The main courtyard of Itilien was finally starting to turn into what it was meant to. Flowers of every shade of pink, red, blue, and purple surrounded by bright green grass were covering all but the stone walkways. Trees with thick green leaves provided lush shade from the late spring heat. Seated on one of the terraces attached to the main house was a Human. He was gently rocking the rocking chair he was in; in his arms, a tiny bundle. The bundle was, in fact, his son. Faramir stared in absolute wonder at his first born. Even at a week old Elboron resembled his father. The soft light brown hair that covered the tiny head as well as his blue eyes were Faramir's. Currently the infant stared at the world around him, both father and son at peace.

Faramir was drawn out of his reverie by a soft voice coming from behind him, "And how does the new Adar fair?"

Faramir turned his head and came face to face with the Elven Lord of Ithilien, "Legolas! When did you arrive?"

Legolas smiled at him, leaning against the stone doorway, "This morning. We didn't want to bother the new family of three."

Faramir felt his own smile grow, "You never bother us," He rose to his feet and passed his son to his friend, "I'd like you to meet Elboron."

Legolas took the infant with his usual grace, "I see he has his father's temperament as well as his looks."

Faramir just shook his head, "Eowyn said the same thing."

Legolas stared at the babe, running a finger over the tiny hand peaking out from the blanket. Elboron merely turned his attention from the world around him to the odd figure holding him without a peep, "He takes everything in stride, hm?"

Faramir nodded and sat himself back in the rocking chair he had vacated, "He seems to. Thus far at least."

Legolas took a seat in the second rocking chair next to his friend, still enamored with the child in his arms, "He's perfect Faramir."

Faramir beamed at him before realizing something, "Where are your sons?"

"Telgalad is taking a nap and my eldest is burning off energy."

"Burning off energy?"

Legolas sighed, "The ride from Eryn Galen to Ithilien was...trying. Better to say my heir was trying. He was rather eager to arrive and didn't handle traveling well. Currently he's running wild with a few other Elflings and the occasional human child. Halden is keeping an eye on him."

Faramir nodded with a bright smile, he had met Halden, one of Legolas's close friends and one of the Captain of the Guards for Greenwood a few times before. He was a quiet Elf and a deadly warrior who was endlessly loyal to the royal family, "And Galadhwen?"

"Resting with our second born."

"How is she feeling? The baby is due soon isn't she?"

Legolas shifted Elboron in his arms with the ease of one who was practiced in handling infants, "Two weeks time."

Faramir nearly gaped, "Two weeks? Is it safe for her to travel?"

Legolas's eyes went dark, "She and I have different opinions on that matter. We managed to travel here without incident...though we were accompanied by the largest group of guards I've ever traveled with."

Faramir smiled at that, "Will she be able to travel back to Eryn Galen?"

Legolas shook his head, "She'll have the baby here. We're hoping this will inspire a better relationship between the Humans and Elves living in Ithilien."

That was something Faramir could get behind. Both the Elves and Humans were wary of one another but things were getting better. The birth of Legolas's third child at Ithilien could only help matters. Before he could say so a soft noise from his son interrupted him. Elboron had managed to get one arm fully out of the blanket and was grasping for the strands of blonde hair hanging near him. Legolas swept his hair over one shoulder and allowed the infant to grasp onto his finger as a substitute. Elboron seemed satisfied by this turn of events, falling back, once again, in contentment. Faramir watched his son and close friend with a swell of pride. He was a father. He met Legolas's eyes and they shared a smile of understanding. Suddenly, from one of the paths lined with trees a small figure clad in blue and grey jumped from the tree onto the ground below. The small face searched the area before spotting Legolas and Faramir. Aranestarion headed toward his father and Faramir, a bright smile on his face, "Ada!"

Starion broke into a run but slowed when he noticed the baby in his father's arms. The little prince crept forward slowly and quietly, coming to a full stop in front of his father. He peered at the small baby with a small smile before looking up at his father, "He's tiny!"

