Legendary PKMN

Chapter five

Chapter five: The Ultimate Insult

“GET BACK HERE!!” soon after the loud outburst, Darkrai zoomed past many students in the hallway, running at full speed. Behind him in hot pursuit was Lucario, who had finally located the prince of darkness. And now, he was using Extremespeed to catch up to Darkrai while firing many Aura Spheres at him.

Imagine a high speed police chase, only with two people, one of them a sarcastic demon, and the other crazy jackal.


Darkrai turned a corner, frantically running because Lucario was catching up. Suddenly, a giant purple claw reached from a nearby trashcan and dragged Darkrai into the green bin. Lucario, who didn’t see, ran past the unsuspecting trashcan. When it was safe, Darkrai emerged from the trashcan with Gliscor right beside him.

“Thanks Gliscor…” Darkrai said, out of breath.

“No problem. He should keep running for a while…” Gliscor thought out loud, “Anyway, I have another money making scheme!” he smirked.

“You do? Sick! Let me hear it!” Gliscor cleared his throat before grinning.

“First, a question: How many teenagers experience bad acne?” the purple bat asked. Darkrai frowned, he didn’t know.

“A lot, right?” he guessed.

“89%, at some point in their life.” Gliscor smirked.

“Okay, so?” Darkrai asked.

“Well… what if we had a way to get rid of it? Everyone in the school would want to buy it, right?”

“…You mean…?” Darkrai fit the pieces together.

“Precisely.” the purple bat’s smirk grew wider “We’ve created a failsafe formula that IS GUARANTUEED TO CURE ANY AND ALL ACNE!”

“Brilliant!” Darkrai smiled, already imagining the income.

“Yes, it is indeed a very good scheme.” said Mewtwo, who randomly popped out of the trashcan beside Darkrai and Gliscor.

“MEWTWO? How long have you been there!?”

“A long time Darkrai.” Mewtwo shrugged. He reached into the trashcan and pulled out a bottle of milky white fluid. He explained that this was indeed the formula that could cure any acne on any person place or thing.

“There’s just one problem.” Mewtwo said.

“What are you talking about? My plan is flawless!” Gliscor boasted. Mewtwo shook his head sideways.

“Pokémon don’t get acne.”

Darkrai and Gliscor fell down anime style.

“DARN IT!” Gliscor cursed, “This was my best plan too!”

“Now we’ll never get money…” Darkrai said. He looked at Mewtwo and Gliscor. An idea formed in his mind.

“Mewtwo, I have an idea. Can you reverse the formula on that stuff?” he asked. Mewtwo smiled.

“Easily done. Why?”

“Well, if you can reverse the formula, then instead of it removing acne, it will instead-

“CAUSE EVERYONE TO EXPLODE?” Mewtwo smiled eagerly.

Darkrai and Gliscor stared.

“…Cause everyone to GET bad acne!” Darkrai finished, “If everyone in the school gets bad acne, then everyone will want to buy the product!” Darkrai finished.

“…EXCELLENT! Good job Darkrai, you’ve saved my brilliant plan!” Gliscor smiled “I promise to share the profit three ways with you guys!”

“I’ll get right on the formula… hold this.” Mewtwo shoved the bottle in Darkrai’s hands, then teleported to his laboratory on Newmoon Island.

“Hello Darkrai…” a voice said behind him. Darkrai and Gliscor got out of the trashcan, and turned around slowly to face-


…JK. It was actually Malispite. He and Darkrai walked up to each other and glared in each other’s faces, lightning practically shooting out of their eyes from their mutual hatred of one another.

“Stupid moron.” Malispite began.

“Delusional idiot.” Darkrai spat back, smirking.

“Skirt wearing Goth!”

“Mascara eyed bat thing!!”


“WELL I’M STILL WAITING FOR YOURS!!” the hallway became dark. The tension in the air was so great that a few Pokémon randomly fainted.




“SHUT UP YOU…” Darkrai stopped. Malispite grinned; his mortal nemesis could not think up a comeback, thus making Malispite victorious in their stupid battle of masculinity. Until that is, Darkrai grinned.

“You fluffy pink Easter Buneary!”

“…TAKE. THAT. BACK.” Malispite commanded fearfully. About a couple years ago, Malispite accidentally put on a fluffy pink bunny costume, and everyone confused him for the Easter Buneary. Mewtwo even had some pictures.

