Harry Potter and The Last Horcrux

The Journal Speaks

A few days after the slaughter of the Aurors Harry Potter was back at Grimwauld Place, in his room, reading the journal that he’d found at Malfoy Manor. The Aurors had been nearly wiped out in one fell swoop during the attack on the Malfoy’s house. The Minister and the Cabinet were at their wits end trying to not let the severity of the attack out to the public and cause a general panic.

Hogwarts was still safe, for the moment, and Hermione and Kathryn were reporting back daily on anything of interest. Harry, after receiving a severe tongue-lashing from Shacklebolt was sent home with a reprimand for disobeying orders. Harry was happy with that as he could spend the time reading the journal he had found.

May 14th

The Dark Lord has made provisions for an attack on Hogsmeade. He feels that it is a key point to controlling the Ministry. I’m not so sure. I think it may have something to do with his obsession with the school. He seems almost fixated on getting into Hogwarts. For what reasons I can’t imagine and he hasn’t confirmed, but I just get the sense this has to do with the school.

Harry looked up from the journal after reading the entry. This is weird. He thought. Who the heck is this person?

He had been reading the book since he left Ron in the living room a few hours ago. So far Harry had been able to determine that it was Death Eater who had written this journal, but not who it was.

He looked back at the book and began to wonder. He quickly got up from his bed and went over to his desk. He pulled out a quill, turned to an empty page and began writing.

My name is Harry Potter.

The ink didn’t dissolve as it had in Voldemort’s journal. Harry sat back and let out a quick burst of air in frustration. It had been worth the effort. He’d figured that since the Dark Arts was so prevalent with the Black Family that the ability to enchant a diary like Voldemort had was a good bet. He closed the journal and stretched. He stood up and was going to see what Dobby had ready for dinner when something hit him in the back.

“Ouch!” he exclaimed and rubbed the spot where he’d been struck.

He turned quickly and looked around, but didn’t see anything. He finally looked down and saw the journal lying at his feet. It was opened to the page he’d written in. He bent down and picked it up. He noticed one line written on another’s hand below his writing.

Only a Black family member may write in this journal.

Harry went back to his desk and wrote: Sirius Black is dead and he was my godfather.

He waited for a few moments until the reply came back.

Ask and your questions shall be answered.

Harry quickly wrote: Who is this?

The answer was quick: Let me introduce myself…

Suddenly, as with Voldemort’s journal, Harry was dragged into the memories of the book. He found himself standing in a plainly furnished room. He looked around and didn’t see anything that would give away the owner. Then he heard footsteps coming from just outside the door.

Harry turned and quickly ran and hid behind the dresser. He looked and saw a man come into the room and sit down behind the desk. The man was a younger version of Sirius. Harry began wondering if this was his godfather, until another person entered the room. It was none other than Severus Snape.

“Regulus, he wants to see you immediately.”

Regulus! Sirius’ younger brother. Harry looked at the young man drop his shoulders.

“Thank you Severus,” he whispered tiredly, “I’ll be there shortly.”

Snape glowered at the young man before turning and leaving. Regulus sighed and picked up his quill. He opened the journal that Harry had in his room in Grimwauld Place. Harry walked over and read over the man’s shoulder as he wrote.

May 16th

The attack failed. Dumbledore and his group showed up and foiled us again. I have never seen my master so upset before. And now Severus has just told me that he wants to see me. I feel I will be punished for some wrongdoing that I didn’t cause.

The man put the quill down and left the room. Harry quickly followed knowing that he would soon be in the presence of his enemy. Regulus knocked on a large wooden door and was granted immediate entrance. As they entered Harry looked and saw movement off in the corner by another door. Someone was leaving the room by another door and Harry saw that it was Peter Pettigrew.

“Ah there you are Regulus,” Voldemort hissed, bring Harry back to the focus of the memory, “I sense that you are afraid to be here.”

Regulus shook his head, “No My Lord.”

Voldemort smiled, “You would have been wise to say yes.”

Regulus didn’t answer or break his stare at Voldemort, “You sent for me, My Lord?”

“Yes I did,” Voldemort said and turned to sit in a high-backed chair that more throne-like than chair, “I have heard some wonderful news. The Potter’s have been found. They are hiding in Godric’s Hollow.”

