Legendary PKMN

Chapter nine

Chapter Nine: The Mystery Box of Magical Wonder

All the pokémon exited from Tajiri High school. School was finally over, and it was the weekend too, so everyone was eager to go to their homes. Especially Darkrai, because he had just had to take a grueling math test…

"Man, that thing was hard…" Darkrai rubbed his head, "I think I just got a B at best…"

"I'm with you…" Gliscor responded, "I didn't even know the formula for half the questions!"

"It was a moderately good warm up." Mewtwo shrugged.

Darkrai and Gliscor stared.

"…Although I was quite confused as to where the actual test was." Mewtwo held up his chin, thinking "She didn't hand out a second set, did she?"

"…" Darkrai and Gliscor said. Sometimes it was hard relating to a super genius. He thought for a bit, shrugged from boredom and then he smiled and held up a test tube and some syringes.


Scratch that. Make that an evil psychotic super genius who would probably kill them if Arceus wasn't around with her ever present eyes.

Cresselia floated up to the group "So how was the test?" she asked Darkrai.

"I think I only got a B…" Darkrai replied.

"It must hurt to think that much, doesn't it?"

"HEY!!" Darkrai raged. Cresselia gave him a mocking smile.

"Of course, I would have passed with flying colors." the lunar princess mocked. "How will you ever impress Lopunny with your lack of brains?

"If mom wasn't watching us, I'd kill you." Darkrai jabbed his finger angrily.

"Empty words. I'm stronger than you too!" she blared. The two siblings met at a point of intense energy. Angrily staring at one another with sarcastic smirks, Gliscor and Mewtwo watched with interest to see which one would back down first.

But then God divinely intervened and Judgemented them both into a newly formed crater from the impact.


"I guess I'LL be the one, since Darkrai would probably fail at whatever it is." Cresselia sighed.


One Teleport by God later, and Cresselia was gone. Mewtwo bid the last two farewell, and Teleported himself to his evil lair. Gliscor waved his goodbyes, but before he could go his own direction, Darkrai tugged him back.

"Hold up, I need your help." Darkrai suddenly smiled, "I've figured out Cresselia's weakness." he explained. Last night, Darkrai woke up prematurely, and decided to enter Cresselia's room to give her a nightmare with his ability. The nightmare worked, and Darkrai noticed that Cresselia mumbled:

"No… please Latios! I can't live without you! I lo….ve…"

Darkrai had deduced that Cresselia was in love with Latios, and his conclusion fit his witness to her earlier reactions around the jet legendary. And so, Darkrai thought up of a prank for Cresselia.

"I've already set it up! First, we need to trick Cresselia into thinking that Latios wants to meet with her, and then…" Darkrai began to laugh at the thought.

"What?" Gliscor asked.

"Hehehe… you'll see." Darkrai said. "But what I really need is for you to tell her that! She won't believe it if it's me."

"Okay! And then maybe… we could videotape it! AND THEN SELL IT ON EBAY!" Gliscor got excited.

"Bonus!" Darkrai acknowledged "Heheh… her love for Latios shall be her downfall!"

"I can't believe you figured out that Cresselia's in love with Latios, and you haven't realized that Deoxys likes Mewtwo…"

"DEOXYS IS IN LOVE WITH MEWTWO!?" a shocked Darkrai blared. After a moment of gathering himself to this unexpected proclamation, Darkrai added. "Weird… I thought she was in love with ME."


"Because I AM good looking…"


"Oh well. I thought I would have to eventually break her heart because I'm in love with Lopunny. Makes things easier on me."


"Anyway… to the Hall!"

"But how will we get there?" Gliscor asked.

Darkrai paused.

He had no idea how he was going to get to 10,000 feet above Tajiri high school, because his mom had forgotten to open up the portal.



"I've finally figured out why Gardevoir won't accept my proposals!" Gallade pointed in the air. They were in a Burger King restaurant, the one Malispite worked at. The brown bat was on break right now, and he, his sister and Gallade sat in a table.

"…Because you're not old enough to marry?" Mercifond pointed out.

"No!" Gallade smiled. He had it all figured out. "I went to my dad the other day, and he gave me the answer…"


Gallade walked up to his father, another gallade, and began to converse with him.

"Father, no matter what I do it seems that Gardevoir won't fall in love with me!" Gallade began. "I'm beginning to suspect that the vile fiend Darkrai has cast a black spell onto her…"

"Hm…" Gallade's father thought "Did you give her roses?"


