Legendary PKMN

Chapter seven

Chapter seven: Detention of DOOMNESS (Act two: Blue jackal)

“Then I’ll just have to free them.”

“Try it.”

Gardevoir shot a powerful Shadow Ball, but the next second Lucario was gone. Using Extremespeed, he appeared the next second to Gardevoir’s left. He chopped, and Gardevoir blocked respectively. The two jumped from each other and launched their attacks.

“Shadow Ball!”

“Aura Sphere!”

The moves collided in an epic explosion. Gardevoir was sent back a few feet, and stood up just in time for Lucario to appear behind her.

“Thunder Wave.” she smiled.

Jolts of electricity shot from the ground and bound the blue Jackal with their paralysis inducing effects. Lucario was trapped.

“Heh…heheh…” Gardevoir gasped nervously.


“After I fired that Shadow Ball, I set up a Thunder Wave below where you’re standing. I knew you would try to attack from behind, and so I set it there. And now, you can’t move.” she smirked.

“Yes! Awesome Gardevoir!” the boys in the jail cell congratulated. She gave a thumbs up sign.

“Hmhmhm…” Lucario cackled. She whipped around to find a smug grin on his face.

“Don’t you know, Gardevoir…?” Lucario implied, “That all members of the Disciplinary squad are required to have… mandatory items?” Gardevoir did not understand.

To make her understand, Lucario kindly pulled out a Cheri berry from his ears and ate the berry.


A sharp jab to her right sent Gardevoir flying to the cell. She crashed into a wall beside it.

“You see Gardevoir, I have been in combat more than you! I know how to prepare myself! SO I STUFFED MY EARS WITH ALL THE BERRIES I COULD FIND!”

“YOR EARS!?” everyone gasped.

“Yep!” Lucario grinned toothily “I have at least one berry for anything you can throw at me!”

“How about a surprise attack?”

Mercifond pulled an Ice Punch on Lucario’s left, sending the blue jackal flying to another level.

“Sis!” Malispite said. Mercifond gave him a wink, and flew off to Lucario. Cresselia appeared and handed Gardevoir a Super Potion.

“Take this.” she said. And to the boys, she explained “We’re busting you out!”

“Good!” Darkrai thanked his sister.

“We’ll be able to defeat Lucario once we’re out of here.” Malispite grinned “Well at least, I will anyway. Darkrai will probably just sit there and be useless.”

“HEY! I WILL NOT!” Darkrai shouted angrily.





“IS THIS REALLY THE APPROPRIATE TIME TO BE ARGUING!?” Cresselia blared at the both of them. Darkrai and Malispite glared at each other before looking away. They’d kill each other later.

“So how are you going to bust us out?” Darkrai asked.

“That… would be my job.” answered a certain red and blue alien. She walked over to the cage and examined it.

“A simple lock.” she said. Deoxys put her hand through the keyhole and let her arm do its work, “My arm can morph into anything I want it to…It’s no problem beating this stupid keyhole!”

Within seconds, there was a click and the cell swung open.

“FREEDOOOMMM!!” Malispite and Darkrai shouted happily.

And then Mercifond fell down, clearly injured with Lucario smirking behind her.

“FRIIIIIIICCC!!” They shouted unhappily.

“We have to beat him. It’s the only way out.” Cresselia said. Lucario grinned, waiting for the challenge to come. The swan shifted her eyes back to the boys, Gardevoir and Deoxys “We need a plan.”

“Well… we could…” Deoxys was about to say when an Aura Sphere just barely missed her. Lucario charged up another one, bigger than the last, no longer caring about them. He fired.

Fortunately, Darkrai thought quickly.

“SUBSTITUTE!” He yelled, getting in front of the group and pulling Mew out of nowhere.

“Hiya Lucario!” Mew waved.


The Aura Sphere impacted Mew. Now with the psychic injured, Darkrai uselessly tossed him aside and flung himself at Lucario. He hit Lucario with Shadow Punch, but it was just a Double Team hologram, with the real one appearing up above the prince of Darkness with a Bullet Punch. Cresselia intervened by using Protect, followed up by Deoxys slamming him down to the ground with her morphed hands.

Lucario fell to the ground, gritting his teeth from the pain. Not to be outdone, he shot numerous Aura Spheres from his open palms upwards to the group. It hit them, and all three fell down. But his victory was shot lived, because Gardevoir did a swift sweeping kick which knocked the jackal back to the ground. She used a Thunderpunch but Lucario countered and punched her head. As she fell, Gardevoir used Thunder Wave to paralyze him once more. Lucario reached into his ear for another Cheri berry, but by then Malispite was done with his Zap Cannon.