Harry looked at Regulus, who didn’t blink at the news, “That would be very fortuitous for you, My Lord. If I maybe so bold, how did you obtain their whereabouts?”

“Their secret keeper told me.”

“I see,” Regulus replied evenly, “And finding out their location applies to me?”

“Yes, I have a special assignment for you,” Voldemort leaned forward with an evil smile on his face, “Kill them.”

Regulus shifted in place uncomfortably, “My Lord, James Potter is more than an match for me. It would be folly for me to try and kill the both of them.”

“You will obey me!” Voldemort shouted as he slammed his fist on the arm of the throne. His voice seemed to echo through the room.

Regulus took a step back at his master’s anger, “My Lord, I never said I wouldn’t do it. I merely point out it would not be wise for me to go alone.”

Voldemort’s exhaling breath hissed through his clenched teeth, “Very well, take one other Death Eater with you.”

“Yes My Lord,” Regulus bowed slightly.

“It is time for me to act on the prophecy and see to it that it does not come true.”

“Yes My Lord,” Regulus said and turned to leave.

“Regulus,” Voldemort called out stopping him, “Don’t ever question me again.”

Harry saw Regulus nod once and leave. Harry looked once more at Voldemort sitting very relaxed on his throne before rushing after Regulus. He followed the young man back to his room.

Harry’s mind was working the entire time.

But Voldemort killed my parents. If he order Regulus to kill them then what happened?

Harry suddenly felt himself thrust back into his own reality. Soon he was standing in the middle of his room looking down at the journal.


It wasn’t until much later that he could tell anyone about his experience with Regulus Black’s diary. He heard Ron shout out from below that he was home and Harry was out the door and down the steps in no time. Just as he reached the base of the steps he heard a loud bang. He stopped and pulled out his wand and listened carefully for any sound.


“In the kitchen Harry!”

Harry rushed into the kitchen and stopped suddenly. Then he burst out in laughter at the sight in front of him.

Ron was standing next to the stove not moving. He was covered from head to toe with spaghetti sauce. As Harry laughed he noticed the entire kitchen had sauce everywhere.

Ron turned to his friend with annoyance and frustration, “Oh shut up Harry!”

Harry tried to stop, but it was the sound of a gasp behind him and the face of Hermione that started him laughing again.

“Ron? My God what happened?” Hermione asked looking at the mess wide-eyed.

Ron, still not moving, looked very embarrassed at having his girlfriend see him like this, “I was try to cook dinner for us and the sauce exploded!”

Hermione’s face softened and she started laughing at him, “Oh Ron!” she went over to him and gave him a quick peek on the cheek, “Mmmmmm, best tasting kiss I’ve ever had.”

Ron’s face turned as red as the sauce. Hermione gave him another grin before pulling out her wand, “Scourgify!”

With a bright flash of magical light Ron and the kitchen were clean of all traces of sauce.

Ron let out a quick breath of relief, “Thanks ‘Mione,” he leaned in and kissed her quickly.

“Why didn’t you let Dobby cook?” Harry asked looking for the house elf.

“I kinda gave him the night off,” Ron said, “But I can have him back here…”

Ron stopped as Harry shook his head and said, “No, I’ll cook,” he said, “I’ve done it enough times at The Dursley’s. Besides, at least we’ll be able to eat something without scraping it off the walls.”

Hermione snickered at Harry’s comment and Ron’s face went red from embarrassment. They stepped back and watched their friend start pulling pots, pans and food out and start cooking.

“Did you get the night off ‘Mione?” Harry asked as he poked his head into one of the lower cabinets.

“Yes,” she answered, “Kathryn said that I could so I came here,” she smiled and gave a sideways glance at Ron, “A good thing too, I’m not only getting dinner, but I got a show as well.”

Ron’s face went red again and he looked up embarrassed. He then looked back at Harry, “Was there something you wanted me for Harry? You came in here like a boggart from a closet.”

Harry opened a jar of capers, “Yes, and it’s good you’re here ‘Mione, I’ll need your opinion on this.”

His two friends sat down at the kitchen table and waited for Harry to speak.

