Legendary PKMN

Chapter four

Chapter four: Giratina’s Visit

Silence filled the Hall of Origin. The lack of noise would have been almost disturbing, had it not been five in the morning. All the legends were sleeping, dreaming pleasant thoughts within their own rooms.

Darkrai, in particular, was one such Pokémon. Being the prince of darkness DID have its quirks sometimes. You see, Darkrai has this innate ability that he had since he was born. Whenever Pokémon fell asleep, if Darkrai was near, those who were within twenty square feet of him had horrible nightmares. So from the very beginning, Darkrai had had his own room so as not to disturb the rest of the legends.

So there he was, sleeping in his very own bed alone.

“…ohhh…” Darkrai murmured in his sleep. He clutched the pillow he was holding even tighter, entwined within his own unconscious fantasies. Darkrai brought his face close to the pillow he held so dearly. “Oh Lopunny…” Darkrai murmured softly “Finally… we can be alone…” he spoke.

Unfortunately for him, Arceus had other plans as she literally tore down his door with a Hyper Voice attack.

“DARKRAI WAKE UP RIGHT THIS INSTANT!!!!” the god-like legendary screamed as loudly as possible. Darkrai, surprised by the noise, jumped up so high that his head crashed into the ceiling with a loud crunch.

“DAMMIT MOM! I WAS HAVING THE BEST DREAM EVER!!” he cursed at his mother, body dangling from the ceiling by his head.

“I DON’T CARE! GO INTO THE MEETING HALL IMMEDIATELY!” she screamed, and then galloped at full speed to another Pokémon’s room. In the floor above, Darkrai mentally swore because as of his current situation, he couldn’t move even if he wanted to. Darkrai called for help, to whoever’s room this was.

“Hiya Darkrai!”

Darkrai mentally cursed again. It was Mew.

Said pink moron floated above Darkrai’s head.

“Hiya! Watcha doing in my room!?” Mew asked eagerly. His eyes immediately became those filled with fear “ARE YOU GOING TO GIVE ME NIGHTMARES!?” he asked, scared out of his wits.

“No!” Darkrai said, “I just need you to-


“WHAT?!” his mother screamed from somewhere else.


A gigantic pillar of light was shot down from the heavens, and hit Darkrai with a force that could probably destroy a house. On the floor, Darkrai groaned in pain. On the plus side, Darkrai was now free of the ceiling due it being broken. On the down side, now he couldn’t move because he was probably bleeding internally and most likely had all of his bones broken.

“Darkrai… you’ve heard the announcement I’m sure?” it was Mewtwo, who just walked in the room Darkrai was now in “Why aren’t you going? Arceus will be mad…”

“In case you haven’t realized it yet, I just got shot with the most POWERFUL move in all of history (not counting my own signature attack)! I CAN’T GET UP!!”

Mewtwo grinned.

“Really now…” the psychic legendary pulled out a syringe, some test tubes, a vial filled with bubbling liquid, and a jello cup. Before Mewtwo could do who knows what with that jello cup, Cresselia intervened.

“Mewtwo! No experimenting on Darkrai!”

“Thanks sis…”

“At least, not yet! You can do it after the meeting!”

“HEY!” Groaning, Mewtwo weighed his options and concluded that him skipping the meeting (which would bring about Arceus’ wrath) weighed more heavy than experimenting with the ghost like legendary. Cresselia healed Darkrai with Moonlight, Mewtwo put away the items, and all three went into the meeting room.

The meeting room was a circular room with hundreds of seats that stretched from the floor to who knows how high. Each seat corresponded with a certain legendary, each seat had the name of the legend on it. Darkrai and Cresselia, being brother and sister, sat next to each other on the third row. The rows went in according to power, and so far there were enough legends to fill up four rows. Mewtwo, being more powerful than they, sat one row below them. The first row where was where Arceus sat, along with the most powerful legendarys, like Palkia, Rayquaza and Ho-oh. Once all the legends had gathered, Arceus stepped into the center, and spoke.

“I HAVE AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!” she said. Heatran raised her hand. Claw. Thing.

“Why do you always say that?” Heatran asked, “I mean, what else do we gather here for? Do you really need to say that line?

“IMPRISON!” to answer Heatran’s question, Arceus used the Imprison attack and a bluish seal formed along the ground beneath Heatran, which trapped her, leaving the flaming cave crawler unable to move.

