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The KeySeekers

By Rachel Taylor

Romance / Adventure

Fight For Light

White. Nothing but white, all I could see was white as I walked down the halls of The Castle That Never Was. I live here as a maid, or slave as Xigbar likes to call us. Yes there is more than one of us. Each member has a maid. There are fifteen of us. It used to be eighteen but two of the members disappeared, so did their maids. I wish I knew the maids names, they slept in a separate room then the rest of us. We were never allowed near those two maids or members.

I know the four names for the kids who work for the superiors. I'm one of them. First, Prim. Prim is the maid for Young Xehanort. She is big on the black when it comes to clothes. Black combat boots, up to her knees, black skirt with white suspenders hanging from her waste to her hips, to top it all off she wears a white tank with a small black jacket. Her hair is a light blonde that seems to be the only thing bright on her.

Next is Nick. Nick works for Ansem. I know if you are reading this then you all must know of the great keyblade master Sora and how he defeated Ansem. Somehow Master Xehanort has brought him back, I don't know how for sure. Nick well his usual attire is blue jeans and a hoodie and a pair of black Nikes. He has chestnut hair and green eyes.

And then there's Ty. Ty works for Xemnas, the former leaders of the organization. After he brought Xehanort back from a type of death, he stepped down and let Xehanort lead. Ty wears cargo shorts with two hip pockets. The shorts are black while the pockets are green. He has a white tank top and a grey short sleeve hoodie, also a pair of white combat shoes. He has black hair with very dark brown eyes.

Finally there's me, Max. I work for Vanitas, the apprentice of Master Xehanort. Master Xehanort is teaching Vanitas how to wield a keyblade and channel darkness. I can't really say much about Vanitas, because… well I don't know him that well.

As I walked up to Vanitas door, I sighed as I saw Marluxia standing in front of the door.

"Hello Max." He said with a smile on his face.

"Hello, sir. May I help you?"

"Oh no, I was just asked by Vanitas to wait here until you came." I nodded my head and walked past him to knock on Vanitas' door.

"Come in." Vanitas muffled voice said. I turned the doorknob and walked in. "There you are Max." Vanitas said as he stood from the chair he had been sitting in.

"Sorry I was late, sir… I came as fast as I could…"

"No need to worry, it won't take long what I need you for any way." Vanitas said as he brought out a box of clothes from under his bed. "Out Marluxia!" he screamed as I noticed Marluxia followed me in.

"Oh, but Vani, it's not fair that you get Maxi all to yourself." Vanitas and I both growled at the comment. I stood in the middle of the room crossing my arms and growling ever so quietly.

"Dammit Marluxia! Just get out!" Vanitas growled as he walked behind me to go after Marluxia. "Get dressed Max!" He screamed over his shoulder as I walked over to the box that sat unopened on Vanitas' bed.

I opened the box and saw some new clothes just for me. In the box was a grey hoodie and black skinny jeans with a pair of grey converses. I was actually happy to get out of the outfit I wore now. It was a pink skirt with these long white knee socks with a white tank top and a pink hoodie. I took off the outfit, except for the tank top and put on my new one.

"Thank goodness." I breathed as I looked at the mirror seeing my reflection. My honey blonde hair was hanging a bit off my shoulders as I looked at my hazel eyes deciding to be a dark blue to match the colors of my new outfit.

"Great you changed." Vanitas said as he walked in. He put a hand on my shoulder and gazed at me in the mirror. I shut my eyes feeling a bit of blush rising to my cheeks. "Well now that you're ready, let's head to the CR."

He turned on his heal and walked towards the door. I followed silently after him.

"Max, can I ask you something?" Vanitas said as he looked down at me with his orange eyes.

"Y-Yes, sir?"

"Whatever happens tonight I want you to make sure I stay this way." I nodded knowing what he meant. "You do know once you give the report you'll have to head back to the MCR."

"Yes, sir." MCR stands for the Maids Circle Room. Of Course Xigbar was the one to come up with the name.

"Are you ready for this?" I nodded my head. I hate doing reports on the other kids; I have to do it every Friday.

Vanitas went over to his spot in front of Master Xehanort and I stood in front of him. "Vanitas…" Master Xehanort said from the shadows from under his hood.

"Yes master?"

"Have you seen any sign… of him yet?" Master Xehanort said just noticing my presences.

"I have not Master." Vanitas sighed. I stood perfectly still under him and focused my attention to Prim as she walked in through the doors following behind Young Xehanort. She smiled at me very slightly liking my new makeover.

Soon the whole Organization was in the circle room with their maids in front of them. All of the kids in the room besides my friends looked at me, knowing I was going to give a report tonight, and that I was going to cover some stories and let some slip.

"Now that everyone is here," Master Xehanort said. "Let's get the meeting started." Portals of Darkness came behind every maid except for Nick and me.

"Where shall we start?" Saix asked as he stepped out to the middle. I kept my eyes glued to whoever was speaking. We went over problems that are going on in the castle and some complaints from the organization members.