“I found out whose journal that is… or I should say was,” he started as he placed the capers in the pan, “It was Regulus Black’s.”

Ron’s eyebrows went into his hairline. Hermione’s face became seriously contemplative, “Sirius’ brother?”

Harry nodded, “I was reading it when I had an idea that it could be similar to the one Lucius Malfoy gave Ginny several years ago. It’s similar, but not quiet like that one.”

While he cooked and they ate, he spent the time telling them of his experience in the journal. When he was finished the story, Hermione and Ron looked at each other.

“Wow Harry,” Ron said, “If Regulus was sent to kill your parents then why did Voldemort do it?”

“The prophecy?” Hermione asked.

Harry shrugged and sat down at the table, “I don’t know. Maybe.”

“Or Regulus could have been killed before he could complete the job,” Hermione said.

Harry began thinking, “You might be right ‘Mione. It makes sense.”

“Well when did Sirius’ brother die?” Ron asked.

Harry looked at Hermione then back at Ron, “I don’t know.”

Hermione sat up right in her chair, “Of course we do,” she stood up quickly and left the kitchen.

Harry looked at Ron, shrugged and the two quickly followed her. They found her in the room with the Black Family tree hanging on the wall. They walked up behind her and waited.

“Look,” she pointed at name next to Sirius’, “This must be Regulus.”

Harry leaned forward to get a closer look and saw:

Regulus A. Black

b. September 3, 1966 – d. October 30, 1981

“He died a few weeks after your birthday,” Ron said.

“Actually, he died the day before your parents were killed Harry,” Hermione said.

Harry stood back and looked at the Black Family tree for a moment. He turned and sat down on the arm of one of the sofas.

“Voldemort or one of his Death Eaters must have killed him then,” Harry said, “He must betrayed Voldemort.”

“But how?” Ron asked.

Harry looked at them, “There’s only one way to find out. Come on.”

They followed Harry upstairs and into his room. He grabbed the journal and flipped the pages near the back. The last quarter of the journal was empty until he got to the last entry.

“Found it!” he exclaimed, “its dated October 30th. The day of his death.”

Hermione and Ron looked over his shoulder as he read aloud.

“‘The time has finally come’,” he read aloud and looked from his friends and back at the journal again in confusion,” That’s it?”

He turned the page and found nothing else written.

“What does that mean?” he asked.

“Maybe that was the day he betrayed Voldemort,” Hermione suggested.

Ron had a different suggestion, “Or the day he was supposed to kill your parents.”

Harry thought for a moment the reached for a quill, “Grab onto me and hang on.”

Both Ron and Hermione did, but very hesitantly. Harry dipped the quill and wrote in the journal.

What happened on this day?

He put the quill down and waited for a response. It was short in coming.

Let me show you.

With the familiar pulling sensation all three were pulled into the journal. With seconds they found themselves in a room that looked familiar to them.

“Harry,” Hermione said letting go of him and looking around, “Where are we?”

“In the journal,” Harry said, “It works very similarly to Voldemort’s diary that Ginny had.”

Ron turned back to Harry quickly, “We’re in the journal? Wait a bloody minute! Are we going to end up like Ginny did?”

Harry looked back at Ron with a slight expression of annoyance that echoed in his voice, “No Ron, we won’t end up like Ginny,” he turned back to inspect the room, “This room looks familiar.”

“I think it’s the downstairs study,” Hermione said. She pointed to a corner of the room, “Look, isn’t that the same suit of armor?”

Both Harry and Ron went over and inspected it, “Looks like it,” Ron said but was interrupted by the sound of voices and footsteps.

“Should we hide?” Ron asked, his voice slightly high-pitched and nervous.

Harry just shook his head and watched as Regulus entered the room followed by Barty Crouch Jr. and Wormtail.

“But you must Regulus,” Crouch said as the men entered the room, “Our Master’s orders are final.”

Regulus sighed, “I am well aware of that Barty, but to kill a child, a baby, is not a good thing. The world would rise against us and we would certainly lose all the advantage we’ve gained. And if they do then that’s not something even our master could fight.”

Both Hermione and Ron looked at the person whom Regulus Black was talking about. Harry just stood there and ignored their stares.