“OR WHUT?” Darkrai smirked in Malispite’s face. Malispite though hard, but couldn’t think up of anything. Darkrai saw this as an opportunity to gloat.

“HAH! In YOR face! I win!” Darkrai pranced about happily as Gliscor watched. The seven foot tall bat’s face turned into a scowl.

“You just wait! I’ll come up with an even better remark!” Malispite lifted his wings and zoomed out of the school angrily, to find an even better insult.

“Hah. Like that’ll happen.” Darkrai rolled his eyes.

Suddenly a gap in the fabric of space-time opened up in reality creating a white hole in existence itself. From the spinning white hole came Malispite. Except it wasn’t Malispite. This Malispite was about a foot taller, with darker fur, a scar around his left eye, and larger wings and tails. The new Malispite quickly scanned the area until he found what he was looking for.

“DARKRAI!” the new Malispite said. The wormhole disappeared as the strange Malispite zoomed over to Darkrai and grabbed his shoulders “LISTEN TO ME!” he spoke in a deep voice urgently “I know this won’t make any sense, but just for today, DO NOT bring up the Easter Buneary incident! You have to trust me on this!!” he pleaded forcefully.

“…” Darkrai and Gliscor said in confusion.

“…” the new Malispite said “...It already happened, didn’t it?”

Darkrai: “Pretty much.”

New Malispite: “DAMN IT! STUPID TIME MACHINE!!” he cursed.

“Okay, I’m going to say this in the simplest possible way.” Gliscor said calmly, “Who are you, what do you want, and why do you look like Malispite?”

“I AM Malispite.” the new Malispite said, “I am Malispite from two weeks into the future!!!”

Darkrai/Gliscor: “GASP!”

“That’s right! I have come back to the past to prevent a horrible calamity from happening!” he explained “You two! We have to stop my younger self! He will inadvertently cause the end of the world!” Future Malispite said urgently.

“Why? All Malispite is going to do is search for a better insult.” Darkrai shrugged, not seeing it as a big deal.

“That’s the problem!” Future Malispite exasperated, “My younger self’s search will eventually lead him into saying… THE WORD THAT MUST NOT BE SPOKEN.” Malispite said in a deep dramatic voice.

“…What!?” Darkrai said, immediately freaked out by the sentence “MALISPITE SAYS ‘THE WORD’!?”

“What? What word!?” Gliscor asked, confused and frightened at the same time.

“You see Gliscor, there is one word that must never be spoken.” Darkrai said in fear, “It is known as ‘The ultimate insult’! If it is spoken, then horrible things will happen!”


“Yes…” Future Malispite said gravely, “The second it is uttered, there will be a gigantic explosion that will kill everything within a 20,000 foot radius. Then, everyone on the planet will become deaf, with those closest to the explosion becoming blind! After that, radiation levels will make Earth uninhabitable, and the planet just dies on its own.”

“…All THAT from one word!?” Gliscor began to sweat.

“Yes.” Darkrai said fearfully “In order to prevent all life from ending, my mom sealed it away and wiped it from everyone’s memories, including herself.” Darkrai explained, “But what I don’t understand is how Malispite managed to see it. There’s only one possible way to get to it…”

“And that would be?” Gliscor asked.

“The pathway to the word is only revealed when the planets align. But come on, what are the odds of that happening?”

Suddenly the sky grew dark, the planets aligned, and a beam of light was shot down from the heavens revealing a rainbow staircase leading to the word that must not be mentioned.

Darkrai: “…I hate this story.”


The staircase shown down almost directly in front of present Malispite, who looked upwards and said

“AHA! I’ll look there for an insult to Darkrai!”


“AHA! At last, I have created the reverse- acne cream!” Mewtwo said happily, holding up a bottle of green fluid “Now all I have to do it test it out to make sure it works…” he grinned psychotically. The psychic teleported…


“Darn it! HOW DO YOU KEEP WINNING?” Agent Blaze said angrily.

“Because, you always pick the card on the top, and I always make sure that one’s the old maid.” Agent Raptor rolled her eyes.

“That’s cheating!”


“Alright. We have to stop my younger self from unleashing the power of the word.” Future Malispite said “If I remember correctly, he should be heading up the stairs right about now. We’ll never catch him at this rate… any ideas?”

“Hm…” Darkrai and Gliscor thought.

“I know! Let’s go to Mewtwo’s lab!” Gliscor said, “He’s bound to have SOMETHING there!”

“Excellent. Let’s go.” Future Malispite said.

