Legendary PKMN

Chapter eight

Chapter eight: Those fiends



Arceus finished, looking At Darkrai to see his reaction. Darkrai was laying in his bed with a sheet over him, an expression of confusion on his face.

“…Why the hell are you in my room telling me a crappy bed time story?”

“Because you said you wanted one.” his mom replied. Darkrai shook his head.

“No, you knocked the door off its hinges, barged right in and then told me something about leprechauns.” the prince of darkness corrected.


“I thought you said you didn’t like him that way?” Darkrai smirked.



Arceus quickly ran out of his room, to not get caught. Darkrai lay in a destroyed bed, doubling over in pain.

And then his phone rang.

Darkrai weakly picked up his cell phone, which was black and dark red colored, and brought it to his ear. He asked who it was in a weak voice.

“Darkrai….It’s me…” the voce at the other end was Gardevoir’s. Strangely, she sounded just as weak as Darkrai.

“Did my mom hit you with a pillar of light too…?” Darkrai asked absentmindedly.


“Okay…” Darkrai said “So what’s up?”

“Well uh *cough* I uh… well I came down with the H2N2 flu…” Gardevoir said. She lay in her own bed, sweating a bit and coughing. “I won’t be in school *cough*for a while… so can you tell my teachers that please…?”

“Sure.” Darkrai said, feeling a little bit conscious “Get better soon, kay?”

“Yeah. *cough* I’m going to bed now…” the female psychic hung up. She lay her head back on her white pillow and began to rest. She had Kirlia taking over for Ralts when Gardevoir could not. And she had Darkrai for school matters.

Yep, nothing could go wrong…

She closed her eyes and dreamt.


“Hey Gliscor, I just had a thought.” Darkrai said. It was passing period, and Darkrai managed to meet up with the purple bat who was in a trashcan currently.


“If my mom is god… then if I become an atheist, will she leave me alone?”

Gliscor shrugged.

“YOU!” a voice said accusingly.

“YOU!” Darkrai answered Malispite. They ran at each other at full speed and punched each other in the face. The resulting blows toppled both of them over.

“Why did you do that!?” Mercifond scolded her twin.

“That’s how we greet each other.” Malispite said logically, “Due to our mutual hatred, instead of saying hello we will instead punch each other in the face.”

Everyone sweat dropped.

“Wait… where’s Gardevoir?” Mercifond asked.

“She’s sick.” shrugged Darkrai, “She came down with the H2N2, the Piloswine flu.”

“Ouch…” the white bat said sadly “I hear that’s an epidemic right now…”


As Malispite and Darkrai engaged each other in yet another battle for blood, Deoxys and Mewtwo came over and asked the same question. Deoxys of course was wearing her white moustache, so that no one found out she was actually an alien from outer space.

Come to think of it, why is it that all aliens are from outer space? They never mention ones from inner space. I mean come on! Mars has a high probability of life o it! It seems racist! No wait… ALIENIST! Yeah! This whole stereotype about aliens always being from outer space is Alieni-

“BE QUIET NARRATOR!” everyone shouted.

“Anyway, Gardevoir is sick.” Gliscor explained, “H2N2.”

“Oh.” Deoxys said.

“I wonder if she’s bleeding right now…” Mewtwo wondered. He began drooling at his fantasy of gallons of blood and live organs being poured out from Gardevoir…

“…I can’t believe you actually like this guy…” Mercifond whispered.

“W-well… aside from the fact that he’s completely insane, he actually has his good qualities!” Deoxys responded.

“Like what?”

“He knows all six thousand twenty four ways to kill a regular Pokémon with nothing but a piece of paper.” Deoxys smiled.


Seeing that her brother and Darkrai weren’t going to stop fighting anytime soon, Mercifond broke out her Ice Shard attack and hit them both. Since Mercifond protested it, they decided to stop fighting.


“I’m bored. When does the plot come in?” Mercifond complained.

“Hold on…” Mewtwo pulled out a blackboard from out of nowhere and began to use Shmalculus. More and more numbers piled up until Mewtwo isolated two of them and spoke.

“The plot should arrive in five minutes and two seconds.” Mewtwo said proudly. Deoxys smirked at Mercifond. There was ONE good quality.

Meanwhile, Darkrai snuck over to Gliscor.

“Yo man, I need you to cover for me…” Darkrai said “I’m getting out of school!”