“ANY OTHER QUESTIONS!?” Arceus barked. Everyone became silent “Well then…” Arceus said sincerely, and slightly calmer than before. “Here is what I have to tell you…” she paused, for drama.

“GIRATINA IS COMING OVER!!” she squealed.

Everyone somehow became even more silent. Not one Legendary could remember how to breathe. Not because they hated Giratina, no; Giratina was actually one of the nicest legendarys, which seemed contradictory seeing as he was the guardian of death. No, what they feared was this:

Arceus had a MAJOR crush on her guardian of death friend. So whenever Giratina came to visit from the distortion world, they had to pretty much clean the entire origin to satisfy Arceus.

And by clean, Arceus actually meant that not even a single speck of dust could be on any part of the 20,000 foot tall Hall of Origin. No joke. It was nightmare to clean before Mewtwo came along, who made their job slightly easier by inventing a trans dimensional machine that kept all dust from entering the Hall.

“Excuse me Arceus.” Groudon spoke from the second row “Why don’t you just confess your feelings for him? It would be a lot easier than to send subliminal messages through an unnaturally clean Hall of Origin.”

“IMPRISON!” Groudon became immobile “I DEFINITELY don’t like him that way…” Arceus stammered. Groudon had forgotten one of the most important rules at the Hall:

Never tell Arceus you think she’s in love with Giratina. She’ll deny it, then probably Imprison you for a week.

“EVERYONE GET TO WORK!” Arceus ordered, “I want this place to be spotless!”

And by now I’m sure you can guess how much scrubbing there is involved in all of this.

“Rayquaza! Clean that pillar! Kyogre, wash the bathtub! Manaphy, set up the decorations!” Arceus barked orders frantically, “We have to get this place clean before five PM!”

“Hey wait a minute…” Celebi spoke up, “Can’t you just immediately clean this house with your godlike powers!?”

“NO! We have to do it by hand, so that Giratina can see how hard we work! NOW DO YOU WANT TO BE IMPRISONED OR NOT?”

Celebi began growing the houseplants.

“Darkrai! Cresselia!” Arceus yelled. She turned around and saw Cresselia in her proper seat, but Darkrai was not beside her. “Where’s Darkrai!?” Arceus said angrily. She looked beside the lunar legendary and saw a black shadow.

‘Heh, they’ll never suspect that I’ve turned myself into a shadow…’ Darkrai thought.



“Oughhh….” the prince of darkness moaned.

“Both of you! Go down to Earth and get some Party Candy!” Arceus ordered. Darkrai groaned again.

“Can’t… move…” Darkrai managed to say. Darkrai cursed. Why was it that out of all the legendarys, HE was the only one who couldn’t use any recovering moves?

“Cresselia, use Moonlight on him.” Arceus ordered. As Cresselia began using the move, Kyogre crashed into the wall.

“Arceus!” she gasped. “There’s a giant Muk in the bathtub!”

“MUUUUUUUUUUUUUKKKKKKKKK…!!” a large voice echoed through the Hall of Origin.

“DAMNIT! I’LL TAKE CARE OF IT, DARKRAI, CRESSELIA, GET PARTY CANDY!” Arceus ordered. She galloped into the bathroom to face the giant Muk. Cresselia and Darkrai stared at the scene.

“You know… we could ditch now…” Darkrai suggested.

“Darkrai! Do you realize what could happen if this all goes wrong!?”

Darkrai thought about it.


The world exploded.

“OH MY MOM YOR RIGHT.” Darkrai said in fear, “To Earth!” The duo floated to the teleporter, and in a purplish pink burst of light later, they had arrived on earth.

“Now then… where could we find party candy?” Cresselia asked herself. Party candy was one of the best candies around, and few stores sold it because it was hard to make. Not only that, but Party Candy was expensive too.

Cresselia paused at this last thought.

“OH NO! MOM NEVER GAVE US ANY MONEY!” Cresselia realized. Darkrai sweated.

“We have to go back and ask for money!” he said.

“Do you realize what would happen if Arceus saw us empty handed!?”

Darkrai thought again.


The world exploded.

“YOR RIGHT!” Darkrai realized. “We’ll just have to get some money by ourselves…” he said.

“But how!?” Cresselia asked.

“We’ll have to steal it…”

“Are you serious?” Cresselia gaped.

“Sister, desperate times call for desperate measures.”

For once, Cresselia could not argue back.


“I would like to deposit 200 Pok’e please.” a Politoed said to the cashier, a Shuppet.

“Thank you. That will be 100 Pok’e.” the Shuppet replied. The Politoed was agape.