The Elfling touch Elboron's tiny hand with one finger and smiled up at his father brightly. Faramir scooped Aranestarion up onto lap to allow the child a better view. Starion beamed at Faramir before turning back to the baby, "You need to get bigger so we can play."

The word 'play' rang a bell in Faramir's mind, "Weren't you out playing?"

Legolas answered that for him, "You can come out now Halden."

The Elven warrior dropped from the tree directly next to the terrance into a crouch, bowing his head, "He wanted to say hello."

Legolas looked at his son who grinned at him again, "Hello. Go play."

Aranestarion hugged Faramir around the neck before hopping down from his lap, "Bye Uncle Faramir. Bye Ada. Bye Baby!"

He took off into a run, Halden swinging back into tree he dropped out of, "Congratulations on the birth of your son, Hir-nin."

Legolas shook his head slowly as his son disappeared from view, "Hopefully he'll sleep well tonight."

Faramir laughed at that, a feminine laugh joining in with his. Both Legolas and Faramir turned to see Eowyn, looking radiant, leaning against the doorway, "Well if it isn't the Lords of Ithilien."

Legolas immediately rose, handing Elboron to Faramir, "Sit."

Eowyn waved him off, "I've done nothing but sit for days. It feels glorious to stand and walk around."

She walked over to her husband and pressed a kiss to the top of his head before kneeling to do the same to her son. Legolas smiled at the family, "Your son is beautiful."

Eowyn grinned up at him and crinkled her eyes and nose, "He is, isn't he?"

Legolas nodded, "And impeccably behaved already."

Eowyn laughed, "He has Faramir's temperament."

Faramir looked down at Elboron and shrugged one shoulder, "If you two say so."

Both blondes responded at once, "We do."

They grinned at each other before Eowyn got to her feet, "How was your journey?"

"Long," Legolas responded dryly, "But we're here for a while now."

"And we're always glad to have you. Eomer should arrive this evening. They're moving slowly because of Elfwine."

"The cousins meet for the first time."

Eowyn nodded, "They'll be raised together if I have my way. I want them to be close," She paused briefly before continuing, "Your wife is on her way."

No sooner had she spoke that the very pregnant Galadhwen appeared behind Eowyn, a squirming Telgalad in her arms. Faramir rose at the sight of her. The princess of Greenwood was looking lovely albeit, very, very, very pregnant. The toddler in her arms squirmed, arms reaching for Legolas imploringly. Galadhwen smiled at her husband tiredly, "The first word out of his mouth upon waking was Ada."

She placed him on the ground, holding his arm until he was steady. Legolas knelt and held out his arms. Telgalad seemed to contemplate walking to his father before plopping down onto his bottom and crawling to Legolas who swept him into his arms, "One of these days he will walk."

Faramir gestured at his vacated chair, "Sit. Please."

Galadhwen shook her head, "I'm all right. Once I sit I don't get up again."

Faramir looked at her, "Are you sure?"

She nodded with a smile, "I'm fine. Really. You forget, I've done this twice before."

Eowyn took her husband's rocking chair, "Show her Elboron."

Galadhwen held out her arms and received the small infant, "Oh Eowyn! He's perfect!"

Eowyn beamed, "Thank you."

The princess cooed at the small baby, running a gentle finger over his cheek, "He looks just like Faramir."

"Acts like him too."

Legolas placed Telgalad on the ground, allowing the toddler to crawl around happily, "I'll keep Telgalad for the afternoon. You rest."

Galadhwen handed Elboron to his mother before turning back to her husband, "I can handle him. You spend some time with Faramir. You haven't had time to do that in a while."

Legolas shook his head, "I can keep him. Rest. You need it."

Galadhwen rolled her eyes before smiled at him fondly, "I don't need it but thank you."

She leaned in to kiss him which he accepted, her arms going around his neck, his around her waist.

"Wasn't that what got her in that state to begin with?" A voice called from the path.

