Falling for Ruka

Chapter 2: Akatsuki

As we stepped through the back door into the mansion again, I resisted the urge to sigh. I really couldn't stand these social gatherings. So many faces and names I was supposed to know, so many rules to follow.

Out of nowhere a frazzled-looking woman stormed over to us. Ruka's mother.

"Rukana Souen, where have you been?! Your father and I have been looking everywhere for you. Where were you? What happened to your face? Your mascara is running!" She finished worriedly before bringing her porcelain hand delicately up to her forehead. "What am I going to do with you? We were so worried. And you missed talking to the Pureblood Prince."

I glanced at Ruka when she wasn't looking to see her reaction. Her head was hung and she was gently sweeping her fingers under her eyes, probably to get rid of the makeup her mother had mentioned. However, she looked remorseful. I watched as she looked into her mother's eyes and softly apologized for making her worry so much. Her mother didn't say a word, but took her daughter's hand, pulling her along. There was no doubt her mother was over-protective, and it probably wasn't good for Ruka, but I found it odd that her father hadn't said a word, only watched her, something unreadable in his eyes.

As they walked away I grimaced. When Ruka's mother used her full name, Rukana, I knew she was in trouble. Ruka hated her full name, so it was barely ever used. Most didn't even know of it.

Figuring my parents were probably here by now, I glanced around the large room, looking for them. I finally saw my mother, her red-blonde hair in gentle curls cascading down her back, in an emerald dress standing alongside my father, his black hair combed over to the side, wearing his usual tuxedo. His cinnamon eyes, the same color as mine, quickly found me as I started to head towards them.

As I came to stand beside them, my mother took my shoulders, turning me around to face whoever it was they were about to talk to. As I moved I found myself face to face with Kaname Kuran, the young Prince.

"Greetings, Lord and Lady Kain, and young Lord Kain. It is a pleasure to see you," he spoke calmly, honoring our family by greeting us first. My father was the first to speak.

"Prince Kuran—" my father started, only to be cut off gently by the young Prince. "Please, call me Lord Kaname," he corrected. My parents, though I could tell they were surprised, complied with his wish.

"Very well Lord Kaname. It is our pleasure to see you," said my mother smoothly, bowing to him as she spoke. He smiled, one that didn't quite reach his eyes, and began to walk again. When he was preoccupied with another family, my mother and father turned to each other, discussing the Kuran Prince.

"Strange that he would want to be addressed so familiarly. Not only are we to call him Lord instead of Prince, but by his first name," my father said quietly, though I was sure that if the Prince weren't preoccupied he would have heard my father for sure. Seeming to notice that I was still standing there, my mother turned to me.

"Akatsuki, you are free to go and find your cousin again. Be at the carriage at 4:00 a.m., we wish to avoid the sunrise," she said, freeing me once again. Nodding, I turned and slowly headed in the direction of Hanabusa and the mob of young girls that seemed to constantly accompany him.

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