“Wha-? Why?” Gliscor asked.

“It’s only for one day- after that, I can do it after school anytime I want.” explained the dark type. He pulled out a cardboard cutout of himself and gave it to Gliscor, with instructions on where to put it.

“What are you going to do?”

“Train.” Darkrai whispered “Let’s face it Gliscor- during the fight with Lucario, I was completely helpless. Not only did I have to beat him by using a stupid reference from G Gundam, but I had to rely of fricken MALISPITE for help! Do you have any idea how many Manly Points that cost me!?”


“Two hundred!! Two hundred Manly Points (>_<) ! I only have a score of six hundred now!” Darkrai said angrily, “I need at LEAST two thousand to get Lopunny to be my girlfriend! Which is why I’ve contacted my old Karate teacher- master Dunsparce!”

“Dun…sparce…?” Gliscor sweat dropped.

“Yes. He’ll teach me how to fight! And after I’ve learned how to be better at fighting… LOPUNNY SHALL BE MINE!!” Darkrai screamed loudly. As everyone stared, he rammed straight into a brick wall and crashed it down, then continued running from there to an unknown destination.

Everyone sweat dropped.

“Ug…” Gliscor put up the cardboard replica in Darkrai’s English class. He silently snuck out and resumed talking with his friends. Suddenly, crashing noises were heard and coming closer.

“WHERE’S GARDEVOIR!?” a voice shouted. Bounding down the halls was an angry Gallade, striking anything and everything his blades could find.

“OH SH*T!” they all exclaimed. Without his love, Gallade had gone into a berserk rampage! Gallade ran up to them and began to threaten their lives.


“SHE’S SICK! SHE’S SICK!!” Gliscor responded.






“OH SH*T!!”

Malispite, Mercifond and Gliscor ran away. Suddenly, Gliscor had an idea.

“Mewtwo! Protect us!” he pleaded to the powerful psychic.


He grabbed Deoxys and Teleported away.


“…ALL OF US YOU MORON!!!” With nothing left to stand in the way of Gallade’s fury, all of them ran away, fearing for their lives. Gliscor pulled out a phone and furiously began texting.


Cresselia’s phone buzzed silently. Carefully, she pulled it out not to disturb her teacher and classmates. She read the message:

“Cresselia! You have to run! Gallade’s gone insane because Gardevoir isn’t here, so now he’s going to kill us all! It’s only a matter of time before he comes after you!”

Her eyes widened.

“Mrs. Ursaring! May I be excused from class?”

“Why?” Mrs. Ursaring demanded.

“Because my friend is about to kill me because he can’t find his girlfriend!” Cresselia said hurriedly.


Suddenly the wall burst down and Gallade came in cursing and swearing and asking where Gardevoir was. He tore up desks, sliced paper, and attacked the student body with various Psycho Cuts and Leaf Blades.

“WHERE’S GARDEVOIR!?” He roared.

“Here I am!” Mew said happily. Gallade picked up Mew and chucked him painfully out the window. Everyone evacuated the area, and Principal Torkoal called a code 99 for Gallade’s rampage. He locked up the entire school. Cresselia met up with her friends, and they all stood in the emergency room, waiting…


Darkrai finally found the dojo. He breathed deeply, and went in. Immediately he was hit by the smells of foreign incense burning. The dojo was a plain one with little decoration other than a few mats. In the center up on a desk sat the Dojo’s head- Master Dunsparce.

“Hello Master Dunsparce…” Darkrai bowed to show his respect- Master Dunsparce was one of the few adults who he truly respected.

Master Dunsparce stared.

“W-what!? Okay yes, I AM supposed to be in school…” Darkrai admitted, “…But I need to see you! You have to train me so that I can beat anyone!”

Master Dunsparce stared.

“Why? Because I need to make Lopunny my girlfriend! That’s why!” Darkrai said determined. He awaited his master’s response.

Master Dunsparce stared.

“Yes! Thank you!” said Darkrai happily “So what do I do first? Laps around the dojo? Pushups?”

Master Dunsparce stared.

“Wha… the pit? What pit?” the prince of darkness looked around and saw a door to the floor. Curious, he walked over to it and flung the door open. He crouched down to see what was inside.

An unseen force pushed Darkrai into the open pit. Darkrai fell for about five seconds before hitting some solid ground.