Legolas sent the king of Gondor a very rude gesture before parting from his wife. Galadhwen turned to face the newcomers with a grin, "Mae Govannen Estel."

Aragorn was grinning at them broadly, "Galadhwen, you look stunning as usual."

Galadhwen looked down at her large abdomen and rolled her eyes, "Flattery will get you nowhere."

Aragorn turned his grin to Eowyn and Faramir who were preparing to bow, "No. None of that. No protocol whatsoever. How are the new parents fairing?"

Eowyn beamed, "Well, thank you."

Aragorn went to take the small bundle in her arms before Arwen called to him, "Don't even think about it. I get to hold him first. Take your son."

The queen, who had been a few paces behind, handed a whining Eldarion to his father before accepting the baby from Eowyn. She immediately cooed, "He's so cute! He looks just like Faramir!"

From Aragorn's arms Eldarion whined, "Papa! I want to get down!"

Arwen approached them, still cooing at the small baby, "Isn't he lovely?"

Eldarion stopped squirming to peer at the baby with mild interest, "What is his name?"

Arwen answered him, turning herself so her son could look at the baby closer, "Elboron."

Eldarion cocked his head to the side, "Can we have him instead of my new sister? They can have her instead."

Legolas and Galadhwen couldn't contain their snort of laughter as Aragorn and Arwen contained their sighs.

"Eldarion, your sister isn't even here yet. You might love having a baby sister," Arwen explained patiently.

Eldarion made a face and decided he was done, "Papa! Put me down!"

Aragorn obliged him and the small thunderbolt darted to Legolas, plastering himself to his legs. He looked up at the Elf imploringly, "I missed you!"

Legolas ruffled the dark hair fondly, "Starion is running around somewhere with Halden. He's been waiting all day to see you."

The prince of Gondor whipped around to look pleadingly at his parents, "Can I go find him? Please?"

Arwen took her son by the hand, "We'll go find him together."

Eldarion made a face that clearly showed his displeasure, "I don't want you to play with us."

Arwen chuckled slightly, "If Halden is all right keeping an eye on you as well, I won't stick around."

Eowyn accepted Elboron from the queen before handing him back to her husband, "Do you mind if I join you? We can walk through the gardens."

"Perfect," Arwen turned to Galadhwen, "Do you want to join us? Can you manage?"

Galadhwen grinned, "I can manage. Provided we move slow and don't need me to bend."

Eowyn held out a hand to help her down the step, "I think we can do that."

Eldarion sighed loudly, "Nana...can we go now?"

Galadhwen smiled, "All right penneth, lead the way."

As the women and Eldarion disappeared from view Aragorn settled himself in the other rocking chair as Legolas hopped into the nearby branch of a tree. Telgalad crawled his way to Aragorn's legs to pull himself up into a standing position, "Stel!"

"E-stel, Galad, E-stel," Legolas corrected.

Telgalad looked at his father with a frown, "No."

Aragorn and Faramir laughed as the king swung the tiny Elfling into his arms, "You are getting bigger every time I see you. Is he walking yet?"

Legolas shook his head, "Not yet. He still insists on crawling everywhere."

The tiny prince stood on Aragorn's legs and gazed out at the world before looking at his father with a bright smile. The king, on his part, just kept the child from falling before looking at the Elfling's father, "Are you injured?"

Legolas rolled his eyes, "No. I'm fine. I don't always get injured."

Faramir tried to hide a snort but failed causing Aragorn to laugh, "Faramir snorted. Meaning, yes, yes you do."

Legolas shot his friends a glare before settling back against the tree trunk, "We had the largest group of warriors and guards I've ever travelled with in my lifetime. Nothing could have gotten near us. I had my sons and my wife with me. I wasn't going to risk them."

"That's what I suspected," Aragorn said with a nod before flipping Telgalad over one shoulder, making the toddler giggle, "I sent out warriors myself to patrol the boarders."