"And you offered the ring?"

"Of course!" Gallade held up the engagement ring.

"Well then I don't understand how it could fail." His father shrugged "Unless… AHA!"

"What!? What is it!?" Gallade asked, eager to know.

"It's because you don't have a car! ALL women flip for cars, and because you don't have one, she won't fall in love with you!" Gallade's father explained.

"AH!" Gallade said, it making perfect sense "Then I will immediately quest for a car!"


"…" Mercifond said, "…Gallade, I don't think…"

"Makes sense to me." Malispite shrugged. Mercifond fell down anime style.

"And so, I'm going to find a car, and then Gardevoir will surely marry me!" Gallade said confidently.

"Good luck then." Malispite gave the thumbs up sign. Beaming with pride, Gallade gallantly marched out the door to find a car. Mercifond stared at her brother.

"…you seriously think he's going to succeed?" she asked.

"Definitely. Girls dig cars."

Mercifond fell down anime style.


Cresselia instantly Teleported to the Hall of origin by her mom's powers. She was immediately confronted by her mom, and the god like legendary began to explain by levitating a brown box into the room.

"Behold- the Mystery Box of Magical Wonder!" Arceus said. The brown box was covered in intricate black designs all around it. A single red jewel rested on the top of it.

"Ooh…" Cresselia awed. Arceus explained that the Mystery Box of Magical Wonder contained the secret to the mystery of life. In order to protect it, Arceus decided to seal it within the exact moment of the planets aligning with her temporal powers, that way no one would find the secret of life.

"And the planets align tonight!" Arceus said, "Unfortunately, I have to be somewhere, so I need you to guard it until I get back!"

"Can I see what's inside?" Cresselia asked.

"No! Mortals can never know the secret of life!” warned God.

"Why not?"

"Because you'd probably do something stupid with it like sell it on Ebay." Arceus rolled her eyes. Cresselia sweatdropped. Her mom was right- that was exactly what she was planning to do with it.

"Well I'm off! Remember, don't let ANYONE look inside it! Especially pirates!" Arceus warned, "Pirates are ALWAYS trying to steal this thing!"

"Where are you going anyway?" the lunar swan had to know.

"I'm going to the Distortion World to… discuss business… with Giratina!" Arceus shifted her eyes.

And as you've all probably figured out by now, when Arceus means 'discuss business', she really means that she's going to inconspicuously flirt with him. On the other hand, she's God, it's not like anyone could argue with her...

After much searching and avoiding Mewtwo's syringes and exploding jello cups, Darkrai and Gliscor managed to find a teleporter and teleported to the Hall of Origin. Whence there, they began to plan.

"You know your lines?" Darkrai asked Gliscor for one final check, seeing his sister through a keyhole levitating a weird looking box.

"Yep." Gliscor saluted. Without waiting for Darkrai's orders, he went through the door and glided up to Cresselia.

"Hey Cresselia, what's up?" Gliscor asked.

"I have to guard this box." Cresselia said, "Mom (god) said it contained the secret of life."

"SWEET!" Gliscor got excited. "Let's look in it and sell the secret on Ebay!" a muffled cough from the prince of darkness brought Gliscor's attention back to the mission at hand. He cleared his throat:

"…Actually, that's not why I'm here." Gliscor started up again. "There was this guy passing me by in the Hall… he looked kind of like a bird, only blue and levitating in the air."

"Latios!?" Cresselia gasped.

"Yeah him! He said he wanted to meet you in the meeting room. Said it was important, something about soul mates…"

Cresselia zoomed out of that room faster than the Latios could have ever done. Once the coast was clear, Gliscor went back to Darkrai and the two ran into Darkrai's room from there. They closed the door, and Darkrai pulled out a small TV screen.

"Watch…" Darkrai smiled evilly. He had this TV screen hooked up to the camera in the meeting room, and together they watched it. Cresselia zoomed into the meeting room and looked around, trying to find Latios.

"Hehehe… any second now…" Darkrai told Gliscor. Cresselia continued to look around, but she couldn't find anything. Sulking, Cresselia floated back to her guarding post.

"…WHAT THE HELL?" Darkrai screamed out, "Why didn't she set off the water cannon!?" he asked himself.

"She was supposed to get sprayed with water?"

"Yes! But I don't understand it- I put the wires everywhere! She HAD to have tripped at least one!" Darkrai thought. At this realization, both of them went to the meeting room and the dark type scanned the area.