“But it could mean anybody,” Regulus stated, “How do we know for sure?”

“We don’t, but isn’t that up to our master?” Wormtail asked.

“The Potter’s have a son named Harry,” Crouch said.

“What about The Longbottoms?” Regulus said, “Don’t they qualify as well?”

“Yes,” Crouch said, “But Alice and Frank aren’t exactly in James and Lily’s league when it comes to magic. I mean they’re good, but not like the Potter’s.”

“Then he’ll move on little Harry first,” Regulus said.

Harry, Hermione and Ron saw Regulus’ face become blank and some color drain from his face.

“What’s wrong Regulus?” Crouch asked looking at him curiously, “Are you doubting our master?”

“What? Oh,” Regulus said, “I was thinking about any other possibilities.”

“Ok,” Crouch said not quite believing him, “Look, our master has this well in hand. Just relax.”

The other two men left the room and Regulus sat down on the sofa. He sat forward and put his head in his hands and groaned softly.

Hermione looked at Harry in confusion, “Do they know about the prophecy by now?”

As if in reply to Hermione’s question the man, still covered his face replied, “This prophecy can’t be believed. The woman barely can see two feet in front of her face let alone the future! I can’t let this happen. I’ve got to stop him somehow.”

Suddenly the room blurred and what seemed like many hours passed before time slowed back to normal and they saw Regulus in the study again in front of a clock on the fireplace mantle and sighed. He lightly touched the glass cover before resuming his pacing, “This will destroy him for sure.”

“I severely doubt it,” a voice hissed from the doorway.

All four looked and saw Voldemort with Snape standing in the room. Ron screamed, stepped back and tripped over a coffee table and landed on the floor. Hermione gasped and looked towards Harry for a sign of what to do. Harry just stood there and narrowed his eyes at Voldemort.

“Master,” Regulus said, “I didn’t know you were coming.”

“Neither did I until a few minutes ago when Severus here told me about your betrayal.”

“What betrayal?” Regulus asked flashing a glance to Snape.

“Where’s the horcrux that I placed in the cave?” Voldemort asked with a dangerous edge in his tone.

“I have no idea,” Regulus said.

“Liar!” Voldemort shouted. His voice seemed to echo in the large study, “How dare you try and lie to me!”


“Do not speak to me!” Voldemort shouted again, “Only you and Severus know about the horcruxes,” he spoke low and barely above a whisper as he approached Regulus, “You dare think I would not have noticed one of them missing? You dare presume that I would not keep track of them?”

Regulus sighed heavily as a man who his time had come.

“Fine,” Regulus said with a much more confident tone than before, “You won’t win.”

Voldemort smiled wickedly, “Oh I think I will.”

Regulus looked him square in the eye and said, “No, you won’t. I hope he makes it painful for you when you die.”

Voldemort’s face went flush with anger and he raised his wand, “Avada Kedavra!”

With a bright flash of greenish light and a dull thud the three looked and saw the body of Regulus Black lying on the floor.

“What about the Potter’s Master?” Snape asked.

“I will go and deal with them myself,” the evil wizard hissed. He looked in disgust at the remains of Regulus Black and turned and left with no further comments.

Harry stood and looked down at the body of Regulus Black. The man had turned to the side of good, but was killed before he could help.

“Harry?” Ron whispered.

Harry looked back at Ron and shook his head, “I’m fine. Put your hands on me. We’ll be headed back soon.”

Hermione and Ron came over and placed their hands on Harry and then they felt the familiar tug and soon found themselves back in Grimwauld Place. They sat in Harry’s room for a few minutes with the only sound coming from the clock on the mantle.

“Harry,” Hermione spoke, “What about the horcrux that a certain R.A.B. had found? I’m guessing that the initials are Regulus’.”

Harry nodded, “So am I. I haven’t finished reading the journal yet, but there’s no mention of any horcrux at all.”

“It could be a different person this R.A.B.,” Ron said.

“True, but I doubt it,” Harry said.

“Ron could be right Harry,” Hermione added, “We’re just assuming it might be him.”

“I know, but it seems to fit,” Harry said, “I just have a gut feeling about this.”

He held up the journal and looked at it, “The clue must be in here somewhere.”

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