"I sent out a few of my rangers as well," Faramir piped up, "I wanted the path to be as calm as possible for you."

Legolas smiled softly, "And it was. So you see, I'm completely uninjured."

Aragorn shrugged, "I suppose there's a first time for everything."

Legolas glared at him halfheartedly before glancing at his son who now wore Aragorn's crown around his neck, "All right you, come here. You've bothered Estel enough."

Telgalad lifted the crown to cover his eyes before dropping it back down with a grin, "No Ada. Stel."

Aragorn grinned brightly at his friend before sticking out his tongue, "I'm his favorite."

"It appears you are. For the time being. And if he imitates you doing that you'll have to explain to my lady wife where he learned it."

Faramir chuckled at Aragorn's slightly wary expression before rising, "Want to hold Elboron for a bit?"

Legolas hopped down off his tree branch and excepted the baby with a smile before settling back on the railing of the porch. He had not held the baby for more than a moment before Telgalad started squirming and reaching for his father imploringly, "Ada. Ada. Hold you. Ada! Hold you!"

Legolas switched children with a sigh as his son settled happily against his chest, "I don't know where this new jealousy is coming from but I suggest you get over it because your new sister is going to be here in a few weeks and I promise she'll need some of my attention."

Aragorn settled back on his chair, rocking it slowly, "So you are having a girl?"


"And her name? Have you chosen one?"

Legolas nodded, helping his son climb into the tree beside him, "Aye."

Aragorn stared at him expectantly, "And? What is it?"

Legolas grinned at him childishly, "I'm not telling. You'll have to wait. It's more fun that way."

Faramir chuckled, "Have you picked a name yet, My Lord?"

Aragorn shook his head, "Nay. We can't seem to settle on one. Every name I suggest Arwen doesn't like and I'm not going to argue with her. "

Before anyone could respond two small blurs came darting from the path onto the porch before skidding to a stop in front of Legolas. Starion took a deep breath before grinning up at his father and brother, "Ada! Me and Eldarion are going to Mordor to destroy the ring but we have no ring to destroy!"

Legolas slipped off his wedding ring and held it out to his son, "What's the rule?"

"If I lose it I have to explain to Nana where it went," Aranestarion recited from memory.

Legolas gave a sharp nod and dropped it into his son's hand, "I wish you luck on your quest."

The little Elfling beamed at him before spinning around and jumping off the porch, "Bye Ada!"

Eldarion followed his friend's lead and did the same, "Yeah...bye Ada!"

Aragorn shook his head in amusement as the two disappeared down the path, "You know he only ever calls me Ada when he's around yours or Dan's two. Normally I'm Papa," He paused for a moment before turning fully to look at the Elf, "Where did Eldarion get the wooden sword he was holding?"

"Starion has a full arsenal. A few different bows, a bunch of toy swords, a set of wooden knives that match mine from Ada...no axe though. My father would drop dead if his eldest grandson was carrying around one like some Dwarf," Legolas replied.

The gruff voice of Gimli came from the doorway, "And what exactly is wrong with being a Dwarf, Elf?"

"Oh you know," Legolas replied loftily, "You're short, hairy...you smell."

The two friends stared at each other for a moment before smiling. Gimli looked over the Elf prince, "Are you injured?"

"No. I am capable of going somewhere without harming myself, you know."

"Aye Laddie but more often than not you end up stitched together and barely able to stand."

Telgalad stood happily on the branch of the tree next to his father and clapped, "Gimmi! Gimmi!"

Gimli gave the babe a small wave before looking at his position warily, "Is he safe up there?"

"We're Wood Elves. He's spent more time in trees than he has on the ground."

Gimli muttered something about 'crazy, tree-loving, Elves' before turning to face Faramir and Aragorn, "All right. Let me see this new little one."

Aragorn handed over Elboron to the Dwarf, "Elboron, son of Faramir."

Gimli looked from the baby in his arms to the proud father is question and shook his head in amusement, "They certainly look alike. And seem to act alike."