"…Wait a minute…" Gliscor noticed something "I don't see any wires…"

Darkrai was flabbergasted, he went to the giant water cannon and checked it- no wires were attached to its trigger. It made no sense- where did all the string go?

And then he saw Mew outside happily flying a kite.

It had a really, really long string.


But before Darkrai could kill Mew with a Shadow Ball he charged up, the two teens suddenly heard Cresselia's scream. Wondering what could be the cause of it, they ran over to the room where Cresselia was and asked what had happened.

"The box is gone!" Cresselia wailed, arms over her head in vain "Mom (God) is going to kill me!"

"Sucks to be you." shrugged Darkrai. Ignoring Cresselia's glare, he de-extended his legs to do more important things, like killing Mew.

"Wait. Look, a note!" Gliscor said, "It says: 'We, the Stormy Sea Pirates have taken ye booty! YARHARHAR!' "

"It's in code." Cresselia noted.

"THE FUDGE!?" questioned the ground type.

"In Spanish it would translate to 'Lo siento, no puede porque mi duele el pelo.'." Darkrai pointed out.

"And then in Japanese that would make it いたみわけ." Cresselia added.

"Which in English translates to… go see Mewtwo!" Darkrai said. At this point, Gliscor was completely lost as to how that made any sense whatsoever.

"To Mewtwo!" Cresselia shouted.


Gallade had finally found a car dealing store. He gazed upon the hundreds of cars that they offered. Big ones, small ones, smart ones, dumb ones. They even had one that turned into gravy when you pressed a button!

The fighting psychic smiled. Surely in here, there would be a car that would make Gardevoir go wild! Gallade walked around until he found the big red booth that undoubtedly had one of those annoying car salesmen in it that talked really fast in a southern accent, making it hard to understand him so that he would make you sign a deal without you ever knowing it.

Unfortunately (?), there was no car salesman in the booth. Instead, there was a note that said 'Be back at five.'

Obviously it was a coded message.

After some minor math calculations, some translations from Latin and German to English, Gallade figured out that the note really meant 'Go see Mewtwo'.

"How odd, why would they direct me to Mewtwo for a car?" questioned the green pokémon. Yet, that is what the note said, so Gallade turned around and walked in the direction of Mewtwo's evil lair.


"Ah yes. The Stormy Sea Pirates." Mewtwo said, examining the note. He walked over to his mother computer and pulled up a file. Darkrai, Gliscor and Cresselia looked at it.

"They're a group of rouges that plunder the seas. They're quite good at it too." the psychotic psychic explained, showing their insignia, a white flag with a red shark on it. "Apparently, they travel around looking for villages to loot, and they've never been caught once. They're very mysterious, all that's known about them is that they are pirates, and that their captain's name is 'Captain Sharkbeard'."

"Captain Sharkbeard!?" Cresselia questioned, "What, does he have a shark for a beard!?"

"No one knows." Mewtwo said mysteriously.

"Why the hell am I here!?" Darkrai asked.

"Because it's all your fault the Mystery Box of Magical Wonder was stolen." Gliscor said as a matter of fact.

"Not my problem." Darkrai shrugged.

"It will be when I tell mom." Glared the lunar swan. And let's face it people- Darkrai just plain didn't want to die a virgin. He begrudgingly admitted to helping them.

"Wait a minute… how did they even steal the box anyway!? They're pirates!" Darkrai pointed out.

"So?" asked his sister.

"So… DESTINY CITY IS SURROUNDED BY LAND ON ALL SIDES!" the prince of darkness pointed out.

"It's because they have a landship." explained Mewtwo.

"A landship!?" Gliscor wondered, "A ship… that goes on land?"

"No Gliscor," Mewtwo rolled his eyes, "It's a ship that goes on GRAVY."

"Oh ha-ha Sarcasm." Gliscor said slightly angrily.

"Who's being sarcastic?" Mewtwo asked, "It really does go on gravy."

Everyone in the room fell down anime style.

"Whatever- let's get that box back!" Darkrai pointed in the air.

"OH I DON'T THINK SO…" Mewtwo said creepily, "I'm going to experiment on your bodies now and turn you into newts!" he cackled insanely as he closed in on them.

"Uh… LOOK! IT'S A MUTAGEN BARREL!" tried Cresselia.

"MUTAGEN BARREL? WHERE?!" the psychotic psychic ran after the imaginary radiation barrel. Darkrai zoomed over to the computer, and using Shmalculus done by the mother computer, they tracked down the location of the Stormy Seas pirates. Once that was done, they got out of there before Mewtwo came back.