“Go where?” Gardevoir asked, randomly appearing. Darkrai took her hand.

“Future ruined. Malispite time traveled. Ultimate insult. Stop Malispite. You’re coming.” and before Gardevoir could argue she was swept away at high speeds as the three men took off to Mewtwo’s lab.

It was right as they left the school did Mewtwo teleport into it.

“Ah, here we are. This should be a most excellent test…” He grinned. “Let’s see… everyone should be in class right now, so I’ll get to work…” Mewtwo pulled out some wires and machines. He raced off and found a ventilation shaft. Mewtwo grinned, and attached some wires to the shaft and put the parts together to form a second air pump. Mewtwo put the formula into the pump, and the ventilation shaft began emitting green gas into the room...


Mercifond, Deoxys and Cresselia sat in Home Economics class. Deoxys, of course, was wearing her white moustache for disguise.

“And that is how you can tell if the house has a good price.” their teacher, Mrs. Pidgeot said, having finished the explanation. She ruffled up her feather slightly and adjusted her glasses, waiting to see if her students had any questions.

“Hm…I don’t get it.” Deoxys interjected, “What’s a house?”

“…” everyone said.

“…What country did you say you were from again?” the teacher sweat dropped.

Suddenly green gas came into the room and before everyone had a chance to get out they breathed it all in. Within seconds, they all had one giant red zit on their foreheads.

“AAAAAAAAGGGHHHH! WE HAVE ZITS!!” Cresselia screamed in fear.

“…I don’t get it, what’s a zit?” Deoxys asked.

Everyone fell down anime style.

“This is horrible!” Mrs. Pidgeot said, she too having a single pimple on her forehead “I can’t go to my husband like this!”

“Who could have done such a thing!?” Mercifond said, examining her face in the mirror.


“Perfect! It works!” Mewtwo said, “Now I just have to get the formula from Darkrai, and we’ll get money! Or even better, we’ll receive LIVE ORGANS for payment!!!” Mewtwo said happily. He looked around, but for some reason could not find Darkrai OR Gliscor. The male psychic frowned.

“…Odd…” he said, putting his finger on his chin “I know! I’ll use my GPS to track them!” Mewtwo teleported back to his lab. The second he did, the girls and their teacher rushed out of Home Economics class.

“What will we do?! I CAN’T POP THEM!” Cresselia said, having already tried to cut her giant zit with a knife, yet failing because Mewtwo also made the pimples indestructible.

“I still don’t get it.” Deoxys said.

“…Stupid amnesia…” Cresselia slapped herself.

“…There may be… one way…” their teacher said ominously. As everyone watched, she pulled out a drawing that was drawn in crayon poorly.

“What… is it?” Cresselia asked.

“A prophecy. It was drawn by the kindergarteners yesterday.” Mrs. Pidgeot explained, “It states that there will be a rainbow staircase that leads to the cure for a horrible disease! Did you not see the green gas? This is the horrible disease from the prophecy!”

“Oh!” Mercifond understood, “So what does the cure look like?”

“It is apparently a magical incantation! Once uttered, it shall cure us of our acne!”

“Oh! How convenient!” Deoxys commented.

“You three must go to the rainbow staircase and find that magical incantation! Hurry!” Mrs. Pidgeot ushered them.

“Will do. We shall not fail, teacher!” Cresselia spoke, determined to find the cure. The three girls raced off to find the incantation to save their faces…

MEANWHILE (I’m liking the meanwhile’s…)

Darkrai, future Malispite, Gliscor and Gardevoir had successfully infiltrated Mewtwo’s lab, and were looking for something to help them zoom up the staircase.

“See anything!?” Future Malispite said urgently, to the others as they looked around at Mewtwo’s various inventions.

“Nothing yet.” Darkrai muttered.

“No!” Gliscor said.

“Nothing.” Gardevoir replied. Suddenly, a sparkle caught her eyes, and she spied a latch beneath a pile of miscellaneous inventions, attached to a door “Hold on… I think I found something! It’s a latch; I’m going to open it…”

The dancer psychic opened up the door, and out burst a Linoone, who gratefully hugged her as he cried.

“THANK YOU!! OH ARCEUS THANK YOU SO MUCH!!” he wailed happily. The Linoone parted from Gardevoir and ran out the lab, screaming “I’M FINALLY FREE AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!”

Everyone stared.

“Yep, this is definitely MEWTWO’S lab.” Gliscor said fearfully.