“Take this! ZAP CANNON!” a bright condensed ball of yellow electricity was launched from Malispite’s gaping mouth, hitting its target with a loud explosion.

The smoke signaled it was all over. They had won.

“We did it!” Deoxys said proudly, “We beat the school’s Disciplinary squad!”

“Good…” Malispite panted, tired from using such a high class move “Let’s go back up, I still need to-

His ultra-sensitive ears picked up movement.

“No…” Malispite said. A figure stared back him, angrily from within the smoke, a hazy outline to his figure. When the smoke cleared more, he spoke in a deep angry voice.


Gallade pounced upon the prince of darkness and engaged him in combat, despite Darkrai’s angry protests of doing nothing to his Gardevoir.

“That was close…” Malispite said in relief, “I thought for a second he-

“Got back up again?” Lucario answered.

Everyone whirled around at the sound of his voice. Even Gallade and Darkrai ceased their fighting. Lucario was beaten, bruised and battered everywhere on his body, and barely standing. Yet, he wore a manic grin across his face like he knew they had no chance of victory.

“Just give it up.” Cresselia gave advice, “You can’t win! We outnumber you, and you’re beaten!”

Lucario’s grin never ceased. Slowly but surely, he reached into his left ear.

What he pulled out was not like any berry they had seen before. It was donut sized and donuts shaped as well, spherical. It was a clear bluish shade, with a dark red center, almost looking like a giant cell. Streaks of purple stripped its sides.

“What the heck is that!?” Mercifond asked.

“No…” Everyone turned to Deoxys, who spoke.

In that instant, a fragment of her memory was revived.


A younger Deoxys stared down at a small dish that sloped downwards. She gazed at the object in the dish- a small red and blue cell shaped thing. Her eyes gazed in wonder as she stared at its intricate colors.

“Daddy daddy!” She yelled for her father. A shadowed figure appeared behind her.

“Yes Deoxys?” He asked.

“What is it Daddy!?” She wondered, eagerly pointing at the thing. Her father knew everything, according to her.

The shadowed figure sighed. How to explain the intricacies of cellular obseletion and transformation to a child?

“It is… a very bad thing.” He answered, putting it in the simplest terms he knew. “If you eat it… you become very powerful.” He explained.

“Wow…” Deoxys said in awe.

“But there is a side effect.” Her father added. “This small food… this, Berserkgene, as we like to call it, it has a nasty side effect that renders you mad. You become insane once consuming it, and you will want to destroy anything in your path.”

Deoxys’s eyes stared. She didn’t understand half of what her father just said, but she got the general message.

Whatever this thing was, it was bad.


“A Berserkgene…” she said, her eyes as wide as the day she first knew of its evil.

“You know of it?” Lucario asked, surprised “... You are correct. What I have here is a Berserkgene- a rare specimen of plant that increases the user’s power tenfold!”

“WHAT!?” Darkrai blurted out.

“You won’t be leaving here alive!” Lucario shouted “You damage the election plans, you run and fight in the hallways, destroy school property, illegally leave detention, get in a conflict with the head of the school Disciplinary squad, and WORST OF ALL, shouted over the loudspeaker declaring your love for some girl!”

Everyone stared angrily at the sheepishly smiling Gallade.

“You do all these horrible crimes and expect to get away with it!?!” he frowned angrily “I don’t think so! You all will stay in the detention center- FOREVER!!”

And then, much to everyone’s horror, he swallowed the Berserkgene whole.



Agent Blaze stared at who he was holding. It was Lopunny.

“..Can I go now?” she asked, slightly intimidated by the agent.

“Oh. Sure.” he released the brown rabbit and she fearfully hopped away. The Staraptor punished Blaze with an Aerial Ace attack.

“Now then, we are going to Principal Torkoal to ask him what he knows.” Agent Raptor explained to Agents Blaze and Purple “We are NOT going to torture the information out of him. GOT IT?”

“Got it.” the boys replied. They entered the principal’s office.

“WHAT DO YOU KNOW!?” Agent Raptor demanded immediately at the elderly Pokemon.

“I thought you said we wouldn’t torture the information out of him?” Gliscor pointed out.

“Oh yeah.”

“COME TO TAKE MOAR STUFF FROM ME!?” Principal Torkoal said, surprisingly angry.

