Falling for Ruka

Chapter 18: Kaname

"Was your recruitment successful?" the blonde-haired vampire asked innocently. Though he knew of Akatsuki Kain's situation, he didn't know any of the details of what was about to unfold.

"Yes Takuma, very," I replied easily. It had been.

Akatsuki Kain was a simple person. He was even-tempered and laid-back, and in certain ways he was laughably easy to read. Knowing what I did about him, it was easy to piece together the way he felt, especially when concerning Ruka.

However, he was also quite dense. He wasn't aware of his own emotions as of yet.

I sighed. Patience was what I needed right now. A chain reaction had no doubt started; I only had to wait for it.

After all, love was the strongest tie in this world.

I needed someone like Akatsuki by my side, someone who wasn't afraid to do terrible things, even lie or keep the truth a secret, to protect those he loved.

Someone like me.

And though I understood that his loyalty never was and never would be mine, the closest we would ever come to that was a chain reaction.

Once he learned to understand his own feelings, he would never betray Ruka; all he had needed was a push. And once a blood bond was formed with Ruka, she would not easily betray me.

Soon the dominoes would fall, and they would land exactly where I wanted them.

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