“TELL ME ABOUT IT!! THIS THINGS ABOUT TO EAT ME!!” Darkrai screamed in fear, being tossed back and forth in the jaws of a 30 foot tall Venus flytrap.

“Ugh…” Future Malispite’s mouth began to glow, a ball of electrical energy forming in its mouth “Zap Cannon!!” The ball of energy shot itself to the base of the flytrap, and created an enormous electric field upon impacted. The flytrap was instantly defeated.

Darkrai fell to the floor. Hoping to save some of his dignity, he got up and wiped some imaginary dust off his black fur while muttering ‘I could have done that…’

“I’ve been meaning to ask you, Malispite.” Gardevoir announced to the giant brown bat “If your only from two weeks into the future, how come you’re so tall and buff and battle scarred?”

“That’s what happens when you live in a messed up future.” Future Malispite shrugged.

“Hm… maybe if I lived a messed up future, then I could get tall and buff and Lopunny would fall in love with me!” Darkrai smiled with anticipation. Gardevoir rolled her eyes, and Gliscor sighed. Suddenly, Gliscor spotted a trashcan nearby.

“AHA!” he said triumphantly. Gliscor leapt up, did a front flip, and dove headfirst into the trashcan.

Everyone stared.

“Yep… I remember Gliscor always doing that…” Future Malispite pondered. Gliscor emerged a few seconds later with a motor scooter. With a giant rocket booster attached to its behind.

“Yes!” the giant brown bat smiled. “Good work!”

“But the fuel is empty.” Gardevoir pointed to the scooter, which showed an ‘E’ on the fuel meter.

“You’re right! What does it run on!?” Future Malispite asked.

“Let’s try pouring Fizzy soda into it and see what happens.” Darkrai suggested.

They poured some Fizzy soda into the fuel gauge.

The machine whirred to life. Everyone got on board and Malispite turned the rocket powered scooter to full throttle. Within two seconds they had reached 400MPH and were zooming to the rainbow staircase to stop present Malispite.

Ironically, a few seconds after their departure, Mewtwo teleported into the room. He looked around, and saw his gigantic main computer, which Darkrai Gliscor Malispite and Gardevoir were too stupid to notice.

“Computer. Locate Darkrai Gliscor and Malispite.” he ordered.


“The rainbow staircase.” Mewtwo deduced, “I’m sure they can handle this without me… Computer!” Mewtwo said, a grin appearing on his face “Get me the priso- I mean ‘research subject’… me and my deadly acids want to ‘play’ with him…”

“PRISONER NO LONGER IN CAGE.” the computer replied.

“What!?” Where is the prisoner!?”

“UNKNOWN. ALTHOUGH, THERE APPEARS TO BE A FOURTH LIFE FORM WITH THE THREE OTHER TARGETS.” the computer put up a screen showing three red markers, and one black marker, all close to each other heading in the same direction: to the rainbow staircase.

“Oh, so they decided to free my prisoner- I mean research subject did they!?” Mewtwo said angrily.

“I THOUGHT SLAVERY WAS ILLEGAL.” the computer stated monotonously.

“So is creating a computer with artificial intelligence.” Mewtwo replied, searching through a pile of inventions.


“Found it!” Mewtwo held up a remote control- the Master controller, which basically controlled his entire lab in any way the psychotic psychic saw fit. He pressed a red button, smiling maniacally.


Mewtwo’s lab blew up. Mewtwo emerged from the rubble, and dusted himself off.

“Excellent. Now I can pursue Darkrai.” Mewtwo stated nonchalantly.

“MEWTWO, WHY DID YOU BLOW UP THE LABORATORY?” his mother computer asked, somehow surviving the explosion.

“Because I like blowing things up.” the psychotic psychic grinned. With that, he left to catch up to Darkrai Gliscor and Malispite, as well as the prisoner they had freed…


“There’s the rainbow staircase!” Cresselia said, motioning to the gigantic structure, leading to who knows where.

“Oh!” Deoxys said in awe “So, when we get up there, there’s supposed to be an incantation to save us from this ‘acne’?”

“Correct.” Mercifond answered. She gazed up and spoke “We’d better hurry, we can’t let any boys see us like this…”

“Agreed. But hm…” Cresselia murmured.

“What is it Cresselia?”

“I thought that the rainbow staircase was to conceal the Word That Must Not Be Mentioned… Ah well, I’m sure that’s not it.”