"Well at least I'm not a self-centered –"Vexen started but Xemnas stopped him before things went too far. Him and Larxene got into a fight because, she complained that he was stilling her hair spray for an experiment.

"Alright, Alright! Moving on… Nicolas, how is training going on with you and your fellow trainees?" Xemnas asked. I saw Nick flitch as he was asked the question.

"Well, sir. We are all improving…" Nick started. "So far the leader board is in fourth is me. Third is Prim. Second Ty and finally Max, taking the leading spot. "As soon as nick said he was in last Ansem looked like he was going to give Nick a very long talk. But when I was announced in the lead spot, claps were heard from the other members, Xehanort smiling at me then to Vanitas.

"Anything else to report?" Ansem said threw grinned teeth.

"No, sir." Nick said. With the snap of a finger Nick was sent into a portal and was taken to the MCR. See that's just the one reason why my friends and I were chosen for the superiors as maids, because they saw something in us that we have to train for. Vanitas said it was going to be helpful later on.

"Well that was an embarrassment." Ansem mumbled gaining some laughs. I know what Nick was in for. The second week of training, I was on the bottom under Ty. Prim and Nick were topping us. I was punished for coming in last by Vanitas, but all he really had me do was clean his room. Which believe me, was complete torture.

"You should forgive the poor boy, Ansem. After all he is learning from you." Young Xehanort said as almost everyone snickered. "First to be defeated by the keyblade master, apparently you've been the easiest."

"Think what you, after all I am you heartless." Ansem countered.

"Stop, both of you." Master Xehanort said locking eyes with me. "Max, how are the other maids?"

"All are health this week, Julia had to see the nurse when she had got a large cut across her left forearm…" As I said this everyone turned to Xaldain.

"What? She disobeyed."

"Doing what exactly?" Young Xehanort asked.

"When she was told not to help me in the kitchen with the maid's lunch, she went and helped anyway."

"That's a foul on your part, Xaldain. The girl was only doing what she was taught to do."

"I must agree with my younger self. As for your punishment, she'll have this upcoming week off." I could just see Julia smiling in the MCR as we spoke. "Go on Max."

"Everyone has been up on time, at lunch and breakfast as well."

"Anyone up past curfew?"

"No sir. Everyone was in bed on time as well." What a great liar I am, Ty and Nick were up reading along with Prim and Hailey. I couldn't see what the others where reading, but I could see that Prim was reading one of the Hunger Games books. I think it was Catching Fire.

"Very well then." I knew Vanitas was getting the Dark Portal ready but Xehanort stopped him. I stood still confused as to why I wasn't heading to the MCR. "Let the girl stay, we are almost done."

"Yes Master." I'm sure by now you are all wondering how I knew Julia was smiling, will it's because in the MCR we get a hologram of the actual meeting and we see it, facing our masters in our chairs.

"Now to finish everything off, Young Xehanort has what you all have been waiting for." Curious as I was my attention left Saix to see the evil grin on YX's face as he whipped out a key like sword, a keyblade.

He walked to the middle of the CR and pointed his blade to the sky. Fourteen black inky things went to each member one coming down to his back. I looked around at each member each of them smiling. I was in awe at the sight, that I didn't notice Xehanort smiling at me.

"You are all dismissed, except for Vanitas… and Max." Xehanort said. One by one the members left, leaving just Vanitas, Xehanort and me. "Vanitas… I see you are fighting the darkness. Why is that?" Master Xehanort floated down from his chair and stood beside me on the floor.

"T-To… Protect h-her…" Vanitas said sounding like he was in a lot of pain.

"Master." I gasped under my breath. Xehanort turned to look at me and his eyes widen a little.

"She does look a lot like him doesn't she?" I heard Vanitas growl as Master Xehanort placed his hands on my shoulders turning me to look at Vanitas. The black inky stuff we crawling all around him until it started to move towards me.

"Vanitas, I'm giving you a choice." Xehanort said as the inky stuff came closer to me. "Either you give in, or from every filling she will be the one to receive the darkness." Finally the black stuff came in contact with me and wrapped around my legs and arms as the very tip was just a few inches from my heart.

Vanitas growled seeing me being covered in the ink of darkness. "Master, let her go." Vanitas said.

"Vanitas no!" I cried as the darkness left me and went to him. He was in shock of me actually using his name, Master Xehanort as well but he quickly got over it as he saw me run towards Vanitas, to gain the darkness.

"Good choice." As soon as I was near him I was picked up by a flower type pod watching as Vanitas fully took in the darkness. My heart feeling a bit of pain. "I trust that you now know what will happen the next time you refuse correct?"

"Yes Master." Vanitas smiled evilly and looked at me. I could see that the light orange I've known for my fourteen year old life was changed into very dark amber.

"Sleep" I heard the word come out smoothly from Vanitas mouth as my eyes started to flutter shut. I sank to my knees in the flower pod.

"They'll be ready tomorrow for training. All of them will soon meet their…" Master Xehanort's voice trailed off as I felt my consciousness slip into sleep. I guess I'll figure out what I'll meet tomorrow.

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