Faramir smiled sheepishly, "I hope that turns out to be a good thing."

Gimli chuckled slightly, "Aye. It is."

Before conversation could continue Eowyn appeared behind them, beaming, "Boys...I come bearing the gift of an elder brother...and the world's most adorable nephew!"

They turned toward the doorway and found Eomer standing near the doorway with Eowyn beside him, Elfwine in her arms. Behind them stood Lothiriel, Arwen, Galadhwen, and Gimli's wife Teak. Telgalad stood on his branch and clapped happily, "Nana!"

Galadhwen gently past Eowyn and lifted her son into her arms, "We're just here to deliver Eomer. You sure you don't want me to take him?"

Legolas shook his head, "He's fine. Make sure you take it easy."

Galadhwen gave her husband a look and placed her son back on the tree branch, "Enjoy yourself, boys."

Eomer reached for his son only to have Eowyn swat him off, "Mine. Borrow one of Legolas's. He has about seven."

Legolas merely hopped into the tree beside his son to assist him to a higher branch, "Three. Just three."

Arwen grinned at him, "And how long after the birth of number three are you planning number four."

Galadhwen and Legolas shared slightly sheepish looks before Galadhwen turned to Arwen, "I wouldn't say we're planning. If it happens, it happens."

Eowyn laughed slightly, "So borrow an Elfling for a while. I want my nephew."

Galadhwen turned back to her husband, "Speaking of...where is our eldest."

"Destroying the one ring with Eldarion."

Eowyn paused, her mouth opened as if to speak for a moment before she gathered herself, "I could be wrong...I wasn't there...but I was under the impression two Hobbits already took care of that."

"As long as he doesn't destroy anything else," Galadhwen said before catching her husband for a brief kiss and joining the other women, "Ready?"

The women headed off, Eowyn with her nephew in hand.

Eomer crossed his arms and leaned against the doorway before turning to look at Legolas and Telgalad who was now a branch higher, "Is he safe up there?"

Legolas sighed in amusement, "Yes. We're wood elves."

Eomer raised an eyebrow and walked over to sit on the railing the Elf had vacated, "All right. I want to meet my nephew."

Gimli handed the baby over to his uncle. Eomer looked from the baby to Faramir to the baby again a few times before snorting, "Well we definitely know you're the father. He could be your twin."

Faramir smiled, "So I've heard."

Eomer ran a finger over his nephew's hand and Elboron grasped on gently, "When can I buy him his first horse?"

Faramir raised his hands in a gesture of surrender, "Take that one up with your sister. I'm staying out of it for now. Besides, once he's a ranger he'll need a good horse for traveling."

A breath of laughter escaped Eomer, "Have you mentioned the ranger thing to Wyn?"

Faramir looked entirely innocent, "We're keeping it to ourselves until he's a chieftain."

That time Eomer didn't bother to hide his laugh, "So Your Highness, when is baby Legolas number three arriving?"

Legolas rolled his eyes good-naturedly at the nickname, "Two weeks. And its Baby Galadhwen actually."

"Ah. That's right...a girl."

Aragorn looked at his best friend, "You do realized in two weeks the Hobbits will be here. She'll be the first baby born with all of us present."

Legolas went silent for a moment before a small smile crept onto his face, "Well isn't that an accomplishment?"

Two Weeks Later

Aranestarion paused in his drawing to look over at his Uncle Estel with eager eyes, "When can I see Ada and Nana and my new sister?"

Aragorn smiled, "Soon. We have to be patient."

Eldarion didn't even bothering looking up as he informed his 'cousin' of what that really meant, "That means it's going to take a long time. Ada always says that when something is going to take forever."

Aranestarion dropped his head onto the floor with a groan of protest, "I'm tired of waiting! I want to see the baby!"

Elanor looked up from he quiet play in the corner with her rag doll, "Baby?"