“What the!? Where am I!?” Darkrai shouted from inside the pit.

“HEY LOOK BOYS! FRESH MEAT!” a voice said happily.

“I GET TO EAT THE LIVER THIS TIME!” another voice exclaimed.



The two psychic Pokémon landed in Mewtwo’s lab in a small flash of light. Mewtwo let go of Deoxys’ hand, which upset her slightly. He walked over and began to boot up his computer.

“…Mewtwo…” Deoxys spoke up “Um… why did you save me?” She asked.

“Oh. That.” Mewtwo looked at her “You were the closest one to me.” He shrugged. Deoxys frowned, sad.

“And…” Mewtwo added, walking closer to her “I feel as though you’re one of my closest friends…” he smiled. Deoxys immediately blushed. Mewtwo was leaning in closer, and Deoxys could tell. Her heart raced faster as she too leaned in. Their faces were now so close that Deoxys could feel Mewtwo’s heat, the warmth of both bodies gave Deoxys anticipation the likes of which she had never-

“You have a small dirt speck on your face.” Mewtwo brushed it off with one of his three fingers, walked back to his computer and resumed typing.

Deoxys was still dazed. Her mind was still in the state where it remembered she was about to kiss Mewtwo. Five seconds later, she realized that they were NOT about to kiss, and that Mewtwo only wanted to get rid of a dirt speck.

She fell down anime style.

“SYSTEM BOOTED.” a soft feminine voice echoed through the lab. Mewtwo’s mother computer was online “HELLO MEWTWO. WHICH PROGRAM WOULD YOU LIKE TO RUN?” It asked.

“I don’t know… Deoxys, what do you think we should do now?”

“Uh…” Deoxys of course had a VERY good idea of what they should do (*MAKINGOUTWINKWINKNUDGENUDGE*), but of course she didn’t want to tell Mewtwo that.

“Uh… let’s play chess!” Deoxys said.

“Or better yet, EXTREME chess!” Mewtwo said.

“Extreme chess?” the alien was confused.


Deoxys was sitting in a very high up chair, looking down upon a giant chessboard with magnified chess pieces that were bigger than her.

“Uh…” Deoxys asked, looking down upon a small bracelet attached to her hand.

“If your kings gets toppled then it will blow up!” Mewtwo shouted from an equally high chair above the giant chess board. “It will also give you a painful electric shock if one of your pieces gets destroyed!”

Deoxys smiled. Twisted and sadistic this game may be, but at least she was playing it with Mewtwo…

“Pawn to G3!” she shouted.


The school was in total panic. Gallade was destroying virtually EVERYTHING in his berserk quest to find his lost ‘fair maiden.’ Worse still, the disciplinary squad (Lucario) was nowhere to be found, so that meant no one could stop him.

Of course, Malispite said that he could end the psychic’s reign of terror, but to the urging of his sister, he didn’t.

The student body was hiding in a cafeteria, as well as the teachers and staff. Principal Torkoal had successfully rounded up every single student.

“Okay! Whoever isn’t here speak up!” he shouted.

No one spoke up.

“Good! We’ve got everybody!”

“But wait!” said a loudred, “I can’t find Spinerak!”

“That’s a loss I’m willing to accept.” Torkoal said blatantly “Now then- we need options!” he shouted to the teachers.

“We need reinforcements! Get me the army! Get me the navy! Get me SWAT teams! Get me Funkin Donuts (I’m starving)! Hell, get me secret agents for all I care!”

“WE’RE secret agents!” Agent Blaze piped up.


“No we aren’t!” Agent Raptor assured everyone, “But… I believe we can help you out!”

“Good! What should we do first!?” Principal Torkoal asked. Agent Raptor began talking to Torkoal about possible options. Meanwhile, Cresselia was feeling a bit uneasy.

“What’s wrong?” Mercifond asked.

“It’s Darkrai…” Cresselia said “I think something’s wrong; he’s too silent. Even when I called him a loogie-headed girl he didn’t say anything.” Cresselia whispered, staring at the lifeless image of Darkrai which was besides Gliscor.

Gliscor sweat dropped. Was the cardboard cutout that good of a disguise?

“Wow. He IS silent…” Mercifond said worriedly.

Gliscor sweat dropped again.