"Darn! They tricked me…" Mewtwo cursed, disappointed that there was no mutagen barrel. He sighed and looked around for something to kill.

"Hi, Mewtwo." said a feminine voice. Mewtwo faced Deoxys, just about the only person he wouldn't kill for the heck of it. He smiled and greeted her. Deoxys asked if anything new had happened, and the male psychic explained Cresselia's situation as they sat on a box like machine.

"It really is funny." Mewtwo said, "The whole Cresselia X Latios thing… love makes no sense."

"It… doesn't?" Deoxys asked.

"No. It's a pointless emotion, and it only leaves you exposed when facing an opponent, which is why I don't have any. Right, Deoxys?"

"…Uh, yeah, love is… stupid…" she said nervously. She twiddled with her fingers, Mewtwo noticed. He was about to ask what was the matter when Gallade appeared.

"I'm here to buy a car!" Gallade announced. Mewtwo directed him to a shiny red corvette. He said Gallade could have it for free. Ecstatic, Gallade swiped the keys and ran into the car. He sat on the seat, put the key into the ignition, turned it sideways and-


…the car blew up.

"Why…?" Gallade asked Mewtwo, black with char all over his normally green body, gasping for air.

"Cause blowing things up is fun." shrugged Mewtwo. Mewtwo offered Gallade the other cars that he had, but Gallade ran out of the lab as fast as he could.


Arceus: "…"

Giratina: "…"

Arceus: "…"

Giratina: "…"

Giratina: "…So uh… what brings you to the Distortion World?"

Arceus: "Oh, you know… business."

Giratina: "…like what?"

Arceus: "…"

Giratina: "…"

Arceus: "…"

Giratina: "…"

Arceus: "…BYE GIRATINA!!!!!!"

And with that, the god-like Pokémon left the Distortion World, leaving a very confused guardian of death behind.

"Okay." Darkrai said, pointing to a pirate ship that was oozing on gravy in the streets of Destiny City that for some stupid reason no one else noticed. "Here's the plan…"

"Wait. Leave the plan to me, all of your plans always fail." Cresselia interjected.


"Our tactic is simple." explained the Lunar Swan, pacing a bit "We go in, we find the box, and get out as fast as we can." she ordered.

"Alright, let's do this." Gliscor rubbed his giant claws together. Darkrai flexed his hands and grinned at the anticipation of the fight. Cresselia gave a steely glare at the slowly moving landship, charged at it and then-


…they got captured, tied up with a rope which sealed all movement and Moves that was tied up to the main mast.

"…Darkrai, your plan sucks." Cresselia commented.


"BWAHAHAHAH!" a voice chuckled from nowhere. Darkrai Gliscor and Cresselia turned to see a sharpedo- with sunglasses on.

"He's evil." Darkrai stated, "You can tell by the sunglasses." He motioned to the others, who nodded in agreement. Now that they looked around, the ENTIRE CREW was wearing sunglasses. Truly then, this must have been a very evil pirate group.

"Ye Landlubbers don't stand a smight of a chance against we men of the sea!" the sharpedo laughed cruelly at their helplessness.

"Actually, you're not men of the sea." Gliscor pointed out, "This ship is on land. You're 'landlubbers' just like us."

The entire crew paused.

"…MAKE THEM WALK THE PLANK!!" the sharpedo blared.

"What will that do? We'll just hit dry land…" Gliscor said logically.

"Y-YARG! I'LL SKEWER YE!!" the shark responded angrily.

"Hah!" Darkrai scoffed, "You can't even touch me Captain Sharkbeard!" his smirk faded when Gliscor reminded him that Darkrai was still tied up by sealing rope. Surprisingly though, in the next second, the sharpedo began to laugh.

"You think I'M the captain!?" the blue shark cackled, "I ain't the captain!"

Suddenly, there a loud 'THUMP' from inside of the ship, a noise of a very massive object walking up the stairs. Sharpedo laughed and told them that their captain was about to come up, and then HE would skewer them. The three teens sweated with nervousy as the loud sound grew closer and closer. Finally, the door burst open…

And The Box of Magical Wonder was thrown out.

"Geeze! It be a pain carrying this thing up the stairs cause it weighs so fricken much!" a small voice said. Slowly, emerging from the shadows




WITH A PIRATE HAT AND AN EYEPATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"YARG! I be Captain Sharkbeard!" the Igglybuff held up a toy wooden sword "And ye landlubbers will be skewered alive with me wrath!" said the tiny voice of the cute pokémon.