“Yep.” the Shuppet replied nonchalantly. Politoed cursed.

Suddenly, there was an explosion. The right wall of the store burst open, and a fearsome black creature with a red collar angrily burst into the room. For some reason, he had a sock on his head. His partner, a sinister purple swan flew in shortly.

“Why are you wearing a sock over your head?” she asked.

“Because I couldn’t find a mask.” Sock head replied. “Anyway… THIS IS A STAKE UP!!”

“Hold up.”

“HOLD UP!!” the black creature corrected, “GIVE US ALL YOR MONEY!! AND IF YOU DON’T…” the black creature warned. He reached into his red collar “THEN YOU’LL BE SORRY.” he said as he sinisterly held up a jello cup.

“O-OKAY, JUST DON’T USE THAT JELLO CUP!” The Shuppet said fearfully. She held up a giant sack full of money. Through his sock, the black Pokémon looked greedily as he imagined the amount of money in it.

“Excellent…” the pink swan said. She reached to grab the bag with her yellow hands, when suddenly the doors burst open with a dramatic explosion.

“FREEZE!” Darkrai yelled. “THIS IS A STAKE UP!!”

“Hold up.” Cresselia corrected.


Darkrai paused. He saw a person that looked just like him, but with a giant sock over his head. His partner, a girl who looked EXACTLY like Cresselia, was in mid grab of the money.

“Uh… Why are there guys who look just like us…?” Darkrai asked. And then, the left wall exploded outwards, and a male Infernape and a female Staraptor bust out of it.

“FREEZE!” The Infernape yelled loudly, getting everyone’s attention doing so.


“Cause.” Sock head answered.

“Wait! We aren’t here to rob this bank!” the Staraptor said.

“Quite the opposite! We’re here to save it because we are SECRET AGENTS!” the Infernape agreed. His partner smacked him upside the head.

“HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU NOT TO TELL PEOPLE WE’RE SECRET AGENTS!?” She yelled angrily. After a sigh, she addressed the criminals.

“Anyways! You who have tried to rob this innocent bank shall be defea-

Staraptor paused in mid-sentence because she just realized that the criminals were gone.

“…crap.” she cursed. Darkrai and Cresselia, who had witnessed the whole thing, were in awe.

“Wow, you two are secret agents!?” Cresselia asked.

“That’s right!” the Infernape said happily. His partner Staraptor smacked him upside the head. “I mean uh… NO! WE AREN’T SECRET AGENTS!” The Infernape said. Everyone around him sweat dropped. “WE ARE UM… UN- SECRET AGENTS! YEAH!”

Everyone sweat dropped even further.

“So… who were those guys that looked (and had the same intentions) like us?” Darkrai asked. Staraptor turned to him

“We have no idea… but we’ll find out! This may have something to do with…” Staraptor didn’t finish her sentence to not reveal any more information.

“So what are your codenames?” Cresselia asked eagerly.

“Why should we tell you!?” Staraptor said sternly.

“I’m agent Blaze, and that’s agent Raptor.” the Infernape said, pointing to himself and his partner.



Darkrai and Cresselia looked at each other. Perhaps these agents could help them with their own mission…

But, first things first.

Cresselia: “What’s your secret mission?”

Agent Raptor: “Classified!”

Agent Blaze: “To find and imprison Thief Weavile!”

Agent Raptor stared. She used an Aerial Ace attack on her partner for his big mistake. As Agent Blaze began moaning in agonizing pain, Darkrai decided to speak, remembering something.

“Thief Weavile…?” Darkrai said “That name seems familiar somehow…”

“Ugh… no use hiding it I suppose.” Agent Raptor fluttered her wings, “Thief Weavile is the most skilled thief in all of history! Her thievery knows no bounds, and she always steals what she lays her eyes on! Why once, she even stole a five story hotel!”

“How she manage to do that!?” Cresselia and Darkrai stood agape.

“No one knows…” Agent Raptor said mysteriously, “That’s why it is the duty of us secret agents to capture her for the good of the world. And our supreme boss told us that there is a good chance that she might be in this very city!”

“Really?! Who’s your boss?!” Darkrai asked.

“Oh yeah!” Agent Blaze said “Our boss is a really nice guy, his name is-

Agent Raptor quickly closed his mouth to muffle the sounds.

“Agent Blaze! NEVER under any circumstances reveal the name of the supreme boss! Don’t you realize what could happen if he was known to the world!?”

Agent Blaze thought about it.