“Wha? We didn’t steal anything…” Gliscor said.

“YU HUH! You guys took something important from my safe! You may have fooled me for a bit, but you left one fatal flaw in your plan…” Torkoal held up a small note that read Thief Weavile wuz hear.

“Wait! We aren’t Thief Weavile!” Agent Blaze said, “We’re secret agents!”



“Wait… Thief Weavile robbed you!?” Agent Raptor said, shocked “What did she take!?”

“She took… MY MAYONNAISE!” Torkoal sobbed.


“But wait- your mayonnaise is right there.” Gliscor pointed out. On his desk was a half full bottle of the stuff.

“Oh. I guess she didn’t take that then.” Torkoal realized.

“Well then… what did she take?” Agent Raptor searched the room, and then he found something. There was a small broken safe on the floor, appeared to have been forced open by claws. He picked it up and motioned for his partners to come over.

“…What was in this?” Agent Raptor asked.

“Oh, nothing major.” answered the fire turtle “Just the blueprints of the entire school. Don’t worry about that though, they’ve been missing since Weavile came.” the old Pokemon explained.

Agent Blaze and Agent Raptor exchanged looks.

Thief Weavile only stole what was of the utmost importance. Why would she then resort to a petty crime like this?

Because perhaps, what she had stolen was worth more than they could imagine.

Gliscor too, stared out the window thoughtfully.

He had just noticed that the Hall of Origin was directly above Tajiri High School.

His pulse raced.

Lucario’s metabolism increased, absorbing the various nutrients within his body and converting them to raw power. His heart beat faster. The jackal’s mind sharpened, all five senses being enhanced.

Raw Aura started to pour from his body.

A grin spread across his face. The overwhelming power he felt… was…



A giant blob or aura was flung at the group. Cresselia used Protect once more, negating the attack. Until Lucario appeared behind her and Bullet Punched her into the floor below.

“Cresselia!” cried Deoxys. But she was next. Lucario was behind her in an instant, grin on his face as he brought back his fist.

“OH NO YOU DON’T!” Darkrai jumped in front of Deoxys and blocked Lucario’s punch. Lucario kicked Darkrai so hard that he fell onto the next floor with Cresselia as a response. Deoxys turned around and used Psycho Cut with her stretched hand, but it hit the hologram of Lucario, and the real one brought both his fists down on her. Gardevoir managed to intervene by blocking the blow to Deoxys and in desperation, tried to use another Thunder Wave to stop the jackal, knowing full well it would hit her as well.

But Lucario was too fast- as Gardevoir’s lightning shot out, he used Substitute with Deoxys. With both the girls trapped, her surged aura through his hands and used a powerful Force Palm on them.

“You…” Gallade said, “YOU HURT GARDEVOIR!”

Lucario grinned madly in response, as if he had turned into some form of demon. He didn’t find it so funny when Gallade used Psycho Cut to smash him into a wall.

“DON’T TOUCH HER, FIEND!” he snarled. Rushing over to Gardevoir, he took her hand and helped her stand back up.

“Thanks Gallade…” she smiled.

“Anything for you!” Gallade replied.

And then Lucario fired an Aura Sphere so big at Gallade that there was a giant explosion that followed up.

Gardevoir gasped. Gallade protected her by getting in the way of impact at the last second, and was now barely standing. Bruised everywhere on his body, char on his back, and possibly a few broken bones here and there. He grinned once at the psychic, and then fainted.

Gardevoir was shocked.

“Gallade!!” she screamed desperately on the ground, trying to wake him up. Lucario laughed and brought up a powerful fist infused with Aura to Gardevoir’s face.

“He’s down. And she’s taking care of him.” Darkrai clenched Lucario’s fist tightly, only inches away from the dancing psychics face. He tuned angrily to Lucario “Back off.”

Almost by pure instinct, Lucario did leap backwards.

“You… still think you can win…?” Lucario muttered. Instead of answering, Darkrai spoke to Gardevoir.

“Take care of him.” said the prince of Darkness. Gardevoir nodded her head and carried Gallade away. As she did this, he addressed Malispite.

“How much time?”

“A minute.” said the brown bat, who nodded to Mercifond, as if she was interpretation something.

Darkrai grinned.

“Alright then, everyone stay back! I’m going after Lucario alone!!!”

“WHAT!?” Said everyone.

“Fool…” Lucario smiled evilly “What can you do by yourself?!”

