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In which Kim Taehyung is the sweet little Babyboy of the biggest Bully and son of a CEO, Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin, newest member to Taehyung´s school wants to change that, unknowing of the game, the couple is about to play with him

Romance / Drama
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“JIMIN!“, the loud voice of Mrs Park boomed through the large mansion, making her youngest son Park Jimin groan annoyed. Jimin was a young teenager who loved to cause trouble. Which was why he got expelled from his old school, but Jimin didn’t care one bit.

Well, a bit maybe because he needed to leave his popular friends. His popularity status was something really important for him so he wanted to receive the same amount of fame at his new school.

Maybe fuck the hottest chick on the school or get involved with the bad boys or something, Jimin didn’t know now but he wanted to do anything to be popular. Since he was thrown out of Autumn High, he lost everything. Jimin wanted revenge.

And for that, his new school, Spring High will suffer. No one was allowed to go against Park Jimin without getting consequences. “I’m coming, Mum!“, Jimin shouted and hopped out of his bed, walking towards his own bathroom.

Jimin also had an elder brother, with the name of Park Chanyeol who was already studying, business in this case to become the next CEO after their father. Park Chaeyoung on the other side was Jimin’s beloved younger sister who was already at Spring High and a year under him.

She told him some info about her school since Jimin would be enrolling there as well and the elder couldn’t wait to get there. Chaeyoung has told him that the younger brother of their president, Kim Namjoon, was also attending Spring High and Jimin was excited. He always wanted to fuck someone famous.

And being Park Jimin, he would try to do anything to get into the boy’s pants.

“TaeTae!“, the loud cheerful voice of Kim Seokjin got the small male out of dreamland. But as soon as Kim Taehyung opened his eyes, a smile spread on his plump lips and he squealed, getting up from bed.

“Good morning Hyungie!“, Taehyung greeted Seokjin and his brother, pecking both of their cheeks after he came down the stairs of their huge mansion. Kim Namjoon, already in a suit for work chuckled by the cute behavior of his sweet little Baby brother and he ruffled his hair.

“You’re in a good mood today, Baby”, Namjoon said gently and ruffled Taehyung’s hair. The brunet whined and got on his tippy toes to ruffle Namjoon’s hair as well. “Oh no! C’mere you little pest!“, Namjoon exclaimed playfully and grabbed Taehyung to tickle him.

Taehyung squealed before laughing loudly, squirming in Namjoon’s hold. Jin watched the two with a fond smile on his lips, he loved these two brothers with all of his heart. One being his lovely husband and the other being his cute brother in law.

“H-Hyungie no, please!“, Taehyung laughed loudly while Namjoon tickled his sides with loud laughs coming from his lips. “H-have mercy!“, Taehyung tried to say through his laughs and Namjoon finally let go of his younger brother with a smile.

“I’m happy because Jungkookie is picking me up!“, Taehyung said and smiled dreamingly, thinking of his lovely boyfriend of five years now. Kim Taehyung belonged to Jeon Jungkook, the Badboy of Winter High who was feared among the four elite high schools of Korea.

And Jungkook would anyone let approach his beautiful boyfriend. Since they weren’t in the same school, the over possessive and protective Jungkook did some actions to make the students of Spring High stay away from his lovely boyfriend.

Taehyung was known as the school’s beauty. He was friendly, kind and undeniably beautiful, helping and everyone loved the gorgeous little angel for his charms. Many boys and girls were in love with him and confessed their feelings but Taehyung gently rejected him, telling them that he had a boyfriend who he loved very much.

And Jungkook made sure to show them that Taehyung was claimed by him. He showed it through hickeys, love bites, making Taehyung wear his clothes in school or show up in the school to kiss his little Baby in front of all.

Jungkook loved Taehyung very much and his possessive side sometimes took over, he was anxious that someone would try to approach Taehyung when he wasn’t there. But thankfully, Jung Hoseok, the boyfriend of Jungkook’s best friend Min Yoongi, was there to watch over Taehyung.

How Namjoon was fine with that possessive asshole he like to call Jungkook? He wasn’t. But he saw how much Taehyung loved the tall raven so Namjoon forcefully had to accept it. The President of Korea wasn’t happy with their relationship but for the sake of Taehyung, he kept quiet.

“Is he coming here?“, Namjoon asked through gritted teeth and Taehyung frowned, looking sadly at his brother. “Kookie’s nice, Hyung”, Taehyung pointed out and pouted. “I love him lots!“, the tiny brunet exclaimed and bit his lip sadly.

Namjoon immediately tried cheering him up. “Hey hey, I know that, Tae. It’s just... I don’t wanna see you hurt, okay?“, the man exclaimed and pulled Taehyung into a hug. Taehuyng hugged his brother back, sighing a bit.

But then they heard the ringing of the bell and all of Taehyung’s attention was on the door. “Kookie!!!“, he yelled in joy when he saw the raven-haired male stepping into the kitchen after a maid let him in.

“Hey Babybun”, Jungkook roared and opened his arms for Taehyung to jump into. Taehyung immediately followed the silent command and jumped into Jungkook’s arms, giggling loudly and in joy. “Kookie, hi!“, Taehyung squealed happily and kissed Jungkook.

The raven growled and responded to the kiss, carefully picking Taehyung up to twirl him around. Namjoon watched with a pained expression while Jin was silently squealing. “Jeon. Still remember the rules? No touching my Baby brother in my house”, Namjoon growled angrily.

Jin held his husband back. “Joonie, please”, Jin said before looking at Jungkook and Taehyung. “Bringing Taehyungie to school today, Jungkook?“, Jin asked the other more friendlier than Namjoon who shot him a glare.

“Yes, Mr Kim”, Jungkook said politely, putting Taehyung carefully onto his own feet. pressing his Baby against his bulky frame. Jungkook apparently was in a gang so no one could mess with him or Taehyung.

“Please, call me Hyung, Jungkook”, Jin said and put a hand on Namjoon’s arm. “Don’t, Joonie. We talked about this”, Jin said before smiling at Jungkook.

“Bring him back safely and if I hear any complains, Jungkook or hear that my Baby is hurt... you know what will happen”, Jin warned. Taehyung giggled and Jungkook rolled his eyes.

“Of course, Hyung. I would never hurt my Tae.”

And Jungkook would keep his promise. But could he prevent others from hurting what was his most precious treasure?

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