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“And remember to text me when your classes are over so I can pick my Babydoll up, yeah?“, Jungkook told the giggling brunet in his arms, peppering kisses over Taehyung’s face while his arms were placed around Taehyung’s slim waist, pulling the brunet incredibly close to him.

“Yeah yeah, I will, jeez stop acting like my Hyung! Or my mother”, Taehyung giggled, swapping Jungkook’s hands away with a loving glint in his eyes, admiring how handsome his boyfriend looked from up close. Well he looked good from any view...

“Well I’m your Daddy Sweetheart so you’re almost right”, Jungkook breathed out, smirking devilishly before stealing another kiss from Taehyung who blushed furiously by this exclaim. “Or did you forget our little session?“, Jungkook grinned widely while Taehyung gasped and whined, burying his head into Jungkook’s wide chest, punching his arm.

“You’re a huge meanie, you know that? Meanie”, Taehyung grumbled into Jungkook’s shirt, his voice muffled by the fabric and Jungkook cooed by the adorable sight, kissing the crown of Taehyung’s locks before moving his hands down to the boy’s bum. “I’m your meanie, Sweetheart. And therefore, I can do that”, he said, suddenly smacking Taehyung’s ass hardly.

The puppy’s head peaked up, a outraged gasp leaving his slightly swollen lips while he glared at his boyfriend. “You asshole! Thank god that I’m on painkillers right now or else I’d be on your back and hit you!“, he exclaimed angrily, slapping Jungkook’s arm.

Only to whine when his soft palm hit the hard muscles of Jungkook’s arm and he pouted, but giggled when Jungkook pressed little kisses over his knuckles. “All better Baby?“, Jungkook asked warmly, smiling at his adorable pouty boyfriend who stared back at him out of innocent chocolate brown orbs.

Taehyung only grumbled, stealing a kiss himself from his tall boyfriend, smiling against Jungkook’s lips. “You should go now, or you’re gonna be late, Kookie”, Taehyung scolded his lover playfully who rolled his eyes amused, his arms circled around Taehyung’s waist lowered down his hips, pulling his petite boyfriend close again.

“Anything you say, Mr Class President. Don’t want you to punish me”, Jungkook grinned while it was now Taehyung’s turn to roll his eyes. “Oh piss off, Jeon”, he said playfully before pushing his boyfriend away.

The male was wearing his black leather jacket again, looking intimidating and dangerous which didn’t fit with the sweet little male by his side but as soon one came closer and saw the whipped smile on Jeon Jungkook’s face, it was obvious that these two loved each other so much.

“Don’t forget to text me, Darling or Daddy has to punish you”, Jungkook said with a smile, kissing Taehyung’s cheek before heading off, throwing the brunet a wink and Taehyung giggled, turning on his heels himself to walk back into school to get to his last class.

“Hey Taehyung!“, a tall brown haired male called out for the male and Taehyung turned around, a soft friendly smile on his lips. “Hey Minho, how can I help you?“, he asked the male who panted a bit because he has run to catch up to Taehyung. “I was wondering... if you wanna come to my party next week? I-I know y-you’re always studying but maybe you wanna come...“, the male exclaimed, now shy in the presence of this beauty.

Taehyung laughed sweetly, smiling widely, his plump lips turning into a sweet box smile. “I’d love to come, Minho, thank you for the invitation”, he said softly, making Minho beam in happiness. “That’s great!“, he said, the male was actually the captain of the football team but he was a true sweetheart, always happy and bouncy, Taehyung liked him.

“Oh, can I bring Kookie?“, Taehyung asked and Minho nodded, a bit of his happiness gone but he managed to smile at the gorgeous brunet. “Sure, see you then, can’t have Mrs Kang waiting for me”, he quickly added, storming off already after wishing Taehyung a good bye.

The male just shook his head before heading back to his own class, knocking on the door and his teacher opened. He shot her a beaming smile and she just rolled her eyes, letting the petite male slip into class without giving him a punishment, because Taehyung was too cute for that.

Jimin was already sitting on his seat, eyes roaming over Taehyung’s frame, hair a bit tossed, lips swollen and he wore his usually so neat sweater messily, cascading over his thin frame like always but something was off.

When Taehyung slid into the seat next to his best friend Hoseok, who was glaring at Jimin over Taehyung’s head for hurting Yoongi and wanting what wasn’t his, Taehyung winced in pain, shuffling to get a better position and sighing in comfort when he found one.

Jimin then knew what was different and his fists clenched from anger. This fucking cunt of a Jeon has really fucked Taehyung in school. Jimin almost lost it and he needed to take a few deep breaths, trying to get his jealousy under control. He just wanted to grab Taehyung, bring him into an empty classroom to fuck him senseless.

Which was probably the same exact thing Jeon pussy did to Taehyung, Jimin thought angrily to himself, his nails painfully digging into his hands. I won’t let that happen another time, Jimin thought, glancing over to the beautiful male who wrote down his notes obediently, locks falling into his forehead, looking like an ethereal angel dropped out of heaven.

Desire burnt in Jimin’s veins. He needed to have this cutie as his own. Maybe not even as a simple fuck but as his own lover.

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