The world exploded.

“OH MY ARCEUS YOR RIGHT!” Agent Blaze said. He closed his mouth, determined not to talk.

“Anyway, we would like to make a deal with you guys.” Darkrai said straightforwardly.

“…What kind of deal?” Agent Raptor narrowed her eyes.

“You see, we actually have a mission of our own.” Cresselia spoke, “We have to get Party Candy in order to prevent the entire world from ending.”

Agent Blaze and Raptor looked at each other.

“…It’s a long story alright?” Darkrai rolled his eyes. “Anyway we’ll help you capture this ‘Thief’, and in return, we want you to give us some Party Candy.” Darkrai paused “…You CAN give us Party Candy right? Being secret agents and all?”

“Hah.” Staraptor laughed, “If we contact the Supreme boss, he can easily give you your candy.” Staraptor said, “But… we are not going to involve mere civilians in this kind of warfare. No deal.”

“Civilians!?” Darkrai said angrily “I’ll have you know that we’re legendary Pokémon!”


“Well… not yet, but we will be!” Cresselia said. There actually was a certain way that Pokémon were given Legendary status.

First, you had to be eighteen years of age or older. Secondly, you had to reach a certain level of power in order to be a Legendary. After that, if Arceus decided that you had done enough benevolent deeds to the world, she would give you a room in the Hall of Origin, and you were in. For some, this was easier to do than others, Darkrai and Cresselia for instance, them being Arceus’ children. However, that did not mean that those directly related to the first Legendary could be legendarys. Mewtwo was a prime example, he was the most recent Legendary, yet he was not directly related to Arceus. Another example would be Ho-Oh, one of the most powerful yet he and his brother Lugia were admitted without linage.

As for Darkrai and Cresselia… they were seventeen, and didn’t even come close to reaching the level of power yet. So, they were officially not Legendary yet.


“So… you two are Arceus’ children?” Agent Blaze asked after hearing Cresselia’s story.

“Yes. And we DESPERATELY need Party Candy by five.” Cresselia lowered her head. If this didn’t work, they’d have to resort to plan C: Move to Almia, and hope Arceus never found them. Agent Blaze and Agent Raptor looked at each other, thinking.

“The answer is still no.” Agent Raptor said sternly, “Thief Weavile is a master of illusion and disguise, and not only that but she is very strong. Possibly more so than us.” Agent Staraptor looked at her partner, who nodded in agreement. “You won’t stand a chance.”

“What?! No one is stronger than me!” Darkrai said angrily.

“Darkrai, many others are stronger than you.” Cresselia rolled her eyes “Like Mewtwo. Or Dialga. Or Arceus. That’s how she bosses you around”

“Please. My mom can’t tell me what to do!!” Darkrai yelled.

A gigantic pillar of white light was shot from the sky and it hit Darkrai so fast that he didn’t have time to react. A small crater was left in its wake, with the ghost like legendary at the center, some groaning in pain.

“…” Agent Raptor said.

“…Yeah, he gets on moms nerves a lot.” Cresselia said.

“We’d better go. There’s no telling when Weavile will make her way out of Destiny city…” Agent Raptor said to her partner.

“Oh yeah…!” Agent Blaze suddenly remembered. “There is also a secondary mission, in addition to the primary one Agent Raptor.” Agent Blaze said, holding a hand up.

“What?” Agent Raptor said impatiently.

“Our supreme boss received a confirmation that a meteor hit Destiny City last chapter, and he wants us to do a small investigation.

Should we come across anything that resembles something not of this earth, we are to eliminate it to prevent it from taking over the world.” Agent Blaze finished.

Darkrai and Cresselia looked at each other nervously.



Gardevoir was in the kitchen, washing dishes from the lunch that she and her sisters ate. She had sent Kirlia to get the mail, and her youngest sister Ralts was out on their swing set, hesitantly testing it to see if it was safe to use by gently nudging it.

The dancer like psychic heard the door open and close. Kirlia bounded into the room with the mail.

“Anything interesting?” Gardevoir asked as she washed the last dish and put it back in the pantry.

“Same old same old.” Kirlia rolled her eyes in boredom. “Bills, and a note from Gallade.”

“Give me the note.” Kirlia handed the note to her elder sibling, then ran off to play with Ralts. Gardevoir looked at the note. It had a rose attached, which smelled sweetly. It said:


And below that there were some X’s and O’s.

“That guy really loves you, doesn’t he?” a new voice said. Gardevoir put the note down to see Deoxys, the amnesic extraterrestrial.