Malispite walked calmly up the rainbow staircase. He was smirking, for he knew that surely a really good insult lay on top of the staircase. He could actually see the top, only about a hundred yards…


Malispite inwardly cursed. It was Mew. Floating alongside him, and poking him playfully.

“Hah! You’re still blue!” Mew laughed at his astute deduction.

“I’M NOT BLUE YOU MORON!” Malispite said in rage “Wait a minute- What are you doing up here anyway!?!?”

Mew paused and flashed back…


“Okay Mew, here’s what I need you to do.” the god like legendary spoke to Mew, who wasn’t really paying attention, instead picking his nose with his forefinger.

“The Rainbow staircase has opened up. All I need you to do is guard the Word That Must Not Be Spoken, got it?”


Mew remembered why he came here. Pausing, he looked over at Malispite.

“Mommy told me to go play here because it looked like fun! She also told me that there would be ice cream here!”

Malispite: “…I’m sure…”

Mew: “HEY MALISPITE! What kinda of ice cream do you like!? Is it the blue kind because you’re blue!?”

Malispite: “I AIN’T BLUE!!”

Suddenly a rocket powered scooter carrying Darkrai Gliscor and future Malispite shot past Malispite at a blinding speed that overshot the brown bat by about a mile.

“THAT WAS MALISPITE!” Gliscor shouted above the roar of the engine.

“STOP THIS THING!!” Future Malispite screamed equally loud.


Darkrai pressed the button and the scooter blew up.

“WHY IS IT THAT ALL OF MEWTWO’S INVENTIONS EXPLODE!?” Gliscor shouted as the fell through the air. They landed on top of each other at the pinnacle of the staircase. Slowly, they all stood up. But something was missing.

“Wait… where’s Malispite?!” Gardevoir asked, looking around. The bat from the future was nowhere to be seen.

“I’m right here!” present Malispite zoomed up to meet them. Darkrai stood up to Malispite and spoke.

“Alright Malispite, I’m going to lay it on you.” Darkrai began, “You can’t go past here because the insult you’re looking for will actually end the world. So there.” Darkrai explained.

“Nah, I’m going past here to read the insult…” Malispite said, pointing to a rock with writing on it past the ghost like legendary “And no skirt wearing Goth is going to stop me!”


The two were at it. Immediately the two jumped towards each other and punched, Malispite with Thunderpunch, and Darkrai with Shadow Punch. The two attacks collided and sent them backwards. But Darkrai got up again and Double Teamed himself for evasiveness. The five Darkrai simultaneously used Shadow Ball on Malispite, who dodged and launched a dangerously powerful Zap Cannon at them. It his one Darkrai and detonated, hitting the others. The real Darkrai was injured.

Darkrai recovered and launched Ice beam from his left hand. It hit, but Malispite shook it off and charged at him with Pursuit. Darkrai, angry from that last assault, charged up a Dark Void in his hands and rushed to the brown bat.


Before their attacks collided, a giant Reflect shield cam between them. Their attacks hit the shield, and rebounded back to them. The two Pokémon levitated in the air before they were put before the one who used the move- Gardevoir.

“Both of you stop at once!” she stamped her foot to the ground. “You’re both friends! Friends shouldn’t fight each other at this level!” the female psychic insisted.

“FRIENDS!?” Darkrai and Malispite said in horror “NO WAY! NOT WITH HIM!!” The both spat, disgusted with the idea. Gardevoir sighed.

“Malispite, please just listen to us, and Darkrai, don’t overreact.”

Malispite/ Darkrai: “Fine…”

“She’s right.” a voice said. They all turned around to see-


…Jk. It was future Malispite.

“WH0@!!” Malispite said in awe of his future self.

“Where the heck WERE you!?” Darkrai asked. That’s when they all noticed the glowing. Small yellow energy bubbles were forming around him.

“I disappeared for a little bit…” Malispite looked down on himself. “I don’t belong here in the present, and because of that I’m fading in and out of time. Soon, I won’t be able to resist it any longer, and I’ll forcibly head back to the future.” he explained. “But before that time…” He looked at his younger self. The two Malispite’s eyes interlocked with each other.

“You can’t say what’s written on the stone.” Future Malispite said flatly, “It will cause the end of the world. And stuff.”

Malispite: “What kind of stuff?”

Future Malispite: “BAD stuff.”

Malispite: “GASP!”