“Stall.” Darkrai answered, “Exactly one minute from now, you’ll be on the floor in pain.” He smirked. That said and done, he ran to the jackal.

“AURA SPHERE!!” a blob of compressed Aura was hurled at Darkrai. Darkrai dodged and was at Lucario. Not wasting any time, he punched the jackal.

Lucario blocked by grabbing his hand. Lucario grinned, his mouth open wide with whitish purple energy.

“Dragon Pulse!”

A shockwave was emitted from himself in a compressed beam like manner. The attack nicked Darkrai trying to run away. Lucario used Extremespeed to whip around Darkrai and Bullet Punch him into the floor.

But Darkrai got up before Lucario could smash him again and fired a Shadow Ball. It impacted, but didn’t seem to do a thing to Lucario. In response the jackal fired off dozens of Aura Spheres at Darkrai, who could do little but brace himself for the inevitable impact. One such hit him and violently knocked him into the wall. He rebounded off the wall into Lucario’s fist, who reached for his neck and rammed him back into the wall.

Lucario grinned.

“Any last words?” asked the head Disciplinary member. Surprisingly, Darkrai grinned back.

“Yeah. Kick his ass, Malispite.”


The next second, Lucario was sent flying back into the air with a powerful punch. Lucario used the aura surrounding his body and stopped himself in midair, and began to hover. He looked angrily at who punched him so hard.


But something was different about him, Lucario realized. He gazed closer with his now eagle like eyes and found it.

Dark red symbols covered his body from head to toe, and he was giving off equally as much energy as Lucario. Lucario’s eyes widened, obviously something had changed the brown bat.


“Well, Darkrai DID warn you,” the brown bat smirked “that after a minute, you’d be on the floor in pain.” he got into a fighting stance. Lucario’s mind raced through the possibilities. There was no way Malispite was stronger than he after eating the Berserkgene! That last shot MUST have been a fluke!

Lucario realized it was no fluke when the three tailed bat used Thunderpunch and practically created a crater on the floor from Lucario’s impact.

“What’s…” Deoxys asked.

“His signature move.”

Deoxys gazed at Mercifond. She too, had symbols covering her body, though hers were a soothing blue instead of an angry red.

“His signature move is ‘Demons Offence’.” Mercifond turned to the alien “It increases his attack a whole lot, as well as his speed.”

“Then… why are you…?” Cresselia gazed at the glowing blue almost tattoo like insignia’s covering her body.

“Because MY signature move is the exact opposite.” Mercifond smiled “Angels Defence. It increases my defensive capabilities. And…” she turned to Gardevoir, tending to the unconscious Gallade as best she could “…my healing powers.” she calmly walked over to the pair and focused. Gallade was surrounded by a soothing blue energy. Within seconds, he was breathing better and looked less in pain.

“Thank you…” Gardevoir smiled at the both of them “But… Malispite…” she said worriedly.

“Don’t.” Mercifond chuckled.

“Nothing can stop my brother now.”

Lucario fired off an Aura Sphere, but the attack didn’t collide, Malispite was too fast. He zoomed upward and did a Sky Uppercut into Lucario’s chin. Seeing his advantage, the jackal fired another Aura Sphere at Malispite, but this one hit dead on.

Ignoring the pain where the sphere hit, Malispite used another Thunderpunch on Lucario, followed up by another, and another. Soon, Malispite went into a punching frenzy, hitting Lucario from every angle plausible without giving him the chance to counter back. Finally, he hit Lucario downwards and charged up his deadliest move.

“ZAP CANNON!!” he fired an immense ball of lightning from his mouth.

But the attack was too slow, Lucario was just barely able to dodge it with Extremespeed, as well as the explosion follow up.

“No…! You can’t be doing this!!” Lucario raged.

“I’m more powerful than you now!” Malispite said confidently “I’m more powerful than anybody right now!”

“YOU’RE STILL NOT AS STRONG AS ME!” Darkrai shouted from somewhere.





“WOULD YOU TWO STOP BICKERING ALREADY!?” everybody else shouted. Malispite turned his attention back to Lucario.

“Take this!” he yelled. Malispite zoomed up to Lucario and Body Slammed him downwards. He followed up with a Thundershock launched from his body, but Lucario angrily deflected it and yelled

“ENOUGH!!” He was boiling mad at this point, the fight would be ended here and now “AURA STORM!!”

“Oh no…” Cresselia said, eyes widened “HE MADE A SMASH BROS REFERENCE!!”

