Falling for Ruka

Chapter 7: Ruka

I was dragged into the mansion, the door to my prison shut behind me as I prepared myself for whatever my parents would do. Sure enough, my mother, hearing the door open and close, came rushing into the entryway, a concerned look plastered to her face.

"Where have you been?! You missed your tutor! Do you have any idea how worried we were?! You shouldn't be out in the open air for so long! And you must be starving—" she began, but I cut her off rudely.

"Actually, I already ate. Hanabusa and I went to a restaurant in town for lunch," I told her, daring to let just a hint of defiance creep into my tone. Her eyes flashed in anger and she clenched her fist.

"Go to your room," she ordered angrily. Without much of a choice, I walked up the multiple flights of stairs, coming to my room. One of the maids followed me, no doubt sent after me to make sure I didn't leave the room.

I walked inside my dimly lit bedroom, slamming the door behind me. I went over to my bed, lied down, and stared at the empty walls. The only thing ornamenting them was the dark velvet shades that hung as if to keep out the light from a window, only there was no window. My parents had taken out my window and replaced it with more empty wall space one summer when they found me trying to open the window to let some fresh air in.

The sound of the door opening made me look in its direction. My father stepped through the doorway, having not bothered to knock. Closing the door, he stopped, looking at me with his arms crossed for a moment.

"Come here," he told me. I obeyed. Daintily climbing out of my bed, I walked towards him. He raised an eyebrow at me, probably waiting for an apology for disobeying him and my mother, but I wasn't going to give one. I didn't regret it. When I didn't say anything, he appeared to lose his temper and he was swiftly upon me.

Pushing me into the wall, he glared down at me, the crimson of his irises betraying that his anger had transitioned to bloodlust. "You should at least show remorse, Ruka. You had us worried. You need to remember that we are your parents and you live under our rules. Do you understand?!"

"Y—yes," I said, my voice trembling just a little.

"Good," he told me, and then he leaned down to my neck and sank his large fangs into me. It hurt, but I knew that among vampires this was not uncommon. Though I had never drunk blood directly from anyone, human or vampire, my father had taken to drinking my blood often. I knew of the cravings; ever since I was a baby I drank blood, often mixed with other juices or alcohols. So I let my father drink from me, knowing it was only natural.

Slowly sliding his fangs out of my neck, he caught his breath and whispered in my ear. "Drink from me, Ruka."

"Wh—what?" I gasped. He had never asked this of me before.

"You are my daughter. I can't have you running off like that ever again. You do know that all I desire is your safety, don't you?" he told me, stroking my cheek.

"Y-yes father," I told him.

"Then drink from me."


"Drink!" he shouted at me. Taking a knife from his pocket, he brought it forward and for one horrifying second I thought he was going to stab me with it, but then he sliced his wrist instead. It was no impossible to control my bloodlust, made worse by the fact that he had just drunk from me. I needed blood now. With the scent in the air, even that of my own father's, my vision blurred red as my fangs descended. As they did, he thrust his bleeding wrist towards my mouth and the thick blood trickled into my mouth, choking me as I swallowed it until the deep cut he had made healed itself.

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