Everything paused. For a while, Captain Sharkbeard waited for them to tremble in
fear, or scream or something along the lines of that. Instead, they began laughing hysterically.

"WHAT YE BE LAUGHING AT!?" Igglybuff screamed.

"IT'S AN IGGLYBUFF! HAHAHAHAH!!" Cresselia Darkrai and Gliscor said, now in tears.


And wouldn't you know it? That tiny Igglybuff actually smacked Darkrai so hard that they all came loose from the rope. As Darkrai lay in pain on one side of the ship, Cresselia and Gliscor saw this as an opportunity to escape.

"AFTER EM!" Captain Sharkbeard hollered to his crew. The pirate crew took immediate action by chasing after them. However, Cresselia was faster than the pirate crew, so she zoomed around the ship with none of them able to capture her. Furious, Captain Sharkbeard ordered the immediate deploy of a cannon to be fired.


The cannon was shot, but it missed everyone and blew open a giant hole in the ship. Gravy started spewing out from the hole.

"YARG!? WHAT THE HELCK!? Captain Sharkbeard said in confusion. He looked over to the Mystery Box of Magical Wonder, and Gliscor was trying to steal it!

"THAT BE MINE!" the Igglybuff jumped up and prepared a sword strike. Thinking quickly, Gliscor grabbed a wooden sword next to him and blocked the strike as it came down. Igglybuff slashed leftwards but Gliscor jumped up and countered it with a downward strike.

Meanwhile, Cresselia had finally been cornered. With nowhere left to run, she was at the mercy of the twenty or so armed pirates that surrounded her. She began to sweat.

And suddenly Gallade landed on top of the pirates and knocked them all out with the force of his impact. Regaining himself, Gallade went to his feet and cursed at the sky

"THAT'S NOT A CAR!!" Screamed Gallade. He looked around him and just realized he was in a pirate war.

"Uh…what’s…?" he asked.

"We have to get the box back!" Cresselia motioned to the Mystery Box of Magical Wonder.

"Sorry Cresselia, but I have to find a car. Later." Cresselia eyed the pirate crew, and a few were regaining consciousness. Desperate for help, the lunar swan yelled

"Gallade! The pirates threatened to throw jello at Gardevoir!”

Gallade's ears perked up.

"SAY WHAT!?" he yelled in rage. He immediately did a 180 and turned to fight the pirate crew. Using Psycho Cuts and Leaf Blades and Fire Punches, Gallade faced the pirate crew in his rage to get them before they threw jello at his fair maiden. Cresselia smiled, but immediately frowned when she saw Gliscor dueling the captain with a wooden sword on top of the mast line.

High up from the main ship deck, Gliscor swiped, slashed and traded blows with the fearsome Captain Sharkbeard. But the Igglybuff was simply too strong- he hit Gliscor more than Gliscor hit the captain. As the battle reached its climax, Igglybuff suddenly pulled a secret move and Gliscor's sword fell out of his hand!

"No!" Gliscor said in fear. Another sword strike later and Gliscor was down on his knees. Captain Sharkbeard confidently pointed his sword at the helpless purple bat.

"And now, ye die!" Igglybuff shoved Gliscor off the mast and as everyone watched in horror the purple bat plummeted downwards to certain dearth-

-when Gliscor spread his wings and glided safely down.

"…" said captain Sharkbeard "THAT WAS LAME!!!"

"You're telling me." Cresselia rolled her eyes "We have to fight a pink puffball!"

"Grr…" Igglybuff pressed a random button and suddenly a cage surrounded Cresselia Gliscor and Gallade. Once again, their Moves were sealed, so there was no way out.

"YARHARHARHAR! I WIN!" Igglybuff smiled in victory. He jumped off the mast and bounced his way to the main deck. Smiling in victory, he wasted no time in poking them painfully with his wooden sword.

"Why do you want the box anyway?" Cresselia shouted in between pokes.

"Because…" Igglybuff announced his plan, "I am going to look inside it- and sell the secret on Ebay!!!"
Blank stares from his captives.

"And now ye all will walk the plank!!!" Captain Sharkbeard said ferociously.

"What will that do? I can glide." Gliscor pointed out.

"And I can hover." Cresselia added.

"And I can fly." Gallade said. Everyone turned to Gallade.

