Falling for Ruka

Chapter 10: Akatsuki

"Are you sure this is such a good idea?" I asked my impulsive best friends an hour later when the Pureblood had left us, knowing what their answers were going to be but desperate to change their minds even so. Something about Kaname and the way he had presented this mission made me question his true motives.

"Akatsuki, if you don't want to do this then don't," Ruka bluffed. However I could see the fear in her eyes that I would take her advice. She needn't have feared though. If she truly believed I would let her go on such a dangerous mission with only Hanabusa and his talent for making ice sculptures to protect them she didn't know me as well as she thought.

"What we really need to do is make a plan," Hanabusa said.

"Kaname didn't really leave us with any specific directions…" Ruka said, trailing off.

"Well, we know where the society is. Kaname said the records are being held there. He also told us we need to somehow change them. But as far as I know, no vampires are allowed inside the society building," I told them. I often found that stating the facts could be of help in making decisions.

"If we can't get in, then we need to somehow convince someone in the society to change the records for us," Hanabusa said, his brows furrowed in concentration as he tried to think of a solution.

"I don't think any vampire hunter is going to listen to a couple vampires," Ruka said skeptically.

"Then at this point we should assume our options are either violence, compelling, or having someone on the inside," I told them again, listing our options.

"I don't think violence is very plausible. Not only do we need the records changed, but we need to make sure that no one finds out they were changed, or else the whole thing is a waste. Violence breeds fear, and fear is often not strong enough to keep secrets from surfacing. Not to mention, only a fool would attack a vampire hunter head-on," Ruka said, ruling out that option.

"There's no way that we could find someone on the inside either…at least not in this short amount of time. I'm willing to bet that there is no one in the society who would willingly help a vampire," Hanabusa said.

"What about bribery? The hunters are still human, and I bet there are some things that they could gain from us," I suggested, listing yet another option.

"But would we even be willing to give them what they wanted? It would probably either be inside information or something of the like. I don't think that's something we're willing to give, considering this entire mission is to gain Lord Kaname's trust," Hanabusa said.

"So then our only option seems to be to compel someone from the society…" Ruka mused. "Specifically, the someone in charge of the records and of relaying what they say to the other members."

"Right. So who—" I started, but Hanabusa cut in.

"That's Hyuuga Shiroma," he told us. "What?!" he yelled, exasperated as we stared at him.

"You realize it's typically considered abnormal to know things about random people off the top of your head…" Ruka said, only half teasing.

"Shut up! Besides being a hunter, his family has massive stocks in one of the businesses the Aidou family owns. We don't allow access to that much of our companies' stocks without doing an…investigation on the potential stockholders. Shiroma was revealed to be one of the record-keepers during the investigation. Unfortunately, we also know that the society president has access to these records, so we can only hope that he hasn't been notified of the Kiryu boy's situation yet. That's why we need to go tonight," Hanabusa retorted.

"Tonight?! Are you out of your mind?!" Ruka exclaimed.

"She's right Hanabusa…there's no way this can come together tonight," I agreed.

"It has to. If we don't act now, then there will be a much higher risk of someone else having seen the records before we change them," he countered. "Kaname made it seem as though the society doesn't yet know about the death of the Kiryus. How long do you think we have until they do? Not long. Also, the night is our ally. While we have the advantage we need to act."

"So let me get this straight…we just waltz up to the society, somehow find this Shiroma, somehow compel him, though none of us have mastered that particular skill, and then hope that he is able to convince the society of the legitimacy of falsified records?" I asked, hoping my cousin would see the flaws in his plan.

"No. We hideout near the society, catch Shiroma on his way out, I will compel him and erase his memory, and then we hope for the best," Hanabusa told us, confidence ringing in his voice.

"Assuming that your overconfidence isn't your undoing and you can actually alter his mind effectively, won't he still sense our presence before we can properly tamper with his mind?" Ruka asked, still skeptical of the plan.

"No. Trust me. I have a plan," Hanabusa urged us, smiling wickedly as his blue eyes glinted. I sighed. When he got like this, there was no reasoning with him. Ruka knew it too.

"It's settled then. We move now," she said, and I could have sworn a tiny glint shone in her chocolate eyes as well.

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