“Yeah.” Gardevoir smiled.

“Well, do you like him back?” Deoxys asked, interested. Gardevoir stared off into empty space, thinking.

“I don’t know. I think he’s just a friend, for now anyway.” she smiled. The dancer turned to the alien. “So what’s this I hear about you and Mewtwo?” Gardevoir asked with an all knowing smile. Deoxys turned redder than she initially was.

“W-well I um… He’s… kind of cute…” Deoxys lowered her head. But the look in her eyes told Gardevoir that she thought Mewtwo of being more than ‘kind of cute’. However, she decided to not argue with her.

Speaking of the psychic, Mewtwo suddenly burst into the room without even knocking.

“We have a problem.” Mewtwo said. It was obvious that he did, his face was sweating, and there was a look of fear on his face.

“What is it?” Gardevoir asked. Deoxys tried blending into the background, too nervous to come out.

“Well… Giratina is coming to visit…” Mewtwo said, “And well…” Mewtwo shifted his gaze to Deoxys. “…The Transdimensional Dust Cleaner is stolen.”

“What!?” Gardevoir asked, immediately worried. They explained the situation to Deoxys, about Giratina and Arceus, and about Mewtwo’s invention.

“I managed to get Palkia to form a temporary solution with his spatial powers,” Mewtwo said, “but it’s only a matter of time before Arceus finds out…”

“When did it go missing?” Gardevoir asked, sweating slightly from the realization of the end of all life as we know it.

“I don’t know.” Mewtwo said worriedly “Listen, I need you two to help me find it! Everyone else in the house is too busy to do it! And can you guys IMAGINE what would happen if there’s dust in the Hall?!”

Gardevoir and Deoxys thought about it.


The world exploded.

“That would be bad…” Gardevoir shuddered. “Okay. We’ll help you. Just let me get a sandwich. Gardevoir opened her refrigerator-

-and the fridge was gone.

“…WHAT?” Deoxys said as she looked at the sheer lack of space. Mewtwo was also shocked.

“Come to think of it…” Mewtwo thought back, “Kyogre said she lost her favorite plush toy… and Moltres said that his copy of Halo 2 had been stolen…” Mewtwo pondered. Gardevoir and Deoxys exchanged worried glances. It was obvious to them what was happening. Mewtwo was the first to say it.

“It appears as though a master thief has entered Destiny City…

Either that, or the Muk went on an eating frenzy.”


There was a park near the center of Destiny City. It mostly had bushes and grass, but it was a good park nonetheless. It also had a small playground.

Which at the moment… was gone.

Agent Blaze and agent Raptor stared at where the playground used to be. There was nothing left of it but the holes.

“She was here.” Agent Blaze said. Agent Raptor nodded her head.

“It’s no use. She’s too good to be caught by hand.” Agent Raptor said, calculating. “We’ll need… to set up a trap.” she finished.

“Ooh I love traps!” Agent Blaze said happily.

“Here’s what we’ll do…” Agent Raptor said to her flame typed partner, “First, we’ll set up a giant pit!” she said. “Then… we’ll need to put in an object of value in the center, as bait.”

“Wait a minute…” Agent Blaze narrowed his eyes “If the thief really IS Weavile… then wouldn’t she be able to climb out of the pit easily with her claws?”

“WE SHALL BEGIN IMMEDIATELY!” Agent Raptor said, apparently not hearing Blaze. Agent Blaze shrugged and eagerly brought out the shovels and the two secret agents began digging. Fortunately, agent Blaze knew Dig, so the pit was dug in a matter of minutes. They put sticks over the pit, and then leaves.

“There! All done!” Agent Raptor said proudly. The pit stood out like a sore thumb, a point which agent Blaze duly noted, to which Raptor replied

“Please. No one will be able to guess. Now, we need an object of value.” Agent Raptor stated.

“I know!” Agent Blaze had an idea “Let’s put a rock there, and then paint it silver!”

“OR, we could use REAL silver!” Agent Raptor said excitably.

“That’s a great idea!” Agent Blaze agreed. “But... we have no silver…”

“Hmmm…” The two secret agents thought.

“I know!” Agent raptor suddenly spoke “Let’s use 20 year old cheese!”

“Why?” agent Blaze said, confused.

“It’ll be the perfect bait!” Agent Blaze shrugged, and put the 20 year old stinky cheese in the middle of the trap. Together, they hid behind some bushes and waited…


Darkrai and Cresselia burst into the house.

