” Malispite and Cresselia said dumbfounded. Deoxys too was awestruck that it actually worked, but remained silent.

“Hah! Told you!” Darkrai said smartly, directly in his sister’s face. Cresselia was angry at her brothers ‘maturity’, but she along with Malispite ushered Deoxys into the locker room. They went inside and were met by hundreds of white lockers. In seconds, they ran and found locker number 451- Malispite’s.

There was someone already there however. Mewtwo. His face was not visible, instead inside locker 451.

“What are you doing to my locker?” Malispite demanded.

“Ah.” Mewtwo said. His head became visible “I was modifying it for Deoxys’ stay.

“Modifying?” Darkrai asked.

“Yes. Behold!” Mewtwo pulled out a remote control with numerous buttons on it. He grinned, clearly proud of what he had done. “This button…” he pointed to a green button on the remote, “Turns on the TV!” he pressed it, and a television popped out of the locker and began playing the show “Heroes”.

“Cool!” everyone said in awe. Deoxys was particularly impressed.

“This button turns on the computer!” Mewtwo pressed that button and the TV went back inside Malispite’s locker, to be replaced with a fully functional screen and keyboard.

“Whoa!” everyone said in awe.

“This one’s for the Wii… this one is for the telescope… this one is for the bubble bath…” Mewtwo named several of the various buttons, “Oh! And this one’s my favorite feature!” Mewtwo pressed a red button on the remote.


Instead of doing something useful, the button instead blew up Malispite’s locker along with half the entire Burger King restaurant. Darkrai was the first to emerge from the rubble.

“IT BLOWS UP THE LOCKER!?” Darkrai yelled at Mewtwo. Mewtwo managed to get his upper body above the rubble.

“Funny… that button was supposed to play the ‘caramelldansen’ song…” he murmured. He pointed to another button, “THIS button was supposed to blow up the locker.”

“WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU WANT TO BLOW IT UP!?” Malispite screamed, now having recovered from the explosion.

“Cause blowing up stuff is fun…” Mewtwo said with his insane grin on his face.

“I agree with him actually.” Deoxys said “But now what am I going to do…! I have no place to hide…”

“We’ll have to find another!” Cresselia said, emerging from the rubble in a determined fashion “Let me think… has Mercifond returned yet?”

“Negatory.” Malispite looked around, no sign of his sister. Cresselia began to think. She carefully examined the skies, looking for Rayquaza.

“…Gardevoir!” she exclaimed “School should be over now- we’ll hide Deoxys in Gardevoir’s house!”

“Yes!” Darkrai agreed. He knew that Gardevoir would surely understand. And the female psychic had the entire house to herself and her sisters, so no one would suspect it, and it would be easy to hide the morphing alien.

“Let’s go!” Malispite said. They rode off again, this time to Gardevoir’s house, were hopefully, they could safely hide their new friend…


Gliscor, Rayquaza, Blissey and Lickilicky ran to the source of the explosion. Rayquaza had sensed it, and all four of them thought that the aliens had made their first move in the war/invasion.

“It’s close!” Rayquaza snarled, “Those aliens will pay for blowing up stuff! And for switching Palkia’s middle toes!” soon, they found the source. It was a blown up Burger King restaurant.

“Those fiends!” Lickilicky said angrily.

“GIVE ME BACK MY EGG!” Blissey shouted angrily. Gliscor examined the scene

“We’re too late!” he cursed. “The aliens have already left to another location…”

“Damn!” Rayquaza said in rage “Those cowards! SHOW YOURSELVES!!!” he screamed to the heavens.

“Hi Rayquaza!”

“AHA!!” everyone yelled. All four turned around, Rayquaza preparing a Hyper Beam attack, Gliscor preparing a Cross Poison, Lickilicky with a Power Whip, and Blissey with an Egg Bomb.

But all they saw Mercifond, clearly not an extraterrestrial.