Rosie smiled fondly at her daughter, "That's right Darling. Legolas and Galadhwen are having another baby."

That seemed to be a good enough answer for the little Hobbit and she went back to rocking her doll happily. Eomer raised an eyebrow at that, "She seems to have taken to the role of big sister well."

Sam nodded, "We're hoping. We talk about it a lot and try to explain the best we can. She's really taken to her doll since we showed her how to hold a baby so hopefully when her brother or sister arrives it'll be a smooth transition."

Eowyn snuggled deeper into the crook of Faramir's arm and shifted Elfwine slightly, "We're going to single handedly make Middle Earth crowded with the amount of children between us. With little Greenleaf well on her way here, Arwen, Rosie, and Teak due soon, and now Diamond with child...and Lothiriel. Again."

Pippin looked at Frodo with a grin, "Not to mention Frodo has been spending a lot of time lately with Tigerlilly Hardbottle."

Frodo gave Pippin a light shove, "Shut it."

Gimli's wife, Teak, spoke up from her place in one of the armchairs, "It makes sense. The children will have a safe place to grow up in that's free from darkness."

Eowyn's smile grew, "I didn't think of it like that...it's a nice thought."

The room fell into a happy quiet as everyone absorbed that image before the door to the sitting room opened with a soft click. Aragorn turned, expecting to see the midwife attending to Galadhwen or perhaps Legolas himself but instead saw the King of Eryn Galen stride in, looking every inch the king he was, "King Thranduil."

Thranduil gestured for Arwen to stay sitting the moment she began to rise, "No one get up."

Aranestarion leapt from the floor with a delighted cry, "Daeradar!"

Thranduil caught him with a practiced ease and the tiny Elfling hugged him tightly. From his place on Merry's lap Telgalad reached eagerly for his grandfather, "Dar! Dar!"

Thranduil allowed his eldest grandson to slid to the ground before retrieving his other from Merry with a nod, "Have you two been behaving?"

Starion nodded eagerly, "We're getting a new sister soon."

Aragorn spoke up from the couch, "We weren't expecting you."

Thranduil gave his son's friend an amused look, "I was around for the birth of my first two grandsons. Did you expect me to miss the birth of my first granddaughter just because my son is galavanting about Itilien without me?"

Aragorn managed to hide a laugh but not a grin at the king's description, "I suppose not."

"My son would be with Galadhwen, then?"

Arwen nodded, "The baby could arrived at any point. We've been waiting since before dawn."

Thranduil opened his mouth to respond but shut it when Starion gave another delight cry, "ADA!"

Standing in the doorway was a worn looking, but beaming Elf. In his arms, a wrapped bundle, "I'd like you to meet Aerlinniel Legolasiell."

Aragorn rose and assisted his wife in standing, "And her naneth?"

"Resting for a bit. Both are just fine."

Arwen held out her arms and gently accepted the tiny Elfling, "She's simply darling...and so tiny."

Legolas grinned and lifted him eldest son into his arms, "Want to see your sister?"

Starion peaked almost shyly over at his new sister, "She has blonde hair like me!"

Thranduil couldn't help the breath of laughter that escaped, "If she didn't we'd have a problem."

Legolas handed Starion over to Aragorn and accepted his daughter back, "Hello Ada."

Thranduil strode over, a squirming Telgalad in his arms, "Well...let me see my first granddaughter."

Arwen accepted the toddler and the king received the small bundle from his son, "She's perfect, ion-nin."

Legolas's smile grew before turning at the sound of Lothiriel's soft voice, "What does her name mean?"


Faramir gave his friend a smile, "It's fitting for an Elfling."

From the ground Elanor tugged on her mother's skirt, "Baby?"

Sam nodded and lifted her into his arms so she could see a bit better, "Aye Elanor. That's the new baby."

Thranduil reluctantly returned Aerlinniel back to her father and Legolas knelt so the small Hobbit child could get a better look. Elanor slipped off her father's lap and toddled over to peer at the small bundle of blankets. She was quiet for a moment before giving a bright smile, "Baby!"