“Deoxys! Gardevoir!” Cresselia screamed frantically. “We need to hide Deoxys! There are secret agents onto us!”

But there was no one inside. Cresselia and Darkrai looked at each other.

“You don’t think…?”

“We’re too… late…” Cresselia finished “She’s not here! Those secret agents must have come here before us!”

“No!” Darkrai said, surprised and scared for Deoxys.

“We’ll have to track them down, little brother. It’s the only way to save Deoxys!”

“Okay! AND DON’T CALL ME LITTLE BROTHER!!” He screamed the last part. Darkrai pulled out a cube shaped devices from his giant collar. It buzzed and whirred, and shone with blinking lights with sheer mechanical power.

“Whoa… what is it…?” Cresselia said in awe

“I think it’s a GPS.” Darkrai said, “We can use it to locate those evil secret agents!”

“Wait, where’d you get that?” Cresselia asked.

Darkrai thought back…


Darkrai woke up from his sleep. It was the middle of the night, and he was thirsty. Darkrai got up from his bed and walked to the bathroom. He opened the door and saw a giant Muk.


“HOLY SH**!!” Darkrai yelled. He closed the door before the Muk could eat him. Scared for his life, he ran to Mewtwo’s room.

“Mewtwo!” He said in fear. “There’s a giant Muk in the bathroom!!” Unfortunately, the legendary psychic was asleep. Darkrai looked to the side, and saw many of Mewtwo’s miscellaneous inventions.

“I know! I’ll use these to kill it!” Darkrai looked around, until he spotted the glowing cube. He picked it up, and carried it to the bathroom. What he failed to see was the sign to the left of it that said ‘Transdimensional Dust Cleaner’.


“But it didn’t work, because the Muk’s still there.” Darkrai said sadly. Suddenly, they heard a knock on the door, and Gallade burst in.

“Hello my beautiful!” Gallade said, expecting Gardevoir to be there. But all he got was Darkrai and Cresselia. The fighting/ psychic Pokémon looked around, but saw no sign of his ‘beloved’ dancing psychic.



But before the words could come out of Darkrai’s mouth, Gallade tackled him and began to fight him.

“Wait Gallade!” Cresselia yelled. Fortunately, it got his attention. “Darkrai didn’t do anything! She was already gone when we came here!”

“What!?” Gallade said, shocked and confused.

“GET OFF OF ME!” Darkrai screamed in rage from beneath him. Gallade got off and Cresselia told her tale, about the secret agents, and their mission, and the GPS that Darkrai had found.


“We feel the same way. We can’t let them get away with this!” Darkrai agreed, “Let’s use this GPS to track them down!”

“But where’s the screen?” Cresselia asked. Darkrai looked at the cube. No screen on it.

“…Damn it. Mewtwo made a dysfunctional GPS…” Darkrai cursed bitterly at Mewtwo’s stupidity.

“We will have to find another way…” Cresselia said “But how…?”

“I shall find my fair maiden!” Gallade said confidently “For our hearts and destinies are intertwined in a bond that would shun the power of any GPS!” he finished.

Darkrai and Cresselia: “…Right…”

“THIS WAY!” Gallade leapt off to a random direction, and Darkrai and Cresselia had no other option but to follow him.


‘I really hope Mewtwo can recover the Transdimensional Dust Cleaner…’ Palkia thought silently to himself. He could use his spatial powers to clean all the dust off, but it was only a matter of time before Arceus found out. And once she did…


The world exploded.

The guardian of space shuddered. He could vaguely hear noises about Arceus’ fight with the giant Muk.

Meanwhile with Arceus and the Muk, the Alpha Pokémon was winning.

Sort of. No matter how many Judgments she used, the Muk seemed to take them with little to no effect. It’s thirty foot tall stature probably had something to do with its resistance. However, he was being wearied down…

“JUDGEMENT!” The pillar of white light came down and struck the Muk. The Muk bellowed in rage, and sent a Sludge Bomb at Arceus, who quickly teleported to the opposite side of the room.

“I’ve had just about enough of this.” she said fiercely. The Muk suddenly had a blue halo around its body, and was lifted up into the air helplessly. Arceus was using Psychic. With her mind powers, the god Pokémon flung the Muk off the Hall of Origin down to the ground below.

“MUUUUUUUUUKKKKKKKkkkkkkkkkk…” the Muk screamed as it fell down. Arceus shook her head, and proudly announced.