“Oh… sorry…” Gliscor apologized. Everyone stopped charging their moves “We thought you were an alien.”

“Uh, hehe…” Mercifond sweat dropped “Uh… Rayquaza, I have a package from… Arceus!” She said. Mercifond held out the egg “It’s… a high protein candy! Yeah! And it will triple your power if you eat it!”

“Oh really? Thanks!” Rayquaza grabbed the egg and licked his lips. It DID look good. All the while, Lickilicky was watching this.

“…Hey Blissey…” he said. Blissey turned her head. “…Does that egg look familiar to you?” Blissey stared hard at the egg. Just after Rayquaza consumed it, she realized it was hers.

“MY EGG!!”


The egg detonated in the sky dragon’s mouth, sending out smoke that covered a wide area. When it cleared, Rayquaza fell to the ground, knocked out.

“…Uh…” Mercifond quickly flew away.


“I can’t believe it… They took our Rayquaza…” Gliscor said “…Wait!” he suddenly realized. Blissey and Lickilicky turned to him.

“That’s it! It was MERCIFOND that gave the deadly egg to Rayquaza!” he realized.

“So?” Lickilicky said, waiting for the point.

“So… Mercifond is out ally! Why would she purposely give Rayquaza something that could kill him!?” no one knew, so Gliscor spoke anyway.

“It’s because the evil aliens are MIND CONTROLLING HER!!”

“GASP!!!” Blissey and Lickilicky said. Gliscor’s theory made perfect sense!

“Those fiends…controlling an innocent girl! Lickilicky said in rage, “They disgust me!!!”

“We have to find them soon…” Gliscor said ominously, “Before they fulfill their twisted dream of destroying all that we hold dear!”


Darkrai furiously rang the doorbell, he needed Gardevoir to be present ASAP or else Deoxys would be killed by a big misunderstanding caused by Mewtwo. He heard footsteps. Darkrai stopped ringing the doorbell and waited. Moments later, what looked like a miniaturized version of Gardevoir with more hair appeared before him.

“Hey Kirlia.” Darkrai waved.

“Hi! Do you want my sister?”

“Actually… yes, we need her to come ASAP.”

“Okay.” Kirlia turned around and shouted for Gardevoir to come. A minute later, Gardevoir to the door entrance. Kirlia went away and Gardevoir began to speak.

“Darkrai. What’s wrong?” she asked, immediately sensing something amiss.

“Listen Gardevoir.” Darkrai said urgently. “You see we found this-


“Oh fric.” Darkrai cursed. Moments later, Gallade landed on his head and knocked him to the ground with the male psychic standing on top of him.

“Don’t worry Gardevoir, as I shall protect you from this demon!” Gallade saluted.

“GET OFFA’ ME!!” Darkrai and Gallade were at it again. Cresselia, Malispite, Mewtwo and Deoxys sidestepped their fighting area and got to Gardevoir.

“Listen Gardevoir, we found this alien.” Cresselia pointed to Deoxys “And we need to hide her because she’s actually a good alien but Mewtwo swapped my brothers toes so now Arceus wants to kill Deoxys!” Cresselia said.

“…Uh… can you repeat that in a way that makes more sense?” Cresselia explained the situation in more detail to the dancer like Pokémon. After hearing the story, Gardevoir gladly let them inside her house. Darkrai and Gallade were still fighting, so Gardevoir came back out and told Gallade to stop fighting Darkrai. Fortunately, Gallade listened to the psychic and both of them entered Gardevoirs place.

“So… you can’t remember a thing?” Gardevoir asked the newcomer.

“Nope. My mind is almost completely blank.” Deoxys said, tapping her head. Mewtwo put his hand up to his chin.

“I propose a memory restoration device.” he said.

“No! Don’t you remember the last time you tried messing with someones brain?” Cresselia yelled.


“And this device here will give you a one hundred and fifty percent mental boost!” Mewtwo said, addressing all the Legendarys “All I need is a volunteer.”