“…You know what? Let’s do something.” Cresselia suddenly said “We’re going to stop Gallade’s rampage!”

“Why should we do anything?” Gliscor asked.

“Because A) Gallade is wrecking the school, B) We can’t rely on the secret agents since they’re useless and C) because I’m bored.” Cresselia replied.

“Alright, I have an idea.” Mercifond whispered “My signature move Angel’s Defence gives me healing powers- I can probably use them to heal Gardevoir.” she said.

“Good idea! Let’s go…” the three snuck out inconspicuously by crashing through a brick wall…

“Wait a minute…” Gliscor said once they had gotten clear of the school “Where’s Malispite!?”

“*HAAA!* *HAAA!* OH MOM!!” Darkrai had finally gotten out of the pit. He had bruises and scars everywhere on his body and was dead tired.

Master Dunsparce stared.

“OH YES I HAD A GREAT TIME IN THERE!” Darkrai said sarcastically. Louder he screamed angrily “I COULD HAVE KILLED MYSELF!!”

Master Dunsparce stared.

Darkrai looked down to where he was pointing- on his desk was a Sitrus Berry. Darkrai took it and ate it. Instantly, he felt his strength replenish. His wounds healed and his cuts mended. Good old Sitrus berries…

Master Dunsparce stared.

“WHAT!? There is no fricken WAY I’m going back down there!” Darkrai said madly.

“YOU!” a voice shouted.

“YOU!” Darkrai responded. He and Malispite ran towards each other and punched each other in the face.

“What are you doing here!?” demanded Darkrai.

“I want in on the training program too.” Malispite pointed “I don’t want to be so helpless when fighting…” Malispite remembered the Lucario incident.


“WHAT DID YOU SAY!?” roared the brown bat.

Angry lightning bolts came in between them as they began to stare down each other. A conflict would burst any minute now…

Master Dunsparce stared.

“WHAT?” Darkrai shouted at his sensei. “No way could we be friends!” He argued. It was by all means impossible that he could even have a smidge of respect for his mortal enemy.

“What the-? Did he talk!?” Malispite questioned. Darkrai glared at Malispite as if he was some sort of an idiot.

Master Dunsparce stared.

Silence passed between the three. This continued for about a minute before Darkrai got impatient and said “Well Malispite!? He ASKED why you’re here!!”

Malispite sweat dropped. Was he missing something…?

“Uh, I’m here because I want to be stronger.” Malispite addressed the dojo master.“I fought this guy named Lucario the other day and well… I was just worthless …Though not as bad as Darkrai.” he quickly added.

“Hey!” Darkrai glared. As the two exchanged a battle of words, the Dunsparce thought deeply. It had remembered once that an eager Riolu had once come in to learn the ways martial arts…

Master Dunsparce stared.

“I told you already!” Darkrai answered back, “I am NOT going back into the pit!”

“Why, what’s in the pit?” Malispite asked.

“You DON’T want to know…” Darkrai answered fearfully.



Master Dunsparce stared.

“What!?” Darkrai said fearfully “YOU THREW LOPUNNY INTO THE PIT!?” he grabbed Malispite by his sandy colored collar and threw him down the pit. Darkrai went in moments later yelling a war cry to save his beloved.


Malispite: “I can’t believe you actually fell for that!!”


“YAY! SECONDS!” a number of scary voices said happily.

Darkrai/Malispite: “OH SH*T!!”

“Okay this is freaking me out.” Cresselia said, “I threatened to sell Darkrai’s diary on the internet and he STILL didn’t respond!” she said to Mercifond. The white bat snuck a glance at Darkrai, still not moving.

“Maybe he has the Piloswine flu too…” Mercifond whispered back “Or maybe your mom used Imprison on him…”

“That must be it.” the lunar swan concluded “Darkrai must have mad mom mad, as per usual, and mom just Imprisoned him.”

Satisfied with their conclusion, the girls picked up their pace. It wasn’t far to Gardevoir’s house now, as soon as they were there they would cure her of the H2N2. Meanwhile, Gliscor was up ahead with the Darkrai cut out attached to his back. He couldn’t believe it! The thing actually worked! After this, maybe he’d be able to sell these things for ca$h…

But first, Gardevoir. If they didn’t cure her, then it was only a matter of time before Gallade found them and killed them all.