“YAYS!” all the legends screamed happily.


“NOOOO!!” all the legends screamed in sadness.


“This way!” Gallade said, certain that the way he was going was the way to his ‘lovely maiden’. Darkrai and Cresselia followed behind. So far, they had gone all over town with no sign of Gardevoir or Deoxys.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the park, Mewtwo was getting a reading from his super- metal detector.

“The TDC is close by.” Mewtwo announced, “We had better get it fast, or else Arceus will end the entire world with her supreme rage.” he warned. Gardevoir and Deoxys (with her white moustache for disguise) nodded their heads, prepared to fight if necessary. The two groups came into the center, and were wide eyed.

Mewtwo: “Darkrai?

Deoxys: “Cresselia?”

Cresselia: “Gardevoir?”

Darkrai: “Mewtwo?”

Gallade: “GARDEVOIR!” the happy psychic leapt into Gardevoir and hugged her. Both Darkrai and Cresselia were shocked to see that Gallade had actually led them to Gardevoir.

“Eh… nice to see you too Gallade.” Gardevoir nervously smiled.

“We thought you were all captured by secret agents!” Darkrai said happily.

Mewtwo, Gardevoir and Deoxys stared

“…Long story.” Cresselia said.

“Listen, we need the Transdimensional Dust Cleaner.” Mewtwo said in an urgent voice “It’s missing! As well as other objects!”

“Stolen items…” Cresselia said, “We heard something about Thief Weavile. She must have stolen the TDC, as well as the other items.”

“But… my radar says that the TDC is nearby…” Mewtwo stared at his radar.

“Nah. All we have a broken GPS.” Darkrai said, holding up the Transdimensional Dust Cleaner.

“…THAT would be IT.” Mewtwo said angrily at Darkrai.

“…NO WONDER IT COULDN’T LOCATE STUFF!!” Darkrai said surprised.

And then a giant Muk crashed down right in front of them.

“MUUUUUUUUUUUKKKKK!!” it wailed in rage.

“HOLY MOM IT’S BACK FOR ME!!” Darkrai said in fear. With a swipe of its mighty hand, the Muk knocked them all down. Except Mewtwo, he jumped in the air, and launched a Shadow Ball at the beast. But that wasn’t enough. A Sludge attack later, and Mewtwo was down.

“It’s… too strong!” Cresselia said. Though they all had gotten up, they realized that they stood no chance at winning at the monstrous living sludge.

And then, the Muk fell into a giant pitfall trap trying to swallow some moldy cheese.

“HAH! IT WORKED!” Agent Raptor said excitably. The two secret agents jumped from the bushes triumphantly. The rest of the Pokémon stared.

“Those are the secret agents that want to kill you…” Darkrai whispered to Deoxys. The two agents didn’t seem to realize that the alien they were looking for was right in front of them.

“HAH! NONE STAND A CHANCE AGAINST US!” Agent Blaze said, celebrating their victory.


“…That isn’t Thief Weavile that you caught…” Mewtwo pointed out.

“That’s a Muk.” Darkrai added.

And wouldn’t you know it? That giant thirty foot tall Muk jumped right out of the pitfall trap.

“MUUUUUUUUUUKKKKKK!!!” He bellowed in anger. He lashed out at the secret agents, who managed to dodge.

“…What do you day we call it a day?” Agent Raptor said nervously.

“AGREED!” the two ran out of there as fast as their legs/wings could carry them. Muk turned his attention back to the legendarys, and began to engage them in combat. Darkrai launched a Dark Void attack at it, but the giant Muk didn’t seem to feel it as it hit its belly.

“We can’t win!” Darkrai said.

“Yes we can.” Mewtwo said, “I have one more trick up my sleeve.” Mewtwo pulled out a jello cup. He threw it, and the thing exploded on contact and knocked the Muk out.

Everyone gaped.

“HOW THE…” Gallade said in awe.

“Genetically altered Jello.” Mewtwo grinned. Deoxys couldn’t help but stare at Mewtwo. Her concentration was broken when Gardevoir playfully nudged her.

“…I wasn’t staring…” Deoxys said nervously. Suddenly, the Muk began to convulse. It then upchucked. But… what it threw up was-

“Kyogre’s plush toy!” Darkrai exclaimed.

“Moltres’s Halo 2!” Cresselia exclaimed.

“My refrigerator!” Gardevoir said happily. The Muk convulsed once more, them upchucked about a dozen miscellaneous items, including the playground.