“Ah! I think that I should be the one to endeavor in this challenge.” Mew said, “I believe that I would be absolutely astonishing if this machine does as you say and increase my mental capacity.”

“Thank you!” Mewtwo said. He strapped a helmet to mew’s head. Mewtwo pressed a button and the machine whirred to life. Mild electric charges were shot through Mew’s body. Soon, it was done.

“So Mew?” Mewtwo asked, “Do you feel any more intelligent?” Mew paused.

“HEY MEWTWO!!” Mew yelled, practically in the legendary psychics face “WHAT’S INTELLIMAGENCE!?”


“…THAT’S why he’s so stupid!?!? Gallade asked.

“Nah. I kind of made that part up.” Darkrai said, “What RALLY happened was that I was the one who did it, and it turned me into a drooling idiot. And then it exploded.”



“We’ve been searching everywhere!” the Lickilicky said, “Where the hell is this thing!?”

“At this rate, the death of my egg will be in vain!” Blissey said solemnly.

“Crap!” Gliscor cursed, “We need a plan…” Gliscor used Nasty Plot and begin to think evil thoughts.

“THE WOMENS BATHHOUSE!” Gliscor exclaimed.

Blissey hit him upside the head hard.

“Sorry… let me try again…” this time, Gliscor used Calm Mind and began to think calm soothing thoughts.

“I’ve got it. Mercifond.” he said.

“What about her?” Lickilicky asked.

“She flew off. She must be heading to the alien controlling her!” Gliscor said. “In other words: if we find Mercifond…”

“Then we can find the aliens!” Blissey finished.

“I have another idea!” Gliscor said “Anybody got twenty five Pok’e?”


Arceus paced back and forth on the shiny white marble. She hadn’t heard from Rayquaza in a while, and was worried that the aliens might have taken him out. She tried contacting him using telepathy, but he hadn’t responded.

“This is bad… the aliens…” she murmured.

“THEY SWAPPED MY MIDDLE TOES!” Palkia said in anger due to his now deformed feet. Dialga, right beside Palkia, was trying to comfort his twin brother in his time of need.

“I know!” Arceus said, “But we can’t do a thing unless we have a location!!”

Suddenly, the phone rang.

“I’ll get it.” Arceus said. She walked over to the phone, when it hit her-



“NO HANDS!” Dialga yelled back. Arceus would have slapped herself if she had the hands to do it.







“Uh… KYOGRE?!”


Arceus mentally cursed herself for not making enough Legendary’s with hands.

“I got it!” a feminine voice said. Latias zoomed by, unfolded her hands and held the phone up to Arceus’ ear.

“Hello?” she asked.

“It’s Gliscor! One of Darkrai’s friends!” the voice on the opposite end of the phone said, “I think that I have a way of finding out where they are!”



“Oh.” Arceus said “Well then by all means, tell me how!”

“Can you pinpoint Mercifond’s location!?” Gliscor asked from the other ear of the phone.

“Easily done.” Arceus replied. She concentrated, and could instantly visualize everything in the area of Destiny City. Within seconds, she found the white bat using her city wide vision.

“She’s flying. She appears to be heading towards…” Arceus paused as she checked the surrounding areas “…Gardevoirs house!”

“Those fiends! They must be planning to take out Gardevoir too!” Gliscor cursed in rage.

“Is that where they are?” Arceus said. “I’ll go there immediately. Those aliens will pay!”


Mercifond arrived at Gardevoirs house. Cresselia had contacted her telepathically to inform her of Deoxys’ current location. Mercifond rang the doorbell, and was swiftly ushered inside.

“There you are!” Malispite said to his sister “Is Rayquaza out?”

“It exploded. Yeah, he’ll be out for a while.”

“Good.” Cresselia said.

“…Will this really work though? Deoxys staying in Gardevoirs house?” Mercifond asked, unsure about the plan.