"You can't fly." said the lunar swan.

"I could if Gardevoir wanted me too!" Gallade retorted with confidence. As the other two teens were about to argue about Gallade's logic, Igglybuff silence them all and announced a new plan. Instead of making them walk the plank, he was going to drop them all in the Hole of Super DETH.

"OH NO! NOT THE HOLE OF SUPER DETH!!" they all screamed in fear. On the outskirts of Destiny City lay a giant hole in the ground. This hole was supposedly bottomless- you couldn't see the end to it, and whoever fell in it never came back alive.

Igglybuff's Landship was already on the outskirts of Destiny City. The hole was just over five feet away. Picking up their cage, the evil pirate laughed as he walked them closer and closer to the Hole of Super DETH. Giving one last cackle, he raised the cage directly on top of the hole, the other winced in the upcoming pain-

And then Igglybuff was shot with a Shadow Ball attack. The cage missed and dropped itself on the pirate ship, and not in the Hole of Super DETH.

"I'm saving the day!" Darkrai yelled out. Everyone had forgotten about him! Darkrai smiled inwardly; by saving them all, his manly points had increased by 50! Only 250 more before he could date Lopunny!

"YARG!" Igglybuff prepared a Rollout attack. As he gained momentum, the floorboards ripped apart and static electricity built up in the air. If that thing hit the prince of darkness, it was all over.

"Be careful Darkrai!" Gallade screamed.

"YE'LL NEVER SURVIVE ME ULTIMATE ATTACK!" Igglybuff charged at Darkrai as fast as he could, his velocity and spin greater than anything the teenage pokémon had ever seen. The pirate captain surged towards the prince of darkness at a great speed.

He phased through Darkrai.

Still having an enormous velocity, he was launched off the ship into depths unknown.

"…D-Double Team?" Cresselia asked, surprised.

"Comes in handy in more ways than one." the real Darkrai smirked, coming out from behind a box. He set them all free. Cresselia hovered over and finally secured the Box of Magical Wonder.

"Mission accomplished!" Cresselia beamed at them all, "Even though Darkrai was useless."


"Let's returned this thing back to Arceus." Gliscor said. This box was more trouble than it was worth.

"On the other hand, we could sell it on Ebay…" Gallade interjected. Everyone paused, considering it…

"THERE YOU ARE!" a voice boomed up above. Arceus’ hologram appeared out of nowhere. "Do you have the box!?" she questioned. Cresselia valiantly held up the box, and Arceus used her powers to teleport it away.

"Thank you Cresselia!" Arceus congratulated her, "You successfully guarded the box!"

"Barely." Darkrai scoffed, "It was stolen by pirates and we just barely managed to get it back…"

"WHAT?" God screamed in rage. As punishment for nearly causing he box to be sold on eBay, she pushed them all into the Hold of Super DETH with a psychokinetic force.

"DARKRAI YOU MOROOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNN-!" everyone screamed in rage as they fell to a bottomless pit…

Only to end up landing on the ground a few seconds later.

"…" everyone slowly got back up, after the shocking realization that the hole wasn't bottomless.

"What?" Gliscor said, "The hole ends…?"

"Then why is it called the Hole of Super DETH?" Gallade asked aloud. Suddenly, they heard a noise behind them. A lock clicked open, and a wall opened up, revealed to be a door. Mewtwo stepped into the Hole of Super DETH.




"I AIN'T A PUFFBALL! YARG!" Igglybuff screamed at the narrator. He was lying on the ground, completely unable to move. The Rollout attack he had planned was so powerful that when he landed it made a crater.

"Grr… If only I had hit him!" The Igglybuff said, no longer in a pirate accent, “I could have won! I could have gotten the box…"

As Igglybuff cursed them all, a strange sensation came over him. He suddenly fell unconscious, but he was inside his own mind. A strange cold came over his body, but it was a different kind of cold…. It almost felt good.

"Heheheheh…" a dark voice chuckled. Igglybuff looked around and found a dark and green sphere floating in midair in his mind.

"Who-who are you!?" Igglybuff asked.

"…you want revenge, don't you?" the dark deep voice asked quizzically. Igglybuff, although confused, nodded his head in a yes. The sphere chuckled again.

"I believe I can help you with that." It spoke, "Join me…"

"…Who are you anyway…?" said the tiny voice of the Igglybuff. For some reason, he felt very tempted to join the sphere.

"Who am I?" the dark sphere asked rhetorically.

"I am Kurades."

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