Seeking for you - Taekook


In which Jeon Jungkook and Kim Taehyung finally love each other Sequel to 'Addicted to you'

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Third Person’s perspective

“Sir, this is the boy you wanted to know”, an employee said while handing the man in the large business chair an envelope. She bowed respectfully, trying her best not to shiver while the man leaned forward. His large hand grabbed the envelope out of the woman’s hand, connected to a large bulky looking arm.

“Leave now”, a deep husky voice commanded and the woman bowed again, hurrying to come after the command. Once the glass door was closed shut behind her, the man ripped the paper open. Photos came into view, photos of one particular, unbelievably beautiful boy.

He followed the lines of the boy’s perfect sculptured face, the soft curve of his jawline, down the golden neck. It almost was like he could feel the softness of the skin again, the way the skin would dig once he pressed his fingertips into it. A sigh left his lips when his eyes wandered over the boy’s curvy and delicate frame.

“So this is the one you’re in love with huh”, he said to nobody particular, staring at the beauty mesmerized. The photo was taken when the pretty male stepped out of a café, in a conversation with a male who possessed a charming eye smile. His target was wearing a creme button up shirt under a caramel coat.

“So so beautiful”, the man mumbled while moving his fingers over the angel’s lips. “I understand why you wanted him... and went so crazy about him. Anything about him is addicting.”

The man smirked, pressing a kiss onto the photo where the boy’s cheek was supposed to be. “Kim Taehyung, you’ll be mine”, the man whispered, staring at the male’s beautiful features. He was addicted to the stunning angel that seemed so innocent yet so seductive.

“You let him go, little brother... biggest mistake you ever did. Now I’m claiming him”, the man grinned and got up from his chair. Handsome features came into view, dark hair and a sharp jawline dominated his face and head.

“I’m gonna destroy you, Jungkook. But first I’m taking Kim Taehyung as mine.”

Taehyung’s perspective

“I can’t believe my little baby brother just graduated from college!“, Jin exclaimed over dramatic while hugging the shit out of me. Namjoon next to me gave me a pitied look before patting Jin’s shoulder. “Baby, I think you should stop hugging the poor boy. Tae obviously can’t breathe”, Namjoon said and Jin immediately moved away, making me gasp.

“Thank you Namjoon”, I said and he smiled at me before wrapping his arms tightly around Jin’s waist. Jin leaned his head back at his chest, smiling in content. They never told me how they met. When I woke up in the hospital, confused and not knowing who and where I was, they already were together.

And they never told me how they got together. I thought it was a sensitive topic so I didn’t ask. It didn’t include me so I didn’t have the right to ask about it. “It’s just that I’m so proud of my little Baby brother...“, Jin said and cried a bit.

That made Namjoon and me panic. “Hey, Hyung, please don’t cry”, I said panicked while Namjoon said: “Baby, please, don’t cry.” Jin laughed a bit, taking a tissue from Namjoon while I adjusted the ugly hat on top of my head.

“Hyung, I’m just graduating”, I told my older brother and he smiled sadly. “Yeah, right! You graduate, you move out, you get a job and you’ll forget about me! You won’t even call me anymore”, he cried and I rolled my eyes while Namjoon sighed.

“Don’t roll your fucking eyes in front of me Kim Taehyung! Oh, the disrespect”, he fake sighed and glared at me. “Hyung, I’m not dead after graduating. I will still be in touch with you”, I said. “I knooow, but Taehyungie, you’ll move out! This is the first time you’ll live alone s-since...“, he didn’t finish the sentence and he didn’t need to.

Since the incident. A car crashed into me when I was heading to college, causing me to lose my memories. It was unclear when I would get them back. I used to have flashbacks from different memories. Memories that confused and shocked me to the core.

A raven. The whole memories where about a certain, handsome raven. I couldn’t remember his name and it freaked me out. But he seemed close to me, like really close. I saw the love in his eyes. And I was still wondering where he was. I seemed to love him.

But who and where was he?

I asked Jin Hyung once but he yelled at me, forbidding me to ever talk about that man again, saying that he doesn’t matter and that I should forget him. But I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I wanted to know who he was and what he meant to me. And why Jin was so angry when i asked for his name.

“Congratulations, Tae to your graduation!“, Jimin, my best friend yelled and ran over to me to hug me tightly. I huffed but giggled while wrapping my arms around his frame. Yoongi stood besides him with a proud smile on his face. “I’m proud of you, Kiddo”, he said and ruffled my hair since Jimin stole my hat.

“I’m proud too! And Jesus, these hats get more and more uglier!“, he exclaimed and giggled as well. I smiled at him. When he first got into the hospital, I had an uneasy feeling about him. Feeling, that I shouldn’t trust. But this feeling soon vanished into thin air after spending more and more time with him.

He was my best friend, my soulmate, the one I trusted the most. But even he said that I should forget about that familiar but unknown raven. Everyone told me to forget about him and I wondered why. Why wasn’t I allowed to know who he was?

“Yup, they are. Can’t wait to throw it away”, I said and Jimin gasped. “You shouldn’t throw it away, it’s an historical moment! It represents your graduation!” He went on rambling over the hat while he grabbed my arm, walking out of the college with Yoongi trailing behind and Namjoon and Jin in each others arms, crying that their ‘big Baby’ is an adult now.

I listened to them, smiling in content. That was until I received a message and I turned my phone on, looking at the screen.


Congratulations to your graduation, Taehyung! You worked so hard for it. I’m sure you’ll look beautiful even with the ugly graduation hat.


I furrowed my eyebrows confused. JJK? Why did this sound familiar?

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