Rosie smiled, "Yes. Can you say Aerlinniel?"

Elanor shook her head, "No."

A small ripple of soft laughter went around the room. Rosie looked nervously at her daughter, "Be careful Elanor."

Legolas smiled at at her, "It's all right Rosie."

Rosie nodded, "If you're sure. You can touch her hand, Darling. That's it."

Elanor placed one finger on the baby's hand before brightly grinning at her mother and father, "Mine!"

"Ah...no Elanor...not yours. That's Legolas and Galadhwen's baby," Sam explained.

Elanor pouted at her father, "No. Baby mine."

Rosie all but dropped her head in her hands and the room laughed, "At least we know she'll like her new sibling."

From his place next Aragorn on the couch Aranestarion sighed loudly, "Can hold her now?"

Legolas passed his daughter back to his father and got to his feet, "Remember how you held Telgalad. Gently."

Starion soon had Aerlinniel in his arms and Legolas smiled at them happily before dropping his head back against the wall and shutting his eyes with a tired sigh. Thranduil watched his son with a fond look, "Tired?"

Legolas just nodded, not bother to speak. Aragorn looked from his friend to his son, "Eldarion would you like Starion to sleep in your room tonight?"

Both child lit up at the idea, Starion scrambling off the couch once Arwen relieved him of Aerlinniel, "Can I Ada? Please?"

Legolas nodded, "Of course."

Thranduil took Telgalad from where he had ended up on Eomer's lap, "I'll take him for the night."

Legolas raised an eyebrow at his father, "How long are you staying?"

"As long as I'm able. We're close enough to Eryn Galen that they can handle things without me without the forest burning down in the process."

Legolas looked from his son to his father, "Are you sure you can handle him?"

Thranduil looked mildly affronted, "I raised, you didn't I? You were a terror at bedtime. He couldn't possibly be any worse."

Gimli gave Legolas a teasing look, "That's a story I'd love to hear."

Legolas's smile wasn't at all friendly, "Which you never will."

Merry, who was now holding the new addition to the Elvish family, spoke up, "So what's going to be her title?"

Frodo gave him a confused look, "Other than Princess?"

Merry nodded, "I mean among us. Starion was the hope baby because he was born right after the ring was destroyed, and Eldarion and Elfwine were both the new heirs, and Elboron was the first baby born in Ithilien, and Elanor was the first girl."

"Telgalad was the first Elfling born once Mirkwood got it's new name," Pippin piped in as he stole Aerlinniel from his Merry, "So what's she going to be?"

"She's the first baby born with all of us here," Eowyn explained, "I think that works."

Frodo took the baby from his cousin and stood, handing her over to Legolas, "Why don't you go rest for a bit? You look dead on your feet."

The Elf prince accepted both his daughter and the idea and soon found himself back in the bedroom with his wife and daughter. Galadhwen stirred from her sleep as Legolas placed Aerlinniel in her bassinet, "Ada took Telgalad and Aragorn has Starion for tonight."

Galadhwen smiled and tugged her husband over onto the bed, "Get some sleep, you've been up as long as I have."

He laid down beside her and draped one arm around her waist, "She's the first baby born with all of us present."

"She's utterly perfect."

"Mm," Legolas agreed before settling into sleep.

Galadhwen popped open one eye and glanced back at her husband, "Legolas?"


"When should we get to work on Arwen's idea of number four?"

Legolas's soft laughter was what she fell asleep to.

Small note: Elves sleep with their eyes opened except in situations of illness, injury, or exhaustion. You try a 15 hours labour without being exhausted.

Adar- Father

Hir-nin- My lord

Ada- Daddy

Mae Govannen- Greetings, hello

Nana- Mommy

Penneth- Little one


Legolasiell- Daughter of Legolas (iell means daughter)

Naneth- Mother

Ion-nin- My son

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