“That, and it’s probably going to kill us all.” Deoxys added.

Using just his ears, Lucario flung a seed at Malispite’s mouth, who unfortunately consumed it. He realized it was a stun seed when Malispite crashed to the ground and found that he could not move. Lucario charged Aura into his palms, jumped into the air and began his judgment.


A bright beam of extremely condensed Aura was fired from Lucario’s open palms, not unlike Arceus’ own signature attack. The blue beam menacingly zoomed onto the helpless brown bat as everyone shouted his name, hoping that a miracle would happen.


And, as it would be, a miracle did happen. Just as the beam was about to hit Malispite, a giant swirling mass opened up in front of him and sucked the beam away just as quickly as it was fired.

“What!?!” Lucario said, “Impossible…!” he gazed at Darkrai, who was panting, but grinning.

“My signature attack’s true form…” Darkrai explained, “Dark Void is a distorted space of dark energy, so I used a variation of it to create a black hole!!”

“Impossible…!!” He began to sweat.

“That’s awesome! How often can you use it!?” Deoxys asked.


And with that, Darkrai fainted with a loud thud as his body hit the floor of the detention center.

“…I knew he was useless.” Malispite muttered.




Malispite, no longer stunned, got up and flew at Lucario with a burst of speed. He punched as hard as he could at the levitating jackal.

And this time, Lucario countered.

He blocked Malispite’s punch with the side of his arm, and then lit his leg on fire and performed Blaze Kick on the bat. Malispite suffered from the blow and fell downwards.

“What!?” everyone shouted.

“Oh no…” Mercifond recognized the signs. Slowly, the red insignias on Malispite’s body shriveled up, and disappeared altogether, restoring him to his normal status. The same thing happened to Mercifond.

“It wore off.” she said. Lucario laughed madly at the group, the Berserkgene consuming his soul. He gathered massive amounts of aura to his hands.

“No…!!” Cresselia shouted, knowing what was about to happen.

“You all will not leave here alive!!!” Lucario screamed at the top of his lungs. Malispite wince, he couldn’t do a thing. Darkrai closed his eyes, bracing for impact.


Gardevoir suddenly flung Mew at Lucario, blinding him! His attack was cancelled as the pink cat landed directly onto his head.

“HIYA LUCARIO!!” Mew said as he attached himself to Lucario’s face.


Meanwhile, as the Pokemon watched, Darkrai stood up, preparing for the final blow.

“Darkrai…” Gardevoir knew he was wounded. Darkrai looked at her.

“I know what needs to be done.” he said ominously. As everyone watched, Lucario finally flung Mew off his face, and Darkrai shouted


All: “…”

All: “…No…way…”

“ITS BURNING GRIP TELLS ME TO DEFEAT YOU!”shouted the prince of Darkness

“NO! HE CAN’T BE DOING THIS!!!” Lucario said in fear. Darkrai’s hand began to glow and illuminate the entire detention center.


He zoomed up to Lucario and announced his final attack


Darkrai’s powerful attack reference sent Lucario flying to the opposite wall that for some reason exploded. The glow shined in the entire room, blinding everyone until the illumination faded.



Lucario was down. For good.

Darkrai collapsed due to expending too much energy. And just as he did so, Lucario stood up again, anger in his eyes.

But then he fell back down.

He quickly stood back up though!

Only to fall down again.

And then he stood up!

And fell down.

And stood up ag-


Cataclyptic: “Well TCH.”

Darkrai and Cresselia returned to the Hall of Origin at last, bruised, beaten, and barely able to stand. Actually, Cresselia had to carry Darkrai back because he could not move his body.

“Ah! There you two are!” Arceus said, “Where have you been!?”

“Well…” Cresselia began, unsure of how to explain this to her mom. Arceus instead rolled her eyes and asked not to talk about it.

“No matter.” she decided, “I have more important matters to attend to! Like making Giratina fall in love with me!”

Cresselia and Darkrai fell down anime style.

“How’s the love potion coming Mewtwo!?”

“Well…” Mewtwo paused, examining some chemicals “…I need a test subject for the final results.”

Darkrai turned to his side and Cresselia was gone.

“NO…NO…” he sweated profusely. Arceus flung him into the room with Mewtwo.

“This is going to be fun…” Mewtwo said to the fearful Darkrai “Don’t worry though, I’m sure there won’t be any side effects if you survive.”

“IF I survive!?”



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