“Alright, so are we clear on everything?” Gliscor asked. The group nodded.

“I won’t say the word.” Malispite swore. Future Malispite beamed.

“Excellent… and now… I go back to the future…” the glowing increased, and just before the brown bat vanished, he muttered some words of wisdom to his younger self.

“Never eat a three bean burrito before going on a date.”

And with that, the yellow light enveloped him and future Malispite returned to his future, hopefully better now. The gang stared at the sight, which was broken by-


“NO I DO NOT HAVE ICE CREAM!” Darkrai yelled back angrily. “WAIT A MINUTE- MEW’S HERE!?” He said in horror. “HOLY SH*T! HE MIGHT SAY THE WORD!”

“FISH! Yay I said a word what do I win!? Mew said excitably. Darkrai jumped up and tackled the pink moron to the ground. Gliscor came soon after and tied him up with rope, now Mew could not move.

“Now no one can say the word.” Malispite said, “Alright, I’m bored. Let’s go play Halo or something…”

“There’s the word!”

Fearfully, the group looked down at the rock and saw that Cresselia, Deoxys, and Mercifond were examining it, reading the word on the rock. In all of their fear for Malispite and Mew ending the world, they hadn’t noticed the girls sneaking pat them!

“Yes! Now we can cure our acne!!” Cresselia said happily.

“NO! I CAN’T DIE! I HAVEN’T KISSED LOPUNNY YET!!” Darkrai screamed in terror.

“AND I DON’T HAVE A MILLION POK’E EITHER!” Gliscor yelled. But their cries were to no avail, the girls could not hear them, and almost immediately after reading the rock, Mercifond said

“The word is U-


Suddenly a bomb was thrown at Mercifond, stopping her in mid-sentence. The explosion caught up to the girls and knocked them to their feet.

“Steal MY pris- Research subject will you!?” Mewtwo hovered above them angrily “Fortunately I have just the punishment for you all- three and a half bombs!!” With that, the psychic threw another bomb in the general vicinity of the group.


Another bomb was thrown.


Finally, the half bomb was thrown at the group.


“BOOO!? WHAT THE HELL!?” Darkrai asked, bruised everywhere.

“It’s the sound that half a bomb makes when it explodes.” Gardevoir explained.

“THE FUDGE!?” Mewtwo descended slowly until he had arrived at the ground. He looked around, and smiled.

“There. All is forgiven.” he stated. Mercifond rubbed her head as she stood up, and then, she found that she could no longer remember the word. The massive concussion after the bomb hit must have wiped it from her memory. Frantically, she looked around, and found that the rock was destroyed.

“Oh no! It’s gone!” Cresselia noted sadly.

“Oh by the way, the word on the rock was ‘The word’.” Gardevoir pointed out.

“WHAT!? Geeze it’s a good thing we didn’t say it…” Mercifond shuddered. Cresselia looked around, shifting her eyes.

“I knew it all along.” the swan stated.

“YOU DID NOT!” Darkrai said angrily “Anyways…I can’t believe it! Mewtwo’s love for explosions actually saved us all!” Darkrai realized.

“Um… yeah…” Deoxys blushed, “G-good job Mewtwo…” she congratulated nervously.

“Why thank you.” Mewtwo bowed. “…by the way, there is a giant zit on your forehead.” Hearing this, Gliscor’s eyes flashed. He jumped up into the air, did a back flip while grabbing the anti- acne formula from Darkrai’s red collar and landed in front of the girls.

“Here is an anti- acne formula, guaranteed to cure any and all acne!” Gliscor grinned greedily “It will wipe those giant zits off your foreheads instantly!”

“Yays!” all the girls said.


The girls beat the crap out of Gliscor and took the acne formula.

“There’s just one thing I don’t understand…” Gardevoir paused, as everyone listened. “If the rock could have been destroyed this entire time, why didn’t Arceus just destroy it long ago instead of sealing it in another dimension?”

Dialga, who was watching the scene, couldn’t agree more.

“Why is that, mom?” he turned to his mom. Arceus closed her eyes ominously and said

“I have my reasons.”

“You didn’t think of it, did you?”


“Well all’s well that ends well.” Malispite said happily.

“Actually, I’d have to disagree with you on that.” Mewtwo suddenly said, serious “Since you all freed my pr-research subject, I’ll have to have another Pokémon to experiment on.” Mewtwo pulled out some tests tubes, a knife, syringes filled with green liquid, and a cup of jello.



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