“Oh please.” Darkrai said “My plan is flawless.”

“It was my idea!” Cresselia yelled. Darkrai didn’t appear to hear her.

“There’s no possible way that my mom could catch on.” Darkrai assured Mercifond and Deoxys.

Suddenly in a flash of white light Arceus teleported into the room with Palkia, Dialga, Gliscor, Blissey and Lickilicky.

“…Your plan sucks.” Malispite commented.


“Ugh…” Cresselia sighed. They all instinctively surrounded Deoxys, hoping to protect her from the white god’s wrath.

“Where is the alien? I shall destroy it!” Arceus demanded.

“There it is!” Blissey said, pointing to Deoxys “It blew up my egg!”

“DETH TO THE E.T.!!” Palkia screamed in rage.

“This is bad!” Mercifond said.

“We can’t possibly fight them all off!” Malispite agreed. The angry crowd of alien hating Pokémon. Their backs were against the wall now. Deoxys closed her eyes. She was as good as gone.

“Well then, I suppose we’ll tell them the truth.” Mewtwo shrugged.

“NO!” Everyone yelled, knowing that if Mewtwo spilled the beans, Arceus would spill their guts. Mewtwo stepped forward to confront Arceus.

“I did it.” Mewtwo simply said.

“Mewtwo, step aside so that we- WHAT?” Arceus said.

“I’m the one who switched Palkia’s toes.”

“THAT WAS YOU!?” Palkia said, surprised.

“It was really fun by the way…” Mewtwo grinned, “But… I am also the one who blew up the Burger king restaurant. I stole the egg….” he pointed to Blissey, “-And altered it so that it would knock out Rayquaza.” He stated.

Everyone was shocked.

“That was… you this entire time!?” Dialga said in confusion.


“But what about THAT!?” Gliscor said, pointing to Deoxys. Mewtwo paused.

“Who, her?” he pointed to Deoxys. In a motion quicker than anyone could see, Darkrai helped out Mewtwo by putting the white moustache on Deoxys.

“…This is an Ivysaur.” Mewtwo stated. Everyone stared.

“….Oh…so it is… looked like an alien a second ago…” Arceus said, slightly confused. She shook herself back from her thoughts.“Mewtwo. For doing these horrible deeds, you shall be severely punished.”

“What are you going to do!?” Lickilicky asked.

“Are you going to blow him up molecule by molecule, and then take his ashes and teleport them to the sun, and then revive him back to life just to do it all over again?” Palkia asked.

“I COULD do that… but I was thinking of something FAR worse…” Arceus said, shadows falling across her face. The other Pokémon were terrified to hear what the punishment was.

“First, you must switch back Palkia’s toes to their proper position. Then, you must give Blissey another egg. And then…” everyone braced themselves. This was the big one.

“No technology for a week.”

“Tch.” Mewtwo said under his breath. Everyone stared. How Mewtwo could survive such a harsh punishment was beyond them. Many of them betted that he would go berserk by the second day.

“Wow.” Darkrai said, “Deoxys… he just majorly sacrificed himself for you…” Darkrai said silently so Arceus couldn’t hear them.

“…Y-yeah…” Deoxys blushed. Mercifond noticed this.

“Ooh… do you have a crush on him now?” she said teasingly.

“N-no…” Deoxys tilted her head down so no one could see her redder than normal face. She remembered that something else was bothering her. She lifted her head up and watched the Pokémon talking.

She had so many questions…

Who WAS she?

Why was she here on this strange planet?

Are pencils edible?

And… Who was she before she lost her memory? Where was her family?

These questions burned though Deoxys’ mind until she couldn’t take it anymore. She finally stopped and looked around. She saw the people who protected her. Who decided to trust her knowing nothing about her.

‘Well…’ Deoxys thought to herself. She saw Mewtwo and blushed ‘At least I have friends.’

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