“There.” Cresselia said. She pointed to a relatively large house, Gardevoir’s. They quickly sped to it while giving a good look to make sure Gallade wasn’t behind him. He wasn’t there, so Cresselia pulled out key from under the welcome mat, and the three stepped inside the house as quietly as possible.


The second that Gallade had found them it turned into an absolute war. The teachers were firing whatever they could at the fighting psychic, but he was just too insane to feel the pain. He kept yelling that they had killed Gardevoir, so he was going to destory them.

It was total chaos. The student body huddled fearfully in a corner, the tables were stacked up to provide some form of barrier, and Principal Torkoal was in the front lines with an army hat on barking orders. It was worse than the Great War.

“You there! Fire more Shadow Balls! Magnezone, another Charge Beam!” he shouted. He had to retreat into his shell to protect himself from a sudden psychic from Gallade. Spinning on his shell, he traversed to the secret agents and popped out.

“What have you been able to do so far?”

“We made a pitfall trap!” Agent Raptor said proudly. She pointed to it, right beside them. Torkoal stared at it.

“Well that’s all fine and dandy, BUT WHAT’S IT DOING OVER HERE!?” Torkoal screamed angrily.

“…okay, so there’s a slight flaw in it.” Raptor sweat dropped. A snorlax came over and fell right into the only trap they made. Principal Torkoal smacked himself.

“Damnit! This is just like the war with Kurades!” he cursed.

“I agree, this is just like…” Agent Raptor paused “…wait… Kurades? What’s a-?”

But Torkoal didn’t hear her. He walked over back to the front lines to observe the battlefield. Things were looking grim. The carcass of Mrs. Ursaring suddenly flew past him, and Mr. Alakazam slid into a table, moaning. Desperate times called for desperate measures.

“THAT DOES IT!” Torkoal raised his voice. “LAUNCH THE NUCLEAR WARHEAD!”

A Jello cup was thrown at Gallade. It bounced of him and fell to the floor.

“…WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?” Torkoal asked angrily.

“Sorry sir! We ran out of nuclear warheads, so we had to use Jello instead!” a voice answered.

Suddenly, the Jello cup exploded in Gallade’s face, dealing critical hit level damage to the fighting psychic, making him stagger.

“HOORAY!” The student body cheered. Gallade ran away to some other place, shouting something about Gardevoir and fair maidens.

“We did it!” Principal Torkoal smiled “And with minimal losses!”

“SPINERAK WAS KIIIIILLLLLEEEEDDDDD!!!” a loudred complained, holding up the dead carcass of his spider friend.

“MINIMAL losses.” Torkoal restated.

Suddenly, the Spinerak carcass came to life. “I told you, you moron! I was tired so I had to SLEEP! I was sleeping!” he said angrily to the normal type.

“GHOST!” The entire student body screamed. Torkoal put his war hat back on and engaged the ferocious ghost in combat.

Gliscor double bolted the door. Then he put a chair on it. And another, and another, and then the table. After the table came the sofa, after the sofa came the TV. Satisfied that Gallade could not get in, Gliscor went upstairs where the girls were. Cresselia kept glancing at the Darkrai cutout nervously, while Mercifond used Angels Defence, her blue tattoo prominent all over her body.

“Is it working?” Gliscor asked, closing the door just in case.

“I… think so…” Mercifond narrowed her eyes at the blue energy flowing from her to Gardevoir. “It’s hard to tell because she’s sleeping.” Cresselia turned to the purple bat and asked if he had made sure Gallade couldn’t reach them.

“Oh yeah!” Gliscor smile. “I barricaded the front door so much, there no way Gallade could get in!”

“What about the back door?” Cresselia asked.

“…Oh crap.”


A loud explosion was heard from below! Gliscor, Mercifond and Cresselia zoomed down the stairs to find an angry Gallade. Driven to madness by the author’s horrible writing, he screeched




And just when all hope seemed lost, there was another boom as the front door blew outwards. Two figures stepped into the inside of Gardevoirs house. Gallade tensed at the new threat, a black and red grim reaper and a tall brown colored bat.

“Darkrai! Big brother!” Mercifond said happily. Malispite and Darkrai looked at Gallade angrily, starting the standstill.

“We have come back from the training program.” Darkrai announced, “And now I’m more powerful than ever! Malispite got worse.”