“It was never thief Weavile… it was just a hungry Muk!” Darkrai realized. He looked over at the object that the Muk threw up. “PARTY CANDY!” he exclaimed, holding up a bag of the colorfully assorted candies.

“Great! Now we can go back to the hall!” Cresselia beamed. Then, she remembered that the Party Candy was UPCHUCKED.

Darkrai and Cresselia looked at each other.

“I’m not eating that.” they both said at the same time.


“WHERE IS THE PARTY CANDY!?” Arceus yelled. Unbelievably, the legendary Pokémon managed to somehow get it all clean, with decorations and posters. The only thing that was missing was the candy. “WHY AREN’T THEY HERE!?” she stomped angrily, the stomp creating a shockwave that echoed through the halls.

But, as the legendary Pokémon thought all was lost, Darkrai, Mewtwo, and Cresselia appeared.

“Here’s the candy!” Cresselia said, giving Arceus the Party Candy.

“Ah. It’s about time. I was getting worried.” Arceus said. The legendary Pokémon sweat dropped. SHE was the one who was worried?! They thought they each and every one of them was going to die!

Mewtwo had a quick word with Palkia, and the Transdimensional dust Cleaner was put into operation, much to the guardian of space’s relief. Five o’ clock came, and, true to his word, a giant blue vortex to the Distortion world opened up. Out stepped a giant dragon with black wings, grey skin, and gold collars all over its body, as well as its six legs.

“Hey everyone! What’s up?” Giratina asked.

“H-h-hello Giratina. Thank for you coming.” Arceus stammered. The rest of the legends sweat dropped. Arceus, AKA God, was bad at talking to guys she liked.

“Hey Arceus! I see you’ve prepared a welcome for me. Got the Hall cleaned up and what not.”

“Yes well keep tidy I like to things…” Arceus blushed.

“Let’s get this party started!” the second Giratina announced it, the Hall became filled with music, a massive rave party was started by all the legends. Heatran and Groudon even got freed from their Imprison. Darkrai and Cresselia stood confidently.

“Well what do you know? Things turned out alright.” Darkrai spoke “And now, I’m going to get a glass of that punch…” Darkrai grinned.

He found that he couldn’t move.

“…WHAT THE HELL!?” he screamed. His body was a total shutdown state, other than his head and mind.

“Hello Darkrai.” the ghost like legendary heard behind him, “I hope you haven’t forgotten out promise…?” Mewtwo grinned.

“CRESSELIA!!” Darkrai yelled in fear. Cresselia shrugged and floated away.

“Oh, I can assure you Darkrai…” Mewtwo picked him up with his powers “That you, me, and all the miscellaneous chemicals in my lab are going to have a lot of FUN…” He grinned psychotically.


The Darkrai look alike finally took off his sock.

“Damn. Can’t believe that we couldn’t steal the money…” he said.

“I know. She’s going to be displeased…” the Cresselia look alike agreed. Slowly, they both began changing. Their bodies slowly deformed and shrank. This continued until in a matter of seconds, they had become pink blobs.


“Well… where’s the money?” a voice rang. The Ditto turned around, and saw a sight that few Pokémon ever laid their eyes on. She was short, like them, and black with just a touch of blue. She had white claws, long ears (one with a gold earring on it), red hair that stood upright like a Mayan hat, and a devious smirk to her face.

Thief Weavile. The greatest of all crooks

“We don’t have it.” the male Ditto said. “There were secret agents. Not only that, but the real Darkrai and Cresselia showed up. Couldn’t risk it.” the Ditto expected some form of punishment, but instead, Weavile smirked.

“Oh believe me, I know all of that. The only reason I needed you two was two distract them, long enough for me to steal this…” Weavile held up a piece of paper. Curiously, the Ditto looked at it, and on it were blueprints to some kind of building.

But before they could examine it in depth, Weavile closed it up and put it away.

“So, we were used.” the female Ditto said, “Just what you’d expect from Weavile…”

“What can I say? Got to keep up my reputation.” Weavile smirked.

“Well, we’re out of here.” the Ditto stated.

“Very well. You may leave.” Weavile waved her claw in the air. The Ditto turned into Yanma, and vanished within seconds. Weavile watched, and suddenly, her ear picked up something, an unheard voice.

“Yes, yes, I know.” Weavile said, “I need to memorize the blueprint first.” she said back to the silent voice. Silence passed, and then

“Yes. To the basement I will go, and then…

The ultimate treasure… It’ll be mine, right?”

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