“STOP BICKERING AND DEFEAT GALLADE!!” Everyone screamed. Malispite spoke this time:

“Anyway, we are now more powerful than ever! But the training program was so intense that we only had enough strength to knock over the front door!” Malispite and Darkrai collapsed on the floor from exhaustion.

“… You’re useless, little brother.” the lunar swan sighed.


Alas, all their efforts were in vain. Gallade extended the swords on his elbows, ready to strike Cresselia, Mercifond and Gliscor huddled in a corner, and Malispite and Darkrai closed their eyes as Gallade approached them.

“Cresselia, that time we fought over the Igglybuff doll… I’m sorry.” Mercifond said. Cresselia nodded her head in a ‘me too’.

“Well, it looks like the end.” Darkrai said “Any last words, Malispite?” he asked the brown bat lying beside him.

“Just two…” Malispite said. And together, they screamed


Gallade approached them, just one step away. Everyone closed their eyes as Gallade raised his word. With one slice of his powerful elbow blades, their necks were sliced off. Gallade soon did the same with Darkrai and Malispite, then tied their severed heads together with some string as an offer to attempt to resurrect Gardevoir.




















…is what Darkrai THOUGHT would happen!

But at the last second, Gardevoir appeared from her room, completely healed by Mercifond’s move! The sight of the elegant psychic was just enough to snap Gallade out of it.

“…what are you guys doing?” was the first thing that came from her mouth. Gallade gaped.

“GARDEVOIR! YOU ARE UNHARMED!!” he hugged the dancing psychic tightly. Gardevoir laughed nervously, what the heck happened while she was gone?

Gallade turned back to Mercifond, Cresselia and Gliscor. He then gazed at Darkrai and Malispite lying uselessly on the floor.

“…I guess I kind overreacted, huh?”


And so, everyone was at peace now that Gardevoir was back. Gallade was no longer on a berserk rampage, and no one was in danger any more.

Yet one question remained…

“Why are there two Darkrai’s?” Malispite asked, pointing the one right beside him and the one being held up by Gliscor.

Darkrai: “…uh…”


Darkrai: “FRIC!! NO, DON’T DO THAT!!”

And another chase began.


That night, as everyone slept, as shadow leapt through the night. She finally jumped on an old abandoned building and crawled inside through a window. Once there, she felt for a light and tuned it on. And then Weavile began to wait.

She didn’t have to wait long, two more figures appeared from the shadows almost instantaneously. One was a white mongoose with red stripes around his body. A large wooden barrel was around his back. This was Zangoose. The second was a frog, dark blue with black lined all over his form. A grin was on his face as he brought his hands up, the middle fingers longer and dripped in a dangerous red. Toxicroak.

Thief Weavile smiled.

“So good of you boys to see me.” she spoke up.

“Mn…” Zangoose scratched the back of his head. Dealing with the greatest of all thieves was such a pain…

“Greetings Thief Weavile, your presence I see. Yet what motive could you have for summoning we?” Toxicroak asked. He looked around, they had been summoned here by Thief Weavile and when Weavile sent you a note, you had to obey it or it meant your life. Or your toes.

“I have mission, and I need some subordinates.” she smiled.

“What mission could you have, in Destiny city? Should we get caught, the god would soon pity…” Toxicroak warned. This was, after all, where Arceus held her domain.

“Does the greatest treasure of all time perk your interests?” Thief Weavile asked.

Their interests were perked.

“…What kind…?” Zangoose made an effort to talk.

“Indeed, what could be such a reward? Best give me the details, lest I get bored.” said Toxicroak. Zangoose stared at him, getting annoyed at his speech patern.

“…I’m tempted to make you rhyme with the word ‘orange’…” he said. Toxicroak laughed.

“A sentence with orange is that what you ask? If you control the sentence, it is but a small task.” the frog smiled dangerously.

“Now now boys, no need to start something…” Weavile said “As for the details… perhaps my client would be better at explaining than me…”

“…what client…?” Zangoose asked. Weavile pointed upwards. The two suddenly noticed what was lighting up the room. It was a small ball of light, slightly smaller than a standard soccer ball, giving off its radiance. It floated downwards in the center of Weavile, Zangoose and Toxicroak.

“Toxicroak and Zangoose? Good choice.” the ball of light spoke. The two Pokémon were wide eyed. Weavile smirked. The light continued: “Now then… about the treasure…”

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